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My realtor wants me to pay for inspection before we go to contract.

Asked by MLVMHoldings, Hampton Bays, NY Fri Dec 7, 2012

It seems like a potential waste of my money if the seller is not commited to the price. Any thoughts?

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Hi MLVMHoldings,

I would never have one of my buyers do any inspections before having a contract signed by all parties - unless they have money they just want to potentially throw away. And, if this is a short sale, I wouldn't have my buyer do any inspections until we had written approval from all lenders. I'm not sure if doing inspections before you have a ratified contract is normal in NY, but in CA we usually wait until we have a contract signed by all parties (and written approval from all lenders if a short sale). Ultimately, it is your decision.

Shanna Rogers
SR Realty
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In this area, it is customary to do an inspection before contract; however if you prefer not to, consult with your attorney and ask for a contract clause.
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BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD IDEA!!! While you're scheduling your inspection, or even at it, the Sellers could still accept another offer as you never had a binding contract with them! Here in NH and I'm quite certain most states, if there are issues with the inspections you can ask seller to repair them, re-negotiate the selling price or,if seller doesn't want to fix them, in a worse case scenario, if buyer and seller can't agree, the Buyers escrow should be returned to them after all parties sign the necessary release of escrow forms. FAHGEDBABOUT IT!
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Is your agent working for you exclusively or working for you and the seller?

There is no way a buyer should pay for an inspection on a property prior to having a fully executed
purchase agreement.


Best of Luck to YOU,
Kawain Payne, Realtor
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i was told you MUST get an inspection done on a SHORT SALE IN NEW YORK because if you make an offer,and its accepted,you cany back out..i went through this TWICE!!!!!
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Sorry but your advice is wrong in New York.
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It is not an unusual request. "It is advised to spend a little now, instead of ending up loosing a lot in the end." Having an inspection done prior to going into contract can help you save time, money and bring light to any negative and/or harmful issues.

I hope this answered your question! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me by the ways below.

Wishing you all the best,

De Vonte Williamson , LSA
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not A WASTE! IS IT THE BEST THING TO DO if you are interested in knowing what kind of conditioin
the roof , the electrical, the plumbing etc. 95% of people do it≥ FDo you know if the house has aluminum wiring. Do you know if the plywood on the roof i s black on the inside? Don't be a fool!
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a price is agreed upon before going into contract and inspection is usally done within 10 days of agreement. However there might be some problems with the property which would indicate an inspection before price is agreed on. It is difficult to tell the sellers they have to reduce their price after one is agreed on if there are problems with the proeprty. They usually dont want to reduce their price or fix the issues. An inspection before price is agreed upon is a negotiating tool for a property with issues. Did you ask your agent why they want this inspection done before a price is agreed on.
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Shame on me but I don't have an agent. Icalledthe selling agent directly so she wouldn't have to split her commission. Days passed so I finally reached an agent who returned calls. I asked him if he would represent me -- its a simple, straightforward cash purchase. After showing me the property he told me we was a "co-broker" (a different agency and never said anything beforehand) and if I wanted an agent to negot. for me, I would have to call someone else.
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I definitely recommend to ALL my buyers to get an inspection..we do a 10 day option period during which time we get the inspection out the way. You never know what may be wrong with the house, so it is best to find out now rather than later!
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From reading the rest of the responses, it is apparent that Realtors who are licensed outside of NY are not aware of NY practice.

If you do not wish to inspect before, be sure your attorney writes a clause in the contract allowing you out of the deal if the inspection results do not meet with your expectations.

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Thank you Gail. Great, sound advice.
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Do you have an accepted offer? It is customary to inspect before going to contract in case something you cannot live with comes to light. It is really in your best interest.
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Is this on a short sale??? This is becoming a common request on short sales so you have some investment in the deal and won't be as likely to walk away while waiting for a response from the lender on the short sale offer.
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That is typical and in many cases their attormey tells them not to draw up contracts until after the inspection since in many cases buyers try to re-negociate a price when the inspectors point out specific things during the inspection. If you have any questions feel free to call me. 631-827-4452.
John Tocco
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Buyers will sometimes opt to do this when they're likely to be in competition with other buyers. It depends on how much you want the place and how competitive a situation you're in. It's something to consider when there will likely be multiple offers. It enables you to drop the inspection contingency - something other buyers might be willing to do whether or not they've had an inspection.
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This is an effective negotiating tool for some instances. If there are concerns with the condition of the home then this may make sense. I have had success with home buyers who have contracted with me as a Buyers Agent. We have inspected the home and found the concerns. Then we established a negotiate path based on this information as well as other factors dependant on each situation. When I am presenting the offer to the seller/sellers agent the terms of the offer are based on facts. This can eliminate the issue where the seller accepts an offer and then the inspection report creates a strong price negotiation from the buyers. The sellers of course will look to stay with the original price agreement. I have had buyers find an inspection ahead of an offer has been financially prudent for specific propertties. Negotiations are specific to each round and each home, there is not a cookie cutter answer to success.
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If you sign a contract & then have an inspection completed that shows major issues with the property you have no room for price negotiations. You should have an idea by now if the seller will accept your offer & what type of flexibility there is.
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Thank you to all who took the time to share your professional experience with me. I think eveyone agrees there should be at a minimum a signed purchase agreement before the inspection is conducted. The realtor (who in reality is a co-broker and not "my" realtor) wants it done prior to writing up any offer. In any case, thanks for all the advice. I am looking at future purchases in NY State and California and will keep the names from this thread. Thanks again.
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I'd say it would depend on who the seller is. Some bank owned homes expect you to have done any inspections before making an offer and any new ones are for informational purposes only. There has to be a reason for your agents advice.
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To the California agents, you shouldn't answer location specific questions unless you have knowledge of the way things are done in a particular area. On Long Island the process is offer- accepted offer- inspection- contract. It's perfectly normal here and the way things are done to have an inspection before contract. Once you have a contract you are incurring legal fees, having the inspection before the contract saves you on wasting time and money on an attorney for a house that you may or may not want after an inspection and it lets you adjust your offer according to the findings of the inspection.
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It is in your best interest to have the inspection before signing contract. Unless you are willing to sign a contract with no contingencies based on inspection it won't matter if you sign contract first.
The reason for doing the inspection first is to find out first if there are any issues with the house that may change the contract or even change your mind about buying.
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Thank you to everyone for helping me out with this question. I am offering the seller an amount below the asking price. The contingency in the offer is that the home pass an inspection by the inspector of my choosing. On the walk-through, I asked about the water stains on the ceiling and the seller (who was present) said "oh, that's alright, I just hit it with a stick." Huh? I don't even know what that means! I can't see why on Earth I should pay out $500-$1,000 for a home inspection if the seller may have no intention whatsoever of meeting my offer or meeing me half-way. I have never paid for an inspection before comig to terms in the past and if doing so is the new "trend," I think it's a bad one. But thank you to all for your honest input.
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