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Is my realtor doing what he is supposed to?

Asked by help!, Dacula, GA Sat Jun 22, 2013

My husband and I are in the process of purchasing our first home. We are currently "working" with a realtor for a little over a month now and have only seen 3 homes, all of which I found doing my own research. I rarely ever hear from him and the only contact I have with him are just with the automatic emails that supposedly fit our search criteria but they really don't. Should I look for a new realtor? Or am I being too harsh? Time is of the essence and are hoping to buy by August.

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Well certainly you interviewed a few agents to determine that this one was the proper selection. Given that we'll move on to the next thing.

The quality of the results is predicated upon the quality of the ingredients - in other words does he know what you want. Does he know what you'll consider? Does he know what your options are? If you've put him in a narrow box, the challenge is likely the specificity of what you want.

Are you qualified and ready to buy? A front burner client? If not, you may not have is full attention as it's reasonable to categorize clients based upon ability, timing, etc.

Productive agents do what he is doing, while it sounds good to say "I'm on the MLS for hours looking for listings", truth of the matter is if the buyer is clear in what they want, auto searches work fine. However, those are results are based upon agent input - and many agents are either too dumb to properly enter info or provide the wrong info, typos, omit info...so lists fail to show.

And then there's the lack of inventory. You will either broaden your criteria, settle, over pay or you will wait for the right home at the right price. Many buyers are in this situation, the smart ones always rely on the data.

Arrange a sit down, there is a method to the madness, you just need to figure out what the hold up might be.

Web Reference: http://www.hmtatlanta.com
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D. Whit, sorry to see that you have clearly never experienced the joys of having a good agent work side by side with you helping you along the way. Unfortunately in all industries you will find people who aren't passionate about their work and therefore it reflects throughout their work. I encourage you to team up with a good agent who cares about your transaction the next time you are property searching.

...Don't throw the baby out with the bath water, we aren't all a dime a dozen.

Have a good thanksgiving.
Amie Bozeman, Real Estate Pro
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This is the complete wrong forum to ask that question.

You are asking cannibals if you should be a vegan ?

Fire the realtor you have. What has he done ?

Realtors are a dime a dozen in metro Atlanta.

Educate yourself and might not need them at all except to collect their mandated tithe.
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Choosing the right real estate agent for you, can be a big challenge. It's a great experience to know that someone is looking for the right property for you, someone that knows how to find what is available, someone who is trained and skilled in real estate negotiations, someone who know the neighborhood and home prices in the area that you would like to live, someone that can represent you and advocate on your behalf.
If you feel that you can not communicate with your agent now, ask your co-workers, friends, relatives or even at your local bank to recommend another realtor and find the one that will click with your needs right away.

Best of Luck,

Maria Cipollone

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Sounds like you agent has lost interest because you aren't an easy sell. I would move on and find an agent that specializes in communication and results no matter the price range, time frame, etc.

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Your Realtor should stay in touch with you. People need to know they have not been forgotten.

If the automated search does not meet your needs, ask your Realtor to change and/or broaden the criteria. Sometimes if a search is overly specific, it removes results that could potentially be a match for you.

Your Realtor may be going through a difficult period in his life which is affecting the quality of service he would normally provide, he may work differently than what you need, or he may just be a crappy agent.

It sounds as though you've given him enough time to earn your business and he's failed to do so. While loyalty is desired and admirable, it should not be to your detriment. Time to start interviewing for a new agent.
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still in need of a realtor? i'll put you in touch with some hungry folks that will find you a house - I can also assist with your mortgage needs - call me if I can help - 678-644-9912
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I gave Hank a like. Most of the other advice was good too.

Automated search is necessary - spoon feeding the freshest listings to you sounds like a slow, lame way to get beat by the competition.

I don't know your price range, and I can only assume that your were judicious and circumspect in hiring a savvy hyper-local buyer agent specialist who knows the streets of your desired neighborhoods and who networks at a high level with other savvy agents who work the same submarkets to get deals done.

Otherwise, what Hank said:

"You will either broaden your criteria, settle, over pay or you will wait for the right home at the right price. Many buyers are in this situation, the smart ones always rely on the data."
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help!...with your timeline being tight it is time to sit down face to face with your Realtor and make sure that you are on the same page...based on your comments, the properties being forwarded to you tells me that you are not....so let your realtor know exactly what your needs, wants and desires are for your first home...realizing that there are no perfect homes and that the inventory shortage is stifling your ability to find that near perfect home...you may have to adjust your criteria to find the right home.

If you find after that meeting that the results remain the same then yes it may be time to look at other options.

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pick up the phone an call your agent. he/she found zero homes that met your criteria in more than a month, and you only found 3.

The Tashmahal is not currently on the market, so you need to update your search criteria,

Let your agent know what the criteria is, Also make sure you let the agent know about the time factor.
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Hello Help!

