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What is the best way to contact an agent: call, text, or email?

Asked by Boston Luxury Residential LLC, Boston, MA Thu Jan 9, 2014

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I much prefer communicating by email - especially initially - because it's good to have your questions and, especially, answers in writing so there can be no misunderstandings about what was said and when. I keep the emails in a special folder in my Inbox for future reference and reviewing.
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Depends on the people and stage of their familiarity.

Some folks will never understand a text but a few moments on the phone clears up confusion yet they've known each other for years.

Some can't create a punch list on a computer but will text a task list while wearing their fingers to nubs. And many times I'd rather my mom actually OWN a smartphone so I *could text her simple "I'm hour late" messages but she has to wait for me to arrive to know.

As an investor, If you don't respond to my communications promptly (within a couple of hours) no matter what form my message takes, you won't be one of my agents.

Professional courtesy, reason, etiquette and custom are guides in our industry as in all disciplines - 1. Make your callbacks promptly; 2. Re-read your texts with zero-tolerance for errors; 3. Begin and end every voicemail you leave with your name and phone number (yes, you have to say the same things twice); 4. Don't email blast revealing everyone's address in the cc: field - use bcc:; 5. Always do for your client that which you would do for your friend!
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I wish that we would get the same courtesy. I totally agree with you. Thank you for your input.
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We need to communicate with each client in the way he/she prefers. If they are younger, they usually prefer texting or emailing. On the other hand, I've had older clients who didn't use email and didn't own a cell phone! Just as no two kids in a family are the same, no two clients are the same either!
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For a first contact , I think phoning is best- shows you're serious- after that text is fastest, then email.
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First contact? I like e-mail. After that, just depends. Texting is nice because there are times when you can't talk but you can text. Calling is good when you have something longer or more complicated to talk about. For general stuff I like e-mails because it gives a written record.

Um, are you talking about an agent contacting another agent, or a client/customer contacting an agent? The answers are from both scenarios. Mine assumes you are talking about a client/customer contacting an agent.

If you are talking about agent-agent, I like Phil's answer. However, if I have a question that is material for another agent I almost always ask it in an e-mail so I have a record of the question and the answer.
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It's best to work with an agent who matches your communication preferences. Best thing you can do is ask how they would like to communicate and what they feel is the best.
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Different agents have different preferences. All of those are equally good for me. :)
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It depends on each person... so best bet is just ask them.

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It depends on the agent. I almost always answer my phone but also reply promptly to any other means of communication, even carrier pigeon. On the other hand, you can wait days to hear from some agents no matter what method you use. Right now I have been waiting more than 24 hours to hear concerning an appointment I have requested for a buyer. In the meantime, the price of the property has been reduced. Does this agent really want to sell that house?

Ellen G. Friedman, Keller Williams Realty, ellenfriedmanhomes.com
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It really depends on the agent. I hear a lot of agent voicemails that say for a quicker response text, etc. I find it easier to text sometimes if I'm showing homes etc. OR if it's something pressing, I can get a text and know to take a moment to call, or know I can deal with it in 20min when I'm done. Sometimes you can email, call, and text an agent and hear nothing for hours. We are Real Estate agents, if we can't be communicated with, we are doing a disservice to our clients.
Just my couple of cents.
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What's the best way to contact anyone? Depends on how that individual prefers to communicate.
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Depends on the agent - if this is important to you just ask how they prefer to communicate. I personally prefer to ask my clients how they prefer I communicate with them.
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We have 3 ways to communicate, talk, text and email. Many times my first means of communication is email. I do like to "listen to my clients", so that I truly understand their needs, and that means speaking. I believe in educating my clients, so that when they make their choice, that are confident that they understand the specific market. Feel free to communicate with your real estate professional in either of 3 ways.
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If you already have a relationship with your agent just ask them. In this day and age sometimes it is easy to just send a text to give an update. It could be less annoying to your clients versus constant emails or phone calls to relay one piece of information. Do what works best for you as the client and your agent will follow suit.

