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What does it mean when an agent NEVER responds to your offer and it's been over 5 days?!?

Asked by Elizabeth Ann Maldonado, Temecula, CA Tue Feb 12, 2013

My realtor sent an offer for a home on Friday and it is now Tuesday. We have gotten no response, not even a confirmation of receipt and I am starting to wonder if my realtor is working hard on this for me or not. She says sometimes agents just don't respond but that is not good enough for me. Advise?

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Team Forss’ answer
We do have a lot of listings and we have a professional standard and policy to acknowledge the offer immediately and respond to all parties within 24 hours from decision, generally quicker. It saves everybody time, including our team.

In your case, there could be several reasons why the listing agent didn't respond to your agent. Maybe there's an overloaded solo agent with a bunch of REOs and no support team, or maybe your offer went to spam filter, etc. Sometimes the buyer's agents are not following the MLS instructions and the offer can get lost.

I would have your agent pick up the phone and call the listing agent and if that doesn't work escalate to the office manager or broker. If you feel your agent is not working hard for you, switch agent. There are many great and hard working ones out there.
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Sadly your agent is right. Some listing agents do not respond to offers in a timely manner.

They may even not respond to ALL offers at all.

If they have multiple offers they will simply go with the one the seller selects and ignore all others.

I have had this happen to me many times. Trust that your agent is working hard for you. He/she is at the mercy of the listing agent.

If you suspect the listing agent did not at least present your offer to the seller, have your agent contact the listing agnets broker. This may or may not help.

Best of Luck to You!

Kawain Payne, Realtor
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Hi Lizzy - It has been a couple months since your post and I wonder if you have gotten it all worked out satisfactorily?

As a Listing Agent, I can tell you that I always respond to offers received as soon as possible. The only reason I can assume is that the listing agent didn't reply to your agent is they didn't receive the offer for some reason...

As a Buyer's Agent, I always follow up with the listing agent when I submit an offer - No reply is unacceptable...

For others who might have been in this situation, or may be in the future, I recommend calling the Brokerage directly to speak with the Manager, or Broker whenever you feel your agent might not be working in your best interest.

Kevin McLaughlin, Broker Owner
Berkshire West Realty
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Unfortunately this happens. Sometimes listing agents have so many offers they just don’t respond. Its unprofessional but happens.

My recommendation is have your agent call the listing agents broker.

Good luck

Steve Colvin
Premier Ca Realty
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It could mean many things...the agent never got it, they are on vacation and don't check their email, they are playing games. I think it is highly un professional to not respond to an offer or anything else real estate related. It is a huge disservice to the client that is being represented. I'm not saying that is what this agent did, just what I practice. Rule of thumb, long periods of silence are a red flag in a real estate negotiation.

Christopher Pagli
Licensed Associate Broker
Accredited Buyer Representative
William Raveis Legends Realty Group
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For an agent to not respond to a written offer is highly unusual. Generally, purchase offers can be presented in person, faxed, or emailed. If faxed or emailed that should be followed up with a telephone call to make sure the documents were received.

Technology is great, when it works but assuming something has been received could be a HUGE mistake. I would recommend being in touch with the listing agent's broker to find out if your offer has been received. They will most assuredly follow up.

Good luck,

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I am so sorry you had a bad experience with this, it is unfortunate. Realtors are supposed to be there for you as your representative and follow up any way they can even if it takes irritating the listing agent. You have the right to have your offer reviewed and at least confirmation that they have received it. Speak with your agent that you have now and I am sure they will help you with making a reasonable counter offer never be afraid to counter. I hope this helps.

Sincerely, Kristi Johnson
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Update: Our realtor told us that she did finally get in contact with the listing agent and that our offer was not accepted because they went with another offer. I noticed the home never went off the market so we got in touch with another realtor who put the same offer in for us and received a counter the next day! Not sure why my first realtor was having a hard time getting a response or why she said we were denied. I don't want to accuse her of lying but like I said earlier I feel like she could have worked harder for us. So now do I counter offer on the counter offer?
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If I didn't get an answer from the agent , I would call their Broker.
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Sadly, this is typical. I see you've got some good answers and hopefully, your agent is saavy enough to follow some of the advice given.

I've been the buyer's agent on several offers where we couldn't even get a response that they received our offer. And I don't bug listing agents because I know how busy it can get in this market. But a confirmation of receipt sure would be nice to get. But I have to say, some agents assume bugging the crap out of the listing agent will get their offer to the top.

