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What can an agent do that a home buyer cannot do for themselves?

Asked by Trulia Cape Coral, Cape Coral, FL Thu Apr 4, 2013

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Blanca Contreras’ answer
If you really, really want to know, come to one of the Homebuyer Education Classes offered by Lee County Housing Corp.

By the time your are done learning everything it takes to get from point A to the moment when you are handed your keys, you'll want representation!!
Web Reference: http://leecountyhdc.org/
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As Kevin replied, "Successfully negotiate" but we do a lot more. A realtor will identify your property needs and desires through careful questioning, match them with the thousands of properties that are available - and those that will be available - whittle the results down to a manageable number of properties that you would want to see and then guide you to the one that meets your needs - advise you about what to bid, console you when you don't get the property you think you can't live without and get you back out to look again -- and then negotiate the best deal and let you know about various loan programs and financing options. Your Realtor is on your side (and on the phone) with the lender, the seller's agent, the home inspector, the insurance agent and closing company - jumping through hoops to get various documents and numerous answers to get you to the closing table without you pulling your hair out, or simply giving up and walking away from the property that would be your perfect home. Your experienced Realtor will help you find the diamond in the rough and advise you against falling in love with a nicely painted hovel.
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Successfully negotiate the purchase of a piece of real estate.
It's like a lawyer representing himself in court, a doctor operating on himself.
If I thought you were being serious, I wouldn't have taken the time.
What might I ask do you do for a living I could do or any other Realtor so as not to involve you?
I welcome you to make an offer on any of my listings and negotiate with me!

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A lot! Who wouldn’t want representation?
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Dealing only with the Listing Agent in hopes of getting a better deal? .......

Not a good strategy, because if the listing agent is getting the whole 6%, they’ll actually work harder to make you pay the highest price for their Seller in effort to justify such an massive equity grab!

Dealing only with the Listing Agent and asking them to lower the price 3% they would have had to share with a Buyer’s Agent?.....

This causes the Listing Agent to catch an immediate attitude! Yes, you can possibly fight with them over the 3%, but you take your eye off the much bigger prize and that’s getting the home for much less by using a Buyer’s Agent! A lower price on the home that using your own Buyer’s Agent could Dwarf the smaller amount obtained fighting with the Listing agent.

The Listing Agent/Seller’s Agent is just that, the Seller’s Agent. They watch out for the Seller’s interests in the purchase. For a buyer to believe they can get a better overall price by dealing directly with the Seller’s Agent is misconception. Also, what when issues arise after they have your deposit? It’s then the Seller, the Seller’s Agent and the Seller’s Title Agent ALL against the buyer! That’s a pretty strong Trifecta / team to battle should any issues arise!

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Just to add on to the good answers thus far:

* Help remove the emotion from the transaction. Buying is an emotional transaction at two levels: First, many buyers become emotionally attached to a particular property and can end up making decisions that aren't really in their interest. Second, it's simply a big negotiation and as the process moves on the buyer becomes more invested in it. An agent can provide a buffer to help remove the emotion.

* Provide a third-party view, a different perspective. Regardless of how intelligent, how informed, and (see above) how emotionless a buyer might be, the buyer isn't all-knowing and is confined by his/her past experiences. A third-party view can supply an extra dimension that no buyer, however competent, has.

Hope that helps.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Burke, VA
Granted that with access to the Internet, a savvy Home buyer can get a lot of information online. A Buyer can deal directly with the Seller's Agent, but often is not getting all the information wanted to get the best possible deal.
So, why should a Buyer NOT choose his own agent?
- Agent does not cost anything to the Buyer
- Agent knows the local and regional Real Estate Market
- Agent usually works on behalf of the person that hired him/her, in this case the Buyer
- Agent has the expertise in negotiating Real Estate
- Agent may be able to detect the motivation level of the Seller and use this to the Buyer's advantage.

If you are serious in purchasing Real Estate in SW Florida, please call me. You will find in me an Agent (Broker) with 20 years of local Real Estate experience, integrity and focus to your Real Estate needs.
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I will be happy to share that with a real buyer.
Since your purpose is to very likely supplement Truilia's bogus homes for sale list, or those home sold long ago, or piggy back on Reatty Trac's deception, I can expect those things offered in good faith to be compromised in a way that allows aggregate websties to continue their charade of bogus value.