I do agree if it is first contact though to have some sort of phone call even if your first point of contact is an inquiry or email.
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Call. You learn a lot about someone with a simple voice conversion. Much more time-efficient as well.
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I think email is the best way to contact an agent. Nearly everyone uses email whether it be via their phone, at work or at home. Not everyone texts, especially older people (hi mom!). Calls can be good too but I feel like you can get a more well thought out answer if you email an agent.
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Well I would say all the above. First, call leave a message. Then text letting the agent know you are the same person who just called and left a voice mail. Then I would email them so I could have it too. If the agent does not respond with in the next 30 minutes at least I would move to a different agent.
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I would voted for an email. Texts throughout the day are irritating and generally deliver very little in the way of insightful information. If you're busy like I am, you don't answer calls throughout the day, instead you wait till you've got 30-60 free minutes and return all your calls, Email which I check constantly allows a potential client/customer to actually give you some information (including the best time they can be reached) and has the benefit of being able to be filed away for future reference.
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Def, a call..... its a for sure one one way to and timely to make sure you ask what you need when you need it.
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I think whatever the way of communication to contact an agent is; it must be clear and prompt. Initial communication may start with telephonic conversation. However, further communication must be followed by email as most of the agents have laptops and often have moved to mobile technology to assist.
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I like the personal phone call
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Text a quick note to set up a phone call at a convenient time for the client. Also text a quick note to let client know that an email has been sent.
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its all about the generation. Email has become the old fashion post office to many (you glance it at and toss it in a pile to read later). I continually have to text my
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My preference is through the phone, I find it to be much more personal and you don't have to worry about being misunderstood. However, I do have all 3 at my fingertips and check them regularly. Keep in mind if it is an urgent matter an "old fashion phone call is the best means of communication with your client. I find the younger generation prefers and responds to texting much quicker. When ever I use email, I do follow it up with a phone call. (Sometimes the email doesn't go through, always follow it up with a call).
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I agree 100 percent
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I am not sure if there is a right or wrong answer as to the best way to contact your Realtor, However, having no direction on how to contact can be a recipe for disaster.

Since our industry is a service-oriented profession, text messaging would not be high on my list because it lacks the initial thought process and messages can become misconstrued.

With smart phone, technology must sales consultants and consumers have the ability to receive emails throughout the day, as long as you check them. That leaves the telephone as the last means of contact. Nevertheless, you are running a successful brokerage, or perhaps a team leader running a team, or a sales agent with a volume of business. Experience tells us we need the right niche for both.

I would be happy to share with you what I do within my business. First, emailing for me is highly effective; it allows me to manage my time more efficiently and allows me to get to the point.

Second, texting is permissible for getting back to me with a quick yes or no answer from a previous discussed conversation.

Third, Most agents are married to their cell phones constantly checking for messages. I know because I was one of them. So now, I have a specific message outlining with a purpose as to when I will be returning calls throughout the day. I have found this to be a remedy for contact.
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I would say text, then phone, then email. Personally, I check all these methods regularly. I quality real estate agent should reach back out to you quickly regardless of which method you choose.
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As a real estate professional I always respond to my clients as quickly as possible. When I am with a client, I give full attention to that client. I appreciate all 3 methods of communication, phone, emailing, and texting.
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In my real estate career, we as agents are open to all methods of communication. I know I just want to be able to help my clients around the clock no matter what the need is.
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I like to be called. Answers can be given immediately and additional inquiries can be addressed. If course, I respond to text and e-mails in a timely fashion.

My concern is to deal with my clients in the way they prefer.
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I do all three, call, text, email...each client is different in the way they like to communicate. Also, it depends upon the urgency of the communication! I also like having a paper trail for reference.
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I always give my clients the option. If they need something immediately answered, I suggest text. In today's busy world, I like emails since it gives me a paper trail of our notes and conversations and I can answer 24x7. Donna Fairfield & Litchfield Counties-Connecticut
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I would recommend you first contacting the agent via YOUR preferred method. Depending on time of day/night email may be best. As an agent, after my initial contact from a prospect, I ask the CLIENT which method they prefer I contact THEM. The best relationships are the ones in which both parties adapt to the given circumstance. Hope this helps...Good Luck!
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I think that agents should use every opportunity to communicate clearly. I've waiting for days to get any response from an agent. I have even had absolutely no response and have been wondering if we made a mistake sticking with that agent. We are relocating out of state so we have questions about schools, areas etc... I've done my research but I would appreciate more guidance. Imagine traveling 800 miles w/o response and then getting a call 2 days after arrival on a holiday! It happened. I'm forgiving but very nervous about the entire process. We called several times and emailed as well.
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These days "TEXT" is king... many agents will respond to a text before they respond to voicemail or email.