This just happened to me yesterday. I listed a home last week, and received 17 offers over the weekend along with 3 times as many emails and messages from those same agents confirming receipt and asking various questions. Questions that were either answered already in the MLS or readily available to the buyer's agent if they did their own job and researched a little. I could NOT physically call every agent and respond to their numerous questions or I'd never get any work done on the other files. So I held each agent accountable to do their own work.

I sent out one email to each agent advising them I received their offer and letting them know they must submit their highest and best offer by that evening at 6:00 p.m. because we were not countering every offer. Yesterday, I sent out emails to every agent thanking them for their offer and advising them the seller had chosen another offer. I received numerous emails asking for details of the offer accepted and requesting second chances for their buyer to resubmit. I even received one email directly from the buyer explaining their personal situation with pictures attached of their whole family begging my seller to reconsider their sub-standard offer.

So, I guess what I'm saying is...Hang in there with your agent. It's tough all over!
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Hi Dizzzymisslizzy,

Has your Realtor called the listing agent? If they have and the Realtor has not responded, have your Realtor contact your Realtor's Broker.

Shanna Rogers
SR Realty
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While I think that is certainly poor practice, the fact is that many listing agents are getting swamped in this market...so that's my best guess to this situation.

Your Realtor really should know how to handle this though, and you should not have to write on a board to get answers. If I were your agent, I would contact the broker of the listing agent in order to get a response.

Good luck to you.
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Hello Dizzy Miss Lizzy,

Love the name by the way! . : )

Big pet peeve of ours. There is NO EXCUSE for this- unfortunately -- it is rampant in this industry. If it were me I would contact the broker of record. This kind of behaviour has to be stopped. It is horrible professionalism and should be reported.
Absolutley disgusting....
Often these kinds of agents are often arrogant, inexperienced and rude on top of it! Unbelievable isnt it.
So sorry that you've had to experience this in your quest for a home.
Good luck to you!

Best regards,
Scott and Shelley Weier
Cal State Realty
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Well,..sad but true. Some agents never respond especially if the property in question is a "short sale" and priced low. They probablly have multible offers. If they have accepted one of the offers, it would be common curtesy to inform the other prospect buyers, but the majority of the time this is what happens.
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Simple fact! There are some R.E. Agents (and some lenders for that matter) here in CA that are some of the worstI have ever seen. Don't know why, but have my suspicions. What makes things worse is when a Agent does something wrong other Agents or consumers dont turn them in to the Board so they can be reprimanded. But in your case the most likely scenario is the listing agent is just not a Professsional. Like Ron below said, I remember when people on this business were professional and respectful. Your agent should call the listing broker and complain.

Best of Luck.
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There can be a number of reasons that you have not gotten a response from the listing agent:

1. Was your offer below the asking price…perhaps quite a bit below? In this market, lowball offers do not evoke a lot of interest on the part of sellers and their agents.
2. Do you suspect that you are in a multiple offer situation? The seller could have selected another offer or is evaluating all offers or hoping for a better offer.
3. Is the listing agent is lacking in professionalism? An acknowledgement of receipt of your offer is a quick and easy thing to do.
4. Was there an offer submission deadline? If so, has it passed?
5. You agent is not doing her job. This is probably the least likely scenario. Your agent cannot force a response from the listing agent. Has she called the agent? …emailed? texted? …and still no response?

Advise: without knowing the answers to the above questions, I can’t give additional advice.
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1) It was about 3% below asking price and I am not asking for closing costs
2) Could be in multiple offers but there is no way to tell. I thought maybe if I was in this situation they would still get back to me and ask if I wanted to stay in the race by offering a higher price???
3) I don't personally know the listing agent but I keep encountering this situation with different listing agents. I would think at least an acknowledgement would be in order
4) Our realtor wrote it up for 3 days to respond (Hope thats what you are referring to)
5) You are probably right but I just feel like there are always ways to get a hold of somebody or their boss.

So do I submit another offer now that it has expired? Do we try and contact the office manager? or just let it go?
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So, the LISTING AGENT is inconsiderate and so you blame your Agent?
When I wore a younger man's clothes; we wrote letters and Thank-You notes. We answered the phone and returned phone calls.
Nowadays, if you get a TEXT, you are lucky.

You might take the silence as your answer; or not.
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