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Barry Shell, Home Owner in Clayton, GA

Why am I wasting my time?

Asked by Barry Shell, Clayton, GA Fri Aug 31, 2012

Why do prospective homes listed "For Sale" on Trulia and saved by me to follow in My Homes change status to "Sold - June, 2006" after just a few weeks? Are they listing homes for sale that were sold six years ago? Frustrating to put it mildly!

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@ Ron Thomas
Ron, you wrote in this thread:
"It is the Agent's responsibility to update it; not Trulia's."

NOTHING is further from the truth. The AGENT did not place their listing on Trulia just as they did not place their listing on Zillow or Homes or RealEstate or Homes&Garden or the hundreds if not thousands of aggregarte websites. But you willl find their listing on these sites! Are you advocating an AGENT is responsible to visit the HUNDREDS of aggregate websites to correct the misrepresentation of their data by sites who are using the data without the agents consent?

The problem that exists is primarily due to the failure of participating agents to advise aggregate website users (especially those famous for faulty data such as Zillow and Trulia) these sites are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! As long as Realty Trac is displaying data, integrity of data can not exist. IT IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE AGENT to correct faulty data. The community of professionals, if any care, should serve to advise these users of the peril to which they are exposed and migrate them to reliable data sources.

Of course, I am very much aware, many aggregate web sites users are unteachable and when their ship hits the rocks, after plowing through all the warning signs, will look for someone else to blame. As Barry has discovered...it is the aggregate websites themselves who are responsible and NO ONE ELSE!
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@ Ron
@ James

The agent is responsible for entering correct data in their local MLS.
Aggregate websites can and DO change that data. For instance, the information regarding contacting the most knowledgeable professional regarding that property is REMOVED. In nearly every case, other agents are presented in a fashion easily mistaken by consumers as the listing agent. Some properties, appearing as listings, will show computer generated data in the description field. In others cases data entered by the agent can be replaced by other feed sources. An agent who had a listing a year ago may find this property listed for sale this year. As the question submitter observed, the listing can be completely fabricated!

Maybe you can answer the question regarding which data has precedence, tax records showing a home with 1200 SF or data from the MLS showing 1700 SF? How often then would an agent be required to visit the THOUSANDS of aggregate websites to keep the listing from being overwritten by public data sources? The notion an agent can, even if they desired to, maintain the data integrity over hundreds if not thousands of aggregate websites indicates the expansive reach of this problem is not well understood.

Be aware the questioner posted a question regarding data appearing on Trulia, an aggregate website, not data appearing in the local MLS, where data integrity is monitored and enforced.

As the questioner observed, and as others have repeated many times, data integrity on aggregate websites render them useless and this is due to the ACTION of the these aggregate websites and has NO BEARING on the behavior of the real estate professional. The AGENT DID PROVIDE TIMELY< ACCURATE, RELEVANT, data that was changed, suppressed, overwritten or fabricated by these websites. An agent can choose to set up accounts on the Hundreds of aggregate websites and check them weekly (what about the sites they don't know about?) or they can accept they can not spend time cleaning up the mess created by irresponsible parties and choose to be an educator. "If you are serious about making a real estate decision, you need access to serious resources.?

Agents should be seeking a true alternative to irresponsible aggregate websites, direct consumer to that site and advise sellers not to syndicate to organizations who exhibit no concern for data integrity and has a clear process for hierarchical data importing.

It seems however, that will take too much effort. Too many choose to justify misleading the consumer. There is no excuse for websites fabricating data and no place to hide for those who advocate and benefit from such practices.

Hopefully Barry words, "I don't understand why the words "bait and switch" did not appear in any of the answers, but it's no matter. I'll stick with the words "For Sale By Owner" serves as a wake-up call for those who are asleep at the wheel.

Of course I know Truilia does not support FSBO.......at this time.
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Thank you for your question. There could be any number of reasons why trulia as well as other Re web sources experience these types of problems. Our recommendation is to view these resources as sources of information....accurate? Not in the least, but a source of information tha will hopefully keep you in the loop.

Your best bet for accurate and reliable information is by being associated with a real estate professional.

