Waltfinn, Home Buyer in Scottsdale, AZ

We're considering a home in North Scottsdale for the winter months. We don't want a swimming pool. Do pools increase or decrease property?

Asked by Waltfinn, Scottsdale, AZ Thu Oct 21, 2010


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Most chances are that pools does increases the rate of property by max to max 5-8%, but that shouldn't be worrying since you can always avail housing loan with a low rate of interest.
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Hi Walt,

Depending on the pool it can increase the value by $10k or a max of 5% of the sale price. I was told this by an appraiser so just relaying what he said. The increase is not as drastic as someone may think. You may be interested in looking at a property that has a heated community pool and other fun things to do. Let me know if I can help with your search for that great winter home! Maha @ Diamondback Realty 480-529-0938
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When the monthly rental rate is at the market rate, homes with pools will typically rent quicker than homes without pools.
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I agree with the agents below. Purchase the home you want that fits your families needs. Pools can cost upwards of $20,000. An appraiser usually will not give a pool that much of a cost adjustment. So for people who want a pool it is normally less expensive to purchase a home with an existing pool. I wish you the best of luck. If you need assistance in finding the right home I would be honored to assist you. Call me anytime.


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A pool will increase property value like any other high dollar amenity, but it won't be dollar for dollar increase. I advise my clients to buy what they want, will enjoy and bring the most value to them while they own it. Pools are fairly easy to put into any home, even homes with tight access issues and I've had many buyer clients who have added a pool.
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Hi Walt, Most of my buyers are seasonal clients and they don't want a private pool. A pool will add some value to a residence however not all clients prefer a pool. My suggestion is to find a home you like that has a community pool that you will be able to use and the cost to maintain would be built into your HOA Fees. There are many communities in North Scottsdale to choose from that have nice amenities.
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The value of the pool is reflected in the price of the home. When comparing the same home by the same builder with a pool vs without, the home with the pool is worth more.
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Homes with a pool or spa sell faster then those without. Routine maintenance varies but is about $90/month. If you don't want a pool we can find you a home without a pool. We serve North Scottsdale (north of 101 freeway).
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Generally pools will increase the value of a home in AZ. It will depend on if you will use one. If you will use it just a little or when you have some company, then maybe a community pool will suit you more. There is usually close to 6 months that you can use your pool without heating it too much, and most of my clients favor one more than not. A lot of my investors also favor a pool deopending on its condition, so if you could take it or leave it, I would take it. They are not a lot to maintain. We pay around 60-90.month for professional maintenance, which isn't a lot. Obviously if you are going to be here in the wionter months, a pool is a non-factor, so you may want to consider an association so you will not need to worry about the exterior of your home etc. But if you want single family, then I would just stay away from the pool alltogether as the cost to maintain something you don't want will be more than the appreciation you may get by having it.
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Pools do generally increase the value and appeal of a property......but, to the individual that likes the home but is definitely NOT seeking a pool. the pool becomes more of a negative feature than positive.

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A pool will increase the value of the home, but then you would be paying that up front when you purchase. If a pool is in poor condition it can also devalue the home. Many buyers do not want a home with a pool. There are also many buyers that won't want to pay the fees that go along with a community pool. If you are not wanting the up keep of a home with a pool and won't be using the community pool, then I would suggest purchasing a home without a pool and without the extra fees involved in a community that has a community pool either. A pool is popular in Arizona, but not for everyone!

If you want me to send you some homes so that you can view what is available with your specific needs and wants, please feel free to contact me, I would love to help!

Best Regards,

Brenda Cunningham
West USA Realty
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A pool is a very popular amenity especially in Arizona but I do have a lot of snowbird clients or families with small children that do not prefer the extra cost or liability. In Scottsdale there are a lot of homes with community pools which might be a good fit so you get the best of both worlds. Please visit my new site http://www.ScottsdalePoshProperties.com to search all homes (including the foreclosure deals) and let me know which ones interest you to go take a look. I can be reached at 480.270.5222 or via email by sreiter(AT)remax.net (replace (AT) with @) or of course by filling out the contact form on my site. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Why not consider a home in a community with a Community Pool. Then you will not have the maintenance concerns, the liability issues (someone downing in your pool while you are not there) and the cost.

There are several great communities in North Scottsdale that have community facilities in all price ranges.

Contact me if you would like more information or to discuss your needs.

