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Brent Conley, Real Estate Pro in Carlsbad, CA

What are the 10 best qualities of a buyers agent? In the eyes of the buyer

Asked by Brent Conley, Carlsbad, CA Fri Nov 2, 2012

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This is from the eyes of a buyer, (Me as Buyer, lol),
Who would challenge that this is not what a buyer wants from there Agent/Broker?

1. I want to get the Best loan program to fit my financial needs whether with the 30k cash I have for down payment and closing costs or with lowest out of pocket expense as well as lowest rates and terms loan approval to go shopping with. I only have a 599 fico score.

2. My Agent/Broker whom is an expert negotiator with many years of experience got me into escrow on the first home that I submitied an offer.

3. I went smoothly thru escrow and closed within 30 days.

4. My Agent/Broker is there for me in any other real estate or mortgage matters and as a business friend.

I don't have 5-10 because that is all that is needed as I am happy I am in my first home of my choice. I have an interest rate in the mid 3% fixed rate loan and funded all in within 30 days. I was going to get a 15yr loan and instead went with a 30 yr fixed. I will make an extra payment with my income tax every year towards my principal balance and pay off my mortgage within 17 years without the obligation of a higher payment. Thanks to the advice of my Agent/Broker - Sr. Loan Officer.
It is now time to have my open house and invite my Agent/Broker to see the home now with all my nice furniture in my new house. I was able to pay off the balance on my car with my savings and saved me just over $600 a month that I was paying on my car loan. I am grateful with the cash I saved from utilizing CHF Access half percent down payment and closing costs program. I closed with only half percent down payment and another 2k towards closing costs and saved 26k of what I thought I was going to have to spend. I was going to apply all my 30k but would have only saved $135 a month using my 26k that I spent on paying off my car loan. :) I am so happy living the American Dream of HomeOwnership and again building my future retirement in equity and this time I will not use my equity as an ATM...

Sheryl Arndt, Real Estate Broker – Sr. Loan Officer CA only
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Anyone recognize this?
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@Michael - Come on man! It's all about the Trulia points. Play along!! :-) Seriously, we share a similar philosophy.

@Tony - Your idea is a great one, especially for those agents who rent. As an investor, my frustration with agents and their ideals is why I got my broker's license in the first place. Actually, you and Brent could go have a coffee over the topic, both being from Carlsbad.

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I'm not sure where you're going with this question as an agent. It seems pretty pointless to ask for a list of 10 best qualities.

Let's say there is a penultimate list of 10 best that we can all agree with (which is nearly impossible), how would any buyer have the time, resources or sheer mental capacity to evaluate multiple buyer's agents across 10 qualities?

Simpler is better. How about we go for a single best quality. For me, it's trustworthiness.
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Yeah, agreed. The public should checkout each agent they wish to work with. Interviews are good, but in lieu of that, you can find out almost as much with a good look into someone's eyes.
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I believe that to be a great quality Michael. Does the public and do they even check??? They should interview....
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I think agents should be required to buy a home every 5 years just so they can remember what it's like to be on the other side of the table. And what a first time buyer needs from an agent could be a lot different than an investor buyer.
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Lol I like what The Christiansen Team said!!!!
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1.they listen
2.they want what's best for their client regardless of what they think
3.the agent knows the market and provides a comp report for you
4. Most of all they aren't wanting to close you and move on they want to be a part of your life.

Polly Mffotd
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That's awesome Bill. The Boy Scout Law. I remember reciting this one, and it is very appropriate for real estate professionals. If we all act like Boy Scouts (or Girl Scouts) we will serve our clients, our industry and ourselves to the highest standards possible. Thanks for taking me back!
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10. Being awesome.
9. Having good teeth.
8. Smelling good.
7. Cool shoes.
6. Big muscles.
5. Sense of humor.
4. Stands up straight.
3. Can open a lock box in 4 seconds.
2. Drives a convertible.
1. Being awesome.

