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We are a Bi-racial couple (black and white) from NV looking at making a move to Cumming GA. Would we have problems in Cumming?

Asked by Justine Wood-Ross, Atlanta, GA Mon Apr 15, 2013

I did see that in 2010 there were only 158 blacks recorded on the cenus, we do have school age children and as west coasters we have never had to deal with racism.

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Bruce Ailion’s answer
Trust your instincts. Visit the local stores, schools, parks. Speak to the neighbors in the communities you are considering. Determine if you feel comfortable in the community. Many factors, not just race will impact on how you relate to the social environment.

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Wow - I was just asked the same thing by a couple from North Dakota. They wanted to know if they'd have problems being white and living in metro Atlanta.

I thought we were beyond stupid questions like that.
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I am sorry if I offended you in any way.
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Maybe one day we'll live in a country that really doesn't care about this topic. Thank G-d there's such a thing as Fair Housing laws, can't imagine what real estate would be like without them.

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The problem is not about the existence of the laws, (thank goodness they do!) It's about whether or not they will be enforced. There are people with their own likes, dislikes, levels or morality, etc. that have to make that decision. In this country, unfortunately, there is always that concern when a particular locale is very homogeneous in population makeup, regardless of the dominate ethnicity.
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Georgia and the South are viewed as backward, uneducated, prejudiced, and a host of other less than flattering terms by those unfamiliar with the South's better characteristics.

The good thing about Atlanta is it's only 15 minutes from Georgia. Metro Atlanta is cosmopolitan, not unlike most world class cities. Drive 15 minutes outside the suburbs and you are in a different environment.
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Hi Justine,
There are several topics which of off limits for Real Estate Agents and this is one of them. You would really need to visit the area and determine for yourself if that area is somewhere that would fit your needs.

The Fair Housing Act restricts the information that can be provided by a Real Estate Agent.

Off Limit Topics Include:
• Crime Statistic (including questions about whether a neighborhood is good or bad or safe)
• Demographics
• Environmental Concerns
• Household Income
• Religion
• Schools (including questions about how good or bad the school is)

Determining to the answers to questions on any of the topics listed above is something that you would need to do on your own. It is up to the individual to make their own determination about a specific area. If a Real Estate Agent were to comment on such a thing, it could be steering which is a prohibited act.

Some websites to try include:







Reasons Why A Real Estate Agent Cannot Comment

These links should be able to provide some of the answers you are seeking.

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You will find whatever you are looking for in any community.
Keep your mind trained on finding the 'helpers' and you will find yourself a integral element of the communities fabric.
By the way, to suggest there is no racism on the west coast is a bit silly, don't you think?
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Hi Justine,

We realtors are unable to speak on those things legally. I will say this; I am in a interracial relationship with my wife, we are originally from Philadelphia, since we have moved here to Atlanta we have never personally encountered any problems. If you need help or any advice feel free to contact me anytime.

Tyler Willis, REALTOR®
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Thankyou Rachel for this input, this is exactly what I was looking for, the unseen racism. The racism that exists in many places but is ignored by people too spineless to stand up to it. The ones that smile in your face but spit in your food when they are your waiter when your out to dinner. THANKYOU!!!!! All you good ole boys that think this is rediculous, why, cause they don't dress up in costume anymore???? I will visit and see for myself. And even seek out people of color to get thier opinion. Again I hope I didn't offend anyone, but I think some of you that act like I am rediculous to ask need to look at yourself and ask do I tolerate it. The answer is not " I have Black friends " the answer is would you allow it in YOUR home? It will FOREVER be a touchy subject but I prefer my children DON'T have to put up with it!
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Hi Justine,

No need to apologize for your question. It is a reasonable question and something one definitely would want to consider especially when moving across the country in my opinion. Being in an interracial relationship myself, I have also asked that question when I first moved here from up north.

If you still need help in determining what Atlanta has to offer in its different areas feel free to contact me anytime.

Tyler Willis, REALTOR®
Keller Williams Realty Intown Atlanta
621 North Ave NE, Suite C-50
Atlanta, GA 30308
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Thanks Tyler, I am sure you can imagine what is going through my mind. I am Originally from Seattle so my exposure to the South is what friends and family have told me (horror stories lol) and what you see on TV ( separate proms ). But everyone who visits here (VEGAS) thinks we all live on the strip in hotels and party 24/7. So I will come see for myself. Probably not until the fall. I will most definately look you up. Thank you!
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Hi, I currently live in Atlanta Georgia, but went have lived in Alpharetta, and worked in Cumming. Though I definitely wouldn't go as far to say that all of Georgia is racist, I would say Cumming wouldn't be my first choice to live if I were part of an interracial couple. I can tell you from working at the Avenue, which is right of exit 13 on GA 400 in Cumming that there were a lot of subtle, racist behaviors I saw take place. For example, my workplace would regularly warn employees whenever a black person walked in that we have a "friend" (shoplifter) in the store. Like really? This wasn't very often though, since there is a very, very small population of black population in this area. My friend that graduated from West Forsyth high school (a PUBLIC high school) in 2012 would tell me how there was literally 2 black people in her entire high school, which I thought was extremely abnormal. If possible I would look in the Roswell/Alpharetta area, where the population is a lot more balanced. The schools are also great in this area, especially when you get closer to the Johns Creek area. The agent below also mentioned that Atlanta is 15 minutes away, which is not true. Atlanta is at least a good 40 minutes from Cumming. I hope this helps!
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I appreicate all the input and answers. I do realize that as an agent you cannot "steer" someone away from a particular location, but I also wanted to get opinions. I am SORRY if I offended anyone with this post that was not my intention. Thank you to all that replied.
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Do buy into the stereotypes. Metro Atlanta (which includes Cumming) is the most diverse area of the nation. It's more diverse in some areas then others but I answer as a person not a "realtor" here that you'll likely be happy 1 hour outside of Atlanta in any direction.