Joe D.
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Pools always will increase the value as it's an amenity most buyers want.

But look at it this way ... you're paying less now for a property without a pool, so the fact you won't get as much for the house later because of the lack of a pool essentially is a wash.
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Hi Waltfinn,

A pool always increases a home’s value especially in Scottsdale. There is a difference between market value vs value in use (comments from other agents below explained).

Thank you!

Juan Pesqueira
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Hi Walt,

Great advice from many agents. Over 70% of single family residences in North Scottsdale have pools. A number of folks like yourselves just don't want a pool, or would not consider using a community pool if you had one. Some questions to ask yourself include:

1) Will we ever want to rent out the home? If so, a pool might be a good thing, or at least a community pool.
2) If I had a pool, how much will I invest every month for maintenance and what is my 10 year investment in owning a pool versus the additional value? Resurfacing a pool for example would run from $3000 and up.
3) If you're thinking about a pool you may need to consider that Scottsdale has a pool barrier ordinance?

Also if you don't get a pool, it would be wise to either have a community pool, and/or a lot larger enough to build a pool.

Choose wisely!

Mike Bodeen
Associate Broker
Realty Executives
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Walt Finn

Dear Walt:

An average pool in Scottsdale will add $10-15K to the value of the home. A custom pool with zero edge, water falls, special iighting, a cove or a hot tub will add more.

Here is a list the least expensive North Scottsdale homes without swimming pools. http://www.flexmls.com/link.html?rmp0zaner6l,12,1

Jeff Masich
HomeSmart Realty
Web Reference: http://ArizonaHomesLand.com
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Good day Waltfinn,

All the answers listed are correct from my colleagues. One more thing to remember, if the pool IS important to you, you will pay to have it. If the pool is NOT important to you, then you will not want to pay for something you don't need plus the upkeep. I will be happy to show you homes in north Scottsdale without pools.
Thank you for taking the time to ask a very important question.
I look forward to hearing from you, don't forget to visit my website at http://www.dottiehagan.com for more information about buying a home.
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Hi Waltfinn,

Congratulations on this exciting and wonderful decision for you! It sounds like you're still in the decision making process about your criteria and that while you don't want a pool as you state it may be something you would consider if it adds value to the property because after all you're still making an investment and you're looking to maximize returns for when you do sell or leverage the property in the future.

My colleagues have already given you ample suggestions and ideas which is a great start. Homes with community pools and other amenities such as tennis courts, fitness etc. certainly would be an option for you to enjoy and feel like you're truly in a resort setting. What I'd like to encourage you to also think about is seeking a complete and thorough buyers analysis and consultation before you finalize your criteria. I work with several winter visitors and second home buyers much like yourself and have a network of professional resources that enables those clients with second homes to know that their property is being well taken care of when they are away and further more even the option of how a second home may even be income and revenue producing for you when you're not enjoying it.
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I have a real estate and appraisal background. As a buyer, your intentions are what should be imoortant. A pool definetly has a positive value impact for appraisal, if you need it for therapy or just desire one, then that is your decision. From a water use/cost perspective, a pool has chemicals/maintenance and is more water to use than grass for the space (the cost is more to maintain, there a chemicals/pool service year round, etc...). You mention that you are intending to be here for winter months, a pool in the winter also has to be heated which is more maintenance and cost. Maybe consider a community which has a heated pool for the community. If this is a choice, then you will have the cost of a homeowners association to consider. In my opinion, it really depends on your personal preference, with only part time occupancy you must consider how to maintain the pool for the entire year. If the home has grass, the landscaper you select is also a cost.
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Speak with an agent who is knowledgeable about the Scottsdale market. Also, examine the area in which you are planning to buy. Do most homes have, not have, a pool? Pool maintenance can be handled personally or jobbed out.

Look at the bright side: a pool can be a wonderful place to relax, a great place just "be." Besides, you will have many new "friends" immediately. And you may even see more of your family, who always too busy to come by. Enjoy life. And when you have a pool, life comes to you.

Don Hagerty
Prudential One Realtors
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In AZ homes with pools are typically more desirable and will sell for approx $10k - $15k more than a comparable home.
Web Reference: http://www.jameswehner.com
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Hi Waltfinn,

From an Arizona Broker's perspective, Laura's answer is dead-on: Appraiser's will almost always give a additional value to a home with a pool in Scottsdale.

