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Santa Clarita vs. Los Angeles?

Asked by Alpha, 27704 Mon Sep 10, 2007

I'm thinking of moving to Santa Clarita (buying a house), would it be better to puchase in a town like Valencia (cheaper houses, all look the same) or get a fixer in Sherman Oaks for the same price (since that is already an established town? Thanks!

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I was born and raised in valencia, and left for college, and recently returned 13 years later, to let my children have the same safety and education that I had growing up. I said when i was 19 that I would never move back to Valencia, which was true when i was single, but once i had children, Valencia was the safest place to live.If you are looking for a good place to raise a family, then Valencia is your best bet.
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I've actually lived in both locals. I lived in Sherman Oaks for almost 10 years and moved up to Valencia (Santa Clarita) just over a year ago.

If you like the LA city traffic and hustle and bustle, go to Sherman Oaks. If you like a more laid back, open, family friendly environment, go to Santa Clarita. In my opinion, Santa Clarita does have a lot to offer, including culture.

The traffic on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks is terrible. Trips 2 block away just to the grocery store would easily take me 30 mins. If you have children, consider that the public schools in the San Fernando Valley are terrible.

For me, it was fine when I was young and working in LA proper, but now that I've married and had children... there is no question that Valencia is the place to be. When I first moved here, I was struck by how friendly everyone was... I was jaded by living in the SF Valley for too long. Most people that live in Santa Clarita commute into the city because they want a better quality of life. The commute is a drag, but it's all up to individual choice.
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Seven years ago I moved to Valencia. I absolutely love it and don't regret it for one moment. Valencia and the surrounding cities are a great place to raise a family. Our schools are top notch. Lots of wonderful things to do in our community.

Check out the crime in Sherman Oaks vs. Valenica. That might tell you a lot.

Good luck.

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Cheryl Garner, Mortgage Expert
Fairview Mortgage Capital, Inc.
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So many factors need to be taken in in order to answer this question adequately. First of all Santa Clarita is very established. We have very healthy employment, great schools, and lots of things to see and do. With that being said our town is geared towards families. If you are a single guy Santa Clarita might not be for you. Location is something always to consider when buying property especially if you are buying it to live in and not an investment. You should take into consideration if the location is right for your life style.
It's not that Sherman Oaks is more expensive because is more established but because of it's proximity to Los Angeles and the Ocean. Santa Clarita is further inland so that is why you can get more for your money.
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You will find that it costs more to buy in the developed areas. In general where commerce is flourishing, residential is also. When buying a house, you have to look a few years further down the line , Which one will be a better value then ? is more important than the present value. When values will go up, everything will go up, the ones that are higher now will go even higher in a few years.
But this is only when it comes to financial values. There are many other factors when choosing a location. I like what Tony wrote because a community is made out of people and if people like where they live they will be motivated to make it even better. This is a factor that surpasses all economical factors. It really has to do with the quality of life in that area, which very often does not equal with the financial benefits of a specific neighborhood. and then again, it is good to ask around for advice but ultimately, you are the one to decide ... unless your partner does...

Good Luck!

Muriel Levin, realtor
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Valencia, California may be the best place to live for all Americans. This pre-planned community is one of the safest in the USA and one of the cleanest as well. The schools are among the best in California and people seem genuinely happy. No one seem to care about judging others but more into enjoying life. This suburb of Los Angeles is only 32 miles from downtown Los Angeles but feels more like a mid-west town. Millions visit annually due to major events such as the Senior Tour event of the PGA at the Valencia Country Club, the Amgen Tour, Cowboy Poets festival and annual marathon. Other major draws and benefits are Six Flags Magic Mountain, Hurricane Harbor Water Park, TPC at Valencia Golf Course and the Paseo Tennis and Swim Club. Others come for the Westfield Town Center Mall and a choice of most of the major restaurants. The home are set up in fantasy communities built around different themes such as Bridgeport around the man-made-lake, Westridge around the TPC Golf Course, the Summit build on a hill with incredible pools, tennis courts, canyon walking trails and an 82 acre park, The Woodlands around Valencia Country Club and Tesoro Del Valle around another pre-planned community with schools, parks, pools, tennis and a man-made-lake. Northbridge and North Park are other beautiful communities within Valencia as well as Creekside and Alta Vista. There are the original Valencia communities of Old Orchard and Tempo that give a whole different flavor to this unique community. There is a major hospital and Saugus Speedway which holds a Swap Meet weekly, Farmers Market, College of the Canyons and Cal Arts are great educational institutions. I love life in Valencia you will too!
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I like your question and most of the answers. You are asking the right way, now just take it to the next step.

