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Francie, Home Buyer in Pleasant Hill, CA

We're looking for information about Megatel Builders at Grayhawk in Forney?

Asked by Francie, Pleasant Hill, CA Thu Mar 12, 2009

~ Are they "really" reputable?
~ Do they keep committments
~ Is Grayhawk the place to live; if not where?

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Househunter2009’s answer
My husband and I are building a Megatel home in McKinney, TX currently. Zach, Aaron and staff have been a dream to work with. We start construction in the next couple of weeks. I will try to remember to post more as the build goes on to give you more info.

Here is what I have learned so far. Their homes are far superior to all of the other builders that we looked at for the price. We looked in the McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, Allen areas because we are relocating for my husband's job. Megatel DOES NOT cut any corners. They are giving us a ton of features that are considered standard with Megatel, that with other builders would be upgrades. Granite everywhere, hand-scraped hardwoods, etc. The minute our house is built, we will have instant equity because of the value of the products that they use. Believe me, I have spent hours researching to ensure that our decision was the correct one in this type of economy.

According to our contract, our house is going to be energy star certified. Also it will be listed in the green built directory here: http://www.greenbuiltnorthtexas.com/homeregistry.htm.

Here is a link to our realtor's site about Megatel: http://www.mckinneyhomerebate.com/megatel-homes.htm - he offers a rebate of 2% on Megatel Homes, which also helps during these economic times.
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I closed last week. We are in Wylie, TX. I love my home. Great quality. Yes, was late 3 months but my friend bought from Beazer on the other side of highway and they were almost 7 months behind the promised date and at the end they wanted to cancel his contract or raise price for $3500 because of market. Their quality is not even close to their competitors. They don’t use pre-manufacture framing that was a big deal to me and my inspector. All was custom made cabinet not Chicness sh….. I sell flooring for 15 years and I can tell you that there is a huge different between what they use as STANDARD American made tile and what I sell in my showroom… Check Marrazi online..
I had great experience with them.
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By the way i closed my house last week in Dominion. I am few houses down from model. I had a OK experience with sales lady (she was rude few times) but my builder Greg was great. I know there was a guy in community that came to me few times and kept pushing me to say bad thing about Megatel. I have seen him in the street almost every time we had meeting at the house. He was unhappy because he believed sales lady is not telling him the truth but the standard options. When I called Chip, he told me the guy is causing all kind of troubles to get free things and he has gone to all neighbors to make a bad name for Megatel. I am second time home buyer and I like my house and my builder. Do your own research but my last house was Dr.Horton....I had bad experience... I could not find the similar upgrade from any builder with more than $50,000 than what I paid for my house. I almost wrote contract with LionsGate but I am happy that I have Megatel. I agree that their management team needs impro
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I have a great experince with Megatel. They are very cusotmer oriented. They offer great quality. I talked to few of our homeowners in my street and they all happy. I worked with Chip (area manager) and he fixed few issues we had before closing. They chnaged my closing date 3 times also. If you have issue with sales person, ask to talk to Chip.
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Megatel has a very bad reputation. Once you sign the contract, you are going to be on their mercy. The lady who work at Dominion homes in Irving, always give misleading information to customers. Very unethical practices, very poor customer service. I will say, think 100 times before you buy a home with Megatel. My cousin had gone through a very negative situation and when I spoke to the other neighbours, I heard so many horror stories.
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Good luck with getting it built... 5 -6 months and sits for weeks with nothing happening
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I had very bad experience with the sales person Chris at Megatel Beverly Hills Estates in Plano. That guy is extremely rude and doesn't talk to people with respects. I feel this is a builder who will disappear in a few years once they make the fortune during current hot housing market. I don't trust this builder.
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Who is the builder?
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I recently closed on a Megatel home (15 Nov 2012, Preserve at Indian Spring, San Antonio). Yes, I am a real home buyer, nobody paid me to write this, and yes people usually go to the 'net to complain but here is my perspective.

1. Incredible bang for the buck. Nobody out there gives as much value for the price you pay. Nobody.

2. Custom -- I was able to take one of their stock plans and make modifications that other builders were unwilling or unable to do. I extended the depth of my home by 3 feet and added a large garage to store a boat.

