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What's the best way to fire my real estate agent?

Asked by Sp, Edgewood, Atlanta, GA Wed Jun 2, 2010

He's not listening to me. I've told him no condos and no cookie-cutter neighborhoods and he keeps showing me those. Everytime we set an appointment to look at homes, he's an hour to 2.5 hours late. He's not fighting for the homes I want either. I've found homes on my own (foreclosures in Edgewood and Reynoldstown) and made offers on 5 of them and he always turns the offers in after they're due. He's even had me enter homes without him present. All houses I made offers on were bought by investors. This last house I told him I wanted to make an offer to the investor at their closing. He didnt return my calls for 2 weeks and now its bought and sold and he's made no offers to them. Its like he doesnt want to do the work or want me to get a house. I'm at my wits end and he needs to go. Can I walk away? Do I have to pay him (he doesnt deserve it)?

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Hi Sp,

Sounds like you waited way too long to come to this conclusion - you have been given good advice from most respondents here. If what you say is true, this agent has breached his Buyer Brokerage Agreement on many levels - lets not even talk about lack of professionalism. He may have also violated GA Real Estate Laws.

Simply send a written notice of termination to the agent and their broker and ask for a written release from your Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement. It clearly doesnt sound like you owe him anything and 99% of Buyer Brokers do not specifiy a fee for cancelling/breaking thier contract anyway.

If you dont get a suitable and swift response, I suggest you contact the GA Real Estate Commission - the body that regulates real estate agents/brokers and appraisers.

Next time you hire an agent DO NOT simply use an agent you happen to know, or a freind or family member refers- do your own interview of a minimum of three agents. Agent competance and service vary dramatically and it doesnt take long to determine who will (and can) do the best job for you. Unfortunately, as with most industries, there are unprofessional, and incompetant agents - and there are desperate agents as well - you dont want any of these on your team.
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I gave out three thumbs up to Mack, Charles and Don.


Hire slow and fire quick.
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What took you so long, Sp?
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Even if the agent agrees to break the brokerage agreement, I would like to encourage you to make the broker aware of your experience. As an industry, we need to make sure there is some broker control over the actions of the licensees.

It is the broker's responsibility to provide oversight and proper training for the agents. I'm sure he or she will be very grateful for the opportunity to correct the situation.

Best of luck with your home purchase!!!

Stacy Carter - Associate Broker
Home Appreciators Real Estate & Renovations
at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers
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If you haven't signed a buyer's agreement with him, just walk away.

If you have signed an agreement, ask him to release you from it. If he refuses, speak to his managing broker. Explain the situation and request another agent.

And I agree with Michael. If someone isn't performing, you correct the situation or move on. Certain things he's done (or hasn't done, such as allowing you to enter homes without him present--there should have been a licensed agent present) are serious violations.

Hope that helps.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Burke, VA
It "appears" you might have grounds to terminate the relationship. I am willing to bet that you would not meet resistance from this agent if you asked to be released from your obligation. I see signs that he is not really into it.
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I'm sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with your real estate agent. You need to have a meeting with this agents broker. You have a contract with the broker not the agent. The broker can either help you find another agent with the company or just let you out of the contract. From the sounds of it - the broker should just let you out of the contract.
Before you enter into a contract with another broker be sure to interview several real estate agents. Be sure that you have good communication and that they understand your needs.
Good Luck finding a home!
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Hi Home Buyer,

