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The seller has accepted the offer for the condo i am interested. This is a 16 year old condo and I have got the inspection completed. The home

Asked by New Buyer, 08902 Wed Jul 14, 2010

inspector suggested that the heater furnace, ac compressor and water heater are old and reached manufactureres guaranted life.

How much would it cost to replace the heating furnace, ac compressor and water heater system? I want to negotiate with the seller for a concession

Also are there any companies that provide servicing / manitenance for the above equipment?

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Scott is on the money with his response: "The problem you will face is the inspector states a very generic statement all home inspectors use "it has reached the end of its EXPECTED life"

This is a very common and vague statement used by home inspectors to cover their butts.. All though they do know that the system can be fully functional for another 15 years !

You can ask for it, when they say no, then you can ask for a 1 year homeowners warranty from an outside agency that will cover the equipment for the next year and then if you feel you want to continue the service, you can on your terms.
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The problem you will face is the inspector states a very generic statement all home inspectors use "it has reached the end of its EXPECTED life" however if it is functioning, and functioning properly, then there is really no concession to ask for. if it needed cleaning, if it wasnt working then by all means you can ask for a concession. When they priced the condo, it is taken into consideration the age and condition of the mechanicals, it is tough for you to pay less up front and then ask tehm to reduce tehir price again, you can certainly try, but you may upset the seller for the rest of your sale.

When it comes to furnace and ac it depends who is the manufacturer, what is the model and what is it made of as well as what is thc fuel service, cast iron boilers can last 50-100 years, so way past any recomended life, stel boilers dont last as long, gas furnaces last loinger than oil furnaces, you can replace th burner and thefurnace itself could last forever if maintained. The same with ac units.

If you are concerned you should get a quailified hvac tech that is experienced in the brand that makes the boiler and ac unit.

good luck with your purchase
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The furnace and a/c being at the end of their useful life means something more important than simply needing replacement.

It means that they will use a lot more energy than a new unit would. You could find out that replacing them will pay you back in saved energy costs in 5-10 years. That means you are better off to trash them and buy new regardless of if they work great or not.
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A homeowner's warranty might cost around $400-$500. It depends on the company, the level of coverage, where you're located, and whether you want any special coverages. Your Realtor can give you the names of the different companies, or just look it up online.

A number of them have special arrangements in transactions such as yours. For instance, the seller can buy the warranty (which protects the seller until closing), then have it transferred over to you. And sometimes the payment isn't due until closing. Again, your Realtor can fill you in on the details.

Another possibility for some of your systems is to get a service contract from a local company. For instance, you might have a local air conditioning company that, for $500 a year, will make semi-annual inspections and do semi-annual cleanings, will cover most repairs, and will put you at the top of their priority list for service. Lots of HVAC companies offer that sort of program. And the equipment doesn't have to be new, or bought from that service provider.

Hope that helps.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Fairfax, VA
You don't need a list of providers, because you'd be asking the SELLER to provide the warranty via a third-party source (the "outside agency" to which John referred). Instead, I'd ask for a warranty for at least 5 years, and negotiate down to 2-3 years.

You could also call several HVAC pros and plumbers to get some price quotes, and use that info to help you come up with any amount for the seller concession.

Typically, I'd present both options, and give the seller a choice. Now, it's possible that the seller might also tell you to take a hike, but you'll never know what the seller is willing to do if you don't ask.
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Home warranties are not always what they are cracked up to be, your best choice is to get a local heating and cooling expert in and check teh units, signing up for a maintenance plan is money better spent thant a warranty, in some cases you can get teh seller to pay for the warranty if you really want one. They are tough when it comes to pay though, maintenance plans are a better choice.
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How much does it cost for the homeowners warranty?

Can somebody point to any of the providers list?
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Call an hvac (acronym stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) company for a quote on the furnace and ac compressor. They will need to visit the property. A plumber will quote the water heater. Good luck. Hope this answer was helpful.
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