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Xan, Home Buyer in 76262

We will be buying a house in Keller tx area within the next year-my question is how fast can you close on a house once we find one?

Asked by Xan, 76262 Mon Sep 5, 2011

What is a reasonable time frame to expect the seller to move out-assuming inspection comes out well and that we are already pre approved and we don't have a house to sell-finance is not going to be a problem from our side assuming bank appraisals of the home come through fine. I want a really quick close-I don't want to have to keep flying back and forth to get things done-is 30 days unreasonable? I don't want to get into a contingency clause where we are dependant on the seller finding a new house....

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Lisa Ackerson’s answer
Xan - I've been following the answers being given to you and many are great answers. But as you and I spoke before back in April, please be careful that you hire an agent who knows the difference between Keller and Fort Worth. Homes listed with a 76244 zip code and also homes in the Northwest ISD, are not in Keller but are in Fort Worth, although the children living in those homes either attend Keller ISD or Northwest ISD.

Keller consists of the zip codes 76248 or 76262 and only attend Keller ISD. Many buyers have mistakenly purchased homes in Fort Worth believing they were in Keller because they have a Keller address. This is kind of confusing but both areas share a post office and therefore both areas use a Keller "mailing" address. However, homes in the 76244 area do not include Keller services such as Water Dept., Fire Dept, and Police Dept, and do not have priviliges such as lower property tax rates, as well the ability to use the Keller Pointe with resident rates as opposed to non-resident rates. Just a Keller mailing address does not mean you are entitled to Keller services.

Please be sure that whoever you hire (although I think I remember you were relocating and may not have the ability to choose your agent) knows the difference between the boundaries of the City of Keller and the City of Fort Worth.
Web Reference: http://www.LisaAckerson.com
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Have you found a home yet? I'm selling without a realtor - looking for individuals moving to Keller area who might like a home w/ a volleyball pool, by 2 parks, Keller School districts
my email is vmantecon@jelmanagement.com

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Finding a home and getting an offer accepted can be a 1 day process and closing at the title company is a 1 hour process. Processing of the loan generally takes 30 days which requires an underwriting, property survey if seller doesn't already have one, HOA docs, property appraisal and paperwork processing on the title end takes time also, but can be done within the 30 day time period. The home inspection process is completely up to you.

Generally speaking you can get a much quicker close with a new home, since they typically own the mortage company and the title company. A good example is DR Horton, they have DHI title and DHI mortgage.

Keller is a great area. I've lived there myself and personally built many homes during my homebuilder era.

I would love to work with you when you are in town and can make myself available 24/7 to help you find what you want, send you searches or show homes to you that you are already interested in.

I'll help any way I can.

Nathan Beckey, Northwest Fort Worth Realtor

(m) 817.691.3602 (e) nathan@exclusivepropertiestexas.com

More Options. More Results.

check us out online http://www.exclusivepropertiestexas.com
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The typical time frame to close on a home in your situation is 30 days or less. Right now I hope you are already enjoying your new home. Best of luck to you and if you need further assistance please contact me directly.

Link: http://www.dfwfamilyrealty.info/mimarket/zip/76244/

John Straub
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Simple question with a simple answer... Typically once you place a bid and it is signed by the seller (contract) your option period begins within that period you can run whoever you want through that estate in order to check out the condition yourself. After your option period the title company will release the title/tax cert and your mortgage company will schedule an inspection. If you go with a mortgage company and not a bank you can expect to close within the time frame of 21-30days. Typically your offer will be more desirable if you offer 30days till closing this gives the seller the opportunity to prepair to move. If you finance through lets say Bank of America you can expect to be waiting up to 30 days or past. Mortgage companies tend to finance quickly and really stay on point v. banks tend to take there time. I have had good and bad run-ins with banks in the past and have seen failure to fund on closing. If you require further information contact me night or day.


Keller Williams Realty
3xUS Army Veteran
Joseph Fernandez
cell: (817)975-7258
off: (817)635-1157
website: http://www.blissful-estates.com

ps. for more updated listing preview my site http://www.blissful-estates.com.
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thanks again everyone! I appreciate the advice
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I agree with Lisa! Haslet has the same situation. Although we have a Haslet zip code, 76052, we actually live in Fort Worth. Keller divided zip codes a couple years ago 76244 was added and it does contain areas in Fort Worth. The first thing I do when researching a property is check the tax rolls to see where the school taxes are paid and the address of the utility companies. I laughed when you mentioned "taxachuesetts" I have family up there and they say the same thing! If this is a company move and you cannot select a Realtor, no worries! I enjoy helping people just for the sake of doing so and maybe another home buyer benefits from your Q and A.

