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John Torro, Home Buyer in Houston, TX

Megatel Homes cuts serious corners and has a very poor warranty record?

Asked by John Torro, Houston, TX Thu Sep 10, 2009

We are relocating to DFW and a colleague said to stay away from Megatel Homes. She said they cut corners in a big way? The product looks ok, does anyone else have any input?

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My husband and I currently live in a Megatel home (going on 30 days now) and we are so disappointed. We have had nothing but problems and yes, the homes look gorgeous but they cut corners and hire cheap laborers that do awful work. Stay away, far away. We thought we would love our home but now we hate it and cannot wait to move. Very sad, I cry nearly everyday because it is just issue after issue.
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Stay away from Megatel. We purchased a home from them and after closing they disappeared. Been four months and items from the move in punch list are still not completed. All warranty issues have been left for me to fix. I would stay very far away!!!!
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scubaprsn, thank you for your feedback. If you still have any concerns that we can help you to resolve, please call us at 214-396-4441 or refer to this thread http://www.trulia.com/voices/Home_Buying/Megatel_Homes_Reviews_and_Complaints_How_was_your-704052 and give us more details about your situation.
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My husband and I are dealing with pretty much the same thing. We are misreable. It's like pulling teeth to get anything done. A friend of mine in the contracting business said we could report them to the TRCC. In the process of trying this because something has to change. Good luck to you and your family and God bless.
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This is a repost from December answering a similar question. I have added edits to reflect my feelings as of 25 March and deleted some details from the 1st posting due to space constraints.

I recently closed on a Megatel home (15 Nov 2012, Preserve at Indian Spring, San Antonio).

1. Incredible bang for the buck. Nobody out there gives as much value for the price you pay.

2. Custom -- I was able to take one of their stock plans and make modifications that other builders were unwilling or unable to do.

3. Beautiful end product -- I won't be on an episode of Cribs, but for under $400k the home is absolutely stunning.

4. Up to this point they have continued to fix problems that inevitably occur in a new build; albeit nowhere near as quickly as I'd like. EDIT: Nothing ever fixed right the 1st time. As the worst example, the floor company finished fixing the floor on 24 March -- this problem was reported the day we closed.


1. 3 different builders were in charge of my home. 1st was fired, 2nd was transferred, 3rd finished the job. This poor continuity led to a few mistakes that a single builder wouldn't have made.

2. Dishonesty -- the sales consultant keeps telling everybody that they are finishing homes in 120 days when she knows for a fact it will never happen.

3. Supervision of subs -- While overall build quality was good, attention to detail was poor. We hired a very effective 3rd party inspector who helped keep them honest (I highly recommend Kevin Machen of Quality Inspections).

4. Natural variation in the stone BS... Megatel put the wrong type of granite in the kitchen and the wrong stone on the front of our home. The burden of proof was on me to prove they were wrong. I had to use the "L" word to get the stone swapped out, the granite was only mildly less painful. It was OBVIOUS these two items were wrong but the sales consultant continued to give us a line of crap about how it was just "natural variations in stone". It was like telling me an orange was a natural variation of an apple, it truly bordered on the absurd.


1. Yes, you do get access to Zack who is the owner of the company. He literally said "I guarantee your home won't slip beyond the end of September" but when it was obvious it was not going to be done he was unwilling to compensate me or do anything to fix it. He rarely returns phone calls or emails.

2. Build site was a mess. I nicely asked the builder to do some cleanup of the neighborhood. Refuse was piled up everywhere and the road is filled with nails from sloppy framers.

3. 4:30 am slab pour. Really?

Would I do it again, knowing what I know?

Yes, (EDIT: maybe) and I guess that is the most important part. I still believe I couldn't have gotten as much home in my budget as I did with Megatel. They absolutely crushed the resales and other builders for value and overall end-quality.

25 March edit

1. We encountered a MAJOR plumbing issue. A pipe broke below the master bathroom which sent raw sewage pouring into the bathroom. We insisted they scope all our drains and the plumber found 2 more broken pipes below the house due to insufficiently packing the earth prior to installing the plumbing and pouring the foundation. Our MB was a literal disaster area for 12 days, and our powder room an additional 5 as they floundered with the repair. The entire house was a mess, there was concrete dust all over due to our new impromptu "bomb shelters", and nobody but us really seemed in a hurry to get the job done. I called Zach twice about these problems and both times he told me he needed to consult with the builder and would call me back immediately. Still no call...

2. Still pouring foundations at 5:30 am. Maybe I should call Zach next time they wake me at 5:30 with a foundation pour to let him know things are going ok on their new house.

3. Neighborhood is Megatel's personal landfill. They apparently don't believe in dumpsters. Construction debris everywhere, hundreds of nails in the road (apparently that's my job to pick them up, since they never do). Took >2 months to spend the 5 minutes to erect a construction fence between the new build next door and my house. That was 2 months of picking up taco wrappers, Styrofoam cups, shingles, nails, rocks, and other construction debris from my grass and bushes.

New overall opinion is undecided, but definitely mad. Good luck if you buy from Megatel and hope your luck isn't as bad as mine has been.
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we like our Megatel Home. We almost bought a Buffington home in the same neighborhood, but they made promises they couldn't keep. They refused to return our good faith money! Getting our Megatel home instead was a blessing: nicely built, good customer service.
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I would not recommend purchasing a Megatel home. When we decided to build a Megatel home we were very excited. After living in many places as a military family and building three other homes. We thought we had found our permanent home, a home that our four kids especially our two sons who are serving in the military overseas in the Army and Marines could come home to.


Wrong Color Granite: We chose a light colored granite to match the dark stained cabinets we selected. When the granite was installed it was an orange/red dark color that we totally hated. When we complained we were given the line a “natural variations in stone”. They also put this granite in the 1st floor bath but managed to put the correct granite on the shower seat. They refused to change the granite and then insulted us by emailing a sheet on how to care for granite. (While going thru the construction process of a home we built in the past, the sales rep noticed that the builder had installed the wrong item. He called us to come and look at it because they took pride in their homes. We did not like it so the builder replaced it.) That is an example of a builder and sales staff that takes care of their clients and take pride in building a home that families can be proud of and happy to live in, unlike Megatel owners and staff.

