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My Buyers Agent is rude and condescending towards me. What can I do?I have already spoken to him about it but his answer is, "I have been

Asked by Beach Bum, 19801 Sun May 29, 2011

honest/fair" I did all the leg work in finding the perfect home. I contacted a B.A. and he showed me the home. I decided to purchase it. About a week after the offer was accepted, my BA has been quite condescending and rude towards me. He speaks in circles and is very pushy. I call to ask a question & he never calls back, but tells me he is busy listing/showing other homes and to email him my question. Then never answered my question. I have been double checking everything he does twice, since there are a few things he told me that I found out were not true and could cost me more money. He is constantly calling my lender and feels that only he should be giving my lender my inspection reports. My inspector forwarded all past emails I have had with him to agent w/out my knowledge. My agent was extremely rude where it brought me to tears. It did not phase him one bit. I have contacted broker which never called back, its too late in the deal to get another B.A. What can I do?

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Well, BB, we don't know you well enough to recommend a communication plan.

My personal advice to you is to ask a friend to accompany you on the walk through - give her/him a list of things you want to check out, so you don't forget or become intimidated in any way.

Then, after closing . . . with all sincerity, I would like suggest that you read "The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense." In my experience, when people feel as if others are condescending, it's because they are presenting themselves in an overly passive manner, and when people take the license to be rude with you, it is because they sense that you are hesitant to defend yourself.

I don't think you have to change, or become preemptively rude in self-defense. I do want you to be aware that one reason that very few agents are rude and condescending is because their clients will "set them straight from the get-go," and aren't often reduced to tears.

Objectively speaking, BB, they work for you, and if anybody should be reduced to tears because of a verbal onslaught, it should have been the agent.

All the very best,
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Ron Thomas, I understand where your coming from, but I'm not condemning him for doing his job. Instead of worrying about my inspection, shouldn't he be worrying about six different wrong answers he has given me? One almost cost me 1% of the sale because of lack of knowledge that a BA should have, the second was directing me to a contractor instead of an inspector to have inspections completed. Thirds was telling me to go ahead and have the inspections completed before the signed contract was in hand and three others that I don't have time explaining to you. I'm not making this up, if that's what your implying. He has no children, is not married and the broker is not his parents, which I know for a fact. His car is newer than mine. I have not told him he was unintelligent, however, he told me that. I do not believe anyone should be treated this way, especially someone who is working for me. This is far from pleasure, but in my case, all work. Maybe I should just hand him my Social Security number for his file as well? I came on here for some help, not to be insulted by yet another agent. Thanks for you help anyway and have a great weekend.
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Not only is this agent's demeanor and actions troubling but I am also bothered by the fact that the broker hasn't returned your calls.

I would go to the office in person. Have everything written down and documented as thoroughly as possible and calmly explain everything you have told here.

I am also wondering about why your agent is constantly calling your lender and why your inspector, someone who is paid by you, would be forwarding your past emails to your agent. The whole thing just sounds wrong somehow.

I don't mean to put salt in the wounds but this is a prime example why it is so important to thoroughly interview as many agents as it takes until you find one who you feel comfortable with do right by you. Obviously this agent falls way short.

So sorry for this experience: something that should be exciting and a good experience has obviously turned into anything but. Definitely not the way it should be.
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Call the office at which they work and ask to speak to the broker in charge and tell them that you demand another agent be immediately assigned to you and that under no circumstances is your current agent to receive any commission on this sale. Tell them exactly what you've written here and tell them that you are filing a written complaint with your states Real Estate Commission about the agent. Let them know you will file a complaint against them as well should they not immediately agree to your demands.

Be prepared to detail all your problems in the complaint to the real estate commission.
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Most states license laws have buyer brokerage agreements that can be terminated by either party. The legal real estate term is estrangement. If he creeps you out or blows you off, you have a right to fire your agent. Your agency agreement is with the broker and you can get reassigned to another agent in the office or threaten to jump offices. Be rude right back at him! It's a Delaware thing, less friendly than Jersey. Tell everyone you know who he is and ruin him locally. I agree that you should formally tell lender to cut him off from all communications. This guy is crazy! We are in a referral business and a bad reference is worse than no reference at all
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Beach Bum,
When just days from closing you should be having 'First Date Shivers' rather than the anxiety of distrust. Certainly I do wish your situation was different.