Best wishes,

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Your agent will be able to give you direct access to the local MLS, that way you will see information that is updated at least daily if not more frequent. And is a free service. You don't have an agent, well that's where Trulia comes in really handy. Just go to the FInd a Pro tab,

Tony Vega
La Rosa Realty
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That does surprise me. I check my Trulia account weekly and it is always accurate and up to date. Closed listings are dropped from the site, but I do have to manually remove expired listings.
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Keep in mind Trulia collects data from other sources. Just as Google creates a list of web sites and sometimes you click on the link and the site is no longer there. If you want to find a home in Jacksonville, the best bet is to find a Jacksonville sales agent you trust. Interview several and make your choice. Remember as a buyer you pay them nothing and they will be able to get you the most up to date information on what is available. If you decided to go the For Sale by Owner route you will need to constantly drive the neighborhoods looking for signs and the many different web sites as there is no one internet source for For Sale by Owner homes. Working with an agent gives you the advantage of them having the ability to access the MLS (where the overwhelming majority of for sale homes are listed in an accurate and up to date matter).
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Thanks James,
Congratulations Cincinnati OHIO!

Over 40% of listings NOT syndicated. Now we are talking real solutions!
It can be done and we all need to be looking at the Cincinnati model.
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Just a thought on how these sites are driving the direction of Brokers. One of the MLS's that I belong to now allows properties to stay showing as active as long as the seller is willing to take backup offers.
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@Annette the listing Realtor® is responsible for the advertising and promotion of their listed properties. Somewhere down the road there will be legal issues over aggregator sites and the posting of properties for sale when they are already sold. Currently 40% of the properties on the Cincinnati MLS do not show up on aggregator sites as we have been warned about liability issues.
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We have reached the point, in our LEGAL history, where NO ONE is responsible for anything:
The DRUNK kills a kid with his car, and the Car Manufacturer is responsible!
The scociopath shoots seven people from a tower, and he uses the twinkie defense.
The politician has oral sex with the intern, and it's not SEX, but it's HER failt anyway.

At sometime in the near future; the Supreme Court will issue a ruling that simply states; "People are responsible for their actions."

When I take a LISTING; I become RESPONSIBLE ofr that listing: The Sellers will hold me responsible for that Listing. They will sue me if something goes wrong!

I cannot take a LISTING and walk away and say; "I've done my part; I'm through!"
If the information on the Listing is WRONG or INCOMPLETE, it is MY responsability to correct it!
If I am benefiting from the marketing of Trulia and Zillow; I should be looking at it and correcting it.

Yes, they can attach my Listing without my permission: But when I took the Listing, I put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, for everyone to see and use. I am RESPONSABLE!
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Thanks, guys and gals. I think you have confirmed my opinion that Trulia is totally useless for MY purposes ... certainly nothing "entertaining" about it to me. And since all the responses to my question came from agents, I think I DO now know the reason for this site, but I have never bought a used car from a used car dealer. As for the website ... imagine bidding for something on Ebay, and then being told that the item was sold six years ago!

When something is sold ... it should be off the market, period. And I assume this is a marketing tool.

I don't understand why the words "bait and switch" did not appear in any of the answers, but it's no matter. I'll stick with the words "For Sale By Owner".
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The reason Realtors are answering is because this is a real estate information site. I highly doubt a used car salesman could comment on real estate. As far as For Sale by Owner... The owner of the company, For Sale By Owner, used a Realtor to sell his home. No surgeon operates on the self, no dentist drills their own teeth. The dangers and changes in the industry make it foolish for an unskilled person to venture into buying or selling a home without a professional who is in the trenches everyday. Here's the article http://realtormag.realtor.org/daily-news/2011/08/09/forsalebyownercom-founder-uses-agent-sell-home Happy searching!
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The none Realtor websites are a good place to start your search for general information, but they are very often not up to date with the information.

To get the most up to date it is recommended that you work with a Realtor. Their websites or kept updated through their local MLS. You are also able to register on agents personal webs and they will keep you up dated on the properties of your choice.

Good luck on your search for a new home where ever you or relocating to.

Henry Priitt
(904) 635-4861
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Because not all the sites update at the same time and some never update at all. Some of the aggregator site like to claim that they show more properties for sale than others. Not all the sites show all the available properties. If you are serious about buying a home work with a Realtor® most property sites are there for entertainment value.
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I would recommend Realtor.com. They are more "up to speed" with current listings. I understand your frustration though.... Good luck!
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A great place to get current information and help is through your Realtor. If you are just browsing, http://www.realtor.com can be very helpful.
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Trulia is a convenient GUIDELINE, particularly for Buyers looking out of their area, and Buyers who want to do a little research on their own: It can be enlightening.

But nobody said it was the definitive work, nor did anyone promise that it would be scrupoulessly be monitored and kept up-to-date: It is the Agent's responsibility to update it; not Trulia's.

If you are frustrated, you should let your Realtor provide you with current information and possibiles.

Good luck and may God bless
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