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missg, Home Buyer in 77084

Thoughts on KB homes? I've read bad reviews, mostly from other states, but fell in love with a model home....Advice?

Asked by missg, 77084 Sun Apr 22, 2012

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Dreama Vallone’s answer
They give you exactly what you pay for. If its all you can afford, go for it. Watch the extras because the home comes without anything that you would automatically expect.
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Dear Missg in 77084,
About 25 years ago KB started life as Kaufman & Broad Home Builders. They did very basic entry level homes and had such a poor reputation they changed their name to KB Homes. I have toured some of their newer construction homes and they appear to be much better than before. If your considering a new construction KB home check out their new Green ratings. Make sure you have a third party home inspection done, so you know that its built right. You might also call a local Realtor to help you with the purchse. They can help you to get a better price and share the most recent sales with you, so you can see what the right price should be. Also they can look in the same neighborhood and see if there are any similar foreclosures. Buying a foreclosure can also save you thousands. I wish you luck!



Betina Foreman- Realtor, C.N.E.
Austin Home Girls Realty
1601 West 6th Street
Austin, TX 78703
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I recommend you approach the decision much the same as you would a marriage proposal from a boyfriend that all your friends and girlfriends have bad things to say about....in other words, try to resist the romance of a model home and trust your research.
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That's exactly what KB Homes wants you to do, fall in love with the model then they've got you. Google KB Home reviews or take a look around http://TheKBHome.com before you make that committment.
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Replace "KB Homes" in your above statement with ANY homebuilder and the statement will always be true.
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My advice from experience in Willowbrook community: RUN don't walk away from a KB Home. Please let Willowbrook and a dozen plus other communities in Florida alone be the example of how KB Home builds.

Take the time to research. Go to: http://thekbhome.com where there are pictures/stories of numerous newly constructed homes by KB Home which are literally falling apart.
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I think everyone's perception of a new home builder might be different.

Let me say this, I have never seen a KB home fall to the ground, and they must build their homes in accordance with local building codes just like everyone else.

I am sure about their customer service before, during, and after the sale. That might be what is spurring bad reviews possibly.

The one think I have noticed with KB locally, is that they provide much more of a "builder grade" home with alot of upgrades not included.

If you love the home though, that is what really counts.
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From the sounds of the responses below it seems KB Homes is not a highly recommended builder. Each person's experience is different. Since this is an old post, I'm sure you've reached your decision, but I would not always rely on the opinions of others from a blog. Figure out what's important to you in buying a home and see which builder can offer you the best deal for what you're looking for.
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Stay away from KB. There prices are good, but their customer service later if there are any problems is non existent. A lot of the work is shoddy. You won't hear back from them when you have an issue or issues, you want to talk about & have resolved.
They are almost a month behind the original completion date they said.
They left our house unlocked, and last nite a bunch or people went in the house smoking weed, putting their cigarettes out on our base boards, food all over the counter, cig butts in 2 bd rms, in both bathrooms. They did #1 & #2 in out mstr bath toilet, carpet stained from ashes I guess, weed stems, cigar tobacco on the kitchen counter.
We didn't even get the house we initially wanted cause it would not fit on the perimter of the subdivision, and the incompetent sales person didn't tell us til we showed up with earnest $$$ to get things started. Note, we had gone to the model several times to make sure the 3 lots they said were available for the house, were indeed still available. All along the house we wanted would not fit at any of the perimeter lots. We bought anyway cause of the location. This is at Klein Arbor.
We ordered a Oiled rub bronze shower, got black, they had the nerve to make me seem stupid and saying that is oil rubbed bronze. I wish I could add a picture.
My suggestion is go to another builder, the satisfaction will be worth the extra $$$.
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I've owned a KB home for 17 years. It's cheap construction. We have had problems with plumbing, electrical and poor insulation. Neighbors have the same complaints. Buying a KB home was the biggest mistake I ever made
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I own a KB home and have had nothings but problems from plumbing to walls not being straight to stucco crumbling - my house is only 7 years old. The money you spend on repairs alone make their homes thousands more expensive in the long run. Stay away!
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My husband and I have recently built a KB home and one of our biggest issues is the model completely sells you and your actual home will look nothing like that. The craftsmanship of these homes is absolutely pathetic, sadly getting someone to address your issues is a wasted effort. It is our personal feelings that not one competent person works in the North Carolina division. I wouldn't tell my worst enemy to buy a KB home, having gone through what we have gone through.
Don't waste your money and risk your sanity, check out HH Hunt homes or anyone other than KB.
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My husband and I looked at a model in NC/ Raleigh area and we absolutely love it. Now I am second guessing myself whether or not we should go with them. The seller is pushing us to make an offer, but I just don't feel comfortable yet. Reading all these review definitely opened up my eyes to the many issues they have...thanks for posting
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All I can say about them is begin with horrible sales guy, poor quality check, shoddy materials and worst customer service. Bought a new construction in Raleigh/Durham, NC region. They hire bunch of local labors/contractors with no reputation and quality known to them. Sales guy would try maximum promises but minimum details on contract. They will rip you off and take you for ride once you get your contract signed.