Happy Texting!

Kawain Payne, Realtor
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I NORMALLY call the first time. During the conversation, I'll ask them how do they want me to communicate in the future. by phone, text or email is ok with me but...I do prefer text... that way I have records of all agreements a decisions made during the transaction.... call me direct 954-483-4626 in Florida,
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I agree that whatever works best for the agent and client. I prefer text or email so that I don't miss an opportunity to call or text them back if I am in a meeting or with anothet client. I believe it's important to let your clients know you have at least received their message and will get back with them. The weekends are the most difficult time as a Realtor to set up showings and get any response. So frustrating for me or my clients when they are on a tight schedule.
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Whatever works best for the Client! A professional Realtor will work with you to find the best way of communication. Life is busy sometimes and we understand that.
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If you're interviewing different agents, definitely call them on the phone and see if they pick up their phone, and if they don't, see how long they take to respond. If they are unresponsive, move on.

If you are working with an agent, the best mode of communication is usually whatever is preferred by the client, of course! Exceptions are when there is an urgent matter (text or phone call) or you're sending detailed information (email).
Web Reference: http://HyattSimons.com
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Clients can contact me through any of the above options provided. It is up to the client to contact me in a way that is convenient for them. I am flexible and I try to get back to each client as soon as possible if I do miss them.
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I provide all of the above for clients so they can contact me in the manner that is most convient
for them. Whatever way works best for them--I can accommodate. It's important to be flexible and different methods of communication may work best at different times.
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Initially, I prefer to either meet face-to-face or via phone in order to build a relationship based on trust. As the business relationship develops, it is important for the agent to be in tune with preferred communication methods of the individual clients. Excellent communication and customer service are my number one priorities. Therefore, if I am with another client when someone contacts me, I believe it is important to return messages promptly.
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This depends on what you and your agent have agreed was best for certain situations. A top producer will generally have staff in place for things that are easily answered like when is the photographer coming again? Or helping a client find their home on the internet. The agent should always be the one handling the main course of the deal. Pricing a home & or Negotiations are the most important aspects of every deal but there are many many things that go on behind he scene. All are great options the key is to hire an agent that will reply In a timely manner. Like with in 1 hour.
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Each client is unique and they all have different schedules, I'm available by calling, text or e-mail. Thank you in advance for the opportunity.

You can reach me directly at 85-276-6300 or my website: http://www.elenaacosta.com
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I like to call my clients the first time. During our conversation, I'll ask them how they liked to be contacted in the future. I make myself available to my clients by phone, text or email.
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Everyone of my customers have been different on how they want to be communicated with. I found that more younger people text now compared to using e-mails,while older people are still old school using the phone and voice mail.
It is so fast paced now with the smart phones and tablets that you have to react faster than just a few short years ago! I myself like e-mail so I can keep a record and file it into my prospects folder.

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~~~Time is of the essence ….

~~~ What ever method the client decides …

~~~ Make sure to respond quickly….
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I make myself accessible through all avenues but I have to say I prefer to email or text because once in writing, there's far less left to either interpretation or to perhaps be forgotten. It's just a great tool for accountability.
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I suggest phone for the initial contact. I then think a brief meeting in person is another good idea before you start working with an agent. You will spend time with your agent and you want to make sure they listen to your needs and you feel comfortable with that agent. I think in person is a great way to really know quickly. After that first meeting communication is whatever you two decide works best for you both.
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Different agents may have different preferred contact methods. I think phone calls are best initially, but if the agent doesn't answer or return your call in a timely manner then the other methods are acceptable. Now if the agent never responds to your calls, you may want to do business with a different agent.
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I believe the best way out of the three is to contact an agent by phone first, as it is more personal. I don't believe it is the most efficient manner in which to get a question answered and such, but it is the most personal of the three.
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By phone first, but using social media will give you an idea of the agents work ethics/knowledge.
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