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I was watching AANTV auction last night and won a bid. I had to put 20% down on credit card immediately and balance due in 15 days. I am finding very

Asked by Tina, North Port, FL Wed Feb 1, 2012

misleading info now, and want to know if legally I can get my 20% back as they state that I must be pre registered before they will accept a bid. I was NOT pre registered and still not yet they took my bid. Can you help? I would much rather bought a home from this site Trulia as these homes are done. That mess is suppose to be 90 % finished but in reality there isn't even a legal septic in needs lots more money-there is a 5000 impact fee due if you want a c/o!!!They were not forth right with me.Because I did not sign am I still gonna lose my money

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I just want to contribute a general comment about purchasing these foreclosed properties sight unseen.
Florida a a very hot humid State. Homes that have been uninhabited for any length of time in this heat are going to become prone to have mold problems and insect infestations. Not to mention the clowns that
may have squatted in them while they were abandoned.
Folks are paying way too much for these homes sight unseen. I watch these auctions and feel very sorry for the buyers. I know that they haven't even gone to Trulia or Zillow to just compare prices, because if the did they'd know straight away what the homes are really worth. And lastly never purchase a home without a visual inspection and if possible get a professional home inspector to inspect it for you.
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I don't think they can hold you to a contract you did not sign. They will try to strong arm you,They are professional scammers. They got me too by giving misleading information about the house and the neighborhood. Would you like to help form a class-action lawsuit? I think we would have little trouble finding other victims. Them and their due-diligence, How about a little honesty.
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class action seems like a good way to go these guys are liars and scammers
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if you ever visit that mold infested dungeon of offices they call AANTV.COM then you will see how it is not an on the level place. if you ever meet the owner jerimiah clownface then you will understand why they took your money so quickly yet will be resistant to return it to you. i am sorry to hear of your loss.
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You said the magic word credit card... try calling them and objecting to the charge saying you were misled regarding the condition of the house and didn't meet the conditions of the auction. Do it now. Then call a lawyer to get some paperwork started. Document every thing you can, every call, every e-mail. Best of luck!
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Your situation is all the reasons why in the world people are better served working directly with a Seasoned and Experienced Professional like a Real Estate Agent when buying a home than picking around an auction site to buy a house.

BUYER BEWARE- is an age old saying. Many people get lured into these Auctions to get the deal of a life time. So perhaps your purchase price after fixing the property will still be a great deal. That is what you should have done prior to making a bid. Knowing what you were getting yourself into.

I just got a property under contract for a client through an on line auction system. BUT, you have to be a licensed agent to make bids on that system. My buyer is fully protected and has complete inspection ability and right to cancel.

I would suggest you consult a Real Estate Attorney in the area to assist you in getting out of or minimizing the situation you now have made for yourself.

