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Bob, Home Buyer in Somerset, CA

What's the difference between a realtor and a used car salesman?

Asked by Bob, Somerset, CA Sat May 19, 2012

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I don't think any answer will change your opinion.
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An Exclusive Buyer Broker offer a service to the buyer. They do not list any homes, therefore help the buyer make an objective and informative decision regarding their property purchase. An Exclusive Buyer Broker has real liability in the real estate transaction. An exclusive buyer broker must negotiate for the best price and terms for the buyer and take care of the buyers best interest through out in their real estate purchase.

I do not consider myself a "salesperson." I don't use high pressure sales techniques when I am working with my customers because I don't have a problem retaining my buyers loyalty. I don't have any particular listing with a seller crying on my shoulder which I need to get off my back.

You will find more information regarding real estate agents "relationships" with their customers at my homepage:

Beverly Howe, ABR, GRI, TRC, CIPS
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There is no difference, only an illusion of such. And they use the word "profession" loosely (look up the real definition). They are just salesmen like any other sales person. Notice how quick someone tried to sell you something as part of an answer to your question. Realtors, like pharmaceutical sales reps, (who also are required the follow ethics, rules, federal and state liscening regulations, and even have degrees) are both simply selling a product. Buyer beware.
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Since both are in sales, there's very little distinction from that angle. But, there are major differences:

First, not all real estate professional are Realtors. A Realtor is a real estate salesperson or broker who has agreed to governed by the principles of a particular association of principals. There other large real estate associations with lesser known brands. Some real estate professionals don't belong to any association at all.

Second, a Realtor has to be licensed by the state in which he/she operates. There are minimum qualifications that need to be met in order to be licensed. Once licensed, a Realtor needs to follow strict regulatory standards and rules in order to stay licensed. Hence you'll usually find a license number close to the Realtor's name on printed collateral.

As far as I know, used car salesmen, or car salesmen in general, don't have those.
Web Reference:
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A realtor sells a product that is stationary.

A used car salesman sells a product that has mobility.

Bob, that question is called labeling. Not all realtors and car salesmen are the same.
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Interesting question. What is your take on it, Bob?
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A used car salesman represents the car dealership.

Your buyer's agent... your Realtor works for you!
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
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The realtors do lines of coke off their desk.
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Simply stated, I wouldn't recommend buying a house from a used car salesman. Be sure you are clear on the difference.......
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Here is a good article that explains what we deal with not sure this will answer your question but all I have to say is it is not an easy job.…
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Yeah Phil,
It's called "trying to teach the pig to sing".
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Well Bob in our case usually the used car salesman gives you the keys to the car and you take a test drive and the realtor keeps the keys and lets you test the house out. But our realtor in Largo, Florida gave the keys to the buyer and left so they moved in. The closing was a week later so we became landlords for a week hoping they wouldn't destroy the house meanwhile. Of course the realtors had no apology. They had no idea how to get the people out so they made up another addendum that the buyers would take the house as is. Duh! I'm not going to name the realtors as I know both companies involved probably have some good people but these two clowns couldn't run a one ring circus.
Oh and when you get a relator, ask how any properties they rent. That is where our flat fee realtor in Largo spent his time.
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Internalmed, I hear what you are saying. I understand why you might feel this way. However, you are not correct. Your understanding of agency laws is narrow. I'd love to go into it but I don't have time. Not all Realtors are "salespeople." I've been in business almost 17 years and I've never actually "sold" a home.
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Phil is right,
This is that one they told us about;
trying to teach the pig to sing.
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Realtors are better golfers.
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A true buyer broker or agent is usually, also a REALTOR whose company does not take any seller's listings. Therefore there is never a conflict of interest between the buyer and the seller. A buyer broker is not obligated to push any particular "car (property) off the lot." They have a genuine interest in helping the buyer find the best property in their price range and are legally obliged to negotiate for the best price and terms for the buyers in the transaction and to take care of the buyers best interest. A true buyer broker offers a "service" to the buyer looking for a property, they do not have a "used car saleman" mentally. They think like the buyer whose looking for the best opportunities at the best price and help the buyer thru the legal aspects of the transaction, working only on the buyer side. They never take property listings from sellers. A true buyer broker has a legal obligaion and fiduciary duty to take care of the buyers best interest which extends beyond the Code of Ethics which all REALTORS are suppose to subscribe too. With my company there is not additional cost to the buyer to obtain my specialized buyer broker services, nor is the buyer required to sign a "buyer broker" agreement. Other companies policy will vary.
To learn more about true buyer brokers you can visit my informative homepage at
Beverly Howe, ABR, GRI, TRC, CIPS
Broker Owner
Florida Buyer Broker
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"The most important thing a buyer can do is first of all work with a Buyer Broker." As stated by AARP and The Consumer Federation of America, per REALTOR NEWS.

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A Realtor is a licensed professional who belongs to the National Association of Realtors and has agreed to abide by NAR's code of ethics. As such a Realtor is subject to disciplinary action for violating ethics complaints while a licensee who is not a Realtor is only subject to disciplinary action by the state real estate commission for violation of their statutes and rules. It costs us a good bit of time and money to maintain our licenses, additional education, and memberships. Most of us care deeply for our chosen profession.
A used car salesman only has to apply for the job. There are no particular job requirements.
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A state License for the Realtor®!!

Real question is what is thedifference between a used car salesman and a new car salesman?
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Depends on the market. In a market like Key West, the properties sell themselves. I imagine in places where there are lots of properties, all alike, there are probably some slick salesman with lots of gimmicks to make a sale. Therefore, a real estate salesman can either be a lot like a used car salesman, or nothing at all like one!
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