I recommend that you interview a couple of Realtors, one in each area, and analyze your situation. Personally I use a buyer questionaire that really helps me and my buyers focus on their priorities. I had one client thank me for providing it. He said he never realized that his wife was really in charge!

So if you need assistance or a referral (I do not work the areas you mention, although I have opinions!) I'd be happy to refer you to a top agent in those areas.
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
This really depends on what your priorities are. It's like asking what is better, a two-passenger sports car or a minivan that has the same price? Well are you single or are you married with 3 children? Or choice between a sandwich or a juice - are you hungry or thirsty?

Do you allow heavy traffic to ruin your day or do you see it as an opportunity for you to listen to your favorite CD or talk show? Do you mind getting up 30 minutes to an hour earlier than usual just to avoid the morning rush? I've read what someone said about the situation of I-5 and CA-14, but I don't think the 101 and 405 is any better.

Is your priority your family? Do you have children or planning on having some?

These are just some of the questions my wife and I thought of and answered when we moved to Santa Clarita from Tarzana and for years we commuted from Valencia to Woodland Hills (then we moved to Canyon Country and were still commuting to Woodland Hills). We did not mind the commute at all - a small price to pay (if you can call it that) for the caliber of education our kids are getting, not to mention safety.

Read my answer on another question that has to do with Santa Clarita here:

Good luck!
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I was raised in the San Fernando Valley, went to high school in Sherman Oaks, I am third generation native of Los Angeles. I now live in Simi Valley. I think there is value in Santa Clarita, Santa Clarita is a nice place..........................BUT what you really need to consider is that the 5 freeway that runs through Santa Clarita is the main artery for California. The NorCal-SoCal commerce traffic will always be there and will never go away.

Next the commuter traffic is awful and there are thousands of new homes to be built out past Magic Mountain in the future. The highway system simply cannot handle the development planned for that area.

Next the 14 carries all the traffic from the high desert and jams that traffic stream into the Santa Clarita Traffic entering Los Angeles. All of this will get worse as time goes on. Unless Santa Clarita has a proximity to your job that makes sense, the positives of the community get killed by the transporttion issues that plague that area.

Simi Valley for example is very similar in comunity to Santa Clarita. Law enforcement, fire fighters etc. all make Simi Valley a place for their families too. Simi is off the 118 which is not a major transportation artery for the state or area. Ventura county has growth control measures and is anti urban sprawl orientated, so future development will impact traffic and transportation a fraction of what Santa Clarita will see.

Depending on where you work both communities might just be the same driving distance to your work.

Ted Mackel
Keller Williams Realty
Simi Valley
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Santa Clarita definitely has a different lifestyle than Sherman Oaks, so your decision should be based on what your needs are rather than whether you should buy cheaper houses in Valencia vs fixers in a more expensive area like Sherman Oaks.

Santa Clarita is definitely more family-oriented than Sherman Oaks, with more parks and open space, walking trails, and better schools as well as a safer environment overall. There's a reason why law enforcement officers live in Santa Clarita - they want to be sure that their families are safe and happy while they're at work.

We're finding that many buyers are moving to the Santa Clarita area because they are tired of the rat-race, higher crime levels, lower quality schools and gridlock in the San Fernando Valley. The commute is definitely a factor for many of these buyers, but they have determined that they'd rather come home to a safer, cleaner neighborhood rather than having a shorter drive to work.

If you're looking for more info on the Santa Clarita area, as well as home searches by neighborhood, visit my blog at http://SantaClaritaRealEstateBlog.com.
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Santa Clarita has definitely a different vibe to it. It's very family oriented and you can get more bang for your buck out there. I'm finding more and more people are opting to live out there because it's much safer and they feel they don't have to constantly worry about ther child's safety.

Sherman Oaks is a great city no doubt and it's definitely accessible to major freeways but more than likely you're not going to get as much square footage. If you're looking for custom built homes they do have an area in Valencia known as Westridge where people have purchased a piece of land and have custom built their homes.

Definitely consider your commute to work, especially with gas prices so high these days.

I was actually in the same vote and ended up in Valencia. But of course I'm newly married and I'm looking for a family oriented community.

Best of luck - I hope this helps.
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Everything is a trade off. Where do you work? What will your commute be like? I know the commute down the 5 is hellish during rush hour. Will you have the time and the money to put into a remodel in Sherman Oaks? All things being equal, I beleive Sherman Oaks is a better bet. However, in the long run, the Sherman Oaks home will cost you more with the remodel....yet your appreciation will most likely be greater.
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