I feel your pain. I had this exact experience myself. This is one of the reasons I became a Reatlor. No one should be treated in this manner. And yes, you may terminate your Buyer Brokerage Agreement by giving written notice. If you did not sign one, then you are free to walk away. My suggestion is to contact the agent's Broker and report his behavior to the Atlanta Board of Realtors and Georgia Real Estate Commission. You owe him nothing. This sort of treatment makes it difficult for the rest of us who work hard for our clients. Make sure next time, you ask for references...past clients you may contact. You may even go through the Broker to get the names. Wishing you my best!
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Tell your agent and his broker that you are not satisfied with the services and the broker should give you written release. My policy is to release my clients as soon as they let me know that they are not satisfied with my services, and I let them now up front. I used to invest in Kirkwood, Edgewood and East Lake area and it can be very tough to compete with investors but I think if you are an owner occupant you should have a good chance to get the house since the buyer that is buying a home as primary residence can always pay more than an investor.
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you're expectations are not too much to ask. there are plenty of agents hungry to sell a home and service your as a client with professionalism. i suggest you find one. don't need to repeat how to do that since several good agents have already replied.
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If you signed an agreement and there is a breach of contract, then there can be consequences if the brokerage chooses to pursue legal action.

If you signed a contract, and you want OUT, then you should go to the Broker/Owner and ask for a written release.

Remember: One bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch...When looking for your next agent - treat it as if you were hiring an employee. Interview at least 3, ask for referrals, make the calls, then... choose wisely.

Good Luck with Round #2!
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Stop wasting time and get another Realtor!

Bruce Bills
Web Reference: http://www.ratewindow.com
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Wow SP! It sounds like you may not have any hair left. As Levi stated, it is a shame that you have had that experience. Especially with someone who calls themself a Realtor. I would look at your Brokerage Agreement and find out what the terms of the agreement are. If you find yourself stuck in the agreement, you can possibly work it out with the agent to go your separate ways. You could also call the agent's broker and ask them if something is possible.

I'm also sorry you have missed oppurtunities, and have not been able to purchase a home you like. I have much experience in the intown Atlanta and east Atlanta area with investors, foreclosures, and short sales. I would definitely be willing to help you if you find yourself free from your Brokerage Agreement with the other agent.

Kris Holt
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Dear home buyer -
I sincerely apologize on behalf of the real estate industry that you are having this problem with your agent--everyone's answers are great--your buyer brokerage agreement is something that can be broken with notice to the client that you are dissatisfied with hie services and are "firing" him--I would do something in writing that you can confirm did go to him.
You (and all the buyers that may read these posts) should know that the vast majority of realtors are incredibly caring, hard-working people who are available almost any time of day for our clients. Edgewood and Reynoldstown are good investment areas, especially now that shopping center is there, which kind of gave the area the "stamp of approval" for those who weren't sure about it-- Unfortunately, you got someone who really shouldn't be in this business--don't give up, there are many wonderful agents out there!
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Read your buyers brokerage agreement....should be as simple as notifying in writing that you are terminating the agreement. I would call and let them know you are faxing the notification to him and his broker. If you do not have an agreement then call and tell him you are going to work with someone else.

Chuck Green, Realtor
Keller Williams Realty
Web Reference: http://chuckgreen.com
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I'm so sorry to hear that you had to go through such a terrible time with your agent.
Hopefully you can manage to have trust in another agent. There are really some great agents out there.
My advice to you is to write your agent a short letter stating that his services are no longer
needed. Once you know that he has recieved it, you should be free to start out on your new journey.
The key is to make sure that your agent has been notified .

Kindest Regards,
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I am sorry to hear that you are having a bad experience with your agent. It is an unfortunate reality that some of our fellow agents are not taking their jobs seriously and making the rest of us look very bad in the process. I assure you that there are plenty of very serious & professional agents that would bend over backwards to earn you business.

Do you remember if the agent ever made you sign an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement? If so, you should carefully read it over and see if it has expired yet or if he put any special stipulations in there.

If you did not sign anything, then there is no reason to continue working with him. Clearly he is not trying to earn your business and you should have no hard feelings about firing him. From what you have described, he certainly does not deserve any compensation.

Should you have any questions, feel free to call me anytime.

Levi Afrah
Chapman Hall Realtors Premier
2009 Pinnacle Award Winner- Dekalb Board of Realtors
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Why would you not have fired him after the first late offer, Sp? Or the second? Or third. Three strikes rule, in my opinion.
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