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Kh, Home Buyer in Corona, CA

Looking for an agent for an Eastvale purchase.

Asked by Kh, Corona, CA Mon Apr 11, 2011

Well qualified buyer looking for GREAT deal in Eastvale. What are the best deals, REOs or short sales? Do all agents have access to the same houses? I know that some brokers give rebates. Is there a reason to go with a broker that does not give a rebate? Looking for a 1 story house in the general area of Hamner to Sumner, Limonite to Schleisman.

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Hi Kh,
I see you are ready to buy a home, that is great.
Yes all agents have the same MLS system.
As for someone giving you back a rebate, just remember you are choosing an agent to negotiate a great deat for you! Most likely the largest purchase you will ever make. If an agent can't keep their own commission; how likely would they be at winning negotiations on your behalf?
Why on earth would you ask any Realtor to give you part of their hard earned money? As a buyer you are not paying the commission anyway. Would you like to work all month at your job and have your clients come to you and say they want part of your paycheck? If you GAVE AWAY half of your check every month how excited would you be about doing a good job? Would you in fact do a great job; would you care to? Or your employers clients say they want a rebate for their business and expect your employer to give them part of your salery so your employer says you are getting a pay cut, how would that work for you?
As Realtors/Brokers we do work diligently at getting you the best contract we can and making sure your best interest are our main concern. We take on that liability every day for you. I for one feel we deserve to get paid for our efforts on your behalf.
Connie Bramble
Prudential CA Realty
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Last time I heard....it is a no no to give a kickback or rebate. All parties have to agree, including both lenders. It does not matter what the agent says. Look for a good agent who knows the area and market. I don't work with buyers but do know the market. What I have been finding is that homes listed as standard sales are running higher because they have been rehabbed. I think bank owned is a great way to go. I personally don't like short sales but that area seems to be short sale driven now.
Lisa Rustin, J.D.
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Having an agent that represents you and is always looking out for your best interest is key when you are buying or selling property. All agents that are members of the board have the same access to the MLS; however, agents may represent investors or have their own up and coming listings that are not on the MLS yet. There are some companies that do rebate a portion of their commission (but there are fine details in that in order to comply with DRE regulations). However, as a buyer you do not pay the commission, the seller does. Do you really want someone who easily "gives" their hard earned money away, or someone who can aggressively negotiate you the best deal and make sure your home closes? I will take the better negotiator any day of the week.

In that market to buy an REO you pretty much have to be an all cash buyer and be ready for a bidding war. On a short sale typically the first one to the party (if qualified) gets the prize,. and prepare to fill out a lot of paperwork and be patient if the short sale is not already approved. How you approach each listing is different depending on status and that is why it pays to have experts that are experienced in that area to represent you.

I hope this was helpful and we wish you the best of luck on your home search!
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Find a smart agent you feel comfortable with and one that you can get a hold of and will work with you.

Currently inventory is low so you want an agent who will be there for you when the property becomes available so you can see it and get an offer in if you want it. Waiting days to go see a home is missing the boat the flight or the home.

Do agents have access to the same houses?
No. 95% of the homes yes but many agents can not do HUD sales which can be the best deals at times. Get an agent who does HUD homes as well and you should be covered.

Agent rebates, Some give them while most others do not. Some give them based on the price of the property you purchase. Working with an agent who gives them but is not there for you can cost you much more than a few hundred dollars of a rebate. Rebates may attract some home buyers, but you may end up paying more for a home from the agent who does not try as hard. Also keep in mind the seller usually pays the agents.

Good Luck in your home Search.

Harold Sharpe - Broker
So Cal Homes
(951) 821-8211
California Department of Real Estate Broker License # 01312992
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The best deals are those that are good condition and under market value. It doesn't matter which type of sale it is (short sale, bank owned, probate, etc.).

Typically, brokers who give rebates are the ones who NEED TO GIVE UP SOME OF THEIR COMMISSION TO EARN BUSINESS. Would you want an attorney representing you in court that could only generate clients by giving away his paycheck?

You might try speaking to someone at The Homefinding Center. They help buyers just like you every day.
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Above all I'd look out for agents who are afraid to compete or feel the need to disparage other agent's business models. They obviously lack confidence in what they'll be able to do for you.
Web Reference: http://www.wehelpubuy.com
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P.S. NO, not all agents have access to the same MLS information. Be wary of agents that don't know this.
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Any rebate that you might get will likely be offset by the poor negotiation skills you'll probably get. When was the last time you saw the best doctor, best attorney, best accountant, or best entertainer offer you a discount? The fact is... if they need to offer you a discount (rebate), they couldn't show you enough value without discounting their services to earn your business.