Thank you for taking the time to ask this question. In today's technological world there are a whole lot of folks that pride themselves on being able to access lots of information and gaining a lot of knowledge about a whole host of topics, industries and practices. I paraphrase a quote by Seth Godin when I say "It is safe today to assume that everyone knows everything." I don't say that as a means of dismissing behavior of professionals, rather as an idiom that may shape a professional's behavior. Here's what I mean: before all of the technology homebuyers welcomed a REALTORs help, both by advice and informational guidance. With all of the web pages out there now on the internet folks are finding all kinds of information on their own and only calling the REALTOR when they want to make an offer after they have gone by the home and found the back door open, or went in because another REALTOR might have been there and didn't mind; thinking they may have a chance at a new buyer client. Buyers are, in some ways, way ahead of the REALTOR because they start looking long before they ever make contact with a REALTOR. I always ask "How long have you been looking for a home?" The answers vary, but they have always been looking before they call me. Half of the time the buyer has already contacted a lender and has a pre-approval that is outdated.
Now before I lose you here, let me explain that all of that doesn't excuse the behavior at all. It just means that there is a lack of communication; or a lack of understanding. Call your REALTOR and explain what you need from him or her. Have a conversation about your needs. Let them know your frustration and you will probably find a professional ready, able and willing to do what it takes to facilitate a successful home purchase. Give that a try. If that doesn't produce a change that works for you, then yes, perhaps you should find a professional that understands customer service. Customer service is a dying, if not dead, art these days.

I wish you the best!
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In all honestly it is very common to set up automated emails for "your very specific" criteria. If the emails are not generating what you have requested in a home your Realtor needs to know right away so that they can adjust the search for you.

Open communication is very important with every relationship including the relationship with your Realtor! Be sure the lines are open both ways. Express your concerns, hear their thoughts, be sure that you mesh! If you feel that you have not been matched well then certainly contact someone else for help with your new home. If you signed a buyer's brokerage agreement with your agent then you do have some additional considerations in the matter.

I have a few blogs on what to look for in a Realtor on my website. Check them out at http://amiebozeman.com.

Hope this helps! Best to you!

Amie Bozeman, Realtor
BHGRE Metro Brokers
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Hello from Buford.

First, your point is spot on with regard to those automated email messages. Unfortunately, they tend to send the same properties that have already been ruled out. That is why my searches are manual. If nothing came up during the week that met my client's criteria, a simple weekly note lets them know that I am still on the job.

My colleague, Rick, is also correct that the market is terribly challenging at this time. Of course, that is no excuse for poor performance and it may very well be time to reexamine your choice of agent.

Here are a few things that may help you understand what is happening and how you can compete in this market. Again, still no justification for having seen only three properties to date.

You are going to need a strong pre-approval letter. Sellers, and therefore agents, need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can buy before many of them will work with you or consider your offer. Many lenders are now requiring that all underwriting documents be provided before they will issue a pre-approval letter.

You're going to need more money than the typical 3.5% down and closing costs! One of the government sponsored agencies with a large share of Metro Atlanta properties consistently overprices their properties using questionable appraisals. You can still get a mortgage, but it would have to be their mortgage which requires a higher credit score than most FHA borrowers have. Bottom line...you will have to have a strong credit score and your own down payment of at least three-percent in order to buy one of their properties. In addition, there are so many buyers pursuing so few properties that you will have to plan on offering more than list price to be competitive. The lender, however, will only lend up to the appraised value and the rest must be funded by you.

You're going to need patience and resilience. An offer can be rescinded right up until acceptance, so plan on presenting strong offers above list price with the fewest possible contingencies on several properties at once. Unfortunately, you should also plan to be among scores of other offers including those involving cash that can close far sooner than you. It is what it is and you mustn't get attached to any one until you're under contract.

You're going to need an aggressive and knowledgeable agent. Your agent needs to know where to look for properties, how to write offers that protect you and be in touch with you regularly. That also means notifying you of a property as soon as it hits the market, previewing the property when neither of you are available and handling paperwork and other tasks in a timely manner.

Thanks for reading my lengthy response. If you are not under contract, I'd enjoy the opportunity to speak with you.

Solomon Greene
Georgia Real Estate Brokers Associate, REALTOR®, Certified Affordable Housing Counselor
Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners
(678) 775-2677
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If you haven't signed a contract find another Realtor, if you have let the Realtor know your expectations.
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The supply of homes have decreased in most areas throughout Atlanta and surrounding areas. Thus, creating a seller's market and fewer choices for you to preview.

Having the correct criteria for your search is critical. However, you must keep your search criteria somewhat broad ie. price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, area/location, style of home 2-story, ranch, townhome or Condo, year built (if a preference) and basement/slab (if a preference). I realize you might have other criteria ie, square footage, fenced yard, size of lot, level backyard, etc. Let these preferences be decided after you find the most needed criteria. Remember, I'm only giving you a broad idea of how you might change your process.

I would also recommend that you ask for a consultation with your Realtor to go through the Home Buying Process with you so you better understanding your role as Buyer and how to get to your objective, closing on your new home.

Do you want to buy a home by August or close on a home by August. To close on a home by August you are in a tight window.

Hopefully , I've answered a few of your questions.

Best of luck.

Rick Payne
Keller Williams Realty
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Communication from both the agent and clients are important for any successful real estate transaction. In order to give a better answer one needs to know the criteria of the homes you are searching for.
1. Are you searching for low priced homes
(anything under $100,000 is hard to find)
2. On what days are you available to view the houses?
(In today's market houses listed with an agent and priced right can go under contract in less than 7 days)

The best advice is for you to contact your agent every three days by phone. This action alone will let the agent KNOW your are a motivated buyer.

Todd Taylor
Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners
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If you are looking to close in August, then you need to be under contract ASAP. Depending on the type of financingyou are looking for, you will need to allow 30-45 days for your closing date. A specialty loan program like a Renovation mortgage will requrie more time.

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I am going to have to agree with you; don't want to, but gots to.
Would I be correct if I said you have given him the parameters for your new house?
I figured so.
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Yes, we definetly did!
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