Being awesome is very important. :)

Seriously, what everybody else said.
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Tricky question, because every buyer would list something different. Are you looking for a buyer's agent? If so, I am a good one.

In my opinion, a good buyer's agent is knowledgeable about the local markets, housing inventory and trends. A good buyer's agent has experience with short sales, foreclosures, remodels, and traditional sales.

Perhaps most importantly, a good buyer's agent works with YOU the buyer,to sort out and clarify what you are really looking for. Very often throughout a home search, a buyer's thoughts will change once they see the available homes in their search criteria. With a good buyer's agent, you need to be able to communicate and sort through all the homes that you see and evaluate them.

If you are a home buyer, you are really the one to answer the question about what your needs are. Since you posed it, I responded through the prism of a seasoned buyer's agent.
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Brent is an agent......I doubt he is looking for one.
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Don't you have to be a buyer to answer this question? There is another similarlly asked question on Trulia that no buyers answered either? It would be interesting to see what a buyer writes instead of what an Agent thinks a buyer would like? I am not sure a buyer would even want to share as I haven't seen any yet? Example below:from Uchikoo whom did not participate? Cmon Uchikoo let us know what you think so we can compare what you think to what the agents thought? Might be fun...

Sheryl Arndt, Real Estate Broker – Sr. Loan Officer
REO & Short Sale Specialist
20+ Years Experience
DRE# 01140252
NMLS# 297251
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Great post, Brent!

I would love for you HOME BUYERS to jump in on this question. We in the business think we know but who knows better than you our prospective client?
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in the eyes of a buyer....via agents.
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1. Market Knowledge
2. Negotiation Skills
3. Answers their Phone
4. Good Listener (hears what the buyer is saying and applies the information properly)
5. Prompt
6. Attention to Detail
7. Available
8. Resourceful
9. Ethical
10. Happy
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1. Experience
2. Trust
3. Knowledge
4. Negotiation skills
5. Likable
6. Common Sense
7. Net-worker
8. Local
9. Available
10. All of the above
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I was a buyers agent for years, a heck of a lot of work really. But a buyers agent really needs to preview properties and know the market. Most get lazy and see the properties for the first time with their prospective buyers sitting in the car. The relult is that the buyers assume the agent does not know anything. Then the buyers want to see a few hundred properties before they buy anything becasue they do not feel they can trust the expertise of the agent.

If you are a buyers agent, do not get lazy, go out a few hours ahead of time and carefully inspect all properties you are going to show. If there is something wrong with the property, as you drive to it, tell the buyer what that problem is, for example: This property needs new carpet, I suggenst we ask for a carpet allowence.

Secondly, if you honestly put the customer's interest first, above your commission the amount of work you will do etc. The buyers pick up on that and become truly loyal. I never needed a buyer agreement. Then years later the buyer will go to sell the home, they will call you first, as their trusted advisor.

If you are a buyer I would say you need to find an agent with the above phylosophy, you would be surprised many agents look at it exactly this way. They are the most successfull agents.
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Great question. 1. Buyer needs to feel comfortable with the agent. 2. The agent is looking out for your best interest.3. The agent is a good listener and shows you the homes and prices that you are looking for.4.The agent is knowledgeable and has intergrity in knowing how to negotiate the price.5.The agent is available to show you property, be constant on following up with you on a regular basic.6. Can explain to you how to make a offer and why. 7. Be available to help you make the decision and work with you on your concerns about the property. 8. Agent makes sure you are qualified and has explained the process in detail, so you knon what to expect. 9. You the Buyer needs to know you do not pay the agent any monies, we work for free. We get paid on the sellers side. 10.The agent should always ask you if you understand, and that you feel free to ask any question, its your money, and you want to make sure you are making the right decision. I hope this was helpful. The evaulation is not in order. So you see us Agents pride our self on customer service and all the rest of what goes with buying a home. Good luck.Diane 714-618-8031
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