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Rubby, Home Buyer in Orlando, FL

If im from out of state and im looking to buy a home,should my realtor pay for my plane ticket?

Asked by Rubby, Orlando, FL Tue Sep 14, 2010

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Sorry Home Buying in Orlando...your Realtor probably can't afford your plane ticket. The market is tight right now and you shouldn't expect your Realtor to pay any money up front, if anything, if you are serious, you should pay an agreed upon amount to prove you are serious to your Realtor. You'll find they will work harder when they are guaranteed a paycheck.
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The realtor is not obligated to buy airline tickets. Additionally, realtors should be very careful about money transfers between themselves and clients. It could be a violation of real estate license law, mortgage law, and ethical violation as noted by the National Association of Realtors. Realtors can gift their clients, if properly done according to law. That being said, you describe yourself as a looker and your realtor may have many lookers. You might approach the subject in more favorable light as you become a buyer.
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Yes Rubby, if the agent is your mom.
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A plane ticket?????

Good grief, I walked to the agency to fill out my Purchase and Sales because my car was in the shop. I would have been happy with a ride and a cup of coffee, but I never even got that from the agent I used.

A ride in a car is reasonable to expect... a ride in a plane... no.
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Why stop at just the plane ticket? Add the hotel, rental car, 3 meals a day, and maybe a nice Rolex so you are not late for your appointments!

And then after you get home, call a different Realtor and do it all over again! It is a genis plan!! You would never have to work again!! Sign me up
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Rubby: If you can get a Realtor to buy you a plane ticket then why not just ask them to buy you the home also?
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"If im from out of state and im looking to buy a home,should my realtor pay for my plane ticket?"

You might recognize this question with a little bit of a twist from one that was recently asked. The person from Orlando posted exactly:

"If im from out of state and im looking to buy a home, should my realtor pay for my plane ticket?"

I'm wondering out loud what happens when you change the question a little and you look at it from the side of an agent. After all, we're people, too, right? Good, I thought so. Our expenses for the business we do are very high. We're constantly being nickeled and dimed to death, inundated with schemes, offers, fees and more, not to mention the black hole of large advertising expenses most of us have.

So I'm trying to figure how we got to the point we're at now where Mr. John Q. Public has become so oblivious as to what we do for a living. I don't know if the question was just asked for shock value or the person actually believes an agent should 'pick up' the flight expense. I think it just goes to show you the place we've reached in certain people's minds and how comfortable certain people feel putting their hands in our pockets. Personally, I have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior. I work too hard to rebate.

Could you imagine us asking for expense money for spending time with buyers/sellers? "Uhm....Mr. Jones, do you have a $20 bill for me to fill up gas?" .....or "Ahm a feelin' a little hungry, can we stop somewhere so you can buy me lunch? How about a latte at Starbucks?"


Scott Miller, Realty Associates, Boca Raton, FL
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Rubby, When we spoke on the phone yesterday, you asked me about buying a $40,000 home directly from an investor. No Realtor was involved. I believe I answered all your questions, and gave you some additional (very good) advice as well.
I took the time to research the things you asked me about, knowing that I was doing so for free, and that you were going to buy directly from the investor.
You said that you could only offer $35,000., and that you were going to ask the seler to pay all of your closing costs too. As another agent mentioned, the most an investor would be willing to pay a buyers agent would be a 3% commission ($1,050). By the time an agent pays their brokerage spilt, other fees, taxes, etc. they will most likely walk away with less than $500. In the case of the home we discussed, the seller hadn't listed the home with an agent, and wasn't willing to pay ANY commission.
Real Estate agents are only paid when we sell a home. All the time (and money) spent working with a client is in hopes that you will agree to work with that 1 agent (loyalty).
No agent has acccess to homes for sale that another 1 does not. In this business, our "product" is the service we give our clients. You only need 1 agent.
As you continue to "shop around" for homes (and agents, apparently) you can see why no one would agree to pay for your plane fare to Orlando.
You're making a significant investment, and its good to be cautious and make sure all your questions are answered thoroughly, however you also have to be realistic.
Good luck with your home search.
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- If im from out of state and im looking to buy a home,should my realtor pay for my plane ticket?

Yeah, as if.

How about, if I'm from out of town and I'm looking to go to a Yankee game, should Alex Rodriguez put me up in his condo?
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There are GIVERS and TAKERS in this world. I have all the time and energy in the world for GIVERS and zero patience and time for TAKERS.

I suspect that you will get what you deserve. Karma is a funny thing.....

Good Luck!

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Gerard Dunn
Associate Broker
Licensed in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Assisting Homebuyer's and Seller's for 28 years
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You should rethink your questions prior to posting.

If you were a hard working Realtor, would you pay for an out of town client to fly into to town to hopefully purchase a property? If the client did not buy a house from you on the first trip, would you pay for any subsequent trips?

My answer is an emphatic "NO".
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LOL! If you can't afford the plane ticket do you really think you should be buying a home?
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Now, ask me if I've got some clients that I'd pay to fly OUT of town. ;-)
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Absolutely - In fact, I think your Realtor should do one better - Fly you out to the west coast as well - It is important for you to explore your options :-)
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Should we give our closing gift before the home purchase?