Tell, has your real estate agent added anything beneficial in this process? How long have you been working together? Home many homes have you looked at? Has your agent previewed homes on your behalf? Would you know if your agent did or didn't? Was negotiation necessary to get the price and terms you wanted? Was you agent present for inspection and appraisal for strategic reasons of benefit to you? Do you understand what that strategic benefit was? Has the purchase proceeded as expected and on schedule? Did problems surface that were easily resolved because of the capability and resources of your agent?

Hopefully, in looking at the process involved in finally getting to the closing table, you will find reason and ability to celebrate rather than retaliate. It is my hope you are able to release this experience and not allow it to hamper your new life in your new community.

In each of our lives we encounter individuals who challenge us to summons the very best within us. It is always a 'why me' despair, but upon emerging from shadows of doubt, we come to grips with the reality it was always about our journey!
Congrats on your new home.
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I am still trying to wrap my brain around Mr. Thomas's answer. And I really can't.

Why would someone make up a "scenario" which has no basis in reality? I mean, is this an effort to justify rude, unprofessional behavior?

My feeling is we all have difficulties in life. If our difficulties interfere with our ability to do our job, to be professional, to be courteous and affect our job so negatively that it has a negative impact on something as huge as a house purchase, that person needs to take a hiatus or perhaps retire. There is simply no excuse for this.

With that being said, Beach Bum's agent could be doing just fine and dandy in life and still acting in an inexcusable manner.

"Relax, it's not business, it's just pleasure." I have no idea to what that is referring but from what I know for most people, buying a home is very much business and if there is any pleasure involved, Beach Bum's agent has totally taken that away.
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Hi Beach Bum,

Sorry you are having such an unpleasant experience purchasing your home. Try contacting the Broker again. If that doesn't work, contact your agent's/Broker's Real Estate Association and file a complaint. You can also file a complaint with the state department that issues Real Estate licenses in your state.

Shanna Rogers
SR Realty
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Hopefully the broker will call you back and correct the situation.
And hopefully you'll be closing in less than 30 days so you can move on.
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Hello Beach Bum,
I'm truly sorry to hear of the bad experiences that you are having with your agent. If you can't get the Broker to return your calls then I suggest visiting your agent's office and request to speak with the office leader/Broker about your agent's behavior. If the Broker is unavailable then ask to speak with his boss.
I also advise you to file a complaint with your agent's local Board of Realtors. If the agent is found to be in any violation then he could be fined or have his license suspended.
Hope this is helpful.
Good luck to you!

Laura Feghali
Prudential Connecticut Realty
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Contact the broker again.

It sounds like--at best--a personality mismatch here. And there's no excuse for your agent not returning phone calls or e-mails.

At this point, it's likely too late to change agencies. But perhaps not agents. Talk to the broker.

Good luck.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Burke, VA
It sounds that communication was just terrible between you two.
What a terrible buying experience!

Let's go over some things you mentioned.
The biggest issue here is that your agent didn't explain his suggestions to you correctly.

An example: suggesting consulting contractors - who often are
extremely helpful in evaluating the costs and possible other potential issues with the property -
it is a very good suggestion. If there are problems, you do want to find them out during the inspection period, and get out of the deal, if necessary. Inspectors have certain limitations as to what they can do/say, and they are often wrong on the costs or repairs (they are not contractors).

Emails are also better for the both of you - it's a record that can not be disputed.
It's protecting your interests, and it is protecting your agent's side of story.

Sometimes, people do inspections and make their offer afterwards, especially in a short sale or foreclosure transaction. If this was a normal sale - then yes, inspection should have been done after the last initial was put in on your contract/purchase and sales agreement (depending on the state you are in).

The main person who could help you immediately, is your agent's broker.
If he/she does not respond, send them a registered mail letter explaining this situation and requesting an immediate meeting. If there is no responce after the letter, it is time to call your state's real estate commission's office and ask for their help/guidance. You can also hire an attorney.

I'm very sorry that your buying experience was such a mess!
I do hope that from this point on things will be better for you!

Hope this helps,

Irina Karan
Beachfront Realty, Inc.
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My two cents...
Congratulations on closing the deal with the same agent.
There's two sides to a coin and as an agent I want to hear the other side.
All the comments and recommendations are commendable.