Mortgage Company: This must have been the first time they handled a VA loan because every week they were requesting documents that they didn’t realize they needed. Not to mention that we worked with three different loan officers. They also sent us a form to complete a week after we were moved in. We went to closing but the check was held up so we had to wait until the next week to move in. We did not get the word until 5:00pm on move in day and was told that the key would be in the island.

Finished Home - One of our daughters and her new born was with us when we moved in. We were experiencing extremely hot weather in September. Well the air conditioning did not work. This was not good and extremely uncomfortable for the new born. It took them 2 days to fix the air conditioning. The garage door openers and the irrigation system also did not work. This shows that they did not check the house before we moved in. We noticed that one of the trees and a shrub in the front yard was dead a month before we moved in. We contacted the sales rep and he told us that he would inform the builder. We spoke to three builders about the tree. Two told us that they would replace it when they put in the landscaping for one of the homes they were building on our street. Well those two left and we now have a new builder who told us that we have to have proof that we informed them. But that is not all: There were no covers on the drains in the back yard, missing door stoppers, no towel ring in the 1st floor bath, one of the mirrors in the master is chipped, mailbox red flag not attached, shelf in master vanity missing and there were scorpions in the house. Needless to say, we are still waiting on the warranty rep to fix items almost four months later. One of our sons will be coming home soon. Hopefully they will finally get the repairs before then so that we can have a happy home coming.

Unhappy Vet in Oak Point
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We actually had a assigned contract and 4% deposit check written to Megatel for them to build a home in the The Heights of Crownridge in San Antonio. However due a change in our requirement we decided not to proceed with the purchase. I called the owner Zach directly two weeks after contract was sign to give him the news and really expected the tone to change negatively from my previous interaction while negotiating the deal. He was actually as pleasant and accommodating as the first time we spoke. They say your true colors and personalities really come out when things don’t go your way. Well for Megatel it did not go their way this time however they remained as committed to providing a great customer experience. I can’t speak for the product as my house was not build but I can tell you that the experience with Megatel ‘s owner and sales rep in san Antonio was one that left me wanting/hoping I could have made the deal work. They are good guys. If anyone out there is looking for further feedback on my experience with Megatel please let me know.
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MC, we appreciate your feedback. We work hard to maintain our reputation of being a quality new home builder who cares about clients. We’re very glad that we've been able to exceed your expectations. If you need our help with anything, feel free to call us or to post your questions in this thread: http://www.trulia.com/voices/Home_Buying/Megatel_Homes_Reviews_and_Complaints_How_was_your-704052 Thank you.
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I closed last week. We are in Irving, TX. I love my home. Great quality. Yes, was late 3 months but my friend bought from Beazer on the other side of highway and they were almost 7 months behind the promised date and at the end they wanted to cancel his contract or raise price for $3500 because of market. Their quality is not even close to their competitors. They don’t use pre-manufacture framing that was a big deal to me and my inspector. All was custom made cabinet not Chicness sh….. I sell flooring for 15 years and I can tell you that there is a huge different between what they use as STANDARD American made tile and what I sell in my showroom… Check Marrazi online..
I had great experience with them.
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I was about to sign a contract with Megatel at Irving location. I did not like to deal with that lady at Irving location. We are going with Lions gate homes. I am glad, I don't have to deal with Megatel.
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Stay away from this company and do not purchase a hme from them. We tried to build a home with them in crown ridge in San Antonio, Texas. 4 Inspectors paid byus failed their work, multiple city failures at every point, 3 months over on deadline provided, had to replace entire roof due to moisture and they flooded the property due to a broken pipe 30 days before closing. We are uploading pictures and video to Youtube. This company is a nightmare.
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Would like to hear back from you. I am in the same boat with them.
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I would like to get your opinion on this issue with Megatel. We tried to put an offer on a ready to move-in Megatel home and the sales agent refused any price negotiations. We accepted her initial price proposition and then she pretended that her boss came back at a higher price, which we also accepted. When we got the contract to sign, we were surprised that it is not the common contract but their own contract. It states that the 11k we agreed to pay initially is not actually earnest money but an initial cash payment that is not refundable under any circumstances. Since we're not building the house, we asked for this to be changed into earnest money but the agent refused. She also insisted on having their own title company and basically refused to make any changes to the contract. Do you think this is normal?
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Signs of a bad company
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I made the mistake of buying one of their homes. They build a decent looking home, but the customer service is worse than the Cable Company. It takes them months to do anything. Their sales reps will out and out lie to you. Beware. By the way, there is a post above this one that I am sure was written by their sales rep
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Amilroy, I was not referring to you. Ispydrg is most definitely a sales rep and homebuyer below in Prosper is made up. Customer Service is still an issue in Prosper with Megatel.
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Hey Tony, dont be moron! I am in no way working for Megatel. I am a consumer looking for some truth. I hear people bashing with no explanations about cutting corners. Poor customer service is terrible and almost bad enough to change my mind about building a Megatel home alone.
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I learned my lesson from MegaTel. I am in Pflugerville, TX. The house looks very nice in and out but the workmanship and warranty service is bad. I felt stressful following up with the builder for the repairs. Thsi is the first and is the last buy from MegaTel for me.
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Since this thread still gets reviews I will offer an update. We moved from Las Vegas to Round Rock, TX (I posted a review about the initial purchase and close several months ago) we have now lived in our Megatel home for 7 months and we could not be happier.

We have had three warranty/repair items, in the first week we moved in we had plumbing issues caused by nails and grout clogging a drain. We also had a slight problem with the finishes and had missed that the backsplash was missing tiles under the microwave/range hood area. I told the sales office and the subs for plumbing and tile work quickly repaired those initial items.