Diane Wheatley, Broker
(909) 981-5400
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Is this a real question?? Wow!
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Shoud he? No! Would he? That's between the two of you. Should you even ask? No.
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I am thinking of moving to Hawaii or Fiji, any Realtors out there want to buy me a pair of tickets so we can decide which location??
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Folks, why are you still answering this ridiculous question? I think the person has had their "15 minutes."
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OH HOLY COW Im not going to get any work done today! Each time I go back through these answers something else sticks out that needs to be addressed.

I noticed many of you saying EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE. Keep saying it. Tell everyone that. With going too close to anti trust law, if you keep throwing that bait out to buyers and sellers, they will bite it and take food from your families mouth. Are we a profession and worth what we do? Do you need to hang bait all over yourself or can you command respect on your own? Now dont get me wrong---Im 1000% consumer and used to operate a mortgage company called Consumer Discount Mortgage. We were busy as all getout while times were good. I went out at an extreme discount and blew the doors off my competition BUT profit was small per deal. We had to do many to make a normal living. People in the industry called me a RATE HO. What was the result? A lot of happy customers but my shop is now closed. I couldnt put enough profit away to make it through the PERFECT STORM that hit the mortgage world, and I also had some health problems. You must look to the future and prepare for things outside your control.

Over the last 30 years Ive given presents and done things for my real estate clients. I did them AFTER everything was said and done. I didnt hang bait out to get them to use me. I didnt sit down with them and say "My Name is Marvin and I'll work for 1% if you will please, please use me!'

So you guys act like you are desperate and start giving the ship away before it sails. Tell everyone EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE every chance you get. Buyers and sellers reading all this have to appreciate that we must make a living just like they do. They should be hiring our work based on our ability. This isnt brain surgery but its NOT SIMPLE or there would be no need for agents at all.

You can pile on me now if you wish.
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Someone please remove this thead, Trulia Gods PLEASE! It keeps loading on my Blackberry and I'm tired of constanly deleting.
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Can one of the Trulia Reps please kill this question? It is not realistic and is just a magnet for Realtors looking to rack up VIP points and rant. Thank you very much for your time and consideration of my request. Make it a great day!
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For heavens sake....please agents....stop responding to this inane question.
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If Donald Trump signed an exclusive buyer agency with me, and "had" to buy a $20M property in my market area, i would gladly pay the $500 airline fee. Any sophisticated buyer, such as Trump however would not have an expectation beyond a nice meal invitation after seeing potential properties. However, for a normal $250k house, on a hope and a maybe, without exclusive buyer agency, this is an absolutely ridiculous question.

I have developed a pretty good jerk-o-meter detector and can tell if someone is the kind of client, buyer or seller that I want to deal with.
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I think so many people have answered this question with sarcasm and anger and I understand why but is that going to help anything. I do want to say something though, Rubby if you were a Realtor and only got paid commission and had no guarantee that this client of yours would buy a house, would you pay for their plane ticket? Honestly if we as Realtor's paid for all of our client's plane tickets, gas and meals and only 1/4 of them ever bought a home, how would we live? We have families and bills we have to pay, the best thing I could say is always put your self in the person's shoes that you think you should be able to expect something from. How would you want to be treated if the role was switched? I hope you have a good Realtor and are able to find exactly what you are looking for. Good Luck!

Kassandra Romine, REALTOR
ERA Kennedy Group
Seneca, SC 29678
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I always want to help my buyers in any way possible. Rather than pay for the plane ticket, I can save you thousands of dollars by negotiating the best price on your new home. You can use that savings to buy plane tickets for you and your family for a vacation to Hawaii!!!
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I think this one needs to go in the Trulia Dumb Question Hall of Fame. What a great laugh, thanks for planting it.

Aren't you the same person who was $5,000 short on a short sale? Here's an idea, take the bus down.
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Do you think that is fair to ask of them? Would you feel good about it if a buyer was to ask that of you if you were the agent?

I don't mind, see below:

I will gladly pay for an out of state buyer to come to Phoenix, AZ in the dead of winter or for Spring Training season and offer to pick them up from the airport. Also, I'll drive them around town showing them the different sites and the dozen homes they chose to see. Additionally, I have an extra room for them to use, I'll make breakfast and bring them drinks by the pool. All of this after they sign my exclusive buyer's agent agreement with a non-refundable retainer fee of $3,000, but they can only stay for one week. I have to make room for the next buyer!!

Isn't life grand living in the desert!?!

Have a great day!
Web Reference: http://www.jameswehner.com
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Absolutely, after you paid in advance the commission you promised when you signed the exclusive buyers agreement.
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Actually, it does hurt to ask.

Relationships thrive on mutual respect. If a buyer calls me up, and asks if I will fly them out here, I will happily tell them - hey, I got your ticket: right here.

New York Mackie
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Hi Rubby, no, your plane ticket is a cost you're going to have to assume on your own. It doesn't have anything to do with the home purchase, and since you're the one that's looking, you'd pay it anyway. Now if the realtor decided to pay for it as a closing gift or something, that would be different, but outside of this, a realtor should not have to pay for your transportation needs. Your realtor can schlep you around in his or her car though once you get there. Best of luck.