If a real buyer 'really' want to know, they know what to do..CALL.
The buyers who entertain this notion will not be pursuaded by this post.
This is the grist of the Z mill.
Is that your intent?
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As an experienced Mortgage Broker and real estate investor, personally I know how to save money in ways the average person can't.

Selling real estate is not rocket science, and its relatively easy to do, especially now that inventory so low and prices shooting back up.

HOWEVER…as terrible as the majority of people are at selling and/or marketing anything, most will turn the simple act of making mud pies into full on brain surgery. Therefore most buyers and sellers need an agent to represent them.

My wife and I have been pre-approved and are looking at beach front condos this weekend. But as knowledgeable as I am, I know better than to not use a buyer’s agent. I know its better to negotiate thru my Buyer’s Agent V. thinking I’d get a better deal by trying to go straight to the Seller’s Agent.

So…Saturday morning we’re going to pick up our “LOCK BOX CODE” in the form of a live realtor partner of mine, because we need him to gain access to property and he’s also doing this for us, same as I help arrange for my pre-approved borrower referrals to my realtor partners.

Ex: 400,000 sales price x 3% to Buyer’s Agent = $12,000

I’ll let my Buyer’s Agent keep approx.. $4,000 (same as he’d make selling a $133k property) and have him REBATE me $8,000 at closing to pay my closing costs.

I think $4,000 is pretty fair for setting me up on an Auto MLS search, driving him around using him to access property, buying him lunch and to submit offers. don't you think?

Contact me if you'd like this kind of saving anywhere in FL.

Steve McRory
Pro Option Mortgage/ Florida
Ph: 888 662 4404

Prior Service U.S. Marine Corps
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Just trying to clarify what I'm reading here: The way I read it is you believe that all a buyers agent does is set a client up on the MLS, give the potential buyer access to a property and submit offers? You are are clearly unaware of what we do and I find that shocking considering you claim 21 years in the mortgage business. Considering realtors could drive tons of business your way, you are shooting yourself in the foot with comments such as that stated above. I checked out your site but could find no address for your office. Do you have one?
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Thank you for this question and you see below as to why I am thanking you!!

First, let me ask you some questions:

What do you do for a living?

How much time and patience you have?

How much of your time you willing to spend? Hours in the day?

Who is on your team and what are your resources?

Are you using creditable people?

Are you able to compete and capable of competing with all the other buyers on the same property or market you want?

Are you a logical person or emotional one?

How are you going to manage your negotiations?

There are more to consider. Selling/buying real estate is no easy task and take many players. I make it all easy for seller as well as buyers, for me it is my full time job, and seasons pro of all the things that can happen with selling and buying. If something new comes or changes are made as many have been made through the last several years, I have a team that I can go to for answers and solution. Doing it on your own, may mean using the yellow pages or google and perhaps a visit to a law office.

Lastly, ( there are many more reasons to hire a Realtor) you are opening yourself to some danger. Even real estate agent today are not safe with some people they deal with and take extra precautions when meeting strangers and bringing them to properties. They are held accountable when they pay visits to other people properties. The Board of Realty also provides classes on this, protection.

Lastly, you most important, you will most likely be dealing with a listing agent and be buying through him/her that was hire by the seller. Who interest you think he/she has?

the reason I thank you above, you gave m the insight for my blog that will give you the answer to your question via video.


Also, feel free to read my other posting:


Hope this helps. Good luck with your decision and property searching
Ronald (Realtor Ron W) wolchesky
"Success is when we work together to achieve your GOAL!"
License in Florida
Home: 239-349-4684
Cell: 239-209-1923
Fax: 800-632-3096
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- Have good area knowledge based on buyers need for investing, seasonal rentals or retirement.
- Be knowledgeable, licensed and up to date on real estate law and necessary disclosures.
- Realtor representation with a contract that meets with dispute can be arbitrated through FREC
- We are the buyer's only advocate in a real estate transaction.
- The buyer's Realtor should have all contracts, addendums, lists of affiliates & search apps ready.

A saavy buyer may have some knowledge that will help them get through the contract negotiation. But they wont always have the skill and experience or the resources at their finger tips. Therefore, in the long run the buyer will expend far more time accomplishing the same task they could have had done by a buyer's agent for free. My math tells me having a Realtor representing the buyer makes more sense. However my disclosure is that I may be biased because I am a Realtor.

Sarah Garrett, Realtor
"Chosen Best in Client Satisfaction 2006- 2012" By Gulfshore Life Magazine
Email: sarahgarrett@argfl.com
Cell: 239-464-8620
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