There was a more serios issue where I did have to contact the builder for a leak in the roof during some heavy rains last fall. As it turned out there was some flashing missing against a blind corner on the roof which caused our problem. The only way to contact them for a claim was through their website - I wanted to talk to a person but I went ahead and entered the information on Sunday night - I told my wife how annoyed I was and that they probably wouldn't see my web entry for a week. I can happily admit I was wrong! On Monday morning at 08:30 they had two roofers checking out the issue. They ordered the materials to replace the damaged areas, let everything dry out for a week and then made the repairs.

These forums all tell you that every builder will turn out good and bad homes - if the homes are mostly bad, they probably arent in business very long. Even with good builders our families and firends have had bad experiences.

Megatel does not have a huge presence in the Austin area, but we would not hesitate to ever purchase a home from them again. Our home has more standard features than most builders offer as upgrades in this price range. They have excellent floorplan and design choices. We are glad our realtor had us visit their community before we made a decision on a home purchase.
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GH, thank you for taking the time to write about your experience with our company. We’re happy to hear that you enjoy living in your Megatel home! Your opinion about your home and our customer service is very important and will be helpful for people who are going to buy a house and to make one of the biggest life decisions. If you decide to post one more update, please feel free do so in this thread: http://www.trulia.com/voices/Home_Buying/Megatel_Homes_Reviews_and_Complaints_How_was_your-704052
Thank you.
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I live my Megatel Homes. I bought 60 days ago in Prosper. I had 3 warranties and they took care of it in 3 week after closing. Be aware of some false information. Call them and talk to them. I worked with Kevin at corporate office.
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We are building a Megatel Home in Hutto. Just signed papers last weekend. Upon appearance very pleased...the sales associate, Sally, has been really nice and professional. This is new home build (all different builders) #3 for me and I never experienced a perfect process. I have heard horror stories from other agents on how difficult the builder is and unreliable Chicago Title can be. Eyes wide open I am pushing forward because I really like the product. Thanks for the post and update.
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Megatel has you sign a contract where they will leave the date of completion blank and there is a clause which allows Megatel to terminate the contract at any time. Make sure you have an a ttorney review any contract with Megatel before you sign.
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Poorchoice, can you please show me where that clause is in the contract? We are going through an issue where they just cancelled on our contract (for no reason) and we were suppose to close this Wednesday.
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Not a single builder will put a completion date on their contract because there are too many unknowns that could delay construction. Bad weather, shortage of material from supplier, shortage of labor which is happening a lot lately with ALL builders.
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Not a single builder will put a completion date on their contract because there are too many unknowns that could delay construction. Bad weather, shortage of material from supplier, shortage of labor which is happening a lot lately with ALL builders.
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Not a single builder will put a completion date on their contract because there are too many unknowns that could delay construction. Bad weather, shortage of material from supplier, shortage of labor which is happening a lot lately with ALL builders.
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Not a single builder will put a completion date on their contract because there are too many unknowns that could delay construction. Bad weather, shortage of material from supplier, shortage of labor which is happening a lot lately with ALL builders.
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Do NOT purchase a home by megatel. They do not pay their contractors or the workers. I have heard of several homes closing to find that there is a lien on the home. They will promise you 5 month build date ( so that you do not go with Lions Gate-the competitor next door to the model) and unless you hound them constantly, they will stop working on your home altogether. They have been through 3 contractors in the last 7 months. Now Carlos (who was probably the guy putting in the shrubs last week) is the new contractor.

I am building a home with them that started in May and was proposed to be done in October. Every month since October, the sales women tells us that it will be "next month". We sold our home and have a small child. We are living in an apartment that is very expensive to rent on a month to month basis. Nobody seems to know what is going on with these homes. I see several other unhappy megatel customers walking the neighborhood as I drive through. No work has been done to my home since the first week of December. This has been the worst experience of my life. Their contract is completely one sided to their advantage and they can take 4 years to build the house if they like. This is my first home and I am completely soured on this experience. I would never build again unless MY attorney drew up the contract. For shame Megatel!!!

Of note, all of the Lions Gate homes are going up in the times that were promised. Wish I would have built with them.
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I am experiencing the exact same issue in Austin, Texas. It is unreal that this company do not care about their customers, therefore, their business. I will be chocked if this company is still running in 3-5 years.
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Hi Dona,
I am sorry to hear about your experience in The Dominion. We do not have any homes that are closed with a lien. The purpose of a title policy is to protect the buyer from any previous liens that may have been placed on a home. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible for a buyer to obtain a title policy on one of our homes if there is an outstanding lien.
Due to current market conditions, all builders are experiencing delays. The contract that we use is a TREC Residential Construction Contract for the state of Texas.
Please feel free to contact me at your convenience and we can discuss your situation further.
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I am having the same issues. Started building in February. Watching my home sit while no work is done month after month in the Dominion. I heard they are happy to refund your downpayment now that they have increased their prices 35K. They can finish the houses that they have purposely delayed and now sell them in 2-3 weeks for significanlty more money. I personally know that 3 homes (families) in the dominion have been forced to do this because their prior homes sold and they had no place to live. Megatel LIES
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oh, I should mention that when we call the sales woman for updates on the home, she sends information and sends pictures of the WRONG HOMES. Yeah, they've got it together! My husband won't even let me drive by and check it anymore because of how upsetting it is to see that not one thing has been done in 6 weeks...
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LMAO. Isn't it funny or strange that every time someone places a negative comment on here about Megatel Homes someone (who hasn't necessarily mastered the English language) follows up a week or two later with RAGING reviews and comments about Megatel Homes? Does this sound like anyone you know or have dealt with when dealing with Megatel?