3. Beautiful end product -- I won't be on an episode of Cribs, but for under $400k the home is absolutely stunning.

4. Up to this point, they have continued to fix problems that inevitably occur in a new build; albeit nowhere near as quickly as I'd like.


1. 3 different builders were in charge of my home. 1st was fired, 2nd was transferred, 3rd finished the job. This poor continuity led to a few mistakes that a single builder wouldn't have made.

2. Dishonesty -- the sales consultant keeps telling everybody that they are finishing homes in 120 days when she knows for a fact it will never happen. My home was already over 60 days late when I ran into my own financing issue which made the builder's timeline a moot point; however, I was preapproved and my issue was an honest oversight by the bank while I firmly believe Megatel knowingly spreads false information about their build timeline.

3. Supervision of subs -- While overall build quality was good, attention to detail was poor. We hired a very effective 3rd party inspector who helped keep them honest (I highly recommend Kevin Machen of Quality Inspections).

4. Natural variation in the stone BS... Megatel put the wrong type of granite in the kitchen and the wrong stone on the front of our home. The burden of proof was on me to prove they were wrong, and I did a LOT of work and ultimately was able to prove without a doubt the wrong materials were used. I had to use the "L" word to get the stone swapped out, the granite was only mildly less painful. It was OBVIOUS these two items were wrong but the sales consultant continued to give us a line of crap about how it was just "natural variations in stone". It was like telling me an orange was a natural variation of an apple, it truly bordered on the absurd. It was resolved in the end; however, it was extremely stressful when my "custom" dream home wasn't going to have the customizations I'd paid dearly for. This is not how you treat customers paying this much for a home.


1. Yes, you do get access to Zack who is the owner of the company. That and 4 bucks will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. He literally said "I guarantee your home won't slip beyond the end of September" but when it was obvious it was not going to be done he was unwilling to compensate me or do anything to fix it. He rarely returns phone calls or emails. That said, I have a feeling it was Zack who finally put my sales consultant in line when it was obvious things were falling apart over the stone on the front of my home.

2. Build site was a mess. I nicely asked the builder to do some cleanup of the neighborhood. Refuse was piled up everywhere and the road is filled with nails from sloppy framers. My note was ignored until I complained to the HoA.

3. 4:30 am slab pour. Really? My friend in the neighborhood confronted them about this and a ridiculous lie ensued. How about just saying "oops, we totally screwed that up it will never happen again" (and then of course make sure it never happens again).

Would I do it again, knowing what I know?

Yes, and I guess that is the most important part. I still believe I couldn't have gotten as much home in my budget as I did with Megatel. They absolutely crushed the resales and other builders for value and overall end-quality. While waiting for my Megatel home I had the "opportunity" to live in a Centex rental home, what absolute JUNK. There is no comparison between the quality of my rental and the home I purchased. Was I always happy with the process? Well that's obvious, I'd prefer to have had an open and honest relationship with the builder as opposed to the strife my wife and I endured during the build process. So, as I said in the beginning people like to go to the web to complain; however, I'd still categorize my review as an overall recommendation for Megatel.
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this has been absolutely spot on for our experience. We're now on our third builder, all the builders have been great and helpful with updates and timelines.... I just think that megatel doesn't pay them alot or treat them very well, they all seem to leave. We were told 120 and this was even put on our contract. We're about 5 months in now and are being told that they are "hoping" for the end of the year but it is their policy not to give dates (BS!) I'm excited for our house and your really can't find as nice of a house for the price, they just are all over the place when it comes to building.
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They build poor quality homes. We have been in our house for a year and a half and noticed a leak in the ceiling. Our neighbors across the street and next door have Megatel homes and their ceiling leaked as well. We called Megatel to get our house repaired and Megatel flat out refused do it. Stating they only repair builder defects after a year. They also have had over 37 complaints to the Better Business Bureau in the last three years and have a "B" rating.....what does that tell ya.....
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I live in San Antonio. The upgrades that you get for your money are great. The quality of the materials are great. We had a HUGE problem with the contractor here and warranty issues that were not handled very professionally. The majority of the people in our community were very unhappy. We understood that things happen in new homes. But to be ignored is unacceptable.