However, you're not alone in your d\ilemma. Where can you
get a license without a degree except in Real Estate. As long
as you pass the Real EState exam you can work as a Realtor.
Best of luck to everyone.

Roberto Gosim
Century 21 Action!
CA DRE Lic#: 01362188
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Home buyers should go to Naeba.org to find an agent. The National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents.

Exclusive Buyers Agents never list property and only represent home buyers. This agent was a Fake "buyers agent". Sorry you got treated poorly.
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jane, in South Florida we all mostly work as transaction brokers rather than representing one side or the other. In my experience (31+ years), one either has a sense of customer service & ethics or not no matter what you call yourself. If one wishes to remain successful and grow a business, a customer needs to be treated with honesty, respect and commitment to service. Without that, your reputation will catch up to you and your business will be doomed. Then, again, if one does not have the right attitude about service, then that agent should not be in business anyway. As a transaction broker, it is my concern to be honest & above board on all sides and if I want my customer/buyer to call me when ready to sell, I'd better give good service when they are buying! I like working as a transaction broker & dealing with the same type of agent on the other side. If the other agent is ethical & understands the role of transaction broker, I feel that things go so much smoother as we are all working toward the same goal: a smooth, amicable transaction and happy closing. No one takes sides - we just all try to get things done honestly & ethically.
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Find a True Exclusive Buyers Agent who does not list homes or work with sellers in any capacity. You will see big difference in the entire scope of your real estate home buying experience.
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I would thank my lucky stars that the deal got done at all. Real Estate never goes down as planned, and personalities can mess up really great deals.

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Congratulations on finally closing! It is a shame that the experience was so unpleasant but since you are not a first-time home buyer you understand that not all agents are alike - and that is a good thing. I think I would be careful about Angies list - anyone can sue for anything & I don't think it would be worth it to get into that kind of situation. A letter to the Board of Realtors will probably not get you anywhere because there is no governance for rudeness but it might make you feel better . . . and if there are others who have had the same experience then, who knows, enough complaints might prompt some action but I doubt it. Writing a letter to the broker doesn't seem to be of any help either since the broker apparently was as unresponsive as the agent so your best recourse is the just tell everyone you know . . . and then get past it & enjoy your new home!
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I am sorry to hear these kind of comments but I know what you mean. You can put a formal complaint against the agent with the local board of realtors or the real estate commission. The real estate commission is the more severe of the two and in your case I would call the real estate commission and get direction from them. (302) 744-4500. Best of luck to you. Ken
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Angie's List is the perfect place to air your grievances.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
Thank You everyone for your answers. I finally closed on the property. The broker was no help at all. I actually contacted her quite a few times with no response. I was afraid of retaliation from my buyers agent towards the end of this deal. I'm just happy I never have to deal with her again. I am quite upset still with the way this panned out and plan on writing a letter to the Board of Realtors. I am also giving them a review on angieslist

At final walk through, my buyers agent showed up 30 minutes late. We didn't think he was going to show at all. We were late for closing. Having purchased homes in the past, this was the first home purchase I have made where my agent did not give me a housewarming anything. Not even a thank you card. Maybe things have changed, but I did take the real estate classes 4 years back and it was taught to us that it was good etiquette. Instead, he sent me an email telling me how many hours and emails he had logged on my entire sale. Too bad, I had him beat, I logged more time than he did. He actually said that he didn't make that much for the time he put into it. My question to all of you now is, can I get into trouble for rating them on angielist? I do not need a slander lawsuit but I feel others should be aware of this company and especially this buyers agent.
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I agree with the answer posted by Larry below...there is no excuse for that treatment. You paid for the inspection report, it is YOURS. Contact the Broker again, or show up at the office to discuss personally with him your dilemma. I am sorry to hear your experience, it is inexcusable.
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Another Agent in the same office is the best I can think of!
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Tim, You are so right about following the rules! It would be a mess - and, I must say, there is such potential for a mess. There are so many agents out there who have no clue as to what "ethics" means. Unfortunately, we have to learn to deal with it. There are also those agents (I'm sure you have run into them as have we) who are in it for the game & once they've "won" (gone to contract) they are on to their next conquest and cannot be bothered seeing their current deal through to the end. My feeling is, if the agent give the customer the service and attention they need, then the customer would never feel the need to turn elsewhere. It sounds as though you understand the term "Service". I love a quote that I saw: "Customer service is not a department - it is an attitude!"
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From my experience in sales, whether it be Real Estate, recruiting, or IT services, the customer is always right stands true. In recruiting, we used to have arguments because someone stole a recruit and my boss would rule in favor of the recruit, whatever was best for the recruit and our organization.
Personally, I do not sign buyer agreements, the only reason to do it, is so that the buyer believes they can't go with another agent. It is a shame what other agents tell people they can do for them sometimes and they will take your client, if they can. All I could do in the past is kick myself and figure out a way to ensure it didn't happen again.

