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Elizabeth, Home Buyer in Columbus, OH

What are some of the more popular aeas of Philadelphia for young single professionals to live?

Asked by Elizabeth, Columbus, OH Fri Sep 2, 2011

Philadephia is one of two cities I have the option of moving to with my employer, and I was wondering what are some of the more popular areas for young, single professionals to live close to the city?

I'm a 26 year old female, and I enjoy living close to the city where there's always plenty to do. I don't necessarily want to be in a 'college' area, but I would like to live close to good restaurants and shopping, and have easy access to public transportation.
Thanks in advance.

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Elizabeth- Are you looking to rent or buy?
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Agents cannot talk about neighborhoods suitable for people based on their age. The only time we can talk about age is when we are marketing 55plus communities.
Philadelphia is a great place to live. We have great public transportation so whether you live in the city or suburbs and go to the city from the suburbs it is convenient.
We have major museums, fine restaurants in city and suburbs, great shopping, parks, golf, and major sports. You can take the train to New York city and get there in an hour and half from Philadelphia. There is a bus to NYC from Doylestown that get there in little over 2 hours or you can live in Yardley or Newtown and take the train from Trenton to New York
go to http://www.septa.org and look up transportation information and routes .
You can go to my web site http://www.gitabantwal.com and look up listings of homes for sale in Philadelphia and suburbs.
Web Reference: http://www.gitabantwal.com
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The Far Northeast is a nice place to buy. Still close to public transportation, parks, nightlife. try 19152 area code
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As Janet pointed out, Realtors unfortunately are not allowed to address questions like this for fear of "steering" or "red lining". Our government decided it is better to not allow us to answer well intended questions like this for fear we might answer in such a way that negatively impact someone or somewhere. (Their solution of not throwing away the baby with the bath water would be to outlaw bathing thereby solving the issue).

Best of luck from Boise!

Jim Paulson, CRS, GRI, EPRO, SFR
Owner/Broker - Progressive Realty Corporation
Designated Broker - License # DB-17066
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Elizabeth your question is a little problematic. In our business it could be considered "steering" just like it sounds, and a violation of our real estate laws. You should do this homework without asking a real estate professional especially on a forum like this. Good luck.
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Hello Elizabeth

I believe you wrote before. There are many ideas suggested, all of them good. I note all of them are in the city, and your job might not be. I think also, you need to TALK to people in some detail, becuase a foruml like trulia is just going to generaate lists of neighborhoods..names that probably mean little to you.

I think the biggger questions you ought to answer in advance, to winnow down the list are:

Where is the possible office located ?

How long a drive (and what KIND of drive) is an acceptable commute for you ?

How important is proximity to the airport to you. (or highway access for biz or out of area driving travel)

Are you looking to rent or buy (can make a huge difference. some of the neighborhoods stated are absolutely
terrifiic by ANY standard of measure....but not cheap !)

Budget - whether renting OR buying....

Do you WANT the city, or the country, or the suburbs... or want no parts of one of these

What is your relationship to your car...meaning. if you are used to driving everywhere, and the idea of carrying grocery bags 3-4 blocks is bad...or looking 10 minutes for a street parking spot every night coming home.... OR.... you don't want to HAVE to drive 10 minutes to get toothpaste... don't want to HAVE to worry about a drive home every friday or saturday if you've been out with friends.

These things matter in your choice of location.

Answer these for yourself, then TALK to several of us. All you can get from this kind of forum is a list of place names that probably mean little to you.

I suggest you talk to SEVERAL of us because it is just human nature for people to recommend places THEY know and love, (just like your co-workers will, btw) but few if any of us know ALL the entire region cold.

Ask your co-workers too. Most of them will be near the job. Beware the advice of the ones who live distant, but who are passionate advocates of the (truly great) places they live. Its' not that they are wrong, but rather that circumstances in their life make a long commute just fine by them, but maybe not worth it for another.

I've lived in town and out. I'm glad to talk if you wish. I think you need conversational detail (and better yet a trip) to find out. not enough interactiveness in an email forum like this to get to the heart of your inquiry.