However, they have since hired a new contractor and warranty guy named Eloy Andrade. He is wonderful and will do whatever it takes to get things fixed. Even doing it himself and not relying on his sub-contractors. We all agree that the customer service has done a complete 360.
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Well, look at the better business bureau report. Funny, it comes up when you google megatel. 14 BBB complaints and even more that are unresolved. STAY FAR AWAY
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Just wanted to share my experience with Megatel Homes. I own of them in Sachse, TX. Bought it a couple years ago. It was inventory homes. I love my house and i think I got it with great price. I never had any major issues except few warranties. Few friends thinking to buy one in near future. My parents also own one Megatel. They are very happy too. Great looking product and plan.
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Megatel Homes offers a beautiful home for very reasonable prices! My friend bought one in McKinney years ago, and another friend bought in Irving. The salespeople and builders were great, and both friends are very pleased with their homes. I am going to buy a Megatel home too - just haven't decided which community yet,
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Zach is great until you close your loan - then he is the rudest person you will ever meet. I purchased from them and have had several problems not resolved. Make sure and get a professional inspection done before you close. DO NOT count on them to warranty any work. HORRIBLE SERVICE. They also cut a lot of corners on their builds.
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I can sum up Megatel... Avoid at all cost. Zach is a complete liar about anything he says or promises to have done. The whole experience was aweful! Find a reliable builder.
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I live in Crown Ridge. I am a real residence. I built a house with Megatel and my builder was Rey. I close December 10th.
During construction, I talked to Martinez in front of my yard twice when he tried to convince me to put negative stuff for Megatel Homes online because he said we can get BETTER deal this way and ask for free stuff during the construction. Happy that Megatel Homes is building more great stuff in Crown Ridge. I am super happy with the quality of my house and I promise you will never find better deal. I work for a design company and built 6 homes in my life but experience with Megatel was one of the best. They have some issues like all others, yes delay in construction due to lack of vendors but at the end we recommend them. I live in Real Ridge Dr. for privacy ask Zale for Gibbs family...
Do you own research. Before I buy, I talked to several subcontractors and ask about the Megatel Homes. They all said good things and consistence jobs and pay.
At the end of the day, all the builders use the same trades. They use the same wood, same stone and….. buy the one you like. Design is the only thing different...
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Similar to E Martinez and others who have dealt with Megatel Homes in San Antonio and throughout Texas, call me yet another disgruntled Megatel Home customer as I too have experienced most of the same things that caused E Martinez and others negative comments. I will try not to comment on what has already been stated but only wish to add to them.

After the initial “shock and awe” of all of the upgrades and “views” throughout the house and subdivision and maybe even the price of the home, take a step back and start to peel back the onion. As others have suggested on at least one other Trulia blog on Megatel Homes, the quality is a bit suspect. I would suggest to you the following before purchasing:

1. Get to know the subcontractors who are working in the subdivision. I was told during and after the fact by a few Megatel subcontractors that I should be VERY glad I did not buy a Megatel Home. These subs went in to further details on how the homes were being built and how the project manager would “fix” the issues. The “moving wall” was probably the most disturbing of the details.

2. Review everything you can about the retaining walls throughout the subdivision. Not all have been certified by the city. Here is one website to start your research. The article is dated August 2011.


3. Delays in all promised dates to include but not limited to subcontractor and city inspection scheduling (including multiple city inspection failings). Similar to E Martinez comment. Not sure what to think of the "this is the normal home construction process".

4. One construction superintendent or maybe more appropriately called “project manager” for two subdivisions. Not sure how much oversight/inspection of subcontractors’ work was actually going on. Also was told the project manager is responsible for scheduling all warranty work. If this paragraph alone doesn’t raise a red flag with you, it should.

5. Rumor of lower quality home builders coming in to the subdivision in the near future. New Leaf Homes was one builder mentioned to me by one of their own sales representatives.

6. Talk to the competition. Normally they will keep it professional when speaking about their competitors. However, mention this subdivision or the builder and the stories will come out to include things they have heard from other “disgruntled” Megatel Home customers. For only being in San Antonio for less than 2 years, not sure this is really the reputation they want.

7. The proof is in the pudding. Spend the $400 and get your own third party home inspector.

8. Trust your gut. If something doesn’t sound or feel right, it probably isn’t.
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PLEASE STAY away from this builder , sales person ZAle he is just dummy showcase and liar. The owner Zack never respects his own employees. This fact itself telling so how bad he is when it comes to new buyers. Total liars, no customer satisfaction and no warranties... stay away... and save your money. Look BBB complaints
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To E, Martinez: It sounds to me like you are the "condescing" one. If you are going to trash talk a builder you should probably be upfront about it.

