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Where in tx are the lowest property taxes. don't want to move to an area where I could lose my home if I can't afford the high taxes live

Asked by Pbuels, 85396 Wed Jan 27, 2010

on a fixed income

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Thanks Jana but school taxes are what drive the rates. Everything else pales in comparison. The state needs to find a fairer way to pay for public education. To place the entire burden on the backs of homeowners, including retirees and the childless, just isn't right.
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I agree and with great alarm. We are house hunting and hearing how great DFW is. Yet, the property taxes are another half to full mortage depending on your payments. What's so freedom about that? That is unAmerican and unTexan, yet so many praise how great this area is ... have we accepted this big state policy with enthusiastic glee? This is a moral issue -- Texan's are being finanically raked over the coals and they think they are free and independent. No difference between this and Calif or New York. The wall of freedom is broken. Public education that preaches anti-America brainwashes our children and receives a large salary from every homeowner.
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exactly. I have kids and paid for private education. public school were neglectful and abusive.(im sure there are public schools that are decent).
Our taxes went up and the new schools they put in look like prisons. never see the kids outside
.*they get off the bus and start tearing up the neighborhood. The kids from public school have the worst behavior i have ever seen.(yes the majority not all) it is the atmosphere and teachings.
sit all day,work until your brain hurts and no nourishing meals. forget snacks and bathroom breaks. it does not matter what age. even adults needs the freedom to make these simple decisions.
When my kids were little and saw what was happening, wow i put my career on hold to raise my kids.
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Rural areas have lower taxes and have less services. It's a trade off. Around San Antonio there are some Counties that have some decent rates and decent services. I've enclosed a sight that shows the county rates but doesn't have the total which includes school, emergency, etc. Hope this helps.

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NOWHERE is low due to erucating the illegals.
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sanchez: correct- dont educate illegals--- Export them back to their home country .. ,but thats the obvious approach.
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yeah! that's right. Don't educate illegals. Make them stupid and illiterate like this guy^
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In San Antonio... if you move outside the city limits (you may not have to go too far out) you will not have to pay a city tax on your property. This can be a savings of somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000.00.

