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Siowafamily, Home Buyer in Tallahassee, FL

I'm looking to relocate to fort worth and will be interviewing at Harris Southwest Hospital. Is it a safe area and what neighborhoods to live in?

Asked by Siowafamily, Tallahassee, FL Fri Aug 9, 2013

I have looked online at Crowley and Burleson. I am looking for no more than a 20-30 min drive to work but also I wanted to consider living in fort worth neighborhoods but I'm unsure which ones to look at. I have children bewteen 7-16 so nice schools, and safety are my biggest concerns. Looking to spend 150-190K could anyone recommend a good realtor or nice neighborhoods. Maybe the southside of Ft. Worth is not desired?

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I would feel honored to work with your family. I have many questions to ask recommend GREAT area(s) for you

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Southwest Fort Worth has many good and not so good pockets. Grew up in that area. Whatever realtor you decide to work with make certain they really know the area. You can get really good value for your investment dollars in SW FTW if you play your cards right. Feel free to contact me and I will share all I know.
Kathy Gray
Fathom Realty
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WELCOME HOME! (To Texas that is!)
You are going to LOVE living in the Fort Worth area!
As a native to the area I know that area like the back of my hand!
If you would like, send me what you are wanting to buy.
What are your MUST HAVE's vs. WANTS. I'm sure I will find
the perfect home for you and your family. Harris SW is a GREAT
hospital and that is a great area.

Ginger Westfall
Keller Williams
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Congratulations on moving to Fort Worth and working at Harris Southwest. I suggest that you focus your home search in the areas where you find the schools acceptable for your family. I live and work all of the West and SW areas of Fort Worth, and in general, there are some wonderful areas that you can consider. I would be happy to discuss it more at length with you after I know what you are looking for your family. DiAnne Arnette, Williams Trew Sotheby's International Realty
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Check out the "Local Info" tab above for stats on areas, neighborhoods, crimes, etc.
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Hello there. This one might be a bit out of your price range, but there is a very nice home that just came on the market at 5428 Shasta Ridge Dr in Ridgeview Estates. It is a Steve Hawkins Custom Home priced at $215,000. It is beautiful! Feel free to call me for more information.

Kevin Rhodes w/Keller Williams DFW
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Good work, Joe!

Your answer might get more attention if it had an obvious title, though. How many people will click on your link? Maybe you could send it to George and Torang. They need to read it!

We are all respnsible for policing our own industry. There are many good Agents who practice the Code of Ethics. Some have even taught it. Why would anybody think that saving $500 was more important than working with an ethical Agent?

I'm glad here are people like you who will take the time to do the research and show others what the facts are and what the law says. ...or what the Code of Ethics says Realtors must do. Maybe a few complaints to TAR/NAR will weed out the bad apples.

Thanks, Joe!

Rick DeVoss

ULTRA Real Estate Services

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Hi Siowa Family,

I know you posted you're question a week ago, however, if you are still interviewing agents, I'd like to talk with you. I and the rest of my team all live within minutes of Harris Southwest. We've raised our kids here and I've been in business for over 20 years. I think we may be able to give you pretty comprehensive information.
Hope to hear from you soon,

Tracey Amaya
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Good Afternoon Siowa Family
Congratulations, and I hope you are able to relocate to the area soon. You said that you have children between the ages of 7-16 are you planning for private schools or public schools? Do they like to participate in any extracurricular activities or sports? A 30 minute drive opens a wide range of housing options that include Benbrook, Saginaw, Far north Fort Worth/ Keller, Pantego, South Arlington and definitely Burleson. I am including a link to a school website called great schools. Please take some time and review this as these are parent and student ratings which will help you understand what the people in the school actually think. As for finding a realtor, you are the most important deciding factor in that choice, first and foremost you need to be comfortable with the person you choose and need to feel that they will represent your families needs. My best recommendation is to take time and interview several.
On you question of safety please understand that everyone has there own opinion of safety and it comes from their experiences and point of view, this is an area where an Agent can point you in the direction of the data but you have to make the final decision. I wish you the very best of luck in your interview and your upcoming home search. If I can be of any assistance please contact me directly.