First and foremost, building a home is not a perfect process. You must have not ever built a house before because if you had, you would know there are always hiccups throughout the duration. And to track my response, nobody is paying me to say this. I can say that I have had the pleasure of looking at the Megatel Homes product and for the price the home is immaculate. Review the standards online that come included with the house and it is what other builders would consider options or upgrades.

Stick to the facts E. Martinez. If you are going to accuse someone of being racially discriminatory, you probably should not comment on the manner in which the owner speaks. This is America, The melting pot. We are open to all people who would like to come here and prosper. I personally know your construction manager and I totally disagree with your assesment. He has always conducted himself in a respectful and professional manner.

Do yourself a favor and educate yourself on the process. And try and do a better job of living by the golden rule. Treat all those like you would want to be treated, with respect and dignity.

Posts like yours take value away from other posts that have validity. A prospective home buyer is in need of some feedback regarding this builder. Your rant and defamatory comments are unneccessary.

I truly hope you find what you are looking for in another builder. Perhaps KB Home or maybe a Sivage would suit your stylings better.
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It is interesting. I am a homeowner of Megatel Homes in Indian Springs and let me tell you that i love my home and what we got from Megatel. I know Mark Esparza (the builder) and Carole (sales person). What they offered was far better Lennar and other builder in community. I really recommend them. I asked Carole about Martinez (above post) she said he is only a homeowner locking for trouble and get all the free stuff from builder. Mark has build for other builder for more than 15 years and has lots of experience. Carole said Martinez try to post the stuff like that to get what he asked for. Megatel already have told Martinez that they will not make any changes for him and he is more than welcome to leave. I also know Zale (the sales person) in Crown Ridge from Toll Brother. He is super nice person. Martinez looks like to be an unhappy homeowner no matter what and he is better to buy from big guys like Lennar that even don’t call him back for the meeting appointment. I saw people like Martinez that have nothing but messing with our others mind. But when I research about Megatel, I found much better feedbacks that he is talking about.
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And the way, when i asked Carole about this that i saw online from Martinez, she showed me the email that was sent from him to Zale to pay him back big time for water leak in master bathroom. I saw the picture, the house was not even sheetrock yet. so these thing is normal in construction and you get them 100 times worst with other builders. So if you are the prospective homebuyer, please do you own research. Don’t listen to people like Martinez that are thinking to get free ride. I took time and wrote this because I like my house and i want my builder stay strong and support them. We need people like Martinez buy from Lennar and DR Horton, not to be in my community.
Martinez, if you are right, don’t call Zale and ask for the home with discount (I saw emails that Carole showed me). Just leave if you are true.....buy from others...
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Oh, and they pay homeowners to post positive reviews. We talked to 3 of the people that moved into the neighborhood so beware "testimonials and feedback" you may see out there.

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I find it ironic and telling that the post "Jack-Ryan" wrote below is in broken English w/ numerous grammatical errors- and the owners are foreigners who can hardly speak English. Maybe E, Martinez is correct, the "positive" feedback is Megatel employees, possibly even the owners themselves. Just seems Megatel is not run on integrity.
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I respect your opinion and it seems your experience at your community during your build was different from what we have experienced at Crown Ridge Jack. Thank you for sharing your opinion, it may be valuable for you to heed your own advice and do your own observations.
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Don't take my word for it by the way. Ask the other homeowners whose homes have sat for over 3 weeks now in that neighborhood who purchased before we did. Ask your friend Carole if she will release confidential informartion and progress on Rose's property or any of the other owners waiting for a home there....
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Oh and thank you for letting us know that this builder is releasing private and confidential information to third parties. I will address that with them next week and provide that feedback about Carole.
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Oh, and they fnally got back to us after a month, the new construction manager is planning to address and repair the flood damage...
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They fired Mark Esparza due to his imcopetence this month Jack. I am not looking for trouble or unhappy with the service Zale provided, i am completely dissapointed i've had to pay in excess of $700 in private inspections and they still didnt get it right. The new construction Manager seems competent so far, his name is Rey Maldonado.
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it is interesting. I am a homeowner of Megatel Homes in Indian Springs and let me tell you that i love my home and what we got from Megatel. I know Mark Esparza (the builder) and Carole (sales person). What they offered was far better Lennar and other builder in community. I really recommend them. I asked Carole about Martinez (above post) she said he is only a homeonwer lokking for trouble and get all the free stuff from builder. Mark has build for other builder for more than 15 years and has lots of experince. Carole said martinez try to post the stuff like that to get what he asked for. Megatel already have told Martinez that they will not make any chnages for him and he is more than welcome to leave. I also know Zale (the sales person) in Crown Ridge from Toll Brother. He is super nice person. Martize looks like to be an unhappy homeoner no matter what and he is better to buy from big guys like Lennar that even dont call him back for the meeting appointment. ( I built be them befor
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We have experienced the following:

The construction manager making racial and discriminatory remarks about Mexican and African-American workers during pre-construction and follow-up meetings.

They are 3 months past the established deadline, with no completion date in sight (7 months total)

Failed every city inspection and 3 private inspections they agreed the cover for us and then backpedaled out of after failing.

Owner (Aaron speaks poor English) and is condescing on all feedback provided.

Have failed to communicate as agreed, arrived late to all scheduled meetings and poor follow-up via mail and phone.

The builder caused damages during the foundation pour and tried to cover them.

They hit water pipes and flooded the house and tried to cover it up. Then failed to repair all water damage and are currently attenpting to force us out putting the property back on the market and covering water damage.

After enduring continous hardship and extending month-to-month contracts due to their delays we have finally got them to agree to give us our money back. 

If you are considering a property in Crown Ridge, San Antonio, Texas, single story, 4 bedroom and a study it has water damage on master and 3 bedrooms that penetrated all walls and title and it is being covered up! BEWARE!

E. Martinez
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Got to love how every time someone posts a negative remark against Megatel a couple days later some post a GLOWING response!! I really don't know homeowners that would take the time to post links like this below. Normally it is how satisfied or unsatisfied..... this response below is so can'd it is hilarious!! You can't always believe the crap people (or the builder himself) put up on the web. Go to Megatel’s neighborhoods and knock on their homeowners doors. I live in one of the communities that they sell in and I have heard several stories about them not refunding earnest money or not starting the homes until months after promised. Also have heard all kinds of remarks about how Zach will not call you back if you have an issue. My builder did a great job, and I haven't heard of any of my neighbors that have issues with call backs.
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The moment these posts came up, i started getting responses from the builder. I agree with your point. i know some people may have had a good experience and respect their opinions; ours unfortunately does not fit that description. It is amusing that this company is even now leaking and distorting confidential information to third parties to try to cover their mistakes. I'm curious to see how they would respond to a Youtube posting with all our video logs, pictures, recorded conversations and fIled inspection reports.
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I have looked at several models with some family members considering a move to North Texas. They appear to be nice homes. However, like most things in life, not until you have a problem do you see the true character of a person or company.

My mother-in-law signed a contingent contract with the folks at Robinson Ridge. She placed a fully refundable lot hold per their recommendation. She has been unable to sell her home (in another state) to date. The price lock and hold have since expired. She has tried several times to deal with Zach with regard to getting the lot hold refunded. Zach claims he does not receive any of her emails or faxes.

Something so simple should not be so difficult.
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In Texas, all residential builders and remodelers must register with the Texas Residential Construction Commission in order to work in Texas. This commission is relatively new, but it will probably become more important over time.

Their website allows you to search for a particular builders and learn what information the commission has about them including complaints or requests for inspections. You can also learn more about the commission's work and standards.

Megatel Builders is registered with the commission. There is contact information on the builder on the site.
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I have dealt with megatel and zach the builder directly with three of my buyers. Although we have not closed anything because they are just a touch out of their price ranges his product is above and beyond anyone in Forney at that price ranges for sure. They also work very well with Realtors. If you are unrepresented I would love to let my experience with Forney help you. I have lived here the mass majority of my life sans 5 to 7 years in college and working living single.

Now I have a family and just bought my first home in Forney. I have very responsive services and also am not with a large broker so I rebate 20% of my commission to you. See my website for references and dont hesitate to call me about questions about Forney or the Dallas area in general in that 7 years I lived in 7 different areas so I know my way around the whole metroplex.

Thanks for your time
RJ Avery
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