Truth be told, I haven't seen many buyer's agents bring their client to court for not sticking to the agreement. It would give us a bad name and make us look petty. A buyer could truly go to the attorney handling settlement and ask them to enter a new agent and change all of the forms for the transaction. If the original agent had a buyer's agreement, the new agent and previous agent might be in front of the real estate commission down the road., but the sales contract and the dates within are still binding between the buyer and the seller.

I do agree with what you are saying, the buyer always has the right to contact the listing agent. Whether the listing agent will handle it according to their state's licensing rules, is up to the listing agent. Often times, when I am working with a buyer purchasing a new home, the listing agent and builder end up working closely with us.

I am not saying it's wrong, but according to our state's laws, the listing agent is not supposed to offer the buyer advice or help, without the selling agent in the loop. I don't believe every rule we have is right, but I can only imagine how it would be if we didn't have any rules.
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Tim, you may be right for Delaware. In Florida we do not usually have buyers agents - just transaction brokers who represent the transaction rather than the buyer or seller. Ethically, we should never contact another agent's buyer or seller; however, if that buyer is not getting the service necessary to see a transaction to closing, I see no reason that the buyer cannot contact the listing agent as long as it is the buyer who initiates the contact. Again, I am speaking from a Transaction Broker's position. I suppose that, in this case, with the buyer being in Delaware, he/she should contact the Real Estate Commission or whoever your governing body is and find out exactly how to proceed. This should all be about the buyer & seller and not the agents. I say, whatever gets it closed is in their best interest. Personally, I think I prefer being a transaction agent rather than a single agent for just this very reason. Our laws changed about 10 years ago after going through many transitions - for years, agency was not addressed, then we had the choice of single agent, dual agent, transaction broker - now our standard is transaction. Nevertheless, we always look out for the interest of both sides regardless of which side we are on. It seems to keep us honest & open (in a perfect world, of course! - not all agents comply nor do they always understand their role!)
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In addition, I am not sure if it is different in Florida, but in Delaware, the listing agent is not allowed to speak to the buyer without the selling agent's permission or knowledge. That is why it is best that another agent is assigned to see this through to settlement. The agency laws in Delaware don't allow me to approach another agent's client, if they are working with one. In addition, if a buyer working with an agent approaches me to ask questions and I know they are working with another agent, I am not supposed to talk with them. I am supposed to refer them back to their agent.
However, if a buyer is not satisfied with what they are hearing from their agent and they ask me what they should do, I will refer them to the agent's broker or the Delaware real estate commission.
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Beach bum, I am an agent in Delaware and have seen this happen within brokerages. The best way to handle it, is to speak with his/her broker. Typically, the broker will assign another agent to see you through to settlement and work out an agreement between the agent and the agent that completes the transaction. You are not stuck with that agent!