Best Regards!


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This update is provided monthly by Northwest ISD:


You may be interested in learning more about this school district.



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Thanks again Lucy-the Company we are involved with is a finance company not an airline-flying is not a prime concern-probably fly once a month-not worried about the charge for bus fees-we already pay this in good old "taxachusetts" we need to be commuting to westlake primarily-I will check out fbook too-thanks for the info-I am trying to get as informed as I can-I''ve done plenty of relocating over my time but everywhere has differnet nuances
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I will send you articles of this nature:http://www.fwbusinesspress.com/news/breaking/Tarrant-County-…

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HI again Xan!

RE: 20 minute commute to and from airport. Important for you to know about the construction that is evolving west of the airport. Southlake may also be a location to consider although the prices of the homes are lower in Keller.
Keller ISD is now charging for children to ride the bus to school. There are some concerns as to why this fee was approved and the ISD is no longer operating at a deficit. If you are on Facebook, there is a group called the North Fort Worth Alliance. One of our Councilman is very active in the group and I attend meetings and participate in the Q and A's. Keller is part of the North West Alliance as part of the Alliance Town Center is located within Keller city limits. Our infrastructure is rapidly changing. You say you are one year out or so. This is good news.
By this time we will have a better understanding of projects completed and vision as to what projects will be affecting the commutes to Roanoke and the Airport. As a former employee of American Airlines, I am thinking one of the main concerns I would have about your spouse's commute is the shift he would be working. There is a community of airline employees living in Keller and they have bid their work shifts based on commute times.
If your spouse is working in Headquarters - M-F during normal business hours, the commute is definitely a conversation to have as far as location. Realtors are ethically bound not to "steer" clients to or from a neighborhood however we do have a fiduciary obligation to keep you informed as to the upcoming changes that may affect the neighborhood you determine to be the best fit for you. Yes, FM is also experiencing some growing pains at this point so I believe you made a wise a decision, based on your locational needs to remove FM as an option. I remain available to become your point of contact in sharing my knowledge of future changes in the North Fort Worth Alliance. Feel free to contact me at your convenience. My facebook address is Lucy Puniwai- Realtor. I will also send you up TexDot updates that are extremely helpful in becoming aware of what the vision is for Southlake, Keller, Haslet,Trophy Club and Roanoke. Just let me know how I can best be of service. -


ps My goal is not to secure your business, just to help you in becoming an educated home buyer. Of course if you selected me as your Realtor, our relationship would change from that a as "customer" to that of a client -Buyer which protects you as a Buyer and myself as a Realtor is sharing pertinent information. (such as comps and tax records and any data that becomes available that would benefit you making this decision)
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Home buyer,

Most closings are within 30days once contract is accepted I have closed deals in 3 weeks. It depends on several factors. If the buyers are pre-approved, seller has valid survey and are able to move out in thirty days. If you require a quick closeing ( around 30 days)!stay away from short sales and foreclosures. Both are a nightmare and can take several months. I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me anytime with any other questions.
Mark Sager
Re/max Masters
817 271-2270
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@Lucy Puniwais-we picked Keller because of the schools and proximity to destiny way 76262-and close enough to DFW airport-I want my husbands commute to be under 20 min-(part of the reason we are moving)-Keller looks like it has alot of the facilities we need as a family-good size town-good schools-good parks and access to shoppingl Work collegues have recommended there or flower mound-but I think the traffic from FM will rule that out-also the houses we have seen online look good in keller.
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Hi Xan!

Your Realtor will write the offer that is in your best interest. The moment you are funded on the day of closing, you own that home. If you are buying a preowned home, when your offer is written if the Seller needs time to move out, that becomes part of the contract which you either agree or disagree to. If you buy a brand new home, this is not a problem. I am also going to ask you about Keller. Is this the only area of interest to you. Is it the schools or location to work etc.... The reason I ask this is because of the price per square foot near the metro/Alliance Town Center. HEB is coming in to Keller at Beach/Heritage Trace Parkway.Price per square foot in the Keller area increases as progress is made. I noticed the zip code-76262 - near your name. Roanoke - again, just checking to see why you want to move to Keller? This is helpful for any agent that will work for you.
When buying a preowned home, once the offer is accepted you will need to have the home inspected so when you come here, plan on being here long enough to meet with the Inspector and understand the results of the inspection. Your Realtor will help you determine which repairs you will ask for the Seller to pay for that affect the functionality of the home (air conditioner, roof, foundation - major repairs). Once this is done, the next time you would need to be here is to close.

