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Should I go with a Realtor to buya new home construction in Blackstone, El Dorado Hills?

Asked by looking4home, El Dorado Hills, CA Thu Mar 28, 2013

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Steve Ornellas’ answer

You may find the following quite helpful if you are leaning towards a new home builder purchase:

"Why You Do Need a Realtor® When Buying From a Builder"

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To look out for you best interest. Remember the nice agent at the sales office is working and getting paid by the builder.
Best of luck.
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I agree with commie that builders do not offer deals. Yes, always bring your own Realtor to guide you through the process and get the best for you.
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thank you Steve!
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If you are buying in Blackstone El Dorado Hills you need a buyer broker to negotiate the best deal possible! Buyers get a broker to represent you so that you don’t become the buyer that is a number in the home builders “slush pile”. The home builder pays the brokers commission so there is NO cost to the buyer- you have nothing to lose!
Visit http://www.BlackstoneEDH.com for more information and to speak with a Blackstone El Dorado Hills real estate expert today!
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True that, Alex! I worked in new home sales for many, many years... always better when you walk in WITH YOUR REALTOR.
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Question 1.There is lot of work involved selling a house. Not just finding the buyer. An agent and lender will help make sure the buyer understands everything involved, is qualified to purchase and follows through with all that needs to be done. The builders job is to build not sell. They have included commissions into their pricing strategy. It is worthwhile for them to have agents involved to handle details. Question 2 The builder /owner pays commssions out of the proceeds of the sale.
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As a former sales manager I was never allowed to make concessions to buyer based on whether or not they had representation and believe me I asked! It can cause a lot of problems internally especially for large corporate builders. Imagine you move in to your house and you discover your neighbor got a better deal than you did just because he didn't have an agent!
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This has been my experience as well. Builders want to maintain good reputations in the community. They not only want Real Estate Brokers to continue to bring them buyers but they also want you to tell your family and friends about where you moved to. Choose a local agent!
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I love what Margaret wrote! Seriously, why wouldn't you want your own representation when it's free and can protect you if necessary? Remember, the sales agents at Blackstone work for the builder first, you second. Best of luck!

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ABSOLUTELY! Those well dressed Realtors with their smiley faces represent the home developer, not you. Make sure to bring your Realtor to the first visit at the sales center.
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Well we are all Realtors on here and of course we are going to say YES! but as a buyer I would think, why not? I can't think of a reason not to. A Realtor will help look out for you and help you with all your questions. Deliver documents when necessary, help with escrow, maybe even suggest having an inspection etc etc. Even brand new homes can have problems. It doesn't cost you anything extra since the develpment coops with agents. If I were in your position, I would. Best of luck and happy home hunting! PS I'm happy to help if you decide you want to use a Broker.
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Yes you should get your own representation. Even new construction could have issues. Your agent would be able to guide you.
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I know this is jumping in late but in the discussion refferring to having a new home inspected, I didn't hear this approach. Why not go through the process with the builder. Do the walk throughs, create your punch list, get moved in. Learn about your house first hand for several months. You will know most of the issues by then. Most issues brought to the Builders attention in the 1st year of ownership are addressed willingly by the Builder. Hire an Inspector before the 1st year anniversary of your closing. Tell him of your experiances in the first year. Tell him about the items you had to bring the builder back to repair. Then let him take a professional look at your place. HIs trained eyes will likely see things you may not have even been aware of. Some of these items may have taken a year to develop. This provides the homeowner additional credibility when claiming there are things that need immediate attention.
If you have other questions or need help I'm almost always available.

Michael Alumbaugh, Realtor
REMAX Gold - El Dorado Hills
Cell # 916.718.8270
email - michael.alumbaugh@remax.net
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You should always want someone to be on your side who is looking out for your best interest. YES
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Yes! You should definitely have an agent representing you when you buy a new construction home (and I'm not just saying that because I am a Realtor!) A real estate agent has a fiduciary duty to look out for the best interest of their client. While it is very easy to buy a new home from a builder without an agent, the sales agents who work for the builders have a fiduciary duty to THE BUILDERS, not you. They try to get the best deal possible. A buyer's agent not only protects you, but can negotiate to get you the best deal possible (sometimes there is wiggle room with builders in price, upgrades, or closing costs). I offer my buyers a 15% rebate of my commission after close of escrow, so that's another perk! When you look at new homes, you MUST bring your agent with you to the first visit to sign you in. Blackstone is a great community; If you have any questions feel free to give me a call or email!
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Regarding inspection of a new home:

I know this is an old conversation but I could not pass this by. Someone said that getting a new home inspected was not a good idea here in California. I am a home inspector in El Dorado County. I have found many significant issues with new homes, even the best built ones. Builders cannot always keep track of what their subs do and the county inspectors do not have the time to do a thorough inspection. They do not go in roofs, under houses or in the attic. Not having a new home inspected is foolish.