They always buys out the local buyer agent who are usually in tune with those guys corrupt practice. So avoid them.
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Definitely would not recommend KB home, extemely poor construction quality.
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don't buy KB home in houston. there warranty service is bad. they will blame on everybody else but won't fix the problem.
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Cityside Homes i a terrible builder to own your home from. Reasons are as follows -

1) Their sales staff are rude and unresponsive
2) The owner's wife who manages the HOA is extremely unprofessional and arrogant
3) The construction is of a very poor quality with the need for repeated repairs within the first six homes of our moving in
4) The construction project manager is an absolute red neck hick who knows nothing about providing customers with sound service

All in all, if you can, stay away from this builder in Houston!
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Worst mistake of my life, I would never buy a KB Home again, it has been a nightmare to even get our roads paved since 2008 they promised us a community pool, a park, and to attach our phase to the rest of the neighborhood and nothing has ever been done.

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I see this is an older post. I hope you went someplace else for your home. Mine is a nightmare I can never escape. It leaked for years. Most of the houes did & KB Home did not fix them right. They re-leak. Most of the neighborhood defaulted. The only way out is foreclosure. I've lost $200K. My life is ruined.The Florida attorney general has an investigation of the company. In Texas they are making them tear them down. There are many websites out there. See for yourself. http://www.kbhomesleak.com/
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The way to really evaluate the quality of new home is to see how they look after they've been on the ground for a year or two. Have your agent show you some resale homes built by the same builder. To assess their service level, talk to some neighbors. Hire a skilled exclusive buyer's agent to represent you, and do your due diligence. You don't want to end up with a very expensive dog house.