Please send me an email: puniwai@fathomrealty.com so I can get a better idea of what your expectations are answer give you answers to specific questions.

Take care,


Lucy A. Puniwai
(214)783-6416 – Cell/Text
(682)224-8050 – Fax
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thanks for all the answers-now I have another question-does anyone know what the "make-up" of "Wildwood" area of keller is like-are they families with younger kids or older kids etc-we have kids ranging from 7-17 and want to make sure we are going to find possible friends nearby for them-it seems that North east Keller is close to everything and a pretty nice area-any other suggestions in keller would be appreciated
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It is rare in this market that a seller would ask you to wait for them to buy a home. Typically if your offer is good they will move into their car if they have to. In other words, it is a buyer's market right now for sure. Closing time is negotiable between the seller and the buyer. 30 days is a typical closing period, but sometimes 45 days is not out of the question. Most good loan officers can get it together in a few weeks, but it also depends on what type of loan you are choosing. Some do take a little longer than others.

My office is in the Keller area. I have worked in this area for 12 years. It is a growing area for sure, and has a lot of home selections. My best advice is get with a Realtor who knows the area, then narrow down the area you want to be in and then start the search.

Good luck!
Mindy Lowry, RE/MAX Heritage
682-559-1246 cell
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Your buyers agent will assist with all these questions. Part of the executed sales agreement typically 30 - 45 days from execution date.

Lynn911 Dallas Realtor & Consultant, Credit Repair Advisor
The Michael Group - Dallas Business Journal Top Ranked Realtors
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Good Morning Xan

Keller is a great place to buy and home and enjoy living. I believe that last year it was voted by one of the periodicals as one of the best places to call home.

It sounds as though you are doing your homework. It is really quite interesting as we begin to answer questions like this because there are so many variables. If the home is empty a quicker close can likely happen as long as there are no title issues and the lender can get docs to title. You are very wise to begin working with a lender early. Make sure you have no credit issues, whether real or not, sometimes things show up on the credit report that should not be there. Starting early will clean any problems up so you can close quickly.

Many sellers are anxious to sell their home so they will accommidate a quick close. Some, if you buy in the Spring, may desire to wait until school is out.....each purchase has it's own terms etc.

As far as the seller having a contingency clause allowing them to find a home, that would be very rare. Most of the time it is the buyer who puts contingencies into the contract...but with that said--each contract has its own variables.

Find a good agent. A team is many times a great way to go because we function in our strengths. Not everyone is good at everything. Find a team where your buyer's agent stays involved throughout the process, but has help, so when you need to talk to someone you have a person that you can speak with.

Much success
Blaser and Yoakum Team
Keller Williams
Web Reference: http://blaserandyoakum.com
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My normal suggested time frame is 30 days.
If you use FHA financing perhaps 45 is safer.
Normally the holdup is the lender, not anyone else....buyer, seller, title, appraiser, inspector, etc.
I have one lender that has done them in as fast as 14days, as you say assuming everything works perfectly.
These days it's hard to do them much faster than that, due to appraisal times no longer under out control.

These days though you don't have to fly back and forth. You don't need to be here for closing or contract.
Obviously it would be nice for you to be here to choose the home, and I think it is somewhat important to be here for the inspection, but otherwise we can normally do everything long distance. However we have sold homes for sellers who we never saw at all.

I'm sure it happens, but I've never seen a contingency clause on the seller finding a new house. That would be pretty unusual here.

We often assist out of town, out of state, and international buyers and sellers and know Keller well.
Welcome to Texas and let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you with your move.

There is a link below for homes available for sell in Keller.
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Bruce Lynn, Real Estate Pro in Coppell, TX
I agree with the others-30 days or less. My lender is closing on my buyers in 23 days but I have seen less. The exceptions would be a bank owned property they always require no less than 30 days. Short sales- who knows from 1 month to 6 months or who knows.
If you need an agent, I work with an awesome team that will take of you . Let us know.
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30 Days is very reasonable. With a good lender, you can close even quicker than that. Your Real Estate Agent should be able to assist you through the process once you have found the home you want to purchase to be sure you get to the closing table as smoothly as possible.
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The pace is up to you. Some lenders can close from two weeks to four weeks. I always say 30 days. Allow yourself at least a good two months. One month of looking at home and one month to close. But again the pace is your pace.
Web Reference: http://Www.soldteam.net
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Hi Xan - 30 days is completely reasonable. Depending upon your lender, you can often close quicker than that. Depending upon your offer, a good agent can "motivate" the seller to move quickly as well by the way they write the offer.
Web Reference: http://www.LisaAckerson.com
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