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Balaji, Home Buyer in Parlin, NJ

Is pool a good thing?

Asked by Balaji, Parlin, NJ Tue Sep 14, 2010

I am looking at a property which has a pool, is it a selling point?

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Does an in-ground pool add value to a home?
In Florida an in-ground pool does add to the resale value of your home, but don't expect to get 100% return on your investment. On average an in-ground pool can increase the value of a residential property from 6 to 10 percent. An in-ground pool in Florida can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000 depending on size, whether it is screened in, and the extra amenities.

Some buyers prefer not to have a pool because of the added expense, maintenance, and safety hazards with children. Pools can consume valuable yard space because in Florida most of the properties are pretty small. Others wouldn't have it any other way. A pool not only adds hours of enjoyment but also can add to the aesthetics of a home if it is set in an attractive setting. On those hot summer days it can also be very inviting and refreshing. It provides a place to unwind and relax as well as a form of exercise.

Another thing to consider is the neighborhood. The value of that pool may depend on what other homes are selling for in the area and whether they have a pool or not. If not very many neighbors have pools, then your value will not increase significantly. Choosing to purchase a home with a pool or whether to add a pool to your home is largely based on individual preference.

Tammy Hayes, Realtor, Sandals Realty, Punta Gorda, FL - tammyhayesre@gmail.com
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In CA or FL, a pool may be a selling point,

In NJ, it most likely isn't.

We have a short "swimming" season.....a pool may be a nice extra to some, but to others it is a detriment.
I have had a number of buyers refuse to even look at homes with pools.
I have never had a buyer refuse to look at a home with no pool!

If you and your family want a pool, then go for it. Hopefully, you will be living there for many years to come and the pool will become an integral part of you and your family's lifestyle. The enjoyment will be worth it.

If, however, you are looking at this from strictly an investment standpoint, then skip the pool.

Good luck!
Debbie Rose
Prudential NJ Properties
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Is a pool a good thing, well It depends on where you live in the country. If you like the pool in the Parlin NJ home and it's a selling point for you, who cares what anybody else thinks. Just bear in mind that your home insurance will most likely be higher than if you did not have the pool.
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It depends on the location. Lately, I have not see a great welcoming response from buyers for having a pool because of life style changes, high maintenance cost, lack of time, etc..
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Pool good if everyone in that area has one.
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Turn it into a skating rink. Haha...I can't imagine having a pool in the Northeast (being from FL). I guess you can swim in it for 2 months out of the year. You may even be able to add fish to it and have people come over and ice fish. Back home, a neighbor converted his pool into a skate board and bicycle ramp. I've also seen people have parties in an empty pool with tables and chairs in the deep end during the off months. I'd look into converting it into a giant hot tub time machine.
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Most buyers do not want a pool. I have sold thousands of homes and most buyers, probably 95% do not want a pool. Not good for re-sale.

However, if you really want one, buying a home is not only about re-sale. Enjoy it, just don't overpay because it has a pool. Also, the expenses are big to maintain the pool.

In short, weigh your enjoyment of the pool versus these points.
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I bought a house in Gilbert AZ and wife and kids said no pool no house so now in the summer we swim and boil lobsters at the same time
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There are buyers who desire a pool, but there are probably an equal number or more who do not want a pool. A pool can present child and adult safety issues, maintenance hassles, unwanted liability, added home ownership costs, and restricted yard space. In my North Carolina market, we neither add nor subtract value to single family homes for the pool, itself. However, if a pool area contains a storage unit or bath house, that may have added value. However, if you are in a very southern climate, such as Florida, or a resort area, you will need to check with a professional realtor there about pool being a selling point because it may very well be. Real estate features are very local in nature.
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Hi Balaji, some people like it, some people do not. What do YOU want? If you are looking to buy a home, and you are asking, I'm thinking you don't really want/care about a pool. They cost around $1,500 a year to maintain. As far as it being a selling point -- I'll put it to you like this -- it does not add to the value of the home. Again, this is because some people want it, and some don't. In NJ it is seasonal. So it is neutral at best. Some people with young children will not want a pool. But is this really the most significant factor for YOU?
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That's a great question! I think it really depends on what part of the country you are living in. Here in the northern suburbs of NY, it's more often than not, a questionable item. I have found that when I have clients, especially first time home buyers, looking at homes with pools, they are intimidated by the maintenance and nervous if they have little kids. On the other hand, with luxury homes on larger lots, they seem to want a pool !
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Hi there Balaji, Jeannie Feenick doubling back - having read the additional responses, I'm reminded that when my kids were young they were very envious of friends wih pools - it did look fun. But the thought of the maintenance - and yes, the liability - always made a membership in the local pool club a better option for us. There are "pool people" - to them, a pool is a great selling point. I also have buyers that regardless of the home, if it has a pool, it's off the list.

Depends - but it isn't necessarily a selling point. If you buy that house, be sure to consider a fence for safety/liability issues.

Jeanne Feenick
Unwavering Commitment to Service
Web Reference: http://www.feenick.com
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Not for me. Too much liability. Enjoy your swim.
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The cost can be very high to remove a pool. It will depend on the type of pool - poured concrete? vinly lined? above ground?