Ken Ipox
Web Reference: http://www.kenipox.net
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You need to contact the states attorneys office. This company is a major scam, a total rip off.
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The Hartman's, Jeremiah and Natalie, live in and own a hotel called The Black Pearl on Treasure Island, should you want to stop in and say Hi.
11160 1st St E, Treasure Island, FL 33706
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These people are very smart. They know how to keep your money. I saw them resell a house three times. At 20% each time, that is big money. If a roof is bad they do not show it or maybe glance over it. This is so phoney, that I Can not understand why anybody would buy a house this way. They say that an AC will be installed, but fails to tell the age and size of the unit. Also, a condenser should be install with a air handler that is typicaly used with the condenser. They seem to always find a sucker.
Beware of big buddy ROB.
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I know that this post is several years old, but I've never heard of this company before. And I can't for the live of me understand how gullible people can be. You really need to have your head checked if you think buying a HOUSE site unseen is a good idea. It's not a 5 dollar screw driver, it's Property of gods sake!
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Just so you know, They do the run bids up. I used to work there.
They don't just scam and rip off customers... but they don't give a flying damn about their employees either. Jerimiah is a tyrant. Most of the employees ( Not all) are druggies and come to work stoned. NEVER EVER Settle for the price on the screen if you see something you like. their building is a old bank with bullet holes in the windows and the place is so dusty and dirty all the time.
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when Rob says last bid I gave a 51,000.00 bid on a house. But he never shut up until he got a higher bid. That is not right i'll never buy anything again. I bought a watch called right back to cancel they charged me 75.00 dollars to restock they didn't have time to get it .
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This is a case of where the buyer needs to be wary. You need to realize you are not going to get a house for half price that doesn't need work. If the house was in near perfect condition, it would have been offered on the real estate market at market value! These houses auctioned on AANTV are advertised on line before the auction. A buyer needs to look at the house before bidding at the auction, which means do a drive-by. Check the roof, siding, windows, a/c. Look in the windows. Find out as much about the house as you can. You need to realize older homes may have major issues, such as plumbing, electrical, structural and septic.
If you are unfamiliar with how auctions work, watch one of the TV shows where investors buy houses at auctions and flip them. The buyers almost always run into unforeseen problems that were not disclosed at the auction. Most auctions, as does AANTV, clearly state you are buying the property "as is." You need to do your homework. You will also get some tips as to setting a budget.
Realize , too, that apparently AANTV hires someone to make cosmetic changes only so that the house looks good on TV. So you may need to spend some money to bring the house up to your standards or even to code, if you are buying the house for yourself.
The likelyhood that you are bidding against investors who flip houses is very good, as well. Since most of them have set budgets, you may have to be willing to pay a little more than they will in order to get the house.
Do you need a real estate agent? That is entirely up to you, but you will need to pay a commission on top of closing costs and the purchase price of the house. At least, you should probably hire a local (to where you are buying) attorney, someone that is looking out for your interests. Do this before buying the house! Especially if you are out-of-state!
Buying a house at an be a great way to save money on a home. You just have to be smart about it!
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Totally misrepresent the DVD wasn't anything like the tv presentation they scam drug neighborhoods missing hot water heater I lost money big time
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never ever buy real estate you have not looked at in person so that you know what you are getting. to do otherwise is just STUPID! I don't mean to sound cold hearted about it and I do feel for you, but you should have known better. you asked for what you got.
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You need to immediately call a good real estate attorney in your area for advice and help on this issue. Best of luck.
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Yes, I know this question was posted FEB 1, 2012.

