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Is it true that if you live in Coral Springs, you cannot choose any cable company but must use the one that contracts with the city?

Asked by patsail, Plantation, FL Sun Aug 12, 2012

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Yes, they are call Advanced Cable and they are the worst. Im thinking of moving out of Coral Springs because of them.
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That's insane that you would move over a Cable Provider. Moron.
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Yes, they are call Advanced Cable and they are the worst. Im moving out of Coral Springs because of them.
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It is true. and this is the company you MUST use:

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DO NOT move to Coral Springs if you have any need for decent internet. Advanced Cable is a nightmare and ATT is barely adequate at 12 Mbps max (advertised as 18). It is mind boggling to think a city that thinks it's progressive has shot itself in the foot regarding the single biggest technology advancement in the last 30 years and the entire community has to suffer. If I could sell my house without taking a big hit since I just bought it, I would move in a heartbeat.
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No that's no true, I am living there for the last 12 years. I had directv,and now u verse.
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The city of Coral Springs has for years had a contract with Advanced Cable, same in Weston, and your only options were Advanced cable, dish network, or U-Verse.

As of now though Comcast does not yet have any plants in Coral Springs but the city has allowed them to start construction in the city and some areas of Coral Springs closest to Coconut Creek can now get Comcast as their provider. It wont be long before the entire city will have another another CABLE option other than Advanced as Comcast will soon be city wide as well.
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Its very true for many parts of Coral Springs. Be careful when choosing a place to buy or rent. i rent at Park at turtle run and ONLY Advanced Cable is available in there for whatever reason...and i assure you its expensive and it sucks!!!! you are guaranteed either poor performance or no performance at least a few times a week!! and unless you are lucky to get a place where you can put a dish facing south...then Advanced is your ONLY choice for TV as well!!! Coral Springs is a nice city..but the internet/TV options is a major deal breaker
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Steve. I was actually looking serious at moving to turtle run. Do you think if I purchased the most expensive package the Internet would be better? I have to have good internet for my job.
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Advance Cables Internet is trash, it goes out frequently during peak times. When you call to ask them what is going on they give you a scripted answer saying they are working on updating their infrastructure. I wont touch ATT U-Verse. I have Directv satellite because having tv service through Advance Cable is ridiculous in price. If I had known this when buying a house here I would have never done it.
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Uverse is truly awful, impossible to cast anything and my internet really sucks.
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Yes, mostly ATT is in those areas or local provider Advance Cable. ATT only offers 18Mbps fiber optic which equals to 20Mbps on Comcast.
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Wow. ATT U-VERSE. INTERNET SERVICE is the worst for watching Netflix, amazon, what ever , CORAL SPRINGS ALLOWS ATT U-VERSE TO continually provide such poor internet. The problem is repeated advertisement, mailed, texted, emailed to residents in Coral Springs and THE ATT U-VERSE COMPUTERS TELL CUSTOMERS the speed we are getting IS the best that they can offer in CORAL SPRINGS.

NOW who is paying off who?

