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Looking for realtor with experience in the Medical Center of San Antonio.

Asked by Marciohaas, 78229 Mon Dec 21, 2009

I visited a condo that I really like in 78240 and I understand it is FSBO at this moment. I am interested in moving forward with the process. So itis a 2 part question: (1) Should I get a realtor (buyer broker) and typically the seller will accept to pay his/her commission? (2) Looking for a realtor knowledgeable about the Medical Center of San Antonio (particularly condos).

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I also wanted to mention pricing (I didn't before as I was on my iPhone typing and I was trying to keep it brief because they can be hard to type a lot out on at times). Be aware, whether you work with an agent or not, of pricing. My experience with FSBOs tend to point to sellers who don't price their homes according to fair market value, but rather to their conception of what their home is worth. These can be two VERY different numbers. Of course, the sellers have every right to price their home how they want and you have every right to offer them whatever you want, but if you can't come to an agreement, it doesn't matter much which is right or wrong (fair market value vs. seller's conception of home's value).

Having a Realtor® on your side will help you in determining fair market value, but the FSBO may not see it quite the same. If you're taking a loan out, an appraisal might help the homeowner see the value, but until you get to that step, it's up to them. An agent will do their best to explain the offer to them and help them understand why the offer is a good one. Of course, the agent works for you, so they must handle the issue delicately so as not to reveal your position or any confidential information. We must treat the sellers honestly and fairly, but our concern would be to get you the home for the best terms.

I hope that helps some more.

One other note, please be careful of what you say to any agent before signing a Buyer's Representation Agreement. Don't tell an agent anything you wouldn't want a seller to know until you've signed one. If for some reason, you give up a lot of information and an agent then approaches the FSBO and offers them representation (and they take it), anything you have said to that agent could become public knowledge to the seller. I would hope that none of the agents here would do that, but I've seen it happen before in other cases. The Buyer's Representation Agreement gives you the protection of confidentiality. Most FSBOs wouldn't go for the idea anyway, but if an agent comes to them and tells them they have a "hot" buyer, some can be convinced.

Matt Stigliano, Realtor®
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That is exciting news! One thing to make sure you keep in mind is that you receive a seller's disclosure as it is required by Texas Property Code and also to look at the financials of the condo association. If a condo association is losing money and not keeping up on maintenance on the facilities and common areas; then you may be stuck between a rock and a hard place once you take over ownership.

Of course you can ask for representation with a broker / Realtor and certainly the seller is capable of absorbing their commission; always depends on price and terms. Ask your Realtor to work up 3 different offers to the seller that either way will make you more money and successful regardless of which one the seller takes. What better way to make the seller happy which will result in you getting ownership of the condo if that's truly what you want at a good deal? I can't see any reason wrong w/ it? Sellers typically want price. Buyers typically want terms.... there are many ways to put both together and make them both happy and successful.

God bless on your endeavors.
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Our office is located right next to the medical center and we are very familiar with the area.

It is always best to work with a real estate professional, with The Trey Group you get a full team working for you. The seller will be prepared to pay for commissions, you won't have to worry about that.

Give us a call, or shoot us an email and let us know if we can help you.

The Trey Group
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Good afternoon

I'm located in nthe area of Leon Valley and medical area, I know very well the area and I'm broker with 10 years experience and great customer service. Please give me a call or visit my page http://www.sanantonio1timebuyer.com to help you.

Francisco Garcia
US Homes Realty
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FSBO sales are a bit tricky but for the most part an agreement can always be reached-remember YOU are the most part of the picture. I office here in the Medical Center and have sold many condos's here. I have some great new properties coming on market and I'll be happy to represent you. Whatever you do, have a Realtor represent you. You can read a book on changing out your commode but it's so much better to let a professional do it-same with real estate-too much money to take a chance on. Remember, it's your money we're talking about!!-Larry Sotoodeh / Broker-Lsotoodeh@satx.rr.com
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Thanks so much for the kind words and for actually responding back on your question. Like Matt referenced, so many are only here to post then never return to keep us updated. And for the majority of us, it doesn't matter which Realtor you choose as long as they are serving your needs effectively and you are happy w/ them because we know that just by helping other people and giving effective advice; we always end up being blessed later down the road.

Glad to have you back home! San Antonio is best for us "implants", but be careful because there should be fine print writing at the bottom of the city's name : "Warning: San Antonio may be addictive and will remove all desire to ever move away making it the last city you will ever move to"

God Bless,
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I truly appreciate the fact that you are open to work with a REALTOR, that is the best way to go and to be protected at all times. When working with FSBO's it can be tricky since not all sellers are 100% Real Estate experts to know all the do's and don'ts of a transaction. Most of the times the seller will pay the Buyer's agent commission, that has to be agreed by all parties the amount changes as there are no set commissions in Real Estate.

I move to San Antonio about 6yrs ago and I LOVE it here, it is a great place to live and if you have children, the school districts are excellent. If you need my assistance I will be more than happy to help you and make sure that you are represented by experience and R.E skills.

Call me or visit my website if you have any questions (210) 861-6381 http://www.anaojeda.com
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You said:

"I moved to San Antonio 3 years ago and I like this town. Good people and great quality of life!"

I couldn't agree more. I moved here three years ago from the East Coast (Philadelphia) and I was almost confused when people were nice. Philadelphia is a bit more attitude and coldness, but here in San Antonio (and Texas in general) people are often friendly and giving without a second's thought. Interesting how different parts of the country give off different vibes from the way people react in public situations.