A word of caution on people looking for homes in the Fair Oak Ranch, Texas area going up towards Boerne. Megatel Homes is building in a community right off Interstate-10. A word of caution to you all. Don't get suckered in to the supposed upgrades in these homes. Do your research and go talk to some of the homeowners in the Heights of Crownridge and some of the subcontractors who have worked for Megatel.
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I purchased a Megatel Home in 2011 and beleive it was the worst mistake of my life. They do not answer their phones and it's impossible to get any warranty work done. I spoke to the owner of the company - Zach - and he is the rudest person i have ever dealt with in my life. All i wanted was some simple warranty problems fixed... It never happened. So - I am out of pocket for the repairs. This is not what you are looking for in a builder. I would look at other builders if you are considering building.
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Mr. Zach is the cruelty personalty, if you question or raise any issue while in the middle of building your house, he will send you just termination letter and if you bend then he demand signatures from you with new letters which totally practically impossible for buyer to sign. Ultimately you end up 3 months 7 months wasting, and fresh start requires to buy from different builder. Even BBB he does not care, ultimately BBB will close the file saying no mutual satisfaction on the complaint between buyer and seller. The best approach is report to Texas attorney general by using consumer complaint form.
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post a complaint with BBB if you're not getting a response.
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We recently purchased one of their homes in Round Rock, Texas. We have lived in Central Texas before and we were moving back to the area. Our previous home in Texas was built by Milburn (now D.R. Horton)

In looking at spec homes for other builders as well as available existing homes we found no product that compared to the features and look of the standard offering from Megatel. Other builders in the same price range did not offer many of the standard energy-saving features in the Megatel. We deffinitely did not have them in the last home we built in the area.

Only the owner has the ability to negotiate considerations on the contract, this makes it difficult to get an offer accepted as the sales agent has to wait for his response. We have found the sales agent and construction foreman to be reliable and helpful - they made the experience very pleasant.

There is one other caveat in the purchase process. The title company Megatel uses is horrible to deal with. They rarely return calls and you can plan to be on hold for 15-30 minutes at a time to talk to someone. They only have an office in Plano so when you close in another area it will be a remote close with a notary - it took nearly a week to even get copies of all of the documents we signed at our closing.

I cannot speak to the long-term quality of the home or the warantee support from the builder yet. To this point we are very happy with our purchase.
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We are looking at Round Rock to purchase a Megatel. How has your home held up after 6 months?
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I am in the middle of trying to close on a Megatel home and WOW what a nightmare!! Horrid customer service.. You know its bad when people in the neighborhood tell you horror stories of their homes and dealing with Zack.. The neighborhood is in Prosper, TX called Crestview.. I actually had someone in the neighborhood tell me that they hope to never see Zack drive through or they would be the first of MANY to throw rocks at his car. If we would not have put such a large deposit down on the home we would have walked away weeks ago. STAY AWAY FROM MEGATEL!
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DO NOT BUY WITH THEM! They have poor customer service, take FOREVER to get anything done and the closing process what AWFUL!!!!
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We closed escrow in June 2013, submitted for window repair and cabinet repair in October. After numerous complaints, the window will be fixed today. I crossed my finger! We bought a new home so that it can be worry free, but its different with MegaTel. Plantation has excellent service. When I reported a problem, they responded within a week and repair was done within a week. I hope MegaTel will improve their service.
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My husband and I built a home with Megatel! LOVE IT!!! We have built many homes and even custom homes... when we moved to the Dallas area, we found Megatel and was very pleased with their product!!! You do get a lot for your money!!! What others charge you in upgrades, are standard with Megatel!!! Our process was about 4 months! The Salesperson and Builder were great to work with! If we wanted to make any changes to "customize" our home, we were able to!!! I can say their homes are very energy efficient! We have a 3925 SF home and our highest electric bill was $279 last summer! We are very pleased as we searched out many builders such as Gallery Homes which is part of First Texas, Grand Homes, Meritage, Pacific Standard to name a few. Megatel is far better than what any of these other companies have to offer! They really do give you a home that has been customized for you!!! I would defintely recommend to anyone!!!
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I've had a number of clients build with Megatel, and I can tell you that I would build a home with them. They're not a big builder so you'll have some of the issues that come with builders of this size (order delays when there's a change or complication with an option, subcontractor issues, etc), but I show Megatel whenever the opportunity arises for my clients.

Here's the deal with new home builders: even the best home builder will have some problem homes, and even the worst homebuilder will get some right. It's the percentage out of a hundred that tells the story: the best home builders may have 4 problem homes out of a 100, the worst may have 60 or 70 out of a hundred. While this may be of little solace if you're 1 of the 4, how the company responds becomes important. When issues have cropped up on Megatel builds, Zach has stepped up to the plate, though strategic prodding might have been needed.

A buyer's agent may seem to do very little during a new construction transaction - and honestly I don't have as many tasks on new construction than on a traditional purchase, but when things go wrong a good buyer's agent will earn their pay and then some.

I hope this helps.
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I have purchased a Megatel home in Forney the experience has been great!! The home is beautiful!! the construction and attention to detail is outstanding!! From the excellent sales consultant to the owner and now to the warranty we have had excellent service!
We have called for warranty and they have responded to our needs immediately and curtiously!!!

WE LOVE MEGATEL 100% recommend them!!

Happy New Megatel homeonwer
Suzanne & Bart
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Stay away from this builder for multiple and various reasons. While some of the company's employees have good intentions, many appear to be amateurs, are liars or both. In our first few months of ownership, we spent $2000 replacing marble vanity countertops and $3000 refinishing the cabinetry throughout the house.

We had three different construction managers prior to closing and two more handling our issues immediately after closing. This led to miscommunication, confusion and several examples of the plans and contract not being followed - adding months to the build. Our salesperson was fired after going back and forth in a blame game with construction manager number three. While some of this can be expected with building a house, the hassles we experienced with Megatel Homes were well beyond the norm.

Megatel appears to have serious problems in its relationships with contractors. They don't show up for work and don't finish work they start. We can only speculate as to the root cause - cheap labor, Megatel not paying its bills - it's a mystery, but ultimately comes back to poor management and pinching pennies.