Good luck in any circumstance. I am a passionate advocate of greater Philadelphia, We are a terrific place to live. Folks who move here tend to stay here. Big enough to have something for everyone, but not so big as to swallow you up whole.

John Leonard
Long & Foster Real Estate
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Philadelphia Magazine last year did an article on the Passyunk Square area. Google or Wikipedia will give you specific information. Yelp has some helpful reviews.

Everyone I sold there has loved it.
It's really developed its own special vibe. Great transit and affordable prices; easy walk to prime Center City.

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You're going to love Philadelphia. I moved here from Boston, MA.. then moved back to New England for a few years and just moved back again to Philly because I love it SO much.

I currently live and work in the city and am very familiar with the oddities of each neighborhood... there are pros & cons anywhere you go.

I'm going to suggest where I live :) Graduate Hospital area. It's north of Washington Ave., west of Broad St., south of South St. It's PACKED with young professionals and families. It's walking distance to Rittenhouse Square and the rest of center city without the rent prices of Rittenhouse Sq. (although really, anywhere in center city is walkable to anywhere else... it's a city that's very accessible no matter where you are).

Rittenhouse Square and Society Hill are the nicest neighborhoods and also the most expensive. Old City is hard to find parking and also very touristy so it gets noisy day & night.. at night there are usually a ton of college kids there. Washington Square West is also very nice, difficult for parking, but a good fit if you're looking to live in a high-rise building with doormen & other amenities. The Art Museum has a lot of families and is a lot quieter & still close to highways but in my opinion is not close enough to the city's best restaurants & bars. Passyunk Square in South Philly is a neighborhood that has become VERY popular within the past couple of years.. lots of cute streets and the rent is more affordable although some areas of South Philly can be sketchy... Philly is pretty odd in that the neighborhood can look a LOT different even from block to block. West Philly has its perks but in my opinion also has too many college students since Drexel & Penn are there.

Contact me at gwen@leasephilly.com when you move here! I know all the best bars/restaurants, I promise.. I'll also tell you which ones to avoid at all costs. We have a lot of rental properties currently listed all around the city; if you give me an idea of what you're looking for and when you're looking to move, I can help you in your search.
Web Reference: http://www.leasephilly.com
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Hi Elizabeth,
You have lots of great suggestions already, but if you're still looking for advice, I'd be glad to help. I'm the author of a guidebook, Moon Philadelphia, and I write the Philly content for About.com, so I know quite a bit about what all the local neighborhoods have to offer. I love working with people who are new to the area and sharing my local knowledge, so if you decide on Philly, shoot me an email and we can set up a time to talk.
Best of luck in figuring out your next move!
Karrie Gavin
REALTOR, Elfant Wissahickon
Author of Moon Philadelphia and Guide for About.com
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Hello Elizabeth,

First - where is your job located. "philadelphia" is a big place, and like any such metro area, getting from one side of the area to the ohter, can be an hour and a half, at rush hour.

Second - assuming your job location and commuting tolerance gives you a choice - city or suburbs ? there are great areas, offering a vibrant single lifestyle in both.

Third - biz travel or not. access to the roads or airport might matter. I live in the suburbs, and if i stil flew as often as i did before real estate, would move from my current residence.

Fourth - your concerns if any, with things like specific things like taxes, schools, access TO a school if your intended career path might have you considering a precise graduate degree. "walk score" is often important to younger people thinking of a more urban lifestyle. i know i miss having 90+% of anything i might need within 10 blocks of home, though i like the lower taxes i pay.

Fifth - probably all of us answering were thinking "buyer" you are probably thinking "rent" the cost can vary pretty widely depending on how far you are willing to travel - by foot or car - to get to all the things that sustain you, outside of work, in your everyday life.

in the end...rent first anyway. you will learn the places here that matter to you soon enough. they will almost be dictated to you by the social sphere you establish in philly. but make an effort to extend yourself if only to explore what is truly a wonderful area to live, be it in the city or in the suburbs. i've done both. its a question of priorities, which is often also a question of "what stage are you in your life" no matter which you chose, a great thing about philly is most of the time...day to day, you can get into or out of the city for things pretty easily.

john leonard
long & foster
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Hi Elizabeth -

If you're still looking for help, I'm happy to talk to you about where to consider living in Philadelphia with easy access to restaurants, shopping and public transportation. My email is: bibby.crane@prufoxroach.com
Web Reference: http://www.finehousepa.com
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I do encourage you consider Philadelphia as your next home town. Philadelphia is truly the heart of the Metropolitan mid-atlantic area. You can get to NY or DC in under 3 hours, and can get to the beach or to the mountains in under 2 hours.