The best advice though was Bruce's. Visit the communities and let that be your judge.
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Joshua Jarvis, Real Estate Pro in Duluth, GA
Hi Justine,

Welcome to Georgia! We are about as diverse as these responses to your question. Bruce gets a big thumbs for his sage adivice. The rest of the replies here range from enlightening to embarassing.

Before I moved here 22 years ago, I met an african american person with a french last name, and no accent, from Peachtree City. He said "Atlanta is what you want it to be". Those words are more true now than ever. I believe they apply to Cumming too.


Dave Herren
Best Atlanta Properties
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In January 1987. when I was a Senior at Furman University, 3 of my friends and I - all Political Science majors - decided to drive from Greenville, SC to Cumming, GA to witness the culture clash that was about to take place.

There were folks marching from Atlanta to Cumming to protest Cumming's clear stance as a city against folks who were not white. The city took a stance against some karate school that was teaching the students to free their minds, judge not lest they be judged themselves, all men are created equal, etc.

And, to make things really interesting, the Ku Klux Klan rallied their mouth breathing, knuckle dragging crew together, put on some really gay costumes and decided to wait on the marchers, led by the "unbought and unbossed" civil rights legend, Hosea Williams.

What a day. There was some vivid hate in that city that day.

Have things changed much since 1987?

Your census research is pretty telling. I live in Decatur, and I never even think about census percentages.

Localized biases change or "fade into the shadows" over time because the US as a whole has changed a lot since 1987, however since you have many, many choices available other than choosing to live in Cumming, I will leave you with a simple question:

What is so compellingly irresistible about Cumming today, to you and your family?
Web Reference: Http://intowninsider.com
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I think you would be accepted and happy in Cumming or anywhere else in metro Atlanta.
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Wow! TV really did some damage to us southerner's huh? Ya'll just think we're still stuck in the 1950's with seperate bathrooms and drinking water fountains. Atlanta and it's area cities is probably the most mixed race, ethnicity and culture hodge podge in the country. In Cumming alone, over 6 different languages that I know of are spoken there. I'm sure there are more, but that's all I understand.

Atlanta Metro (Atlanta and surrounding areas) people are not racist people. There are some people out there who are ignorant and who lived under a rock for the last 200 years but you'll find that in every country around the world, not just here.

I'm sure you have racism where you live, you just don't notice it because you surround yourself around people who accept you for who you are, not what you look like. Most of the stares that my friends get is due to that fact that their kids are a beautiful mixture of color and hard to stop staring at them. Just like you had to do there at some point in your life (because I'm sure you weren't born at the hip) in NV, here too, you'll need to surround yourself around people who accept you for who you are and not what you look like.

The key is to get to know your neighbors and know you as a person and you the same to them. People don't like people, not because of race, but because they don't know the person and they may start to make their own ideas about someone from lack of information. We are all better people when properly informed about anything.

If still you want to live somewhere in GA where you won't get stares, try living in the Atlantic Ocean about 1000 yards from the coastline. Sharks don't stare.
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I thank you for your reply, and of course you are right it Can and Does happen anywhere, we just have never encountered it and would not want to put my children though it. :) The news that makes national is less than forgiving so it is cause for concern. But we will visit before as I am sure Atlanta is a BEAUTiful city. Thanks.
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realtor are not allowed to do a lot of things that make no sense cunning is a good area for biracial couple - You want to live in an area with a good mix of peopl because we all learn from each others cultures saying we are not allowed to talk about is more set up to stop an agent from steering You to an area based on race , sex, ethnicity and or religon this 2013 most all of metropolitan atlanta will open you into the community with out even thinking twice be proud of You mate and find a home You love and living in cumming, roswel, marietta intown pretty much anywhere You guys will be welcomed with open arms Welcome to Atlanta where we are proud of our different cultures it does not make a difference - if I am asked and I beleive their could be a problem I would find information for you, let you meet the neighbors You will not run into any issues over being biracial
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any city that has an over a 50% black population will typically have a high rental percentage, low performing schools and high crime...these are facts...take a look at the areas south of I20, East Point, College Park or any part of Clayton County...these were all thriving areas until whites moved out, now most are high crime Ghettos...again all factual
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