Dec 30 2014
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Unfortunately, yes. There a certain areas where the cable company has a monopoly. I don't know how that is possible, but it is true. I know there are a lot of people that have a cable company that they hate, and they don't have any other options. Sounds like a place that I wouldn't want to live.
Mark Leach | http://www.a1satutah.com
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Yes. And it is the useless worst company every called ADVANCED CABLE.
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I'm not sure what the rules are pertaining to Coral Springs. I would call the city and see what their requirements are. This will give you the exact results and rules that you need to follow. Good luck and I hope you find everything you need to! http://usacommunications.tv/colorado.php
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sadly uverse is not available in all zipcodes in CS. Comcast does not own AC, they are such a big company and has no interest in such a mom and pop joint. AC is extremely overpriced, might be worth it to do Direct TV and deal with the outages. AC is a ripoff - not only do they bill 2 months in advance, their rates for everything is sickenening.
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I live in Coral Springs but zip code 33076, I heard Comcast and AT&T are in Coral Springs but every time I call them my address is not available for service. Does anyone know if they have service for real in coral springs?
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I have Uverse 45 Mbps, Doesn't get that fast usually, but is really decent. zip 33065. This was one of the rude awakenings after buying my house in coral springs. UGH...
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I live in Coral Springs and subscribe to AT&T Uverse. I had been using Direct TV but got tired of it always going off the air during a storm. I am very happy with Uverse.
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What Zip code are you? I live in Coral Springs but AT&T is not available
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Advanced does NOT have a monopoly in Coral Springs. That ended a few years ago. Problem is Comcast has to either buy out Advanced or build their own infrastructure. Either one is costly.
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I spoke to the city and they said AC does not have a contract. That it ended a few years ago but apparently Comcast has no interest in taking over AC. Had I known about this, I would have NOT bought my home. I would have kept looking outside of Coral Springs. It's a damn shame too because it's probably the ONLY issue I have with living in CS.
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Actually, the cable infrastructure in Coral Springs is owned and maintained by Comcast, and is leased out to Advanced Cable. If Comcast believes they will make more money selling cable directly rather than leasing out the infrastructure then they will take over the market when the current lease expires. If they re-sign a new lease we are all screwed.
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The fact is that if you need High Speed don't move to Coral Springs. Att maxes out at 25 and Advanced cable even less. Comcast is at 100 or more in some markets. I wish I had known this before I bought a house there. Now I am stuck. Comcast's site said I could get Comcast but when I called after buying the house I was told the site is wrong. This is probably because it works off the zip code. If Cablevision's new experiment works in South FL that may eventually be an option. They were offering 100 over WiMax before they shut down OMG Fast Your current choices in Coral Springs are ATT Uverse, Advanced Cable and possibly dish providers. Coral springs is not good for It folks who need hgh speed or families that download a lot or use streaming services like Netflix.
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More than that you can only use the one that services the area. If there is another cable operator in the area, you can.
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I'm not sure about the area you are talking about, but I'm pretty sure you can choose whatever network you want. I think dish works pretty well in most areas. I would look at all your options before making any decisions, though. http://www.a1satutah.com
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This is true of any city, it would be cost prohibitive for a new operator to lay an entire new network of cable. You can use any of the satellite providers, but with the amount of rain we get, I tried that once and then went back to cable.
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Here is how the City answers your question in its website:
"The City continues to receive complaints from residents regarding Advanced Cable Communications being the only service provider allowed in the City, but that statement is a myth. The City’s cable franchise agreement with Advanced Cable includes customer service performance standards and simply states that Advanced Cable Communications will air CityTV Channel 25 and educational programming through BECON. Officials want to assure residents that the City's franchise agreement with Advanced Cable is not preventing any other cable operator from offering their services in Coral Springs.

Comcast, as well as any other cable provider, is welcome to provide their services within our City. Unfortunately, the issue is whether or not it’s feasible for the cable provider to build a whole new infrastructure to support their services with limited revenue potential.

Currently, other cable providers, including U-Verse, DirectTV and Dish Network have leveled the playing field by offering various programming options."
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Dish , Att Uverse or Advance Cable ...I have Advance the (bundle) phone,internet and cable it's ok ...
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Though a given cable company might have a strong presence in an area, it's not as if the municipality has given a gold stamp to the company. That company has developed that strong presence by investing heavily in infrastructure in that area. You are not obligated to use them only, you could get Dish TV. Or explore even cheaper alternatives by getting your programming through your PC. It just depend how frugal you are.
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That's incorrect, Advanced Cable had a contract with the city of Coral Springs for many many many years being the only company that had been permitted to run cable through the city. AT&T skirted that rule by not offering TV service when they ran their lines. Mind you we're going back to the 1970's when all of this started and they had a 30 year contract. That contract is now defunct and Comcast purchased all of the lines, but they were so out of date that they just lease the lines back to Advanced Cable.
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Hi Patsail, the cable company that services Coral Springs is Advanced Cable. It doesn't have anything to do with the ctiy contracting with them. It's that Advanced Cable owns the infrastructure here. If you were thinking about Xfinity, you wouldn't be able to have service with them. You can always use ATT's Uverse. Have a good evening. Lynn Pineda, Coral Springs Realtor
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Yes, in Coral Springs we have Advanced Cable. That is the only cable company you can use. Unless you face the right direction for either Dish Network or Directv. Hope this helps!
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I haven't heard of any area of the Country that has more than one cable company;
the alternative is contracting a satellite (dish) company.
Tell me if I'm wrong.
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