Don't Let The Make a Monkey Out of You! Follow the link below.
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We are in the process of building a KB Home in the Conroe area. So far we have been happy with the way things are going. Just go into the build knowing that what you fell in love with at the model may not be what your house will look like when it is finished. Common sense tells us they make a model look perfect, by adding all the bells and whistles KB Homes evens has a wall hanging telling you about the upgrades they did in that certain model. .But be aware that they don't tell you about every change for that particular floor plan .Our current issue is the set up of the plumbing and electrical for the laundry room is totally opposite in the model. Something our initial floor plan did not show and then were told the floor plan we were given at signing was not correct. ( printing issues) So all we had to go by was the model home. Which ever builder you decide to go with make sure you pay attention to details and donlt be afraid to ask questions.
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I wanted to check in and see if you are enjoying your new home. We are thinking about building with KB Homes. Thanks in advance for your help!
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Do not buy a KB home. Poor labor and poor quality. Talk to your lawyer.
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I love this builder...the homes come with upgrades and the plans are nice...I saw a home that was not yet finished not the model home that was finished....so much better than KB and worth your money....KB model was nice but not worth the money I looked at the ones located off hwy 6....bout 3 months ago...
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wow, I must be lucky, I had a home built in Florida they were efficient, did Add ons assisted after the sale even though it was during the worst house market and I was able to get a modification
I bought at the worst time but the prices have managed to creep up so I am not underwater too much.
Personally I love my home and I better I signed a 40 year mortgage :)
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They are way too much money...Colina Homes are nice come with upgrades...Frontera Homes and many more...do research....
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Anyone from Houston???can tell me anything.
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JUST DON"T EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME!!!! RUN RUN RUN AWAY! My father and my husband both worked for KB Home in the Houston and surrounding areas. Both of them had a position which was extremely high up in the organization since both have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, but AFTER they were there for only a short while, they would each come home every night just talking about how horrible the houses were and how much b/s the sales dept feed to potential buyers. They were in the customer service department in charge after the sale was completed when the REAL problems surfaced. They both felt so bad all the time since the customers had so many issues and yet they could not even help them since even simple requests were denied by the very top top management. Eventually, both my husband and my dad quit b/c they didn't want to be associated anymore with such a deceiving company. Bottom line, homes are built like DooDoo and help is nonexistent after the sale
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They lie lie lie all the way to the end. Please do your research on Kb homes they are a big scam. Read the reviews run as fast as you can....
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Everyone falls in love with the model which is all upgrades. We started our process of purchase in March 2013.First sign was an eisment on lot and we couldn't build after signing contract. Second lot house didn't fit after signing papers again. Sales lady said didn't know..Wow really. Here it is Oct and we were due to close in Nov. The whole time they said it was an issue with the way I got paid pesonal check Nationstar Financial. If it was an issue they could of told me that months before instead they kept asking for faxed paper after faxed papers of the same thing. Nationstar 3 weeks into closing said we can't do...but KB has another financial company that will work with the way you get paid. We canceled contract. We are so very thankful that it happened the way it did.
After reading their reviews all the complaint 8 months compared to 20 or 30 yrs. Thank God!!
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Publicpublished review 7/8/13
since i bought this house back in2010 i been having problems with a/c unit in the house. the installer was delair and the builder was kb homes. last week the a/c went off by itself or shut down i call delair and the told that is going to take a couples of days before they sent a tech to check the system finally today monday the tech arrive to take look at the system. he says there is leak but is not in the system itself. the leak is throught the pipes that carry the refrigerante to the unit and in underground pipe system and cost to replace about $1200.00 to do the job i call kb homes because is a relative new house asking if i have any warranty on this house, after all is almost a new house right! well they told me no you don't have any warranty and you have to pay. i think is not fair to treat me in the way they did. i feel hopeless because i don't have that much money to do the repair and is a new house from kb homes.
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Bad New!!! Do your research on KB Homes first!!! A simple web search will reveal scary things about KB Homes. They're having severe problems in Florida with failing structures (newer homes tagged by the county as UNSAFE!!!), water intrusion that has led to mold, and the list goes on. Look at all the local news and other pictures, videos, and stories at http://TheKBHome.com
I feel SO bad for all these homeowners. They literally have to choose between KB's warranty claim stalling techniques and selling them homes for a lot less than they purchased for just because it's falling about and to no fault of their own!!!! 22 neighborhoods have now been found and are affected with a variety of issues. The Attorney General Pam Bondi of Florida is now investigating KB Homes for possible fraudulent sales! DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!!

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My advice to you is to NEVER purchase a home that has been built by KB Homes, I purchased mine 7 years ago from the KB directly only to learn that any of the building defects reported to them were never taken care of, they forgot to tell me that my home had been built.
I think the worst disappointment has been having problems with my downstairs bathroom and after $4,000.00 in expected repairs, they have absolutely refused to provide me with the plumbing blueprints to which I have the legal right to have.
Are they "cheap" yes, but as a quality builder having had their CEO prosecuted and currently in house arrest, in addition to had closed their offices in Texas and moved them to California, you will never have the opportunity of reaching anyone.
There are many other trusting developers in Houston, Texas like Mercedes Homes, Toll Brothers, Pulte, Horizon, etc. that care about their reputation and building quality.
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Check the BBB, get an REALTOR and do some comparison shopping. Getting a buyer's agent to help you doesn't cost you a dime but it is an important step in buying a new home.

Let me know if I can refer you a smart agent in your area.

Steve Santos
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Coming from a KB Homes homeowner, DO YOUR RESEARCH ON KB HOMES FIRST!!!!!! We have had nothing but problems!!! Do a web search for TheKBHome or go to http://TheKBHome.com to see why I DO NOT recommend KB Homes.
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Looking at possibly buying a KB build home in California. What protections should I look at having to ensure that none of the issues highlighted below will happen to me?