Do you want the best attorney available and pay top dollar, or do you want the public defender?

Don't lose the opportunity to have an expert negotiator get you the house you want for the best possible price and terms, just so you can get a $3,000 rebate on whatever house that discount agent can get you to settle for.

Good luck to you. I'm guessing you're going to need it because I'm guessing you're too focused on the rebate to see the benefit of an expert negotiator... but I could be wrong. It has happened before.
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Hi Kh,

I ran a search of homes in that area and found a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2063 square foot, single story home I would like to show you. I could email you some information if you would like.

Feel free to call or email me, which ever you prefer.
Michael Bergamo
Prudential California Realty-Ontario
(714) 655-6427
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Hi Kh,
I am an Eastvale Realtor that works out of the only store front Real Estate office in Eastvale. I also live in Eastvale. The great thing about going with an are Realtor for example is that we have 60 Agents in our office and we get the newest lisitngs before they hit the market. If you need closing costs it will take a little longer to secure a house. I would be more than happy to help you.
Please feel free to call or email me.

Lydia Kray
Tarbell Realtors- Eastvale
cell 951-733-1058
Web Reference: http://www.LydiaKray.com
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Looks like you already had some local agents take the time to answer your question(s) on here. Click on their profiles and give one a call. Best of luck
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I would love to assist you with your home purchase! There are a lot of great deals out there and I would be happy to set up a home tour for you. I think both short sales and REO's are great deals. The only difference is that short sales typically take longer than REO properties. I have a great service called a home scouting report that I can get you set up on if you are interested. It is a free tool you can use for your home search and I utilize it with all of my buyers. My office does not gives rebates but I would be willing to discuss if further with you. Call me today if you are interested!

Thanks and good luck!!
Deborah Linden
Prudential CA. Realty
Cell: 909-532-0404
email: deborahlinden@prucarealty.com
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My Real Estate company specializes in finding homes by using valuation analytics, which is to find the best value in Eastvale so you can get the most for your money. We generally want to see at least a 10 to 20% discount to the listing price paid so you have positive equity in the first day. Then we help our buyers create their dream home from ground up by using a 203K renovation loan or seller's concessions to improve on the property.

In this market, don't "buy dumb", which is to pay retail for some house already fully upgraded with features that you may or may not event want, those homes are priced above the "true" market price. You can pick up a distressed asset from the bank in a beautiful neighborhood, put a few thousand into it and end up with the nicest home on the street for 20% less than anyone else paid.

Call me to discuss our unique strategy using a Financial Advisor's perspective, not just a salesperson's perspective of wanting to close a deal. At Hilton Thomas & Associates Real Estate, our goal is to make sure your new home purchase is PROFITABLE regardless of what happens in the next couple of years with foreclosures mounting stronger each day.

Take Advantage of the opportunities out there, don't pay more than you should! Real Estate sales are at the slowest levels in history, be patience and cherry pick that one special home for you and your family.

I am a REALTOR, Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource Certified and am a licensed Financial Advisor. I can make the numbers work in your favor. Call Tom Jandt 866-766-1112 (cell)


Best regards,

Tom Jandt
Web Reference: http://www.hiltonthomas.com
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Hello, I am an agent out in corona. If you would like to call me I would love to help...I can send the homes to you that you are looking for, and we can go look anytime...I work around the buyers schedule, am quick to respond, and can get you into a house! Thanks,
Celeste Pafford
Pafford homes
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All agents that are a member of the MLS have the access to the same data. As in life Real Estate is about relationships sometimes having good contacts gives you an advantage and staying in contact with the industry but when it comes down to it the deals are predicated by the market and right now even though there appears to be a lot of inventory it is still a buyers market, because there is only 3 months of inventory on hand.

In Eastvale there are 155 homes available built from 2004 to now ranging from $275,000 to $583,000, 38 of them are standard sale, 18 are Bank owned and the rest are short sales. In the month of March 54 homes sold. 12 Standard Sales, 15 Bank Owned and the rest Short sale, the prices ranged from $270,000.00 to $455,000.00.

Understand that a good deal to you may not be a good deal to someone else. The home that may be the best deal may not fit your needs or likes. You need an agent that will help you find what works for you and your family, make sure that it fits your budget and presents your offer as the best offer so that it will be accepted. Many times the best houses are the most desirable homes and they have multiple offers, so your offer needs to be accurate and complete.

Give me a call and we can go over your needs, wants and your ability to purchase and find and purchase your next home.

