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Jen, Real Estate Pro in Portland, OR

Where is the best neighborhood for a young family (small dog and a 3 year old) to live in Portland?

Asked by Jen, Portland, OR Sat Aug 29, 2009

Best young family neighborhood

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In response to Carla's answer. This is a very unprofessional answer from a so-called professional person. Seemingly, her nose is too high into the clouds to give a helpful suggestion.
And I don't think she should have assumed Jen is an agent. Jen may or may not be an agent of real estate sales, but what difference does it make?
And she may have mis-marked the occupation box. Further, even if she is an agent, there are much more professional ways to answer that question than the words she used. Why do people like her have to be so cruel? This 'uppity" attitude is one of the main reasons realtors in our area have the rap they have and why you see so many “for sale by seller” signs.
And for a family concerned about growing in a good neighborhood, rather than be sorry they moved into a bad neighborhood, I see nothing wrong with the way she worded her question. It wasn't asked in a discriminating way. She is looking for professional advice (and got an unprofessional answer) as to perhaps a low-crime area, or an area with good schools, playgrounds, etc. Why Carla would automatically assume the worst is beyond me, except if she would look through her glasses instead of over the top, perhaps she would have read it correctly!

Perhaps real estate isn't her best thing either!

And to Jen -- Once you find an area you like as a general location, I suggest you go door to door in the neighborhood where you want to live and ask the neighbors first hand! I've suggested this to my clients for years, and I've done it myself. I've even done it for a few shy clients. You'd be surprised what you can find out just by talking to people, (don't count on the high and mighty real estate agents (the bad ones) who hide this kind of information from you, for reasons only to protect their sale (instead they use the big "D" word inappropriately like Carla did here). Also, you can make a lot of friends this way. (if someone opens the door with a baseball bat in their hands, you know it's not the right neighborhood). Also, you can check for sex offenders fairly easily these days, for a small fee.

Generally, if the yards are well-kept, there's not a lot of cars on the streets at nights (parked or otherwise), the schools and parks are clean and graffiti is minimized you're probably in a decent neighborhood. Also if you make an offer, go there at all hours - check for traffic, barking dogs, kids in the streets - whatever might annoy you as a resident. Check for nearby power lines not being to close, and for utility services. You could also talk to the churches (attend a service) but most of all, talk to the neighbors!
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Hi Jen,

I think this is more Kevin Levy's department than mine. That's a hard question to answer. So many different variables. Do you like the suburbs? If you do, I would check out Tigard. I live here, and they are claimed to have some of the best schools. The desirable Bull Mountain neighborhood is over here and there are some discounted bank owned homes on the market.

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Hi Jen,
There are so many great neighborhoods in Portland to choose from and that is what makes Portland, Oregon such an amazing place to live. Each neighborhood has their one creative style and culture that makes choosing only one a difficult choice. As a Portland Realtor, I have the pleasure of exploring all of these neighborhoods and seeing the unique charm and beauty that each one boasts. A few of my personal favorites are Irvington, Laurelhurst and Buckman. I feel any of those 3 would be perfect for a young family with a dog and child. All have great school districts, safe parks, walkable neighborhoods and a great day and night life.
You can read about each one of those and other excellent Portland nieghboroods on this link:
Included on that site are all of the Portland homes for sale, all school districts with school ratings, local places of interest and moving tips.

Kevin Levy
M Realty
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I agree with the Sellwood assessment and would add the Clinton or Ladd area, smaller communities in that fantastic area. I'm here right now on Clinton as my sister shops in the local baby/toddler shops.
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In my opinion, one of the best neighborhoods for young families is Sellwood/Westmoreland in SE Portland.. There is a strong sense of community with block parties and fun all summer long. There is a large local park with a playground, duck pond and baseball diamonds, as well as a library that is very popular. The emphasis here is on walking and biking because everything is so accessible.. Home styles range from beautiful Victorians, Dutch Colonials and quaint Craftsman bungalows.
Click the link below for more information on the community. Good Luck!
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Carla Carla Carla,
Didn't your mother ever tell you about having something nice to say?
I am a local developer in Portland and in my opinion your answer to Jens question is absolutely horrible. Not only does it give zero information pertaining to Jens question, but it is also condescending, rude, and a huge waste of every readers time. The irony here is that you call yourself a "relocation specialist" and you do in fact have information on your website that could help Jen, you're just too snotty to tell her about it! Your answer guarantees that I never work with you (or any firm that would hire you) and I will warn others about your atrocious attitude. Real Estate is not rocket science, its an online course that most agents finish in under 3 months. You have no right to put someone down for lack of knowledge. Try helping someone for the sake of being a decent human being sometime, you may find it a bit more rewarding. You are a shining example of whats wrong with this industry.

Please excuse Carla, she lives in Beaverton and is not indicative of the residents of Portland.
I think the best neighborhood for you would depend on what kind of family you are. There are lots of great schools in Portland and as a whole we are one of the most dog friendly cities in the nation. That said, there is also a great diversity in Portland in regard to the neighborhoods and people. If you prefer a shiny new condo with included utilities, great views of the city, and little to no outside maintenance, the Pearl district in NW offers myriad spanking new condos, most of which welcome dogs of any size. If you prefer a yard and enjoy the occasional neighborhood barbecue or block party then SE may be what you seek. There you will find older homes (lots of remodels) with small to medium yards located in close proximity with an excellent public transportation system. Sunnyside, Laurelhurst, Ladds Addition, and Buckman are all considered "good" neighborhoods in this area. SW Portland offers a bit more privacy with larger lots and slightly newer construction, while being a bit less "connected" in terms of public transportation.

In a nutshell, you are on the right track asking questions. Going door to door would be great if it's feasible but not many people have the time and/or nerve to just knock on some random door asking about a neighborhood. Aside from that, people in general will rarely admit that they live in a "bad" neighborhood. It's kind of like asking someone if they have a "bad" kid; They may have a bad kid but they probably arent going to tell you about it. ;) The websites listed in the previous posts below are great resources for your endeavor, and http://www.portlandmaps.com will show you the relative crime rates in the vicinity of a particular Portland address.
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Jen -- you're an agent and you're asking this??

There is no such thing as a "best young family" neighborhood, and that could be considered bordering discrimination to answer that. "Young family," hmmm . . . you better check with the local board about use of terms.

Again . . . you're an agent and all you have is "Jen"?? Agents are supposed to disclosure their identity when in the public eye. I would say posting a question on a community board is very public.

Again . . . you're an agent and you can't figure out what neighborhoods would work for buyers??? WHOA . . . maybe real estate isn't your calling??

Ask your broker.

Carla Muss-Jacobs, Broker/Owner
EBA Portland, LLC
Exclusive Buyers' Agent
Assisting Buyers in Metro Portland since 1999
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