John Straub
Keller Williams Realty

Web Reference: http://www.greatschools.org
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Hey, Joe! ~We were both right about one thing for sure: George just chimed in!
Took him a little longer this time...

Why don't we work a couple like this together? You show them the South part of Tarrant County, and I'll show them the North part of the county. We might be very effective as a Team, and we can work out the details of a fee split between us. Send me a personal email if you are interested.

There are lots of families coming into the area that don't know where they want to live. We've got a lot of experience between us, and we could give them a comprehensive tour of many different areas to choose from. There are nice neighborhoods in various parts of the county, and there are others to avoid. Most Agents don't really service the entire county, as it is too large of an area. Those who say they do probably can't give the client the best service they deserve.

Anyone moving in from out of town would be well-advised to get in touch with a very experienced Agent. They will analyze your needs, and then be able to advise you where to look for a good neighborhood for your children.

Let us know when you will be arriving. We'll pick you up at DFW if you need us to!

Have a blessed day!

Rick DeVoss

ULTRA Real Estate Services


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Hello Florida!! Coral Gables here.....but I love Fort Worth and think it's one of the best places to live and play! Give me a call and we can search together and decide what is best for you and your family. My office is on the West side of Fort Worth so I know the area well. Traffic is always a problem in the area so we will need to find an area that works with your drive time parameters. I look forward to your call and good luck with your interview.

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I would love to help you. Please contact me or check me out on http://www.alexanderchandler.com. my direct phone is 817-988-6518.
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To Joe: I apologize for my mistaken comment about the size of your family. I was mistakenly remembering a earlier post you made. I know that you are much more familiar with the hospital in SW FW than I am. But then again, the person coming here from Florida merely said they were interviewing at Harris SW; ~they don't have a job there yet.

To All of you: I apologize for what appears to be bantering between two agents. That is not the purpose of this website. And, yes, it's OK for Realtors to give opinions, but they really should be professional opinions, not personal ones. (Unless qualified as such.)

To set the record straight for those of you looking at buying a house in Tarrant County: Distances can be misleading around here. Sometimes it takes forever to cover a short distance. But nobody drives at the speed assumed by Google Maps if they can help it. We have not established a good reason for you to want to go to downtown, but it will not take you 22 minutes to go 10 miles. I have driven from the South Keller area (for example) all the way to downtown Dallas in less than an hour, so I'm not sure why anyone would take an hour to get to Fort Worth. (Which is much closer.) If you plan to drive during rush hour, just know it will take longer than at other times of the day.

And as far as the price of houses goes, you can find different priced houses in almost every school district. Which is more important to you? You will need to set your priorities for the number of bedrooms you desire, the distance to work, and the school district you want your children in. Granted, there may be only 50 houses under $190,000 in Burleson, but we currently have 99 4-bedroom houses for sale in the Keller school district priced under $190,000. (According to MLS facts.) But then, I don't usually sell houses in Burleson, so I try to stick to what I know more about.

There are many other good schools districts in the county outside of Fort Worth. And there are many expensive homes in the Fort Worth ISD. There are many neighborhoods you will want to see when you get here from Florida. I give guided tours for free.

You will come to Love Texas. I've only been here for 35 years, and it grows on you. I was actually born in the state, but lived in many other places in my military carreer, including Florida. (twice) Get here as fas as you can. It's an amazing place to raise a family!

Best wishes to you,

Rick DeVoss

ULTRA Real Estate Services


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A family coming here from Florida would not understand the distinction between "city boundaries" and "school district boundaries." (Maybe some real estate agents don't either.) Tarrant County is a very diverse area. There are many "nice neighborhoods" abounding throughout the county. Some school districts are better than others, according to State rating systems. But many children have special needs or want to be in specific programs. When I hear parents say that "____ is a bad school" it is usually because their kid is misbehaving in school. And when a parent says "______ is a great school" it is usually because their child is well disciplined at home.

As for finding the house you want in a given price range, you have to weigh all the factors and look at your options. Here's an example: If you told me you wanted to live in Keller, I could show you houses you can afford there. But if you said I have to have a 4-2-2, or larger, and I want my children to go to the Keller Schools, I could show you 99 houses that are priced under $190,000 today!