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Hey to all, we owned two properties in Rowlett and Sachse and loved both cities. Yes, property taxes are high in Texas, but try Chicago and burbs on for size. The property taxes in Tx pale by comparison. Also, no income tax in Texas and reasonable sales tax. If you want lower taxes you need to give up city services, live more rural, or buy a smaller house. So many people want these large homes and they don't realize that 10-15 years down the road they will need a new roof that costs thousands to replace. How about the thousands of dollars for replacing stained or worn wall to wall carpet? Young families don't often think in terms of long-term maintenance costs, yet they should. Kids get more expensive as they age, as well. Buy smaller and move up later when you can afford the house payment and the taxes. Don't be house poor, it isn't worth it!
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i see there are varied opinions about the taxes in texas. the fact is they are way to high, especially if your are retired, there is no sensible argument against that. as for the school taxes, teachers are overpaid for nine months work and with the benefits.they receive especially so for the administrators.
people you should seriously think about what the illegals cost the tax payers. from the government benefits to the education system, the legal system, and not to mention the grief they cause to victim's families and the property damage. now i know texas has a huge mexican population and some are decent people, but its not right for the tax payers to support the illegas and that could include you as one who pays for them. to all the people that feel you have such a obligation you are free to send money to mexico and possibly help educate them in mexico. the u.s. tax payers do not have that obligation!
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In Texas, teacher salaries can begin at a minimum of $27,320 for a teacher with no experience up to a minimum of $44,270 for teachers with 20+ years of experience. So if you think that spending 20 years babysitting your snot nosed sex trophy and getting paid $44,000 to do it is too much, please let me know where you went to school so I know to avoid that place like it has the plague. If you think that teaching your child for 8-10 hours per day and then spending your OWN MONEY out of pocket to buy supplies since the school won't give you a budget to buy things like, oh, I don't know, pencils! then your school made you the biggest idiot I've ever seen. Anyone who can look at someone who makes $27,000 a year and say you make too much money is felony stupid and you should wear a helmet. My wife is a teacher who makes 32,000 a year and we spend about 5,000 of that for supplies. After this and taxes, she makes about $24,000 per year... Yep, she is WAAAAYYYYY overpaid.
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Texas property tax payers are getting ripped off big time. Those school districts and appraisal districts are big time legal thieves and it's past time for us tax payers to stand up and revolt against these sky high property taxes. With this kind of system, you can never truly "own" you own property. The school districts are wasting our valuable money on needless highly paid and grossly incompetent administrators who do not benefit the student in the least. They continue to build these fancy edifices they call schools, and purchase things lobbied for by rich vendors even to the point of criminal payoffs and fraud in some districts. The only legitimate use of tax payer money would be higher teacher pay and benefits. That is my opinion.
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I believe if we don't have children in school or college, we should at least be given a break! It's a rip off!
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I believe if we don't have children in school or college, we should at least get a break from school taxes! It's a rip off!
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Before this question can be answered in a meaningful manner, we would need more info from you, such as which cities/towns you are considering, your preferred price range, your proposed downpayment, etc. Also, you want to consider home maintenance costs and possible HOA dues.
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Is stead of the sign saying welcome to the great state of texas change the a and e and you have it WELCOME TO THE GEAT STATE OF TAXES
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We lived in Texas for more than 30 years. Yes, the property taxes are higher than in other areas of the country, but... and it is a big one, there are no income or personal property taxes in Texas. Actually, we live in AR now and while our property taxes are low, we have to pay income tax, personal property tax and one of the highest sales tax rates in the nation. We are one of the lowest income states, but among the highest taxation states. I can't wait to get back to Texas!
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So true, North Texas is outrageously expensive place to live due to the extremely high property tax rates and the fact that property values have doubled in just the last 3 years. Texas now has property values just as high as Colorado but has property taxes that are 10 times higher than Colorado. Only the super rich can afford to live in North Texas now. For those who say that Texas doesn't have state income taxes, that's true but the property taxes alone in Texas are still much higher than most other states combined state income tax and property tax.
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The State could charge income tax like most states, but it doesn't
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move to la or ar st line, across fr tx
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LA has high sales tax.. that's the trade off as well as High Auto insurance.. Lived there before I moved to Texas...
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Highland Park and University have the lowest tax rates per $100, yet the highest values. Tells one something the true value of a community. There's good reason for this, and it's very simple.
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They're all high.... it's because we don't have a state income tax.
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Bruce Lynn, Real Estate Pro in Coppell, TX
Hi there!

It appears you want to buy a home in Sachse? If so, in general, in North Texas most property values range from 2.1-2.9% per 100 dollars. The first step would be to connect with a Realtor who can connect you to a trusted loan advisor where you can discuss your financial status and together determine your approval for a home loan. Once your approved, for say a $100,000 home for instance, you can then opt to buy less than that, but that is a better place to start. Each neighhborhood may vary in terms of tax rate. A loan officer will be able to also include the taxes in your loan as part of your monthly mortgage payment. An average might be 2.3-2.5%.

Best wishes!
Nicole Arenas, Realtor
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Good Morning and welcome to Texas.
Great question however, Since Texas is such a huge state answering your question is impossible. Sort of like " how much is the cost of a car?"
If you can narrow your questions to a major city, (Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Lubbock...) we can help. But what good does telling you Frisco is 2.2% if are looking to live 300 miles south?
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I am not sure if texas is the same or not. In my state we have townships and unorganized territories.

That means they have no local government at all. Everything (schools, roads etc.) is taken care of at the county or state level. The people living there really have no input on what happens in their township or unorganized territory.

The taxes there are often half or less compared to towns and cities. The problem is there is usually a reason they are a township or unorganized territory. Almost no one lives there and jobs are almost non-existent.
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