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Glen, Home Buyer in Phoenix, AZ

Is it strange to ask agent to pick you up from your hotel when you are searching for a house?

Asked by Glen, Phoenix, AZ Mon Apr 5, 2010

Is it rude to ask your real estate agent to pick you up at your hotel and drive you around the days you go house hunting? I'll be flying in from out of town and would rather not rent a car. The hotel is about 10 mile away from the agent's office.

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I think everyone has valid points in this thread. Gustavo however I wouldn't save its strange that an agent wouldn't pick up a client but ask that they follow them. It also doesn't mean that they wouldn't provide the best service as well.

Here is Florida there have been several cases of violence and murder with an agent who took out a cusotmer whom they never met. There are some horrible people out there and having one make a showing appointment with you is an easy way to get to you for whatever reason.

Me personally I do not take clients in my car unless I know them. This is for two reasons. One liability and two safety.

At each home we look at I give them a run down of the area and sight/points of interest. I also have two way walkie talkies that I give them so I can be in their car without being in their car as we tour the area. The customers think its cool and it covers my safety and liability concerns. By the way I also make sure I get a copy of a drivers license and leave a copy with my office and leave a copy with my wife. Better safe then sorry..

Jason Stevens, ABR,GRI
Kevin Flynn Realty, Inc.
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I think it depends on whether the real estate agent reciprocates the feeling: do they think you are "their" buyer, or "a" buyer?

If they think you're "their" buyer, they won't mind. This means that you have a relationship with them.

If they're somebody that you've never met face-to-face, then I suspect that they might have a tad more reluctance.
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Hi Glen,

Some agents are different that others.

I personally have no problem picking up a client at their hotel.

Others insist that you follow them.

Ask your agent what they would like to do.

Good Luck!

Stew Keene - Home Smart Realty
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This question seems laced with oddness.

How on earth do you get any business done in PHOENIX without a car?
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I am shocked that all these "Professionals", that are quick to point out that someone would be crazy to walk into a courtroom without representation, or that they would never do surgery "by owner", are so willing to be your cab driver / tour guide!

But you have given me a great idea, The next time I want to go Skiing in Colorado or Utah, I will call ahead to some "Professional" Realtor and set up transportation from the airport to my hotel. I can't wait to see them at the airport holding a sign with the fake name I give them.
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Hi Glen!

It is perfectly acceptable to ask your Realtor to pick you up at your hotel when you arrive in order to go house hunting. Having said that, you should establish a realtionship with that specific Realtor prior to arrival. Additionally, you should be a "client" of that Realtor. This means you have a buyers agency contract with this Realtor who will represent your best interests. Under these conditions, YOUR Realtor would offer you numerous services, and most likely be pleased to pick you up at the airport.

Call a local Realtor to obtain a referal to an excellent Realtor in the area you will be relocating to. A local Realtor can get to know your needs and screen Realtors in your new area. You may also contact your employer to learn if a Realtor referral is a service they can offer you.

Once you are a Client of a Realtor in your new area you can relax, they will be your professional in your move.

Best Wishes and Enjoy your move!

Mary Condon
Metrowest Boston
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I did that for my couple clients too...I cannot see any problem. Hope you realtor will agree with us...
Just ask for it nicely and you will be fine ;)
Good Luck...
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Dear Glen:

I am sure most Realtors would be willing to do this. Plus, talking in the car and seeing neighborhoods is a great way to learn about the Phoenix metro.

I picked up some new clients moving from out of state new weeks ago at their airport hotel.

Safety is the one thing to be concerned about from a Realtor's perspective. Know the person, before the pick ups is a wise idea.

Hope you enjoy Phoenix and find a great place to live.

Regards, Jeff

Jeff Masich, Realtor®
Arizona Homes and Land
HomeSmart Real Estate
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Not at all. For those of us that do relocation business, this is a part of what we do on a regular basis.

Happy house hunting!

Jeanne Feenick
Unwavering Commitment to Service
Web Reference: http://www.feenick.com
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I have done this a few times. I meet them in the lobby. I do base it on my interaction and I let people know where I am and with whom. I do understand if the agent is not comfortable. I think if it is a woman meeting a man it is a little less comfortable. I also often take an associate with me so I feel a bit more comfortable about that but I think it is a case by case situation.
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It's not rude to ask (rather than demand). We've all picked up clients from airports, hotels, or convention centers, and sometimes delivered them to their hotel or airport afterward. With relocating clients, they're often flying in for the sole purpose of home-hunting, and renting a car often doesn't fit in their plan, especially since they don't know their way around.

I like the idea of picking them up at their hotel, and then we can talk about the neighbourhoods we pass through, as we head toward our search area. It gives us some time to acclimate and bond.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in 60201
I like Jay's answer. There is much more to buying a home than just touring it once for 25 minutes with your Realtor. The rental car will likely more than pay for itself in light of the investment you are about to make.