Please contact me, or any Realtor for, perhaps, an easier link to review for homes with swimming pools.

Good luck to you!

Always in your service,

Michelle Renée Mozell
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Pools are a tricky subject once it comes to value. Years ago when the market was more stable it was pretty simple to say that a pool added "X" amount of value. In todays market is much harder to make that distinction, while a pool may not add much value it does seem to make a home sell quicker as there are less homes with pools available. The best way to make the decision is to simply ask yourself, "do I want a pool?" If it's something you don't feel you would use or benefit from I would steer clear. They are extra work and expensive to maintain and I couldn't justify having one just for future resale reasons. Basically, if you want one just for future value I don't believe the juice would be worth the squeeze.

Dustin V. Holindrake
Solutions Real Estate
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Like it has been said a pool does increase the value of a property. As stated it does depend on the market. As stated there will always be a buyer for a home pool or no pool.

A pool will add value to the home, both in the minds of a seller and the appraiser if you have one done. The biggest thing to consider is simply your own wishes. If you buy without a pool and sell without a pool you save in the beginning and do not sell for as much in the future. In general it should be a wash. I do however think that our current market conditions have put a ton of downward pressure on price and appraisal values. If and when prices do start to go up again for the long term I do suspect a home with a pool will go up in value a little better in North Scottsdale than not. A pool is an expectation for many buyers in the North Scottsdale market. The flip side is that depending on how long you plan to keep the property much of that additional increase could be lost to upkeep, routine maintenance, and here and there large repairs. The last factor would simply be management of a property from afar. Although there are many good pool service companies in North Scottsdale it is still one more thing to manage and cut a check for every month. We have lived in the North Scottsdale and are now in Cave Creek very nearby. Would love the opportunity to assist you in seeing some homes. Call anytime.
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The answer to your question is yes, pools do increase the value of a property; for they are handy to have during the summer months in Arizona. Community pools are always an option so there is no personal upkeep. If I can answer any further questions for you about the Scottsdale area, or near by areas please contact me. I am a native of Arizona and born and raised in Scottsdale, so I would be more tthan happy to assist you.

Thank you,
Jennifer Parker
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Living in Scottsdale AZ most people want a pool so from what I have seen it will increase your property value. However, there are people such as yourself that are only coming for a certain time of the year and don't want to have to maintain the pool while they are not there, much more of a lock & leave home, so people do look for homes without pools. Just keep in mind, here in the desert most people want a pool.
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You may want to consider a home that has access to a community pool for the best of both worlds. Many are heated - and especially enjoyed by our winter visitors for the best of both worlds. We have several communities that not only have the community pool but many other amenities (tennis - workout rooms) that provide lots of entertainment for you and guests but no maintenance except the HOA fees.
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Hi Waltfinn,

It's really a case by case situation. Some pools add value when custom finished such as infinity edge, water features, salt water, etc... As a winter resident, I'd recommend looking for a home that have a community pool/spa for your convenience. That way you don't have to worry about any maintenance. Feel free to contact me with other questions. I work with many home buyers that look to purchase in 2nd/vacation properties in Scottsdale. I would be happy to recommend some popular communities in North Scottsdale.

All the best,

Ryan Ney
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Walt, I've helped a few buyers this year like yourself that bought a second home in Scottsdale and did not want a pool. However, they all wanted a community pool where they pay HOA Fees to cover these expenses. This option you can enjoy a pool, but not have to worry about it during the months your away. As far as value, yes it will increase it based on an apprasial but for the type of home your looking for and most "second home" buyers, prefer not to have one unless it's a community pool. Hope this helps with your decision!

Lisa Katz
Realty Executives
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In general homes with pools sell for more than homes without pools.

Here is a list of Scottsdale homes WITHOUT pools for your convenience:


I hope this helps!
Web Reference: http://www.DonaldKeys.com
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Pools are almost considered free when purchasing a home. It's a 50/50 as to whether or not a pool adds value or not to home. 50% of Buyers do NOT want pools, some do. It really does depend but for the most part,
pools do not add value, they are just an added bonus for some buyers.
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Based on appraisal yes. How much higher depends on the market. For an investor its higher carrying cost so no pool is ok if it fits your needs. Pool or no pool there will always be a buyer for your home. Just make the home you choose
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