Esmart1990, Home Buyer in New York, NY

What would be the chance that 4 legally emanicipated teenagers ages 15, 16, 17, and 17 of getting an apartment on the upper east side?

Asked by Esmart1990, New York, NY Thu Feb 28, 2013

Three of the 4 having graduated high school, all having jobs, ect. ect.

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John W. Chang, MBA’s answer
Theoretically, it is possible, but you need a guardian/cosigner to sign for an apartment lease in the UES. Landlords would want proof of income 40x or more for the rent of an apartment. You guys might need somebody 18+ who has a good credit history and sufficient income if you want to live in the UES (UES has some of the most expensive rentals in the city).
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Guys, you need look no further than Mr. Halls posts. The only thing I might add is, as you are all under tha age of majority (18) though emancipated, I don't believe a contract would be binding. I could be wrong.
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More than 3 unrelated adults, living in a NYC apartment, while common, is illegal in New York City.

Four single adults living in a market rate apartment, even one with four bedrooms, seems innocent enough. Yet it falls outside of what is permitted in the Housing Maintenance Code.
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I think a married couple can have two boarders or roomers or lodgers
chapter 3 section 310 use and occupancy.
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If two of them are married does that change anything?
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Mitchell Hall, Real Estate Pro in New York, NY
General Provisions
Sec. 27-2004 Definitions.

a. The following terms, as used in this chapter, shall have the following meanings:

The term department shall mean the department, bureau, division or other agency charged with the enforcement of this title.

Wherever the word or words occupied, is occupied, used, or is used appear, such word or words shall be construed as if followed by the words "or is intended, arranged or designed to be used or occupied".

A dwelling is any building or structure or portion thereof which is occupied in whole or in part as the home, residence or sleeping place of one or more human beings.

A family is (i) a single person, or (ii) two or more persons related by blood or marriage or who are parties to a domestic partnership, occupying a dwelling unit and maintaining a common household with not more than two boarders, roomers or lodgers;

(iii) not more than three unrelated persons occupying a dwelling unit and maintaining a common household. A boarder, roomer or lodger is a person who pays a consideration for living within the household and does not occupy such space as an incident of employment. Foster children lawfully living with the family in accordance with the provisions of the social services law are considered to be members of the family. A common household is deemed to exist if every member of the family has access to all parts of the dwelling unit.

Ignorance of the law is no Excuse for breaking it!

Mitchell Hall
Senior Associate Broker
The Corcoran Group
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chapter 3 section 310
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Mitchell Hall, Real Estate Pro in New York, NY
That's the technical side. The practical side is that you have a zero percent chance, because - let's face it, having a high school diploma is a big thing for a 17-year-old, but doesn't mean much to an owner of a multi-million dollar apartment building.

All the best,
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There are very few places in the world that will sell property to a minor, for very good reasons. At the very least you'd need a guardian, or a Trustee and THEY would own the property on your behalf, usually. In NYC you answer to groups like co-op boards who only take appropriate people with the right 'fit' for their building. There isn't a building manager or co-op board that would take you without established credit, which none of you have. Even if you could pay cash for an apartment there are enormous other responsibilities like paying the IRS, providing you can get work. There are monthly fees like condo fees and property taxes, which are highest on the Upper East Side. You'd split the costs 4 ways, so what if only 2 of you can get work? Anywhere in Manhattan the price of food and entertainment alone is huge. Thousands of people and artists are out of work. And, if you 4 are planning to start a rock band, you aren't going to like the noise laws. Internships for minors usually don't pay anything at all. Sounds like you are looking for a high-class, no-holds-barred camping trip in the Big Apple, now that your parents aren't around to prevent you. Without a trustee to consult about all of this you'd either get ripped off or end up working in ways you don't want to to make ends meet. Dozens like you end up on the street every week because they under-estimated the dangers and costs of living in NYC.
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hahahahah. You are still minors and I doubt you can rent anything without an adult co-signing.
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Well it looks like someone really needs to get laid. Im sorry that im doing my best to escape an abusive, drug-dealing family with some of my future intact.
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That was unnecessarily RUDE. It's no wonder today's youth have little or no respect for elders. They came here asking a serious question and you laugh in their face. Pitiful.
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Any landlord is going to want to see a credit report and proof of income. Long term, steady income.

Most young people require a co-signer on a lease because they haven't had the chance to establish credit. Now, that DOESN"T mean you should all run out and get credit cards (please don't).

Four people sharing an apartment always runs it's own risks regardless of the tenants age. What happens if someone leaves the apartment and stops paying rent?

You will need a person (more than one possibly) who has established credit and shows suffcient income to cover the rent in the event all of you get up and walk out.
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Is there a guardianship involved? Every State has rules that protect minors from decisions that may not be in their best interest, You may need to consult with someone of legal age who would take responsibility for the lease.
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It's possible, but you will need guarantors/cosigner's like your parents, probably all 4 of you.
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Should be possible. But its all about proving income. If you all have jobs and can demonstrate annual income equal to 40 times the monthly rent, you van probably find something. Or if you have a guarantor who earns 80 times the monthly rent, it's worth looking.
What's your budget?
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One is a model, and all have full time jobs except the 15 year old, who will attend school and have a part time job. I have no guarantor since we are leaving in order to escape our familes, (Abusive, alcoholics, drug-dealers, drug addicts, ect.)
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anything is possible if your in the right place at the right time!
do you have a guarantor making 80x the monthly rent?
can you pay the rent in advance?
its not illegal for 4 adults to live in a big enough apartment, we rent 3 and 4 bedrooms to 4 adults very often.
whats your budget?
give me a call and i will do my best to help.
im not sure where the guy saying its illegal in nyc is coming from. i will research the housing code and look into what it says about 4 non related adults sharing an apartment in nyc
it happens every day, as far as i am aware, its all about space per person, but i will make sure!!
thanks,bob brooks 9177496332
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