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The neighbor using my driveway.

Asked by Tina, Bloomfield, MI Sun Nov 11, 2012

I just closed on my new home last week and the neighbor across the street from my house continues to use my driveway as if it were his own and he parks his truck there every night. He is aware of the fact that the home has been sold but he continues to park there. I have called the local police station in order to get it removed but after waiting over an hour and a half for them to show up I gave up and called the station back to cancel the cops from coming to the property. What options do I have in dealing with this neighbor who insists on claiming my driveway as his own personal parking space?

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He may be aware that the house has sold, but might not be aware, especially if you've not moved in yet, that you've taken possession, and don't want him parking there anymore.

Here's a novel idea... have you tried talking to the neighbour and telling him that he may no longer use the driveway you own?
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
You called the police?
Kind of drastic..........

Maybe I missed something, but...........Did you at least try ringing his doorbell, introducing yourself as the new neighbor and telling him you now own the house and....."please don't use the driveway anymore"?

You can always leave him a note ( in his mailbox) if you can't catch him at home.
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Do not leave notesin the mailbox. This is illegal ...
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I had this problem years ago when we first bought a rental to rehab. We couldn't even get to our back yard and had to constantly go next door, while parking in the street, to have the neighbor move his car. Once the cops got involved and he was made aware that towing would be next, he stopped. Now, 5 years later, I'm dealing with this again from a new neighbor who thinks that because the house is empty (although we are working on it again) and our driveways are side by side, that they can park in the middle of it and block us from getting to the back or getting more than one vehicle in the driveway. I'm going to POST a PRIVATE DRIVEWAY sign and see if that works and if not, then I too will go back to the police, but I think that this will be sufficient. You could also do a NO TRESPASSING sign to make your point.
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Calling the police is not a drastic measure especially since I can't use my driveway when I come and go from my property. And how can I ring his doorbell when I have no ideal what home he lives in? It is not my responsibility to go from house to house to find out what home that an inconsiderate neighbor lives in.
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Have you thought about contacting a private towing company? I had an issue with something like this before. It is really frustrating. We even tried making contact with our neighbor but he ignored our requests. It will only take one time of getting towed before he realizes that he shouldn't park there anymore.
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I called the 911 non emergency number here in Denver, they sent a cop he came in ten minutes looked up the address on the tags and walked across the street with me to tell the neighbor move or get towed. She apologized a thousand times lol.. The cop told me before hand they can't tow it (b/c I'm renting) however he still did me a favor and told her the tow was on the way, that was enough to make her move and keep her out of my parking spot. The cop said owners can have the vehicle towed, the officer has to come out and you fill out a complaint form which includes a request to tow and then they send a tow truck or hang a sign and then call a private tow company, they will come if you own the property.
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Go to the neighbirs house and introduce yourself as the new neighbor. Then have a pleasant discussion with him. You don't say if you are living in the house yet, If not, maybe he feels he is doing a good deed. Get to the bottom of it first, you don't need a new angry neighbor. Maybe speak to other neighbors also.

Good luck
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simply talk to him I bet the neighbor thinks he is helping to protect your property by making it look like
someone is home. calling police is not very neighborly
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I have had good results with notes on the windshield.
Try to park there first.
If unable to locate the owner, have it towed at owner expense.
sorry your having a problem!
Merry Christmas!
Lauren Quigey 586-246-3421
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You said that it was a neighbor from across the street, right? If he continues it, like you said, ask them why they're parking in your driveway.

You cancelled the police call, why?

Please provide more info.
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I also did not realize you didn't know where this neighbor lived, since you referred to him as being "across the street"....so...imo.......a note on the windshield is your best bet at this time.

If it continues, and you can't track him down after talking to other neighbors......then call the police - again............
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Did you close this home as a forclosure or a private transaction? Were there any legal shared agreements signed that you aren't aware of? If there is not any legal binding agreements then talk to him and introduce yourself as the new owner if that doesn't get you any where you will have to seek legal such as an attorney or police help? They can advise you on your property rights and what is the proper action for you to take?
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Sorry... I was under the impression that you knew where he lived, when you said "the neighbour across the street".

Why don't you try putting a note on his windshield introducing yourself and explaining the predicament.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL

If you are not sure who's vehicle it is you could still talk to the neighbors. You can knock on some doors, & introduce yourself, then you can explain your problem & see if they know whos' vehicle it is. They might know & guide you to the right home. When you do find the right person, you can explain that you have purchased the home now & they can no longer park their vehicle there.

If you do not want to ask the neighbors, then you could leave a note on the vehicle. Before the home was purchased, I'm sure there was a lot of cars there for showings. They may not realize that the home is purchsed now.
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Clearly someone feels they are entitled to or that you are a "push over"....... Consider introducung yourself as the new owner and make them aware of your need to use your own driveway. If it continues, follow up with a certified letter stating the same. If still no response, take this information to the police and present it to them and request their support.

It's evident that someone is hoping you'll go away......don't let it happen!
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And how can I talk to someone when I have no ideal what home he lives in? I do have a life plus It is not my responsibility to go from house to house to find out what home that an inconsiderate neighbor lives in. Plus it was private property so regardless of where or not he knows if someone has purchased the home, he still has no business parking his car on someone else property without their approval.
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If it is not a share driveway then it is your private driveway and therefore it is your property so you have all right to protect your property.
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