If your city has good building codes and strict inspectors and you luck out by keeping the same construction manager throughout your build, you may be OK. Warranty follow-up is not good, however. There was no real one-year punch list - only repairs of obvious defects. Megatel's warranty supervisor said they will not correct anything to city building code standards after closing; they will only correct to the standards in their warranty. This may be legal (depending on local laws), but I'm pretty sure it's not standard industry practice. We know this because we built two prior homes using large reputable builders. Megatel's warranty department's main goal is to minimize further expenditure on your house. This company is not interested in word-of-mouth sales and will not survey you or otherwise ask your opinion of the nightmare they have put you through.
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I would like to get your opinion on this issue with Megatel. We tried to put an offer on a ready to move-in Megatel home and the sales agent refused any price negotiations. We accepted her initial price proposition and then she pretended that her boss came back at a higher price, which we also accepted. When we got the contract to sign, we were surprised that it is not the common contract but their own contract. It states that the 11k we agreed to pay initially is not actually earnest money but an initial cash payment that is not refundable under any circumstances. Since we're not building the house, we asked for this to be changed into earnest money but the agent refused. She also insisted on having their own title company and basically refused to make any changes to the contract. Do you think this is normal?
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I bought a townhome at Flora Townhomes on 3/20/14 (closed). There were multiple things picked out in the final walk through that were not fixed on time. I was lied to by there construction management. This is brand new townhome. Shortcuts and issues included.
- leaks causing major wall damage from roof level
- plumbing issues (sewage and sinks)
- co-axial cables were twisted in the wall with no signal. This required

I delt with no show contractors. I've delt with late contractors. I consider this company a bunch of crooks. They care nothing of quality work or follow-up on warranty. I'm waiting right now on late contractors to tear up my wall because a door seal was not installed on the door to my roof terrace.

Nobody at this company cares. I would NOT go back and buy this home again. I will be very careful the next time.
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I purchased a Megatel home in Lewisville,TX. This is our first home and so far it has been such an amazing process for us. Our seller Zack was able to answer all of our questions, he continues to answer all of my questions on a daily basis as I think of new things everyday. I am very happy with Megatels home, I was in several speck homes and I was in several homes in the process of being built. Their work is very well done and the product is beautiful. Granted we do not move into our home until hopefully May but we are looking forward to being a part of every step. I would highly recommend Megatel and if your luck enough to get Zack Simpkins as a seller you will be really happy. He has been a pleasure to deal with!
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Can I get some help!!! I bought a Megatel Home in Irving Dominion. I still have punch list that hasn't been completed. I moved in about 10 months ago!!! Recently, I noticed a water damage on top of the garage ceiling after it rained little bit.
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They build poor quality homes. We have been in our house for a year and a half and noticed a leak in the ceiling. Our neighbors across the street and next door have Megatel homes and their ceiling leaked as well. We called Megatel to get our house repaired and Megatel flat out refused do it. Stating they only repair builder defects after a year. They also have had over 37 complaints to the Better Business Bureau in the last three years and have a "B" rating.....what does that tell ya.....
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I am real estate enthusiast and I've visited Megatel homes. I am extremely impressed with their finished product. I've compared them all, Grand, First Texas, Bloomfield to name a few and, in my opinion, Megatel, by far, offers you an outstanding exterior and a very opulent interior without the extra cost for upgrades. When investing in such a major asset like a home, it's always important to communicate, communicate, communicate your likes, dislikes, and changes as soon as possible and I'm 100 % sure Megatel will deliver a good product to you at closing.

I also recommend that you invest in your own warranty program in addition to what the builder offer. They are plentiful in the DFW area and you can never have too much coverage.
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This thread was started almost five years ago, so we’d like to close it and ask you to post your reviews and comments about our products in the new thread. We’ll regularly check it and address there your questions and concerns. Please refer to this post:


Thank you.
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Haha. Funny.
Flag Tue Mar 24, 2015
I never post reviews but have got to post and let people know about our experience with Megatel homes.

After viewing a bunch of different homes and model homes, we somewhat fell in love with the Megatel product. We did a lot of research on the various builders and saw a LOT of complaints about how slow Megatel homes are as well as some people having issues with the product and warranties. Despite this we decided to sign a contract with Megatel (approximately March of 2014). At the time we signed the contract, the frame as well as other things were already completed and we were told that the closing date would be mid May if not earlier. (Note: We were not in a hurry to move into the home and after all the reviews etc. we figured that there was no way mid march would be the correct date and this was one of the reasons that we signed a contract with them).

Since Signing the contract:
- Basically it has been delay after delay.
- We have had 3 different project managers working with us (the first two quit according to the sales person - This alone is extremelly weird and shady IMO).
- The closing date has moved from early to mid May, to middle June, to late June, to early July, to late July, and now it looks as if it is going to be early August.
- The sales person rarely picks up the phone or calls back and when he does it is the same excuse over and over again "we are waiting for permits," "we will find out a correct closing date soon," the "dry wall is going up this week and once it is up we will know for sure," etc. etc.
- Also, he never take notes on what we talk about or mention in the voicemail and so when we go over to the home a few days later, we see the same mistake and have to talk to him again. One example of this is the brick and stone on the house. They managed to start putting on the wrong brick so we got that changed and when it was time for the stone to go up we notified him that it was the wrong stone on the ground and he said they would take care of it. A couple of days later, they had started to put on that same WRONG stone on the house and so we had to contact the seller again to get it corrected. A few other similar sloppy mistakes was that we wanted some outlets moved and a tv outlet on the padio and a specific design on the outside. To get these things corrected, we had to talk to the seller and project manager multiple times.

- We are waiting for the dry wall to go up on the home which they have said would go up 3 weeks ago, then it was 2 weeks ago. then it was 1 week ago, then it was yesterday, and now it is supposed to go up at the end of this week. This is not a huge issue for us becuase we decided last week to prewire our home and so it turned out well, however, 4 missed deadlines in 1 month, really?