Most of us have picked up buyer's from hotels. It is not rude to ask, but you would be wise to do some exploring on your own after you are done with your agent daily. Check out proximaty to shopping, schools, etc in addition to the neighborhood surrounding your potential purchase.
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Maureen Fran…, Real Estate Pro in Birmingham, MI
Typically when we work with clients who are relocating we often expect to pick them up at and drop them back off at their hotels. We also typically expect buyers moving to the area to want a tour of what is around the area that they are looking in, a general idea of where the schools are located, an idea of where shopping is, where things that you might like to do are. This is not an unusual request. If your agent is uncomfortable with it for some reason, maybe they have had a bad experience before meeting someone at a hotel...simply offer to have them call you when they arrive and you will meet them in the lobby or outside in the car. Now with that written asking them to tote you around to a meeting or to golf or to some other event, like a job interview etc that would be a little strange but asking them to pick you up from your hotel to look at homes and get a general idea of the area while you are out looking at homes is common courtesy of the agent in my opinion. Now a good agent will have a driver that they can refer you to should you need to get to and from areas while you are in town or at the very least recomend a reasonalbe cab company that can get you to and from dinners, other meeting etc.
I hope this helps and best regards and happy home hunting
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Interesting responses from some agents here. I work a lot with clients relocating. They don't know the area, they have a limited time to find a house, usually 3/4 days house hunting trip, if not a week-end. I always offer to pick up my clients at their hotel so we make the best of the limited time we have. Before that we will have exchanged several times via phone and email about what they are looking for, their goal for this specific trip, and what they like/don't like. They leave it up to me for the areas we tour. They take minimal risk. It is not about how much money it will cost me to do business with them or how much money I will make out of this deal. It's about offering stellar service and being truthful and real. And down the road they will help be grow my business by referring me every time they can and more. Plus having my clients in my car I have immediate feedback after each house I can learn about what they like, what they feel, what fear they have about moving in a new area and I can bring more than just showing the house, do a quick rundown about the neighborhood, etc...
Come on we're not car salesman! (no offence but I have a thing against car salesmaen, it's always a nightmare when it comes to buy a car)
We help people move to their home using our knowledge to their best interest, and we can do it right only by building relationship!
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This is not strange at all. You should have established some type of relationship prior to arriving in town and be prepared to sign a buyer brokerage agreement which states that you will be working with this one agent. I have done this in the past.

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Kevin, sorry to hear that. However , we have not had cases like that here in Jersey. But good point, have to make sure who is your client before any appoinments.
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No, I do it quite often and even pick them up at the airport if necessary. So don't feel at all strange about doing it. Tell them you are ready to sign a buyer broker agreement and they will probably pick up lunch

Good luck

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I think it is strange if your agent decides not to pick you up from the airport. This is actually the perfect way to find out if your agent is commited to provide the best service or not. I would actually ask him/her to do it just to see their response.

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Hi Glen I see no problem with picking up a client at their hotel. In fact this may be coordinated ahead of time prior to the client arriving. This gives the buyer the opportunity to view the surroundings and not have to worry about where they are going.
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you are receiving a great amount of positive feedback here. I know I will pick up clients at the airport as ell as the hotel. For one, they do not knwwo the area at all generally speaking. This is a great way for me to show them around town and the different neighborhoods and activities that are important to them.

I do a lot with relocation of clients from other parts fo the country...so for me this is a very common practice,

Dave dic ecco
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Not at all strange. I do this for out of town buyers as a matter of course.
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Sure, Glen......we'll pick you up, and drop you off................might even spring for lunch if you're lucky!

Actually, the last transferees I took out were lucky in that we finished looking at homes right around "happy hour" - great timing for them (and me!).
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That is a great question and first of all thank you for taking the time to ask the question. If you are relocating down to Arizona, that is quite normal. Infact I am doing that tomorrow for a client that I have and they are thinking of buying in Tempe.

If you have any questions I am here to help you. Glen how can I help you today?
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Nope we do it all the time... In fact i would rather that way I know you are not out looking for the office.
happy house hunting.
Web Reference: http://bradbergamini.com
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Not at all. I've found several residences like that when I used to travel a lot more for work. In fact, some realty firms in many metropolitans actually specialize in relocation; some specialize in finding rentals, and others specialize in finding houses. Also, if you start working with them soon enough, then they could send you listings, pics, and lists of attractions for the various neighborhoods before you even arrive.

As a result of my experience, I've also referred lots of business to the realty firms that helped me. And--now as an investor--I work with those firms to help find me tenants and buyers.
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No not at all. I do this all the time with out-of town clients (serious clients).

Richard Bazinet - John Hall & Associates
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No, it's not rude, if you're planning to purchase a home. I personally being female would Not. I don't like getting any one in my car that I don't know personally. Even people living in the Phoenix area wanting to see home, I want them to drive their car and I drive mine. For my own Safety. Now you're coming from out of town. Does you real estate agent know you personally?

Phyllis JC Anderson
Liberty One Realty
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Depending on the area(s) of interest and time, it may be wise to rent a car and drive through the neighborhood(s) again at different times and do more exploring on your own--otherwise, if your agent is fine with the arrangement of pick-up/drop-off, it should not pose a problem--simply ask him/her.
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I am sure that you agent will not mind. It would be easier for your agent because like that she/he can tell you about each home and it neighborhood. Just ask her and let her know what you situation is.
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No, it is not rude. I have done it a number of times for out-of-town clients who arrive to Phoenix. Good luck with your home search -- you are looking at a wonderful time!

Eric Crane
DPR Realty
Web Reference: http://www.JustAskEric.com
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