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Seller wants inspection report even though we are not buying the house.

Asked by Pbg, New York Thu Apr 18, 2013

We made an offer on a house, however after the inspection pointed out a lot of issues, we decided this house wasn't for us. We formally cancelled our offer/contract. We are in the process of getting our earnest money back. The seller requested a copy of the home inspection so they can address the issues for future buyers. Is this normal? Do they reimburse us for the cost of the report?

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It is normal for the seller to ask but some buyers say yes and others say no. You could ask the seller to pay half which is more than fair.
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This is pretty normal in Pennsylvania.

If you are using the standard PA Association of Realtors sales agreement, it contains the language "Seller has the right, upon request, to receive a free copy of any inspection Report from the party for whom it was prepared."
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The answer lies within your sales contract. I noticed your are asking from a PA zip code but your profile says NY. I would recommend reviewing your sales agreement with your agent so you understand the pertinent clause that applies here.

Good luck in your continued search.
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The flip here is how reliable are all these general inspectors these days? My contractors flat out say many are horrible and just out to cover themselves with cookie-cutter check-lists and clueless realtors overseeing the inspections. There aren't very many laws in place that protect the seller when the inspector as a CYA lists "nice to change" items as "need to change' along with $$$'s attached to subjective items. Not to mention, the sellers home is off the market in a selling season for a few weeks. It's a headache for sellers as well and if someone wants out of a contract, they should have a clear reason - in print with the ability for second opinion or minimally to question the inspector. If a sound building issue, the seller should know. Every inspector has their own opinions and in my and friends experiences in the past few years, we've seen a large swing in accuracy and realtors paying cheap 2nd opinions (yes local trade confirming this) just to drive the deal. Hold the whole report but the seller should know what specifically caused the buyer to pull out of contract if its the inspection.
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They will sometimes ask for it but it is your property if they want the report tell them you would like some form of a payment for this, if they do not want to pay for it you are not required to provide. It is completely up to you. Hope this helps. Best of luck to you.
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In the words of Hillary Clinton....."what difference does it make?" You elected not to buy the home because of issues the seller probably isn't aware of. Yes, you paid for it, but since it makes no difference to you either way, why withhold it? The seller has plenty of costs to deal with when selling a home. Yes. You already "paid for it", but what if YOU run into this when selling your home? Is there no such thing as kindness?
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The inspection was paid for by the buyer and belongs to the buyer. The buyer does not have to turn over the inspection.
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A glitch in Trulia??? Shocking.....
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Hi everyone. Thank you for the all the speedy and enthusiastic responses. I reviewed our contract and it states that the seller may be given pertinent pages of the report but only if it addresses items the buyer wants resolved by the seller. We are no longer buyers. We did not ask them to repair/address anything. Again, they want the report so they can address the issues for other potential buyers, not us.

Also, there doesn't appear to be any language in the home inspector's agreement stating that we can't give/sell the report to the sellers.

So it appears that we don't have to give them the report, much less for free. Also, we're not in PA. I'm not sure why it says that, must be a trulia glitch.
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That your report. Unless you have major things to fix, then seller might want to see the report otherwise don't share it.
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Nope... it is YOUR report, you paid for it, you keep it, shred it... do what you will with it. They can pay for their own. Tell them to pay for it if they want it.
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This is what makes a national forum so interesting. Here in Florida, you don't have to provide the report and many of the inspectors will actually prohibit you from doing so (they want the option of selling the report to the seller). Apparently in PA, the opposite is true. We Realtors need to be careful about stating what we know as FACT when it may be FICTION in the jurisdiction where the question is asked...
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It's not normal but it's not unheard of. If they want your report then they should be willing to pay you for it.
You are under no obligation to give it to them.
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If the inspection report is the basis on which you are exiting the contract, it would be a good idea to provide supportive information. This doesn't necessarily mean the entire report, only the issues relative to causing you to change your mind.

In the event, the inspection has nothing to do with your decision to not go through with the purchase...you requested and paid for the inspection and normally,the seller has no right to its content.

Good luck,

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Scott has a good answer. (he usually does.)
I'm also thinking about what a kind and generous thing it would be to just give it to them.
(I think it is tax deductible for you, too.)
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What does your contract say? Your profile says NY, question indicates PA.
In Texas you can be nice & give it to them, sell it to them or offer to split the difference.
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The home inspection report is yours. You pay for it. Hence, you own it. If the sellers want a home inspection report, they should pay for their own.

However, I don't know the norm in PA. Here in CT, the buyers are not obligated to furnish the sellers a copy of the report unless you are in the midst of negotiating repairs or issues noted on the report.

Moreover, I only provide a copy of the page wherein the issues requested are noted.

Best of luck on your next journey.
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If you used the standard PA agreement of sale to submit your offer to the sellers (I assume you are using an agent that is representing you and not the same agent that has the house listed) then the seller has every right to request the inspection report and if you didnt cross it out in the agreement of sale you are obligated to provide it to the seller. Paragraph 12 Section A #5 Line 229 on the newest agreement of sale for PA states "Seller has the right, upon request, to receive a FREE copy of any inspection report from the party for whom it was performed".

The emphasis is on FREE, you do not get reimbursed for the cost of the inspection.

Hope that helps.

Good luck on the next home and if this issue bothers you cross it out on the next agreement of sale that you have on the next home.

Andrew Himes
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