There is a series lack of communication and teamwork among the people working at Megatel homes and it starts with the top and moves down the chain. It seems as if the management hires the least educated and knowledgable people (for cheap) and they in turn are liersand crocks who twist the truth to get a sale. This company has a lot of potential because I have seen the final product and it crushes any other builder close to their price range (both in looks and the way they are built). I suppose you have to choose if you want a great final product but with a ton of problems leading up to closing or if you want a lesser product but with way better customer service.

Do I recommend Megatel today. Absolutely not except from in two instances... 1) You are looking to purchase a finished product, you cannot go wrong with that. 2) You are in no hurry to get the home completed and are a very patient person that have time to babysit and hold the seller, project manager(s), and builders hands through the enitre process (without getting paid for it).

I will write another review once the home is completed to let you know how the final product works and when it was actually completed. It is going to be very interesting to see how many of the customizable parts that they will get correct the first time for the interior.
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Chris, good luck getting your home finished. There seems to be a revolving door of construction managers at Megatel. Perhaps this is a sign of an unstable environment and a negative culture, none of which translate into good results on your end as the buyer.
Flag Wed Jul 16, 2014
Hi Chris,
My name is Kevin Ellis, I manage the sales team for Texas. I would like to speak with you regarding your experience with us. Would you please contact me at 214.766.5827?
Flag Mon Jun 2, 2014
Stay away from Megatel!!!!! Once you sign the papers, they are finished with you. If anything goes wrong, It is very difficult to get anyone out or to respond. There is a place in front of our house that needs repaired, and we have sent numerous emails, calls, etc. It has been over a month. Within months, the bottom half of the vanity peeled off. The second one sent out had almost an inch gap between the doors and the third one had a cracked top. The replacement one is off center and has numerous scratches. We went to the warehouse and went through more than 10 vanities in which tops were cracked, etc. We were forced to choose the "least" damaged one to go in our new home. The shelves have not been cut to fit around the plumbing and the backsplash has not been installed. We have not had full use of our master bath for over a month and we are being ignored.

When we first bought our home, the fireplace did not work, problems with the air conditioning, etc. We had to file a complaint with the corporate office because the superintendent was ignoring our requests to fix simple things. It has been a headache and a heartache for us because they simply ignore you!!!
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As a realtor in Austin, Tx the quality is far super compared to all other local builders in same areas where Megatel are presently build, just start with the rafters, not prefab rafters 2x4 but 2x6 hammered one board at a time… No design room where they tack on another $20. to $30,000 no secret up grade pricing.. Beautifully designed with all upgrades you could possibility want.

Sharon Elley City View Realtor
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Megatel offers guarantee energy saving. Anyone has any experience with it? They guarantee the energy bill for 3 years thru 3rd party. The homes are looking great and we are about to buy next week. My realtor has sold several of their houses and they have all good feedback. She believes it is the best value and quality in that area now.
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I shall now chime in, since people are still talking about this. I WNAT a Megatel house so bad, has the exact floor plan I want, all the features and way cheaper; however, my husband and I have been lucky enough to get to walk through a LOT of them in construction, as well as other builders (Alturs, Lionsgate, D R Horton, Beezer, HOliday Homes, Lanare) the Megatell by far was of the priestess quality. After we signed our contract with Lionsgate, we took may parents through the neighborhood we are building. My dad wanted to see in some of them. I never told him who was which builder, when we got to the MegaTell house, he stopped and said...."Wohhhhh, this house looks good in theory, but I think it has problems" He then proceeded to go to the 2nd floor, where we all looked in the ducts and roof area, and OMG, can I tell you, there were cracked beams in the rafters, warped wood, beams the were not attached AT ALL the the roofing, the nails miss completely, wood that was cracked aND BOWING, AND these were BRAN NEW HOUSES! they also had baseboards not aligned, floor wasn't level, the stair rails were not sturdy, just TONS of problem. My dad stopped in the middle of the house turned around and said "please tell me you guys did not buy this house!?" We said no.