I haven't had a buyer fill one in in a long time, but when I did, the cost ran well over $10,000 (some years ago).

Ask you agent for a list of contractors, and get a few estimates.

The expense isn't just for the demo and removal of debris, but you will have a huge hole that will need to be filled in - and landscaping costs have to be factored in, too

I also suggest you check with the building inspector in Parlin, or wherever you're buying, to make sure you follow any codes restrictions or procedures, You may need a permit, or have an inspection during the process. Check it al lout before you proceed.
Keep in mind that this needs to be done properly, so that you don't wind up with a depressed area, or worse yet, sinkhole, in the backyard, which could be a tripping hazard.

Good luck!
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Jeanne is right. It is all about lifesstyle. When I bought my house, it came with a pool. When my kids were school age it was really great in the summer. They would have friends over and we would entertain often. Depending on the type of pool and whether there is a heater (we have one), the costs in time and money may not be as bad as you think. If you have a pool service take care of everything it will be pricey. When the sellers installed the pool they took the hit on the investment. In NJ, buyers usually do not pay a premium for a house with a pool.
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thank you for all your answers, looks like closing the pool is a better option in NJ, how do the costs run on it?
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Not in NJ it isn't. The appraisers I work with usually deduct value from the property if it has an inground pool for the following reasons.
1. In NJ it only gets used 3 months out of the years, and is an eye sore for the other nine months.
2. It takes up the majority of the yard.
3. Its extremly expensive to properly maintain, and in this economy that doesn't help much.
4. It limits the number of potential buyers, elderly people are less likley to be interested in a pool, and familys with real young kids may be less interested in it because its a safety hazard to their children.
5. I beleive the pool also increases the cost of the home owners insurance.
Web Reference: http://www.sjrates.com
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Are you wealthy? Do you swim? The major questions involved! a Koi pond or fountain are less expensive ornaments.

Brian Foote
DRE 01815029
760 898 5800
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Pools are only a selling point to buyers who wish to have one. As others have stressed, the decision is one only you can make. But I would not make a decision based on resale value. Think about your own lifestyle and whether a pool is a feature that you value.

Good luck,
Jeanne Feenick.
Unwavering Commitment to Service
Web Reference: http://www.feenick.comn
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Hello Balaji,
Great question to ask the group, and all of the reponses are quite valid. But I do have one questions that has not been asked. Do you have children? Is this home in a family type of neighborhood? Do you expect to
spend time in your backyard? Does this home have the good Southern exposure for optimal heat during the summer months?

Kids love pools!!! All ages love pools There fore many parents/ buyers look for a home with a Pool.
As kids grow up, they tend to hang out at friends homes where there is "something to do". Well , a pool gives you that. Even little kids (once they are water safe) will spend hours just playing in a pool. If you are a Grandparent , you will always have something of interest for your Grandkids to do , when they come visit.
If you have a pool, you will spend more time in that backyard, so make sure it is the type of space that is appealing.

So, if you fit any of the above types.........I would say the Pool is of value!

Good Luck
Julia Murtagh
"bringing Integrity to Your Front Door"
Alain Pinel Realtors
Web Reference: http://Juliamurtagh.com
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If you would enjoy a pool, can afford a home with a pool and the costs associated with maintaining it, it is a good thing. As others have said, for the next buyer, it will depend on a number of factors. Where will the economy be when you want to sell? Will you incur substantial costs keeping the pool like replacing heaters, covers, repairs etc? If you would enjoy the pool, and plan to be in the home for 5 years or longer and the pool doesn't surprise you with unexpected costs, it could be fine.
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Pools are always a nice feature until you purchase a home with a pool and you find out how much it will cost you to maintain it. I've owned a few homes and all of them have had pools. Before purchasing I always get sold by the pool and the thought of the fun summer days we can have. Then we move in an get caught up with the daily rush and don't get around to really enjoy it much but yet still need to absorb the monthly cost to maintain it.

Additional cost:
Insurance $300/year
$89/month pool cleaning
$75/month additional power bill.
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It's good that you're thinking about re-sale when you're buying.

Probably half of all Buyers see a pool as an asset, and the other half see it as a liability. As Janet said, if you buy a house with a pool, buy it for YOU. Your pool won't appeal to every Buyer when you sell, but you'll have the pleasure of using it in the meantime.

Before I moved to Florida, I lived in Valley Forge, PA. I imagine the weather there is pretty similar to yours in New Jersey. My house had a pool, which was a lot of fun, but the swimming season was short--barely three months, from June through August, If you do decide on the house with the pool, consider either installing a heater, or buy a solar blanket for your pool. The solar blanket will extend your swimming season for another full month.

Janet also brought up a good point about insurance. If you own a swimming pool, you'll need enough liability insurance to protect ALL of your assets. Or, you could do what you were considering in another thread--Buy a townhome in a community with a pool. Good luck in your home search.

Warm regards,
Maggie Hawk, REALTOR
(386) 314-1149
Watson Realty Corp.
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Pools are still popular but are usually a wash in tough times unless the pool and pool area are super nice and upscale.
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