Unfortunately, there are countless vendors selling 'vapors' to real estate professionals whose business plan is 'direct billing." Once they have the credit card number, the business plan is to delay until the trial period expires. IT is shameful. Dragging these companies into the sunlight should be every consumers responsibility. Here in the world of agent politeness, playing patty-cake with these folks seems more acceptable than exposing them.
One responder on this thread stated, he buys coins on line because he know coins and can spot the predators who are selling vapor.
it befuddles me (not as hard to do as you might think) that anyone would buy REAL ESTATE from the TV and never ever see it. Even a expert real estate professional would NOT do that. Purchasing real estate is complex and can be a costly mistake when blundering through the process. I don't know if the VICTIM here deserves empathy. How many red flags were ignored in this action?
I know, the TV folks make it seem GUARANTEED. It is this 'smoke' that compels folks to flush their dollars when attempting to sell DIY or FSBO. Week after week after week, citizens add to their cost of selling by wasting their money because of TV promises.
It seems some folks are simply destined to be separated from their money. Are we to feel bad about this? If they didn't lose it this way, they will find another....such as RTO or lease/option.
Think of the long list of clearly stupid things people do, then cry about the consequence.
Our cry, regarding this question, only pertains to the suggestion injected by the questioner, that the real estate community is in any way connected to this. After all, he is asking real estate professional, NOT A PSYCHOLOGIST, for a solution or direction. We, feeling betrayed by association, want to be out raged. Seriously, attempting to buy real estate, on TV, and giving your credit card number.....you need to be calling a PSYCHOLOGIST! You problems are deeper and more complex than can be delt with on a Q & A session on the internet.
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While the consumer in me believes in "buyer beware", and I always try to exercise due diligence before making any major investment, the professional Realtor in me SCREAMS out that any company that relies on "buyer beware" should be ashamed of themselves and should be avoided at all costs. A GOOD company with an honest product and business plan is ALWAYS willing to give the customer their money back...satisfaction guaranteed. A shady company with poor quality merchandise and a crooked business plan makes NOT GIVING people their money back a major PART of their business plan. Shameful.
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Many companies selling services to real estate agents have a single purpose business plan, direct billing the credit card. Once auto billing starts they reveal their shady side.
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Aantv is scum they are liers and cheats I see them auction coins for 400 I know lots about coins so I know better to buy from them but that same coin that they sell for 400 dollars you can get from the mint at 55 dollars. I get the feeling that alot of theyre bidding is rigged and they jack up the bidding themselves so they can get more money from you. They are very dishonest about the coins thats the only thing I know enough about to know its a rip off but its most likely everything else im done buying anything from them they're rude and unappreciative.
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Great point. You buy coins. You know a lot about coins. You don't need a guide.
Unless you know a lot about real estate AND the method of buying and selling, one would be well advised to have a guide. Credit cards and internet banking, the playground of the foolish and of the predators.....and if you buy now, I'll ship you the 2nd one FREE!
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Lehigh Acres is high drug and crime your buying as is and new paint hides alot for a short time
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The same thing happened to us and we have been trying for 2 years to get our money back. We have contacted the Florida Dept. of Real Estate and an attorney and it seems that no one can get AAN to budge on their stand. They quote the due diligence clause like it is the Bible and say terms and conditions state that they can keep your 20 percent. They offered us 1/2 of our down payment but then asked us to sign a release of contract that says it's our fault the sale didn't go through and once we sign this release we won't pursue the situation anymore; very dishonest if you ask me. Good luck in getting anything from them.
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The people at AANtv Realty are Professional Real Estate Specialists. They are sellers agents...not buyers agents. They do not owe a buyer any fiduciary duty unless they act as a transaction brokerage for both seller and buyer. Buying real estate should not be an impulse buy. AANtv sells a ridiculous amount of real estate. If you have property that you need sold immediately...they are the people you call. The point is that you should have had an agent working in your interest. If you're in Washington or timbucktoo...call an agent in the area that the auction property is in and hire that agent to protect your interest prior to trying to bid on a property. The properties are pre-listed months before the auction so that people have time to a) hire an attorney/realtor and b) so that you may have the property appraised before the auction time or come and look upon it yourself. If I said that I was going deep sea fishing...you would presume that I was smart enough to take a boat rather than swim....the same goes for real estate...when I say I'm going to buy a home....one would hope I am smart enough to take a professional in my interest...
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Wrong answer. These are the sort of sleezy companies that give true real estate professionals a black eye and a bad rep. The ONLY reason I can see for demanding a HUGE deposit up front is that you are looking to keep it. The standard Florida FAR/BAR contract offers the option to deliver a reasonable GFD 3 days AFTER the negotiations are done. I've never heard of AAN before this, but from what I've read here, doesn't sound like the sort of company that should still be in business.
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I and My Husband also bid and won a house it was not as stated we had to hire an attorney it is a mess these people are not honest in their dealings and they skirt around the law. In our case they stated that they had purchased air conditionder for the property and thet they guranteed that they would be installed and working prior to close.
We went to Fla. We Live in Wash State two days prior to close to find that they had installed one air conditioner that was 15 years old and the other was older than that.They did not pull any permits and the water system that they showed on the walk thru was full of trash and they knew this at the time of the show. they turned on water in the sinks but the traps were not installed so the water had to run on the floor. If there are other peoople that have been taken by the dishonesty of these people maybe there should be a class action suit.
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I wish more people would speak out like this article because this just made my mind up and I was registered and did purchase coins from them with good service as they said on tv there could be a 3 leg buffalo nickel and when the rapers came in they were ripped and went throw thanks for this article
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I was taken by them too. If you know of a class action suit . I'm interested in joining. Lost 17 k. Kerwvin2006@ yahoo. Com
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Sounds like it's time to contact a real estate attorney. Situations like these are exactly why working with a real estate professional is imperative.

Good luck.
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