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What is the average time it takes a buyer to find the right house?

Asked by Merm, Aurora, CO Mon Dec 10, 2007

We've been looking for three months now and still haven't found the right house for us in our price range. It always seems we find a nice house and then it backs to a busy street, settling issues (cracks in the basement walls or heaving floors), has a too steep driveway, strange ladder like steps to get into the front door, or something! I sense that our realtor is losing patience with us. Do you think we're being too picky? We used to own a nice house which we sold a couple of years ago in another city. I'm having a hard time with the old, worn out looking ones in this town that we can afford. Any suggestions?

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Sometimes it may be the parameters you have set for finding your house. Sometimes it could be the agent not understanding exactly what you want. There is no average time.

For example: Just this week a buyer went out at 10:30am. We finished looking at houses at 1:30pm. There was a total of 8 houses the buyer looked at. The one they decided on was the 4th house on the list. They put an offer in on the house and it was accepted. Another couple I worked with saw 46 houses before finding their right home.

Not knowing your situation, wants, needs or experience makes it difficult to find a solution for you. Try having further indepth conversation with your agent as well as yourselves. Maybe a second round of prioritizing what the important characteristics are will help your house hunting process.

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Best of luck.
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I agree with Bill . Each client comes with a different prospective for house hunting. Agents must be attuned to the likes and dislikes of each house shown to the Buyers. It is a series of eliminations until it is narrowed down to the top choice.
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Just for your own knowlege, have your realtor find the homes for you that meet all your parameters except for price.

If you find that your "right house" may be more expensive than your pricing parameters warrant.

If this is the case, and if you find the house(s) that meets your other parameters, you may want to try to negotiate one of those houses to fit your budget today. There are a lot of motivated sellers out there who have the equity position to negotiate.

If you can not get your ideal within budget, then you may want to redefine your parameter ideal to get the closest to what you want.

Best of luck
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There are statistics about how many homes an average buyer will review before making an offer but you don't have to live by those rules. I've had some clients buy the very first house I showed them (and I was very picky about what I showed them based on their criteria) and then there are other clients that have taken close to a year to find the perfect home. Having owned a home before you know what it is that is important to you. If you haven't already given that all important list of "absolute must have" and "would be nice to have" to your agent then do so now. It will help them to understand better what your needs are. You might also ask the agent to "scrub" the list of potential houses prior to going to view them so you don't waste your time.

If your agent is losing patience with you then you may not be working with the right person. I know that I look at my job as helping clients find the best house for them for their price range - an agent that is losing patience is probably not working with too many other clients to help offset income requirements and they may be focusing on the wrong reasons for your purchase. Have a heart-to-heart with your agent first and then evaluate based on how well that goes. It could be what you need to jump start your search and to get this person re-motivated to consider your needs and wants. Clearly, if you've been continuing to look you are earnest about your desire to purchase and you aren't just a "look-ee-loo". It sounds like some solid communication could really help you out right now.

Good luck!
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It sounds like you may not have a good level of communication with your agent. Are they clear on your criteria? Who is choosing the homes that you have viewed, you or your agent.? Have you sat down and done a search together or are you working against each other? If you and your agent are not working together, this will be a very frustrating experience, communication is key.
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There is not a specific timeline for finding the right home, but on an average I would venture to say that it is probably dependent upon your criteria and price range, not to mention what is available on the market.
Try to remember that there is most likely always going to be some fix or change that has to be done on a previously lived in home. Sometimes the fixes or concerns do not come up until inspection time and even then the majority of those can be fixed by the seller prior to escrow. Also, many times we do not know until we show you the home that you might find the stairs strange, the that you feel the neighborhood is busy. These are just part of the pains of shopping! Maybe you should reevaluate your criteria and pinpoint some of the must haves and then determine which ammenities are optional for your lifestyle. If your sensing inpatience in your Realtor, it's probably wise to sit down with your Realtor and see if you can change up some of the search criteria so you might be looking at a different set of homes. Sometimes a different area will yield the type of homes you had in mind, or perhaps a different floor plan gives an alternative to what you originally had in mind and just might offer the ammenities you needed. Explore all your options and possibilities but most of all communicate with your Realtor so you will be working together toward a common goal.
keep looking ...that house is out there just waiting for you to make it your own!
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Take your time...reevaluate what is important to you, give the written list to your Realtor...There are some things you will not compromise, while other lesser priorities can come and go...focus on the former.
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Prioritize your wants and needs. What are the most important features that you can't live without?
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The Hagley G…, Real Estate Pro in Pleasanton, CA
I have tons of thoughts, but before I begin, consider custom building. As a buyer evolves requirements become more rigorous in terms of housing.

Ultimately, it is your money, spend it the way you want. There may or may not be some underlying psychological reason you haven't bought yet, but for whatever reasons you are exactly where you are suppose to be.

Also, the reason they call it a buyers market is because buyers get to be picky. When the selection of homes (sellers market) is low the buyers don't get to be near as picky. I can assure there are many markets in which buyers were forced into whatever they could get. It relates back to supply and demand.

I think what you are experiencing is typical in this market. There are some great deals out there so don't give up, you'll find the perfect one.

Good luck,
Susan Walker
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No house is perfect! U must expect that n find out what is most important to you n start to buy! People all over are buying none perfect house n are HAPPY! You make it your own by buying n moving in to it! Good luck n god bless!
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No house is going to be perfect! U must surrender to what is most important to u or other wise u won't find NOTHING!!
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That is a tough position to be in but there is no specific time line. Some people find a home the 1st time they look others need to look for 6 months. It doesn't sound like you are being too picky. after all it is a home you are going to live in.

The problem sounds more like you have set your expectations too high for the price range you can afford. I would suggest you either stretch a bit and look at homes a little higher in price or broaden your search area a bit and be willing to drive a little further to get to work.
Good luck
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No way! This is a huge emotional and financial investment. If your realtor is losing patience, find another. Good Luck!
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If your agent is getting impatient, find another. It's his/her job to help you. Your home is a huge investment, and you have every right to adhere to your own standards.

That said, be sure you are communicating well with your agent so she/he can direct you to the right kinds of properties. Then, ask for e-mail alerts that will inform you of prospective homes. Drive by them yourself, cross off those that don't work for you, then make an appointment for a private showing with a real estate agent who cares about your money as much as you do.
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It should not take that long. You must be in the $180K to $220K price range I am guessing because in Aurora you can look forever at that price, You and your agent need to narrow it down somehow? Maybe area?
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It all depends on how educated your agent is in the area you are looking to purchase in.feel free to contact me at nlacavalla@houlihanlawrence.com
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