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The problem is...you have NO protections under their contract. That is why there are so many complaints. We are going thru a nightmare. DON'T USE KB!
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I recently bought a townhome in anastasia island built by KB. They were very pushy trying to make me close in an extremely short time, recommending i use there lender, insurance company, and then set up closing w/own title company. I would not use them again. The townhome has a lot of builder grade qualities and the community pool is so small maybe 10 people can get in it at one time...and there are 75 townhomes!!! NEGATIVE rating I say.
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I'm extremely familiar with KB homes and besides being a full time Broker for over 20 years I've built homes. KB homes builds what I would consider to be a very average quality home. Their not exceptionally well built, however they do offer good value for the dollar.

Do get a buyer broker (preferably one with some home building experience), don't be afraid to negotiate, (remember you don't get if you don't ask) and plan on two home inspections one done before the drywall goes on and all the rough plumbing and electrical is in; and the second on completion.

I wish you all the best.
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The reality here is that every builder will undoubtedly have both good and bad criticism. It's the nature of the business. Today's builders typically sub out contracts to various trades involved, masonry, electrical, carpentry, roofing, etc. Since there could be a dozen or more home for which the project manager is responsible...things can be overlooked.

In my opinion, all buyers of new construction should contract with a personal home inspector to preview the home and identify any issues of concern. Builders don't like this but it is in most cases, money well spent...regardless of whether or not problems are covered in your one year warranty program.

We also recommend that you request in writing prior to going to contract what specifically is covered and what the limitations are within that warranty.

Good luck,

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Great advice, I hear that KB Home doesn't allow for inspections or only allows for them after they get your earnest money. That way they don't care if you back out or you feel like you're going to lose your investment and say hey I have a 10 year warranty. But guess what, good look with that warranty. More on this http://thekbhome.com
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I just got this inquiry again as though it's a new request. After 25 well written replies with a variety of suggestions and viewpoint, it time for this inquiry to be removed. Surely the individual who submitted it has enough information to make a well thought out decision.

Brenda Peavy, Broker
(My contact informatin was provided weeks ago below)
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I agree with Betina Foreman the agent from Austin, TX, she pretty much nailed it!
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Worst Mistake you can make is to buy from KB Homes. The sales people have no idea what they are doning, they lie to you, they do not communicate with the buyer. Worst Company ever!
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Bad news! I live in a KB Home and severely dislike it. Not only do we have water intrusion which has now caused mold and mildew growth but now 13 KB Home neighborhoods in about a 150 mile radius of us have all contacted local TV stations after they saw the reports on our shoddy built homes, and said that they have many of the same problems! If you really want the scoop just Google 'KB Home', it won't take you long to see all the negative websites out there. http://TheKBHome.com
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Don't do it!!!! We're stuck in waterlogged homes!!,
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Call a local Realtor and ask them to look in the MLS in the newer neighborhood your considering and see if there are any re-sale homes. Often times you can find a home thats only 1-3 years old in a new subdivision thats for sale because the owners got transfered or something. I have done this several times and saved my clients thousands off what the builder was charging for the very same floorplan! I wish you the best on your purchase!


Betina Foreman- Realtor, C.N.E.
Austin Home Girls Realty
1601 West 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78703
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Many buyers are not aware that when they walk into a Builder's Developement for the first time they need to have their agent present. IF the agent did not walk in for the first time the Developers do not honor buyer's representation by the agent. Subsequently you as the buyer do not have True Representation. Basically you lost the leverage to ask and get either upgrades or price reductions.
Once this happens it is difficult to try to do it on your own.

Best advice at this point since you are "already in love with the model home" is to try to focus on another vacant lot where you could see yourself living and tell the Developer you want the same house on a different lot. Keep in mind this will delay your purchase by about 3-6 months, depending on how fast they build it. Then you can watch the building construction from ground up and you can go buy and take a lot of pictures, which will scared the developer to build it "correctly" from ground to roof. At the same time you might be able to negotiate since the new one has not been built yet.