If you are interested in receiving our home buyer newsletter by email that would include current tips in the Philadelphia area for saving money on closing costs ...

You can simply register by texting SAVE to the number 42828 on your cellphone or mobile device.

When you decide to buy a home in Philadelphia and need title and closing services, please don't hesitate to me via email closingservices@libertybellagency.com
or by phone at 215-625-3660.

Best of luck to you in selecting your next place to live and work. I hope everything works out well for you!
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Hi, Elizabeth.

Thanks for reaching out on Trulia.

Since you have never lived in Philadelphia before, a good way to get started is to meet/interview a few different real estate agents before you decide to work with them. That way, you won't get yourself into a love/hate relationship for such an important decision.

If you would like to set up a day/time to meet and have a cup of coffee (or tea), please let me know and we'll set something up. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.


Timothy Garrity | Realtor & Consultant
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson - #RS314897
215-829-8850 Office
267-879-2716 Mobile
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Glad to hear you're considering our fine city!

Based on wanting plenty to do with restaurants and shopping I would suggest checking out the following neighborhoods and websites:

Northern Liberties:


Old City:

Washington Square West:

Those are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head.

Hope that helps, let me know if you need an other help.

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Philadelphia is a wonderful, diverse city in which to live and work, we have numerous residential areas that are served by public transportation systems and the majority of neigborhoods have a wide range of residents from multitudes of occupations.

The center city area is the 'heart' of our urban center and has about ten terrific neighborhoods from which to choose.

There is wonderful information available to you on our local center city district website that will reallly help you get a sense of the diffent neighborhood flavors. We have a walkers city, but also bear in mind that Philadelphia has a strong bike community that is tied into our green culture. You will definetly be able to find a great neighborhood, friends, food, culture and wonderful property to call home if you decide on Philadelphia.

History, and its stratigic location are also pluses - we are less than two hours from the beach, mountains, Washngton DC and NYC. It is a very special spot. Check out centercityphila.org/

Feel free to email me for additional info, I will be glad to help.
Enjoy the journey!

Ana Barlow, Coldwell Banker Preferred, Philadelphia
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Hi Elizabeth,
There are so many parts of the city that are popular with young professionals and we have great restaurants everywhere. Do you like to bike, run, walk or kyack? Do you have a dog or other pets? There are so many museums and culteral events going on all the time in a lot of different parts of the city and we have one of the best public transportation systems around. We also have a loft district that is quickly becoming one of the hottest areas and right now has a ton of artisits. What you should do is spend a day or two in the city looking in a number of different areas. If you are unfamiliar have your realtor do a little tour and show you around. Fairmount Part is the largest inner city park in the country and, I think, the most beautiful. We also have phenominal museums, events, historical sites and biking and walking trails. People come from all over the world to see some of the exhibits at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Whether you are renting or buying, you should explore. I have worked with a lot of young professionals coming to Philly from other parts of the country and they don't always end up in the same area, even though many of them ask the same question you did.

Sincerely, Pamela Warner, ASP, GREEN, VCS
Brian Stetler Group
Prudential Fox and Roach Realtors
(215) 688-0200
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Hey Elizabeth,

I moved to the Rittenhouse section of Center City after graduating college about 7 years ago and could not imagine living anywhere else! Old City is another great option, if you are working in Center City both of these locations are ideal for walking to work.

Manayunk is another great choice as well, you can still take the train into the city, and its much more affordable if you are planning to keep a car, (parking in the city is pretty expensive)!
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Here is a small list of ideas....there are more...Northern Liberties, Old City, Rittenhouse sq, passyunk square, manayunk
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