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Where can Buyer write the review to their Broker/realtor ?

Asked by Ailan, 55104 Sun Jun 9, 2013

Hello everyone,
I have just closed my home purchasing. I must be happy about my first dream home but for some reasons I was not, because I found out somethings was uncomfortable/unhappy about my Broker/Realter. I would like to do some reviews to her. Anywhere to do the review of them and can aware them to other Buyer? Thank you.

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Hi Ailan - It appears from your answer that she is the Broker, so you have no one else to talk to. If you have proof that she did something illegal or unethical, there is the Minnesota Department of Commerce in St Paul that you can contact. They will take it very seriously and may be able to help you out.

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I am sorry to hear about your experience. I can share this with you. There are so many variables in a Real Estate transaction. So many things can go right and unfortunately the one or two mistakes make the entire experience seem awful. Please think clearly before reviewing a REALTOR on-line for everyone to see. It not only reflects on their profession but reflects on our over-all business. I would first speak to your Agent about how he/she could have done things differently and if you feel it was not resolved, then approach their Broker. That is what their Broker is for. I wish you the best.
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Thanks Ms Eisen,

Here are some points my broker has stated and guided to me , I would like to know for sure which is true , which is fault:

1) She said to me at the first time I met her: Never sign a Agent contract with any Realtors, ONLY sign with Broker. ( I mean the contract with her to agree her play as buyer representation in my home purchasing). Is that correct?

2) When I read the agent contract before signing, the contract she wrote herself, I saw an article: If Buyer (me) change to other Broker, I have been charged $2,500 , she automatically earn that amount . She said this is state law. Is that correct?

3) She said I I sign on contract, she is my broker/realtor, she will work for me not for seller. Is that correct? I did not see on that point, she really work for Seller because of her commission.

4) She always ask me : Do you really like that house? I said YES. She advised: If you really like that one, please offer higher. There is two offers at that time, you and one other buyer. So offer highest as you can. Believe in her, I offer higher $10,000 than the Appraisal Valued price.

Waiting 3 days later, she announced that the other Buyer offer the same price but Seller was favor in me because of my Loan maybe closing quicker. Can FHA Loan closing quicker than Conventional Loan? How can I confirm what she said is correct ? (about there is 1 other Buyer offer at the same time to me with the same price)

5) When she work with my Loan officer, she urge them every moments and each email communication with them, she make a CC (Carbon Copy) to me, I understand that she would like to show up that she really wants to help me get the Loan quickly. I appreciate that. Due to Seller delay almost 20 days to sign the Purchase Agreement and ask me for many unreasonable term (such as sold As-Is when the list has not show as-Is, Seller hold the existing Tenant's deposit...). I need to know the exactly reason I have to wait for a long time to get Seller signature. She talked to me Seller was on vacation and in the bad signal area so unable to get his signature on internet. It is so weird. I ask her to see the communication email between her and Seller Agent. She talk to me "It is illegal, the Law does not allow I show you that. Because you will know Seller Agent infor such as email, phone number...It is secret. You just have right to contact to me, not to them" Does the State Law really forbid the Buyer to exam communication email between my Broker and Seller Agent? I saw the Seller Agent infor clearly showing in the sign in front of the Listing house and on Real Estate website, it is public, why she said to me I it is secret?

6) She said: The Minnesota Law does not allow Broker give a Rebate to Customer. Is that correct?
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Hi Ailan - The Dept of Commerce can only resolve violations of law.
Please read the website to see if it pertains to you:

Also, I'm not sure if the Association helps consumers with ethics complaints, but you can call their # 651.776.6000 and see what they say.
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Hello Ms.Eisen,
Yes she is my Broker and also my Realtor

Could you please tell me the link or address of Minnesota Department of Commerce ? Before to making complaint about my Broker, I would like to post somethings she have stated to me, I would like to know which she said is wrong and which is correct. She seems abuse of authority, abuse my trust, always threaten me by Law "it is illegal", then when I researched the Law and found out it is not illegal, I told her and she ignored.

Right after our closing date, she turns away even without saying thank you us. I have never been experienced with someone has treated to their client like that before.

After that I will file a complaint and also do a reviews and disclose her pictures, her profiles and her company to the public. I do not like the lie and betrayed one.

She run her own Real Estate company so there is one more reason I do not know where to talk to. Thanks for all of your help
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Hello all,
Thanks for all of your reply. I do appreciate your congrats and consults.
Yes I am happy about my house, but I feel that I have responsible to do somethings to make it right after all my problems of first home purchase with my broker!

I will tell the truth, what I speak out are my experiences and also are value lessons to the other first-home-purchase Buyers. Of course I respect all the truth-worthy Realtors and what they have done greatly with their clients. I think I have right to speak out on public. If you guys are done the excellent job and make your clients happy, I do not think my review can reflect to your career. I believe it may helps clients get more confident to make decision with you if you really are the good guy!

Yes I have contacted her before doing review, I have sent to her (my broker, she is also my Realtor) 3 letters including the proof/evidence that she is not the good person and lie to me. But due to my transaction is almost done, she's collected her commission, so she ignores my questions and letters. Looking back the whole negotiate price of home purchase period , there are reasons that I suspect about her activities/attitudes. That why I would like to to somethings further...
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Contact your Realtor and their Broker and ask for a meeting to discuss the concerns. Make sure they are aware of the concerns and ask them to alleviate them for you.
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Hi Ailan!

Although there were issues with your Realtor, you should still be very excited about the purchase of your "first dream home."

I'm not sure of the issues surrounding your transaction; however, writing a public review may not be the best course of action at this point. If she is an agent with a local real estate company, then I would highly encourage you to contact her Broker and/or Office Manager directly to schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns. If you never shared your concerns along the way, then she maybe totally unaware how her actions offended you. Having a meeting and you being very candid with her may be the one thing that could change how she deals with clients in the future.

There is a lesson I learned in school that I think applies here. I learned more from what I got wrong, then what I got right.

Congrats on the new home!

Bridgette "Kyria" Chase
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There are many websites you can use, http://www.HomeThinking.com, Trulia, Zillow, and the list goes on.

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Thank you Chris
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Perhaps you could share with us here (anonymously) what your concerns are with your agent. We can let you know the best course of action. Being a first time homebuyer, it is possible that your agent set the wrong expectation or didn't communicate well. That doesn't mean they did a bad job. But if they did there may be more appropriate outlets for your frustration than an online review.
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Hi Ailan,

Congrats on your purchase. As Robert noted below there are many factors in transaction that sometimes out of person(s) control. With that said you can contact their office. At this time Trulia offers the recommendation pages for its professional.
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