Endre Barath,Jr.
Prudential California Realty
Beverly Hills, CA
Web Reference: http://www.endrebarath.com
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You may want to take the time to download and read this free Home Builder Hiring Guide as it contains a wealth of information for how to make the right decision when choosing a home builder.
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I would never recommend buying a KB Home. We purchased a KB Home in California and our experience has been a nightmare. The warranty feels like a joke when it comes to anything of any significance and the company doesn't seem to care. I have been talking with other homeowners in other states that have similar or worse issues with similar experiences and we're not alone. Check out http://www.kbhomeproblems.com and http://www.facebook.com/kbhomeproblems
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Every production builder (KB, David Weekly, Brighton, etc) have good and not so good construction crews and chiefs overseeing the building process.

I would tell you that if your building, plan to do 3 inspections. One prior to the slab pour. Second prior to sheetrock installation. Finally, the inspection most people do..when the home is completed.

The builders can easily fix things you find prior to moving on. Cost a little extra to you, but do these inspections with a Texas Lic inspector that YOU picked and paid for and there will be less headaches down the road. So many new home buyers do not do inspections because they think the builder is "inspecting". BIG MISTAKE!!

I have a good list of inspectors on my web site if you need some referrals. Also review sales in the area and make sure your getting the right price! If you need help, please let me know as I assist buyer's in purchasing new construction all over Houston. This service is of no cost to you!

Mark McNitt
m 832-567-4357
Bernstein Realty
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It's a good starter home. The main benefit is that it is geared to be an affordable home that homeowers can upgrade as desired and as finances permit. The important thing to look at is the neighborhood and if that's where you want to live, then it's the best of all worlds. I do recommend a home inspection before closing. That way if there's something wrong, it can be remedied before they have your money. Don't be swayed by them wanting to wait until after closing to do the repairs. That's why it's always best to use a BUYERS AGENT, whether it's me or another agent to help you. Usually your Buyers Representative can help you get more upgreades and negotiate a better contract than buying directly from the BUILDERS REPRESENTATIVE who is representing only the builder, no matter what they tell you. Using an Acreddited Buyers Representative (ABR) to be on your side COSTS YOU NOTHING and save you money. Call me if i can help; cell 832 725-2989 or penny@penrichprop.com.
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I have a friend's friend whose KB home had defects, not a client of mine, I would like to point out. And when you hear even one bad report about something, it unfortunately affects your perception of the builder or anything for that matter.

I understand that you have fallen in love with one of their model or floor plan but I would not limit myself to that as yet until you see the quality and features other builders have to offer. You are right on track by making your own research about the builder but you are better helped by a real estate professional who knows better. There are so many builders out there to choose from & I would like to help you navigate & narrow down the choices instead of you driving and researching around by yourself. I would like to offer my assistance and provide you with a comprehensive list of builders from the as-made to semi-custom to custom and what each of them offer & how they fare against each other. I will work closely with you to explore this wealth of information.

I sincerely would like to help you in your search for the right home for you. Please view my profile and don't hesitate to contact me for further information.

Lerma 'Pinky' Sampang
Direct: 832 248 4413
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You can get amazing square footage for the money from KB. Just like any line of products, you will have a range of quality, style, selection and price. I encourage my clients to ask questions until they are comfortable with the product they are considering or move onto another builder. The question to ask KB is, "How can you build homes with so much square footage at such a low price." Typically, a KB home will not have much in the way of upgrades. Laminate counter tops, vinyl flooring in kitchen and bath, builder grade carpet and pad, builder level light and plumbing fixtures, exterior brick on the front of the home only are a few examples of how KB might keep their costs down. Make sure to drill further into foundation, frame, wiring, plumbing, insulation, etc. If you feel comfortable with the product and sq ft are more important than upgrades and more expensive construction features and you are restricted by price, KB may have the home for you. Do stay involved in the process and make sure you have an independent inspector come in at the critical stages of construction.
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Good Morning Rguerra: Just wondering if you received the answer you desired? Please call me or email me if you need more help. I will be glad to assist you in your endeavor. 281-780-4815 or djpeters@kw.com. Thank you and I look forward to servicing you.
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The short answer. Location is more important in the long-term value in the home. However, I hope you have a realtor. There are so many things that you need to look out for in new construction. How well the development is done, is the community set up for long-term growth or is it likely to decline in a few years, inspections, walk thru negotiations. The builder will most likely pay your realtor. Get one or you are setting yourself up for issues.
Web Reference: http://www.DaveRealty.com
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