We then went in a Lionsgate home, still didn't tell him that's who we went with, after just under 5 min, he said, "THIS is a solid and well built home, the craftsmen ship is so good, and it is quality.... YOu should buy this one!" I said, "we did" SO, i cant tell you as for as owning one, but I can say what I saw in over 6 different ones being built, everyone was messed up..... Maybe different locations are better, but in the Fate, TX area..... JUST DONT DO IT, and be sure you walk through the houses going up, you will see what I mean.
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interesting magic 5 minutes inspection. May I ask which house from Megatel your dad inspected? This one really smell like completion blog. Nice story
Flag Fri Apr 18, 2014
You friend sounds very smart, lol. She bashed a company with nothing to back it up???? I am a consumer looking to build a house and I have seen a few people say that Megatel cuts corners, but I have yet to see one of these half-wits back this up. Consumers like me read these to help make our minds up on which direction to go, then we have these "crazies" out here just throwing dirt. If you plan on throwing dirt, bring your brain and describe in detail, with names, so we can better make our decisions. Thanks for adding to the problem......
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read above for my comment, i am a half wit who backed up my claim, thank you very much.
Flag Thu Apr 17, 2014
you seems too rude. Don't demand but request gently.... no one have time to go crazy to put some nonsense words here.... people whoever gives the feedback take it whatever your level of understanding and make decisions on your own. Be happy what they given feedback by putting extra time... Can you give your self one feedback example that you recently not happy in detail so that we can see how good you are
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Megatel Homes builds quality homes with custom features and includes a multitude of amenities that other builders charge upgrade fees for. I would recommend that you visit them to see for yourself. They have great warranty service as well.
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stay away from megatel. Their sales offer even won't last while you are deciding in a day or two. The sales agent simply can say his owner (Zach) changed is mind and can increase price to another $100k.... First of all, the sales agent should know while offering their contract price whether that is acceptable to his boss or not otherwise its wasting buyers time as a whole. Not sure how much time each buyer spends in finalizing house and final floor plan. It took me almost a month and then prices are negotiated got the contract. Within a day or two after getting the contract sales agent simply says owner increased price to another $100k! You can imagine how this sucks and how much time they wasted buyer time. I am happy in one way to get out of trouble rather than realizing the trouble in the middle of construction... You have to pay down 3% upfront. Be careful and make sure to add all optional upgrades before you giving the 3% of sales price while signing the contract.
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I do not know about others. But my home, I put in an request to fix the window since October 2013. After many phone calls and complaints, they finally replaced the window last week. Now another week waiting for the bricks to put back. I afraid this will drag out another month or so. I requested t fix to crack in the walls and they said that it will take awhile. For those who has no problem, you are lucky. Maybe after you close escrow, you may see the problem. IT may be okay in a different location. I am in Pflugerville, TX.
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this is true. In fact last week I tried to call their customer service phone which displayed on megatelhomes.com and no one answers the call. I tried almost 3 days different time each day almost made 10 calls. Hopeless they don't even have telephone operator or customer service operator to take the calls. So where is the time to actually work on our complaints.... forget megatel homes... Check their rating on better business beaureau and pick some other builder who has good BBB ratings
Flag Mon Mar 3, 2014
Who was your builder?
Flag Thu Feb 27, 2014
I am trying to make my decision on Megatel homes. I see people posting they (Megatel) "cut corners". Not one person has specified what this means. Can any of these half-wit folks explain??? Bashing with to explanation does nothing for those of us weeding out the crazies to get the average truth.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Feb 26, 2014
Amilroy - I built my Megatel home in McKinney and just closed in December 2013. The staff, including the super for the build were fantastic to work with. I went t through their preferred lender and the closing was smooth and simple. That said, I do have some warranty work and you have to know that with construction projects (any and all of them) there will be delays. I have had no issues working with the super on my warranty work and have been very accommodated by him and the sales person has become a good friend in the process. That said, if you choose to purchase Megatel my best advice is to visit your home weekly (more often if possible) throughout the entire build, this is your project too! If you see an issue (and you will, it's construction, these are sub-contractors that Megatel hires they will do what they can to hurry up and get the job done to move onto the next) BUT do not be afraid to call the super and tell him/her about any issue. I love my home and Megatel!
Flag Tue Jul 8, 2014
We closed on our new home in Prosper 2 months ago and are very pleased. Kevin quoted us a 7 month build time and we closed 2 weeks late. We must give praise to our superintendent for being so responsive to us and meeting us multiple times during the build. We have submitted one warranty request after living in the home for 30 days and all of the items were taken care of promptly. My sister is building their second Megatel Home in Plano right now. They have been delayed by about a month, but are very happy. After we saw their home in McKinney, we decided to build with them. They loved their home so much, that they decided to build a larger one in Plano.
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This is a very dated question but I'll offer some input just the same. There's no surprise that Megatel, Lennar, WCI, Neal, Pulty, or any other builders wouldn't make adjustments to their product in order to stay in business. Some of the changes I seen include lower ceilings, smaller rooms, fewer windows, increased options, etc. Builders know that a "cheap" product is something that will catch up on you in the long run....so there needs to be a balance that allows profit but not at the cost of running the business down.....My recommendation is to not ignore this information but consider your source and invest some time for yourself gathering information that is you know is reliable. Bill
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Feb 7, 2014
I recommend them. Good people and nice product. Live in a Megatel for 9 months and only had few warranty issues which my builder (Jeff) fixed it in few days. My realtor recommended them and I am glad about my investment. They have built over 60 homes in my community. Most people are satisfied. The closing process is going to be stressful. Just try to be realistic.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Jan 16, 2014
I'm considering buying a three level condo built by Megatel in the uptown area of Dallas. Has anyone bought and moved into one of these and have any feedback? Seems like about 50/50 of people who like or don't like them. any help would be appreciated.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Jan 10, 2014
I have seen that product. I would be concerned it is a sided product when the market is brick or something more sturdy. Will be crap in five years.
Flag Mon Feb 24, 2014
Hello -

I wish I would have read these reviews prior to purchasing, and now we're stuck. We signed our contract in February of 2013 and are STILL waiting for our home to be complete. We were promised a 120 build process and we are on day 330 with another 3 weeks to go (at least). I have taken some legal action, but would like to know if there are any other folks that are in the process of building or are current owners that would like to join in a joint lawsuit against Megatel. They are in breach of contract with me, and I am assuming every other buyer in the last 52 weeks.

