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We live in England and are thinking about buying a property in Florida for Winter Vacation.Is Vero Beach subject to Hurricanes.?

Asked by john120549, New York Sun Oct 6, 2013

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Terry McCarley’s answer
I have lived in Cape Coral, FL for over 25 years and my insurance and property taxes are very reasonable. I have worked with numerous buyers from all over the US as well as non US citizens and they are usually very pleased with the affordable rates here. Also, if you properly maintain your home yourself or have a home watch company handle it on your behalf humidity won't damage your property. We are also extremely difficult for hurricanes to make just the right curve to hit this area.
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Please do yourselves a favor Florida is not what the so called realtors are telling you, lived there for almost 15 years and owned several properties for at least 30 years,real estate taxes outrageous
even with the miserly homestead exemption which you probably would not get,condo fees that constantly go up,windstorm insurance that would choke a horse and goes up by the minute and constant repairs because the heat and humidity beats the hell out of everything,please do yourselves a favor and
go to Tenerife or Madeira or Cyprus you will be close to home and you do not have to worry about
hurricanes, that yes they do hit Vero Beach and if it happens you are 3000 miles away from your investment.
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You are doing a great job selling Florida, keep up the good work!
I would like to have an office across from yours, so that I can speak to everyone leaving.
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Joe you need to so some place far better.Please return to where life is better for you.
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I've written already. But you later commented on the Place in the Sun program about Vero Beach which featured an interview with an Englishman and his wife in their home in Vero. That was me....!! It's a great place.
I see, in the Daily Telegraph today that England is about to get bad weather and they've rolled out dear old Michael Fish again.....!! Must look at the web cams in Cornwall to see the rough seas.
Give me a ring and let's discuss your plans. (772) 559 4037
Stuart Kennedy. International Property Specialist.
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All of the east coast of the US gets hurricanes some more than others. Vero has not had a history as being a particularly hurricane prone area but we have had some. As I tell my friends up north, I would much rather go through a hurricane than a blizzard or after huricane sandy hit the northeast, I would much rather go through one in 70 and 80 degree weather than the 40 degrees and lower they got hit with up north after sandy.
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I am from Vero - and yes, have gone through many hurricanes since my childhood. Pretty much the entire state is subject to hurricanes, one of my best friends lives in Destin Fla ( on the upper panhandle) and they get the hurricanes that form down in the Gulf of Mexico. So yes, all of Florida gets struck. And insurance is very very costly. . . .something to keep in mind!
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EVERYWHERE on the east coast of the United States is subject to Hurricanes. Just ask the people in New York and New Jersey about "Sandy". John, even England is subject to Hurricanes. I lived there when the big one hit the south coast. Don't remember the year, but it was around 1990. Still remember dodging all the trees on the Hogsback in Surrey. What a drive home that was. (We lived in Thames Ditton at the time.)
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Hi Mark. Yes you are right.Michael Fish who was the BBC's head weather man said "there will be high winds" but not so much as to cause damage.Ha Ha what a boo boo.Worst major storms of the 20th century.They still drag his old report out every year when winds are forecast.Saw Vero Beach and Fort Pirece on BBC's A Place in the Sun Winter Sun recently,it was filmed in 2012.Looks great,we have a winter place in Tenerife but are thinking about a change.Can't believe the prices.Keep Healthy. John Gott. Leeds
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Yes. Vero Beach is subject to hurricanes as is the whole east coast of the United States. The Bermuda High (a stationary high pressure system) typically steers hurricanes away from Florida but, as happened in 2004, it can move south a bit and push hurricanes into Florida.


I hope that you found this information helpful. Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Barry Trammell, Realtor, ePRO

Dale Sorensen Real Estate, Inc



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I have lived in South West, Florida for over 25 years in Cape Coral. During all of these years hurricanes have posed a much bigger threat to the East coast of Florida. It is extremely difficult for a hurricane to make just the right turn to hit the area I live in. If a storm hits the East coast and travels across the state it has normally lost in strength by the time it gets here. When storms come up on the West coast they tend to head towards the Panhandle or other states.