I had to take some personal time and was unable to give the attention to my clients they needed last year. I worked out an agreement with my broker, he handled my clients and I paid him standard referral fees. I have paid agents by the hour to take care of tasks with clients I am working with. All in all, there are many ways to handle the situation, but the best beginning is to talk to the broker. If that doesn't address the situation, you can go to the Delaware real estate commission. This is a customer service business and whether in Delaware or California, we have an obligation to keep our clients happy. Good luck.
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As an additional suggestion to my previous posting, if the selling agent is willing to step & see this to closing, I would suggest that your agent not even be contacted. If he wants to know what is going on, let him call; otherwise, ask the listing agent to not contact him - just have his check sent from the closing. You probably do not need him or want him at the walk-through or closing. If he calls, tell him so. Tell him that he is not to show up & instruct your closing agent not to let him in. Sounds drastic but that is what I would do - then watch him pitch his hissy-fit. You might want your video camera ready to preserve it so that, once it is all over, you can laugh at him! :) (Well, maybe I'm getting a little bit vindictive! I just don't like people like that & have very little tolerance for such attitudes!)
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It is so sad when this happens. Unfortunately, if you are already into the contract you are stuck with this agent. The only thing you can do is just to ignore this agent and go directly to the listing agent for anything you need. The listing agent has just as much at stake in getting the contract to closing and, if the listing agent is a true professional (as, apparently, your agent is not!), he/she will step in and take over. In the long run, it will benefit that agent in more ways than just getting this to close. I am in Florida & here we usually work as Transaction Brokers where we represent the transaction rather than the buyer or seller. It does not take away for our loyalty to either side or our efforts to treat everyone with honesty & integrity but it does remove us from taking sides and forces us (which is a good thing!) into doing what is best for all parties. I have, in the past, had to step in & take over for a buyer even though I am the listing agent & another agent has brought the buyer. It is what we sometimes have to do to ensure a smooth and successful closing. Some agents just cannot seem to follow through & as angry & frustrating as it is, it gets the job done. I assure you, if the listing agent does this, you will remember that agent when it comes time to sell this house and move on. Give it a try - it seems to be your best bet. The listing agent will be better at dealing with an unprofessional, rude, obnoxious agent than you are & it will be much less stressful for you.
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I would write a letter to the department of real estate and make sure your agent and his broker get a copy.
Your agent has a fiduciary reposnibility to you, and I would spell that out to the DRE. I guarantee you will
get a response and hopefully better service.

DAVID COOPER Foreclosure and Bank Owned REO Investor-Las Vegas. Ask for your freee list +1-7024997037 or check website
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sorry, that is not true. you already signed with this agent he already submitted your offer. this agent will get paid if you buy this home.

you need to take it up with the local real estate board. did you ask him for a reduction in commission? Or is the commission really small? doesnt make sense.

Hate to say it but some sales people are in sales just for the commission not for the customer service. I would go to the real estate office and talk to the broker dont call .

Sorry about your experience. An agent gets paid to bring in a buyer this agent has done that. Unless your laws are different there that is the way it is here in CA.
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Every agent has a broker and every broker has competition, you need to tell his broker that you will not do business with him or her any longer, that in order to buy a home you need not have an agent, a sellers agent would be very happy to have both ends of a commission. You need to tell the broker for this good agent that if they talk down to you, they make you feel less of a person, that they run you in circles and then think they can push you around, then you can retract you offer, you can go to another realty and re-offer, and you can totally bypass these rude professionals and give that commission to someone that treats you with more respect! I would also advise you to send an ethics complaint to the local board or association of Realtors
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Contact the broker immediately
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Beach Bum,
I would like to say that you did the right thing by trying to contact the broker, but I would sit down and actually write a letter to the broker about your experience with this agent. It is very unfortunate that customer service is not what it used to be and that is on all occupations, not just realtors. I have always gone over and above for my clients because buying a home is very complicated and a big decision. When I take a client out to see a home, I make it fun and exciting, as it should be but then when they actually do decide to buy a home, I guide them the whole way, so they have as little stress as possible. After all a realtors job is not complete until closing and many times even after closing. Lastly your realtor obviously does not care about his reputation because our job does depend on customer satisfaction for referrals. WRITE THAT LETTER....so it does not happen to anyone else. By the way it is never too late to ask for another agent to finish the deal. Don't let this sour the excitement you should be feeling right now.....remember you JUST BOUGHT A HOME....how thrilling for you and CONGRATS!!!
Diane Lodrago of Weichert Realtors in Wayne, NJ
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Hi Beach Bum,
This is a very difficult situation for sure. My suggestion is that you again try to sit the agent down and speak to him and the Broker he works with. Explain the situation and ask that the broker have him be more responsive to your request or to have another agent replace him and sit in his place until the property closes.
Other than that I really don' t know what to tell you.