Caroline Choi
Broker Associate/Realtor
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If you're working with a Realtor willing to pay for your plane ticket, you're working with the wrong Realtor.
Web Reference: http://www.golftobeach.com
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If you buy a multimillion dollar home, sure i will. I will reimburse you for first class ticket, have some one wash your car and cook you dinner, after we close.
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No your Realtor should not pay for your ticket. I have buyer clients fly in to look at homes regularly, and I have never once had one ask me about paying for their ticket. I have offered to pick some of them up at the airport (if it was convenient for me) and some have taken me up on it and some have not.

Your decision to buy a home out of state or out of the country for that matter is your decision, getting to where your going is your expense. If the expense of getting there is more than you are comfortable with then you need to reconsider your decision to buy a home there.
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That's funny. My brother does stand-up in LA and he's looking for a partner. Let me know if you're interested.

All kidding aside, I see ads in my area from one developer that offers this all the time. The catch is, you get reimbursed after you buy an overpriced home that starts at $900K.

Next time I get the ad in my email, I'll be sure to pass it on.

How about a train ticket?
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Hello Rubby,

I would pay, your Air Plane Ticked any time after we have an established relationship.

That means we would have a binding contract, that you are using my proffessional services to buy a property through me and my broker. I would do this any time and every day. This is a great idea.

Ryan Gussman , Realtor
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Do you feel you should pay the commission up front?

Gerry Dunn
Associate Broker
Serving MD, VA and D.C.
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Why do you think your Realtor should pay for you plane ticket?
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HI Rubby,
You might want to hire an agent, get your mortgage squared away, write the Purchase Agreement on a property you like, get in your car and drive to what ever state you are looking in..... by the time you get there you will be in the inspection period. If you don't agree with the inspection, don't purchase the house. If you don't buy the house get in your can drive back home. You might even stop in another state along the way. :)
Just thinking out of the box. :)

Good Luck!
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Holy cow, why would you think that?

If you have a relocation package from your company, they will likely give you an allowance and so many days to look for a place to live. And if you do decide to buy a home, then they may even shoulder the expenses related to the purchase.

If you do find a home, maybe your realtor will give you a suitable welcome home present, like a home warranty, or a certificate for dinner to acquaint you with local restaurants, or even a gift certificate to the local Home Depot.

Now....if you're buying a multi-million dollar home....your realtor may be more than happy to reimburse you for your plane ticket AFTER you close escrow with him/her.
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Absolutely not. You are the one moving, you should expect to bare your travel costs. If the realtor had to pay for the buyer's travel, they would not have any money left to pay for the gas it takes to drive you around for free to look at homes. What if you and the realtor do no click and you change realtors after you arrive. As a buyer you should take care of you own expenses. You might even surprise your realtor and treat for lunch as a gesture of thanks for all the hard work in searching for you the right property. Now that would make you a potential buyer worth going the extra mile for.
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I never have, if you can't pay for your trip, why would you consider buying a house!
If you were an investor, and had Proof of Funds, I would pick you up at the airport!
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Buy your own ticket dude! Clearly you do not respect our profession!
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Rubby you have people wanting to buy your ticket.

I would fly first class, bring lots of bags so you can start your move to the area.
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Yes, of course! A first class ticket should be offered with the Realtor sending a Limo to pick you up at the airport.

Should you finally get to contract and settlement - expect the college tuition for your child to be paid in full.

Silly, Silly, Silly......
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Enough already! I think we've given this idiot his 15 minutes of fame by answering his ridiculous question--over and over! Who in their right mind would pay for a plane ticket without the absolute assurance that a home would actually be purchased and that he would use that Realtor in the transaction?
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I'm wondering what sparked your question.... what kind of industry are you in? I'm a broker in NY City and I have worked with people that who I have spent days, weeks and countless hours and have ended up not purchasing. Why would anyone purchase your plane ticket with out the guarantee that you're actually going to purchase? Don't get me wrong..... once you purchase from me, I go out of my way to make sure that you see how grateful I am but i'm not selling time shares in vegas..... you can get here on your own.
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I don't even know if it would be legal for us to pay for a client's airfare. I was thinking that if you flew in and purchased a home that the agent could reimburse you the airfare but that would appear to be a kickback or something and ethically we could lose our license for similar actions. I have out of state clients and have previewed homes for them several times prior to their coming to Florida. Between their looking on the Listingbook account I set up for them, the daily MLS listings I send, the personal previewing reports and photos I send by the time they arrive to buy they know as much about the area as I do so they are ready to sign the contract. None of them have ever asked me to pay for their airfare. But it is a good question. I've bought a lot of breakfasts, lunches and dinners and made arrangements for discounted hotel rooms but only for buyers that have signed Buyer/Agent agreements with me.
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Wow, I think Realtors need to ask why we are considered to be so negotiable with our fees and pockets.
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**********************Do YOU or Your company buy plane tickets for Your services ?

Agts., have families and expenses also ---They are not for the most making a whole lot more than YOU net
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