We have lots of people with vacation homes here - people from Germany and Canada love this area. If you decide to consider this area for your vacation home feel free to get in touch with me. I would love to show you the area and let you see how much home you can get here for the money. We also have numerous home watch companies that you can hire to keep an eye on your property when you are not here. You can email me at leecountyrealtor@earthlink.net or give me a call at 239-707-4575.
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There is always the possibility of a hurricane, but they are rare in the Vero Beach area. I hope you saw my ad in A Place in the Sun and are now considering our beautiful town by the sea! I sold an island home to a couple from the U.K. last year, and they just love it here. Pleae contact me at 772-559-2399 and I will be happy to provide you with information about the type of home you are considering.
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Always a risk, but also very worth it! If you're considering Florida, why not consider the only city in the continental United States that has never seen frost? Key West, the American Caribbean, is the place where you can best rely on good weather year-round. And down here, we don't have to choose between watching the sun set on the Gulf or rise on the Atlantic...we get both!! Lots of Europeans here in this cultural melting pot in the sea. Definitely worth a look!!
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Clearly buying real estate within 500 miles of the coast DOES expose one to many of the attributes of hurricanes. Whether it is torrential rains and the accompanying flooding, high winds or storm surge, there is stuff to deal with. ONE state woke up to FOUR FEET OF SNOW this morning. Every place has it's stuff.
Hurricanes typically cover and area 500 miles across. Florida is only 109 miles wide from Tampa to the Atlantic. There is no place to hide. However, preparation to shealter in place is the best solution.
Know your elevation. Storm surge, not high winds is the villan you must be aware of, and the good news is, the data is clearly available. For instance a Cat 4 has an 18 foot storm surge. It isn't a question about how long you can tread water is it about where all the debris will circulate and be deposited.
If you are on a barrier Island, you leave. If the land your house sits on is 29 feet above surge level, like my home, . you shelter in place.
If you like sunsets in the Gulf of Mexico or sunrises over the Atlantic, dolphins in the waves, choices of aquatic or land , an environment that stimulates and encourages activity, beachey communities are hard to beat. Everyplace has its 'stuff.'
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Wherever you choose to buy you will be subjected to mother nature, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc. The best thing you can do is purchase a property that will make you happy and purchase insurance that will protect your investment.
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You've already had a lot of answers to your question. So I won't say any more about hurricanes.
However, I'm a Brit from London and Kent and have lived in Vero for 12 years. Never thought, being a City person, that I would enjoy a small and quiet place like Vero. BUT IT'S WONDERFUL. WOULDN'T LIVE ANYWHERE ELSE. Give me a ring to discuss.
Stuart Kennedy. Realtor. International Property Specialist. (772) 559 4037
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That's like asking was the east coast of England subject to German air raids in WWII, of course Vero is subject to hurricanes, so is the coast of New York for that matter!

But the fact is, especially for Brits, there's no place like Florida on this planet....and home prices are going back up fast!


Look at the history of hurricanes that have hit Florida and you'll find the way that Tampa Bay is tucked up where it is on the Gulf, other than a few in the past, always dodges the bullets as they generally spin and hit north of south of Tampa Bay.

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great area. My family first settled in the area from Norway in the 1880's. You need to be careful about the area of Vero you choose, but its wonderful. Much better than the Palm beach, Broward and Dade county areas to the South. Also you might consider Lake County to the North and West. We are 50 miles inland, have the MOUSE and TONs of Brits.
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Vero Beach like any other coastal city and town on east and south east coast of USA is susceptible to tropical storms and hurricanes. Vero Beach experienced 2 hurricanes in 2004 but with minimal or moderate impact. Because of this, newer homes are built to strict building codes.

Apart from that, you would love Vero Beach of what it has to offer. A small town offering Florida lifestyle, plenty of activities such as golfing, boating, kayaking, fishing, natural beauty, all amenities, cultural events and good health care. There are many Europeans that have made Vero Beach their vacation or second home. If you need to get a small glimpse of Vero Beach and its diverse lifestyle communities, please visit my website, http:/www.veroflrealestate.com.

I hope you consider Vero Beach is your short list of places to visit and a place to find your dream vacation home. Feel free to contact me for any question you may have regarding Vero Beach and available real estate that meets your needs.

John Makris
Treasure Coast
Sotheby’s International Realty
Cell: 772-532-0945
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Vero Beach offers you a small seaside community experience unique to the State. Any coastal community could be subject to a hurricane but our homes are built to withstand the storms due to the stringent building codes enacted after the storms of 04. You cannot find a better place to invest in than Vero Beach because of it's natural beauty,amenities and lifestyle. We have many English residents in our communities. Check out my website or call or email me for more info..
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Maybe you could explain how it protected the area in 1928?
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Actually the storm in 1928 killed many people but they were in the middle of the State. It came ashore in Palm Beach County and around 2000 people were killed around Lake Okeechobee. Only 2 people were killed in Vero Beach. In 1928 there was no way to know a storm was coming except to watch the barometer. Now days our homes and roofs are built better and we have the weather service to let us know a storm is coming days in advance. Every place has their issues to deal with . . . there are hurricanes, tornados, sinkholes, floods, earthquakes etc.
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I need to know, how does the Gulf stream protect Vero?
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We have been fortunate with the exception of 2004. The Gulf Stream in about 25 miles off shore and has helped protect us from storms. However, if a storm comes from the south, inside the Gulf Stream or the Gulf of Mexico we are fair game. By the same token, so is the entire gulf coast and east coast, all the way to Nova Scotia.

Would love to help you. Please call Bill Baker, estate specialist, Premier Estate Properties, Vero Beach, fl. 32963 Bill@premierestateproperties.com. All best. Bill
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Actually the West Coast of Florida has had more Hurricanes than the East Coast of Florida.
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from Port Isabell Texas to NYC - thousands of miles are subject to hurricanes. My mother almost died in the 1928 that hit Hutchinson Island North, just off Vero. Do not worry about this- Iowa has its issues. My family has been in the Vero area for 140 years, more than one hurricane.
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I have lived in Vero Beach 32 years. Only 2 hurricanes in 2004. Call for help finding a vacation property.
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