They continue to claim that they are not in an emergency cash-flow situation, which begs the question why they don't finish what they've started.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Jan 6, 2014
Hi, I would like to talk to you, and wanna know how things going?
Flag Sun Feb 8, 2015
I would love alk to you. Im in a somewhat similar situation.
Flag Sun Nov 23, 2014
Wow, I am in Irving and having the same issue! so are 11 other home builders in the Dominion. Would love to chat. FED UP
Flag Thu Jan 30, 2014
Yes' I did butcher my writing while using an iPad and that darn intuitive dictionary. I simply shared my experience which was and still is exceptional. Again, I'll keep you posted on the "after close" activity, but so far OK. I really am brand new Megatel Home owner in Sachse, tx. I did read many of these reviews before we purchased, however, to date, our experiences have been different. Thanks
0 votes Thank Flag Link Sat Nov 9, 2013
Hello everyone, I realize this is an pretty old posting, but I thought I would share my recent experience with Megatel as of November 1, 2013. My wife and I just closed an took possession of our Megatel home in the Woodbridge, Sachse, Tx subdivision. We absolutely love this company and the people in it. My wife and I looked at many homes and builders for a solid 3 months encompassing approximately a 30 mile radius. We found, what we believed, would be th biggest bank for our buck with Megatel. Once we decided to sign a contract our sales people, Jana and Lorre, we're very good at setting our expectations. We contracted on a house that was almost finished our sales people let us know that while we were shooting for a reasonable date to close there could be delays with weather, suppliers, and the current construction labor shortage. We made our target date so we did not have an issue. We love our house and know we received an exceptional deal with a house we are proud to call our home. Sinced we moved in there have been just a few minor issues which are being addresses. In fact this coming week we expect resolution on these few issues and have every expectation of their being cured timely and professionally. We say that because during our contract period that was what we experienced. Professional people that set realistic expectations than delivered on them accordingly. We will keep you posted but we highly reccommend Megatel Homes and all their people. We came into contact with Jana, Lorre, Joseph, Chip and Zack and all were great to deal with. We mostly had Jana run point on any topics and received the rsesults we were looking for. So, stay tuned for the after close experience but, again, we're convinced it too will be great.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Sat Nov 9, 2013
I bought a Megatel Homes in Woodbridge, Sachse back in Jan. 2012 and never had issue with warranty. We had few things that we called and they showed up after few days to fix them. One big issue was the bedroom window which they end up to change it after all. My parents also own a Megatel Home in Wylie side of Woodbridge since 2010 and they really like it. What are your issues that they did not help you? Last time I talked to their area manager. I think his name was Chip. Forget about Zach. I was told he is not even the owner. He is one of partner. Call your builder directly or one of their Manager. We really love our home and never had issue with Megatel. It shows much better than other builders.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Oct 28, 2013
Recent experience: Signed contract on 3/12/13 to build on a lot located in Prosper, TX. Crestview Community. We researched almost every single builder in McKinney and Prosper for over 60 days. Never found anything close to Megatel’s quality and price. The closest I found was an inventory home built by Dress Custom Homes with over 120K more than what I paid for my house and BELIEVE me my house is FAR nicer with much more upgrade. Dress Home was not even energy efficient as Megatel is with their guarantee energy program. I am not a blogger at all but I thought it is important to share my honest experience with you. I was directed to this blog (or similar) by other sales teams as soon as I asked them about their competitors in different occasions.
I closed my house last Friday after 2 months delay. I was introduced to three different builders during this process but Chad (the guy finished my house) is fabulous. Kevin was my sales person and he is a great person. Building was not easy at all. I have built 3 other homes and I never found it easy even for my 1400 SF house in 1985. I never talked to Zach. I know there is shortage of trades in the market at this time and this caused few issues for my builder Chad to finish the house on time.
My overall experience was acceptable during whole process. I am a big advocate of their product because I know what other builders are offering in the market now. If you don’t believe me, lets go cross street where Beazer homes is building and compare it with my house. Not even close. I bought my house under $400,000. My realtor is telling me that I could not even find the existing home close to this price. I am happy and stratified with my investment and own a Megatel Homes. This is the comment I get by talking with other homeowners.
I give them 85 of 100. Love my home and I wish you all the best. Do your own research, get out there and look at the products. Take pictures, compare and ask your realtor.
Thank you Kevin…
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Oct 23, 2013
They built or home last year in Sachse, look closely at plumbing all our stools are making noises of course they didn't in the first 12 months during warranty. But shortly after toilets are very cheap. Whoever does their sprinkler install are terrible, soaker hoses defective, placed too far apart. Failed to wire our system correctly had 12 zones of piping but only 10 were working, Was told I only had 10 zones, by contractor, had repair work done on system last week was shown defective wiring and 2 zones thar were never used. Bathroom cabinets look really nice but are cheap particle board. Just be there as much as possible to oversee build.

Brickwork is excellent.

0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Aug 2, 2013
We are considering buying a Megatel home. Supposedly they are energy efficient. Can someone attest to that? Thanks in advance.
Flag Thu Feb 27, 2014
It's a good product, better then most. Had to look this up never heard of them. I went through a couple of them before buying to see the structural build outs versus other builders around here. upgraded secondary bathroom and kitchen items for the wife. Building issues popped up here and there, some over sights on changes initially but nothing major and communication was solid throughout. we never dealt with Zack other then the initial price talks. they were surprisingly with flexible with the earnest payment especially after reading some of the criticism here. Post build, had some warranty work done but it wasn't a huge problem, its better to get the sub contractor information and let them route everything back to megatel ive found. the house is great especially at the price - just under 300,000, and we get a lot of compliments and people are always stopping infront checking it out. I know for sure my house is alot nicer then my neighbors cause weve been over there. new construction can be stressful, if its your first time doing it best of luck to you. that's my two pennies.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Jul 12, 2013
Seems to be many more satisfied Megatel customers on this blog. Is there not more that can be done so that others do not feel their wrath? They kept my deposit.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon May 13, 2013
Can you tell me why they kept your deposit? We are in the process and had some paper wprk switched out on us and im affraid we signed away our deposit. ThankyoU!!!
Flag Mon Jul 1, 2013
We built a home in Indian Springs with Megatel and moved Nov, 2012.
I bought this house when it was framed. We picked all the colors we liked and they really worked with us to change the plan according to what we needed. Even added shower seat after the place was done. I spoke with Zach few times and he was very professional with us. I agree with one comments below that the picture of the house online was from different finished house (I have no idea from where) but it was the same plan as ours but totally different stone and brick. When I asked Carole, she showed me the wording in listing website that said “representative Pictures”. So check with your relator and she could explain but that I did not like about their marketing. They also got behind of delivery for 40 days but you know we had some rain but that was not a good excuse for me because they were able to finish the inside work.
You feel you work with the local home builder instead of KB home or a junk like Lennar. They build just a box, like I had one Lennar and one Gehan Homes before. Megatel is FAR better I can expect but they are not perfect in marketing. I feel they spent most of their budget inside of the house instead of hiring more people to look professional actor like KB model where you feel you are in Vegas when you walk in their model homes. Megatel needs provide more training to their sales people because they are not consistence on their presentation also. I checked Crown Ridge before I buy. Believe me, I shopped for the houses up to $650,000 and I found out Megatel is much more beautiful than almost every one of them. They charged me $1000 for wood in my office which I paid $2500 in 2010 for Lennar junk I bought and end up to lose money to sell it last year.
I assure you if I can afford to buy a house for my son, I will build with Megatel again. (I hope they will be around by then)… Good luck. By the way they are pretty sold out in Indian Springs.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Jan 7, 2013
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