Diana 909-560-0145
Web Reference: http://www.dianam.com
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Contact me to discuss rebate options
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I forgot to mention the rebate. A broker can charge or not charge you. I don't give a rebate because the buyer does not pay me. I get paid by the seller, so technically my service is free for the buyer. It doesn't make sense to me for a buyer's agent to give a rebate.

Tracy Andrews
Elite REO
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REOs and short sales are very different. There is not correct answer whether or not a short sale or REO will be a better deal. It will depend on the property. Some REOs may be a better deal and some short sales may be a better deal. Keep in mind, the short sales need to be negotiated by someone that knows what they are doing. Also, short sales may take a very long time to close so you will have to be patient. Beware that the asking price on a short sale can change. Also, there is a chance that the short sale will not be approved and will end up being a bank repo anyway. The short sale negotiator plays a huge role.
Many agents do have access to the same properties, but that is not always the case. If an agent is a realtor, he/she should have access to the Multiple Listing Service, which is where most realtors list homes for sale. REO listing agents have access to the listing before the public and other agents, but the property cannot be sold until the bank puts the home on the market. I am a REO broker that has actually closed many REOs and some short sales. My office is on the border of Corona and Riverside, so it's not too far from Eastvale. I can give a lot more detail over the phone or in person. Feel free to call me.

Tracy Andrews
Elite REO
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As long as your dealing with a Realtor, we all have access to the same info. And without getting to know you and your specific needs, it's difficult to know if an REO or if a short sale is the best fit for you.

I wouldn't be so concerned with finding an agent that gives away their income. A buyer's agent works for you at no charge to you since they're commission is paid for by the seller. I'd suggest finding a Realtor with a proven track record. You want someone professional that knows what they're doing to represent you in the perhaps the most important financial deal of your lifetime.

Rather than just looking for a Realtor on a website, I always suggest you find a Realtor thru a referral from friends or family. That way you don't just take potluck, you get an agent that has a proven track record with someone you know and trust. Good luck with your search! Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Ray Wright
Realtor/Certified Pre-Foreclosure Specialist
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Eastvale is a great place, and there are many good opportunities there. The best deal for you may be very different from the best deal for another buyer, as your personal goals come in to play in the decision making process. This is something that I cover with my clients up front, in a free Buyer Consultation. Although you MIGHT get a good price on a short sale, there are many potential pitfalls, and you want an agent who will educate you about the process and possible difficulties, so that you're not unpleasantly surprised down the road, as many have been. Also check taxes, as all of Eastvale has special assessments, and they vary from tract to tract.

As for rebates, I worked for a company that offered rebates, and I now run my own company without rebates. I don't think that all agents who offer rebates are lower quality, or that all agents who don't rebate are great. You need to pick the agent who will work to represent you, who is knowledgeable about all types of transactions, and the area you're looking in. I obviously think you'd be smart to choose me, but I think you should talk to several agents and choose one that seems a good fit to you, regardless of commission structure. Don't base your decision strictly on how much you get back out of the deal - there is much more to the real estate profession than access to listings and opening doors, and I earn my commissions in my representation of my clients.

I wish you the best in your search!
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Short sales can be good deals but they aren't easy. Very time consuming and you're never quite sure what you're going to get. I think REO's and flips are better deals and a lot less painful.

I'm one of the brokers who rebate part of their commission back to my clients. I expect my clients to do their homework and not go out on wild goose chases, looking at houses that end up backing to busy streets or right next to the dairy farms. (unless of course you want a noisy back yard that smells like cow poop in the summer) Other than that I'm a full service broker who sells dozens of homes every year to very satisfied clients who appreciate getting back half the commission.

And yes, we all have access to the same listings.

Give me a call if you'd like to talk.

Brad Davidson
Broker 01416432
Web Reference: http://www.wehelpubuy.com
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Hi KH.

I have had a lot of clients for Eastvale. I know the area very well and would like to help you find the perfect house. All agents that are paying for the MLS (multible listing services) fee have access to all the same houses.
Let me know if I can help you.

Sonja Torring
REALTOR/ loan consultant
Pre-Foreclosure Short Sale Certified.
951-833-7733 Cell
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Contact me direct if your interested in working with a Professional Broker that will get results!

Dwayne Richardson
DRE Broker Lic. #00975301

Prime Time Real Estate
Specializing in REO & Short Sale Properties
(951) 279-0300 Bus.
(951) 818-7508 Cell/Text
Email: primetimedr@ca.rr.com
Website: http://www.homesbyprimetime.com
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