Good luck
Bob Wiley
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This jerk's behavior is simply inexcusable. If you walk away from the transaction you may lose your deposit. There is no contingency in the purchase agreement about rude agents, unfortunately. If I were you, I would put him in his place. With people like this, tears will not work- you have to come from a position of utter disregard and contempt for him with consequences that will hurt him financially if he continues his behavior. Stare him in the eye and tell him YOU hired him, if he doesn't perform his duties properly, you will file complaints with his board of Realtors, the state DRE, and you will tell everyone you know about his behavior. You will also tell every real estate agent you know that his is difficult to work with and they shouldn't do business with him. If you know where he shops, goes to church, etc, tell him you will go there and tell them how rude and unprofessional he is. Lastly, you may want to throw out that you have spoken to your good friend, who's an attorney and you are considering filing a legal complaint against him. People like this prey on weakness and if you come back very strong, he may back off. It sounds like he has anti-social personality disorder, i.e., a sociopath.

Good luck, and I'm sorry you had to go through this experience.
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Contact your broker again by email and not phone. Encouage him to have another personable and knowledgeable agent finish the transaction with you.
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Ah good solution! I would ask the Broker to step in to complete the walk through and to go to the closing or to give you another Agent in the office. Communicate via email and also cc the Broker so that they always have to answer in a timely manner. Takes stress off of you and puts it on the Broker . Wishing you a smooth closing and hope you enjoy your new Home!
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I do appreciate everyone's input. I plan on contacting the broker again tomorrow and stopping by the office. I am trying to avoid the Real Estate Commission as I am not looking for monetary damages and a long drawn out investigation.

I can not change agents at this time since it is pretty close to closing at this point. I have tried speaking with my BA about his actions however, it did not phase him. I realize some people do not have people skills. However, at this point, how do I finish out the next few weeks with this agent? How does everyone feel I should communicate, in person or via email? Or should I see if a broker can step in for certain steps such as walk through?

Thanks in advance.
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I would like to remind my fellow agents that being rude is not an actionable offense, and neither is being condescending.

I would also like to suggest that neither action can necessarily be determined objectively. For example, you might now feel as if I am being condescending, or rude - or not, as the case may be.

But our OP has other complaints, all of which they should feel comfortable discussing with their agent. "You told me this, but now it's that" is a valid complaint. The discussion over giving the lender the inspection report, and the agent's having a private correspondence with the inspector including the client's emails.

And maybe, just maybe, some discretion can be been used in the instance where a poster has a complaint about the real estate community? Perhaps Ms. Winn's post was somewhat non-conforming, but maybe this wasn't the time or place to call her out on it?
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I agree Ms Winn's answer was not helpful at all. Anyone could have done that! I live right where Beach Bum is and did not even dare to do something that was NOT going to be helpful to their plight! Do the list and call the board tomorrow about making the complaint. If they are really that rude you will not be the first complaint! They need to start to do their job correctly! They make the job hard for all of us!
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Well, Beach Bum, I know you're distressed, so try organizing your thoughts - maybe take a sheet of paper and make columns such as "things that weren't true," and "things that could cost me money" and "things he said that were insulting" . . .

Once you have this list, look at whether these things are going to actually cost you money, or not - because, for the most part, "official" complaints usually look at whether there was any monetary damage. Also, it helps you determine whether the actual monetary damage is worth taking action over.

On the other columns, gee, the rude and condescending thing is tough. It seems to me that there's a real mismatch in personality types - the agent may well be borderline autistic or Asbergers, and you are an especially sensitive individual.

I think it's good that you've had the chance to express your feelings, and I also think that, essentially, Phil is correct - the most important objective is that you get your perfect home, move in, and go on about your life.

I would like to add that I would prefer to negotiate with the lender as to how much of the inspection report needs to be turned over. Here, it is customary for the inspector to send a copy of the inspection report to the agent, I don't know what the customs are where you are.

So, trying to be objective about this, I don't think there's much you can do about the agent being condescending. Rude, probably not, either. Lying to you, much more likely. Damaging you financially, much more certainly.

All the best,
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Wow you are actually in a tight spot. You could report the Agent to the board! Call the New Castle County Board of Realtors. They will give you directions on what steps to take. Your Agent works for you and will be compensated for it. It really is unusually for a Broker to not return a call for a complaint. Sorry this happened to you. Realtors live for referrals most don't want unhappy customers. Other than that and trying to find out what is going on with your Realtor I would just try to discuss with your attorney. I do think that you are stuck. Glad that sale is nearing completion. Just want to go on record to say that 98% of Realtors are not like that.
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