I have found: Disconnected ducts, improperly installed fireplace chimneys, a furnace that had flames coming out of the firebox, missing insulation, improperly installed windows, siding buried in the soil by the landscapers. The list goes on and this is from some of the best builders in the county.

This is not to say the builders do not do a good job. Generally they are happy to learn about these things and fix them before the buyers move in. It is easier for everyone involved. Getting a new home inspected is well invested money.
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If you have been working with an agent that has been showing you retail sales, go with her or him to the new homes as well or all of the work they have done with you to this point will have been for nothing. Most new home builders will give us as agents a commission but only if we bring the buyers or register the buyers before hand.
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When they work for buyers, Realtors are responsible for helping you find the right home, acting on your behalf during price negotiations, and helping you with all of the necessary paperwork.

Best of all, working a buyer's agent won't cost you anything! That's right -- their services are usually free to you because the seller will pay the commission for your agent.So, yes, it would be good to go with a Realtor.

Web Reference: http://www.realtypin.com
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A Realtor isn't going to cost you anything and it can't hurt to have someone on your side, representing you. It's generally true, as stated already, that you're not going to get a better price. However, I've seen plenty of times when a Realtor is able to negotiate a few extra amenities--a fireplace, appliance upgrades, flooring upgrades, etc.

As for the comment that you don't need a home inspection on new construction: Absolutely incorrect. I've seen plenty of new construction with serious problems that an inspector would have caught. Keep in mind that home inspectors don't just catch things that are due to age or wear-and-tear. If a wire isn't connected properly in the breaker box or the earth next to the foundation slopes in toward the foundation, those are things you should be aware of...and can happen with new construction.

You ask why a builder would sell to someone and pay a commission if a Realtor isn't needed. Well, often it's the Realtor who brings the buyer and seller together. Buyers may not be aware of specific communities, or the types of homes in them. It's just the same as asking why an individual with a pre-existing home would pay a commission to a buyer's agent. Answer: Because the buyer might not be aware of that particular house, or the advantages of a particular community.

Hope that helps.
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It being absolutely necessary to hire a home inspector may be true in the state of Virgina, but not in California. We have extremely high buidling standards here.
Sorry Don
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Fairfax, VA
You don't really need to hire a home inspector on a new home unless you feel it's absolutely necessary. I would save my money unless you suspect something could be wrong.

The home builders are under much scrutiney from the Inspectors that come in from the Building Departments and inspect the homes at each step of the bulding process; i.e., foundation, framing, electrical, plumbing, sheetrock, etc.
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looking4homes are you thinking about buying a home?
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Thank you everybody for helping with your responses...

have a couple of more questions

Question 1

Why would a seller pay some money (commission) to the buyers agent...if he can sell the home to a guy with no realtor...and hence need not pay any commission especially when it is a seller's market
as the price of the home is fixed irrespective of having /not having a realtor

Question 2

1. My understanding that the seller pays the commission is correct ? or is it the Banker
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Looking4home. The price of your home is not affected by the Realtor commission. They will not reduce your price just because you are not using an agent.
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See page 5 of the link I provided and read the Para "I'll save the Commission".
Whether you will be able to negotiate a price is more a function of Market demand, Builder inventory, your purchase timeline. “New” is not always better than “older”.
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what about the negotiation of the price ? hope that is not affected in any way because of having a realtor
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Thank you Margeret :).
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Thank you every body for your responses.

I have another question, since having a realtor for the buyer is Free and (I think ) the seller needs to pay the realtor, so is there a chance that the price of home for the buyer is affected by this.
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No, when I sold for the different builders, that didn't effect the price one way or the other. What the builders usually end up doing in a "Seller's Market" is just lower their co-op and/or commission rate to agents. This will not effect the price of the home.. That is set well in advance prior to you coming in to look at their subdivions.
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You definitely want to have a Realtor on your side that is representing your best interests. Since you are the buyer, it won't cost you anything.
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Best answer so far Steve!
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Absolutely! Your realtor will be able to guide you through the process and will have your best interest at heart!

Best of luck!

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Yes, you should have your own representation. And it is crucial that you work with an agent who has new home sales experience... I also worked as a New Home Sales Manager for Morrison Homes and a few other developers, and I know the in's and out's of how the developers work.

If you need any advice, please don't hesitate to call or e-mail me anytime.
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I have spent many years working for new home builders and sold hundreds of new homes for companies like Toll Brothers, Parker Development, and Woodside Homes. An resale agent who has experience in new home sales can help you avoid common pitfalls that hurt you later when it comes to resale. Things like lot selection and smart decisions on upgrades can pay off if and when you want to ever sell your home in the future. We have the top buyers team in the region and have great relationships with all of the local builders in El Dorado Hills.

Let us know if we can help! http://www.conniebarnes.com/contact-us.html
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