I might complain occasionally when it's 110 degrees with 99% humidity, but hey, I moved here for warmth...even when I complain, I'm still happier than in wintery Pennsylvania (especially after that storm this weekend).

I'd say welcome to San Antonio, but since you're already here...I hope you continue to enjoy it!

P.S. Thanks for stopping back in. As I often comment, it's nice to get feedback from the consumers too! It let's us know that we're getting the right info to you and helping out.

Matt Stigliano, Realtor®
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"Your all access pass to San Antonio real estate."
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Hello everybody. Thanks for the quick return and the quality of commentary and advice. It certaily makes a good impression of the caliber of the realtors in the trulia community. I appreciate each posting wishing me good luck. I moved to San Antonio 3 years ago and I like this town. Good people and great quality of life!
And in case you are wondering, yes, I will most surely use the services of a realtor for all my future real estate needs. I appreciate the work you do. Good luck to all!
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You should definitely get a realtor as many FSBO owners are not aware of what it actually takes to get a home sold. I would be happy to assist you in purchasing a condo in the Medical area of San Antonio. I just closed a condo in that area last month. I am willing to contact the FSBO owner and get the ball rolling for you immediately. We can get an offer into them very quickly if you have already been prequalifed for a mortgage. If not, I am a Keller Williams agent and we work with a great team of loan officers that can get you prequalifed or even preapproved. My office in right off of IH-10 in San Antonio almost right in the Medical area. Call me and lets get this deal done.

Jacqueline Clark
Keller Williams Realty
10999 IH-10 West ste 175
San Antonio, TX 78230
(210) 386-7528
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I see several people have thrown their hat in the ring, so allow me to do the same. If the property is for sale by owner, you would be well served to work with an agent. When properties are bought and sold with no agent involvement, any potential problems could wind up costing you both.

Of course, as you seem well aware, sellers typically pay buyer's agent's commissions. In the case of a FSBO this is not always the case. You would need to have an agent speak with the seller to find out how they would want to proceed. If they agree to offer the agent a commission, then you would not pay for it. If they refuse to pay an agent that represents you, then you and your agent would need to work something out.

I'd be happy to speak to you more in depth about it and live just around the corner from the Medical Center so I could swing by and speak with the owners if need be.

Hope that helps!

Matt Stigliano, Realtor (r)
RE/MAX Access
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If you have nto already, you really need to get your financing in order. You can shop til you drop but unless you (A) know that you qualify and (B) How much you qualify for, you are basically shooting in the dark. Hey, I get it, the financing is not as exciting as the buying part but albeit it is the first and foremost item of business you should get squared away on. I am a familiar with the area as I was sent there on a class when I was in the Army.

Within minutes my team can square you away and get you the options that you need to make the right buying decision. It at the least appears you may be military or former military, you may also have the option of qualifying on a VA loan which would allow you with 0% down payment.

Give us a call, it would be our honor to assist you on your big puchase,

Ted Canto
Mortgage Consultant
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Good day Marciohaas,

Congrats on finding a condo that you like. If you are looking to go forward with the process of buying the current condo that you have found through a for sale by owner, than yes you do need a Realtor to help you with the paper work and someone who has the experience to help things go smooth for you and the seller. Typically a seller will pay a commission if they see the value in it for them. Having a Realtor help you makes things go smooth for them as well. I have helped many people in sitiations like this and basically play a transaction facilitators role in helping both sides with the contracts, mortgage, title, inspections and all the other ins and outs of putting a real estate transaction together. I have developed an excellent team that people love working with!

Feel free to call me at 520-0900 and we can talk. This will be a benifit for you and the seller.

FYI - if you choose someone else from this list. I would highly recommend Danny T! He is also a great guy to work with.

Hope this is helpful!

Have a blessed life today,

Ron Mersinger, ABR, PNG - serving San Antonio since 1988
RE/MAX North - San Antonio
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Hello Marciohaas,

I am an Realtor and Broker with over 18 years experience in the North San Antonio area from Bandera Rd to Hwy 281. I am also an Accredited Buyer Representative who is experienced working specifically for the buyer in representing your best interest and trained to negotiate on your behalf!

I would be happy to assist you with your condo purchase here! Please feel free to contact me or visit my website for further details. Call me direct at 210-771-8608.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Amanda P. Herring
Reatlor, Broker
Accredited Buyer Representative
(210) 771-8608
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Hi Marciohass,
I would be happy to assist you on finding you the condo you been looking for. My Office is located in the area and we could meet and talk about your buying process .

You can contact me @210-602-3222 or my email@ smgoodwin@bhgmac.com
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Here I am! :-)

I have been a Realtor in SA for 15 years and have extensive knowledge in the Medical Center area (78229, 78230, 78240...) I am familiar with teh condos and townhomes currently available.

Me commission is paid by Sellers, and I would be happy to meet with you to cover my services, and answer your questions.

Web Reference: http://CallDannyT.com
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Hello Marciohass contact me via my website, http://www.fabailey.com and I can get you started.
Web Reference: http://www.fabailey.com
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Hi Marciohass, I would be happy to find a broker for you specialized in this area - we have a huge Keller Williams network on which to draw. Click on contact me and send me details and we will be happy to match you up with that special agent!
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