Pick a knowledgeable Realtor and you will be guided to a great neighborhood where you will find some wonderful houses in Texas. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Rick DeVoss

ULTRA Real Estate Services


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@Joe ---

You are the one making it personal. I didn't say anything about your neighborhood. You did!
I didn't say they should live in Keller; YOU implied that comment.
I didn't say the hospital was downtown; in fact, I said it wasn't. But it is not far. And since you are living in the SW FW area, and selling your neighborhood so vehemently, how often do you really drive to the Keller area anyway? The traffic around the Metroplex is not fun, but we are talking about the quality of the schools and the neighborhoods, which may be more important to many people than the driving time to work. Besides, many health professionals don't go to the hospital during rush hour traffic anyway. My sister is a OR RN, too.

But as I said before, there are many nice areas to live in around the county, and I would say that any family moving here from out of state needs to look all around and get a feel for the best neighborhoods before they buy a house. Maybe she will think that the rating of the schools is more important than the driving time to the hospital. In which case, she will do her family a favor to look carefully at the ratings of the Northeast Tarrant County Schools. There's not much in the rest of the county that can compare to them. ..And you having two kids in school has nothing to do with it.

A Realtor who makes comments on a public site such as this has a duty to keep their comments factual and un-opinionated. And they also have a duty to give buyers an honest idea of what kind of an investment they are about to make. Ex: If you paid $150,000 for a house in the most desirable part of the county, wouldn't you expect to make more when you go to sell it?

Send me a personal email if you wish to debate any more issues, please, Joe.


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Welcome to Texas! I've been selling houses in this county for over 33 years, so I am very familiar with all the areas. Some are better than others, but in many cases, it is a personal choice. So rather than sit here and try to tell you that "my neighborhood" is better than some other neighborhood, I would propose that we consult on your personal needs and desires first. Then we will formulate a plan, and get busy looking for the right house for your family.

Joe's comments to Bruce's remarks are a bit strange for a Realtor. You should know that the schools in Keller are rated higher than in most of Fort Worth. And a given house may sell for more money (in comparison), but there is a REASON for that! ...And guess what? That means you will make more money when You go to re-sell your house, too!

The Northeast part of the county is the most affluent, and has the best reputation. And I have personally driven from South Keller to downtown Fort Worth in 25 minutes. (The hospital is not far from downtown.) But we are missing something in this discussion so far: There are other nice neighborhoods in addition to Keller that are located closer to the hospital you will be working at. So contact me if you want an unbiased opinion, and someone who will be looking out for your best interests. I am willing to show you houses anywhere you want to live in the county. (And you're not going to pick one until you get here to look at them, so all those pictures on the internet are not going to sell a house.)

[Very soon, George may chime in and tell you he'll give you $500 for buying a house from him. You will get a lot more value for your money by getting together with an experienced Agent.]

And no matter where you buy a house, I can help you save money when it comes time to hook up your electricity as well. One of my neighbors is saving over $1,000 a year. ~Every year!

Let me know when you will be arriving to look at houses. I just finished helping a family from New Jersey, and another one from Michigan. And I am available on the weekends, too.

Best regards,

Rick DeVoss

ULTRA Real Estate Services


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I would love to assist you in your search. Let me be your go-to-man when it comes to real estate. I know the communities well and their school systems better considering I myself am a father of two. Let me help you if you're still seeking representation.

Keller Williams Realty
Real Estate Consultant
3x US Army Veteran
Joseph Fernandez
Cell: 817-975-7258
Blog: blissfulestates84.blogspot.com
Email: blissfulestates84@gmail.com
Trulia: http://www.trulia.com/profile/josephfernandez/
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Web: http://www.blissful-estates.com
Linkedin http://:www.linkedin.com/pub/josephfernandez/63/423/96b/
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Hey Tallahassee Im from Kissimmee. I just moved to the country from SW Ft. Worth and my office is there. Give me a call, I would love to help you find that new home.
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Hi Siowa Family,
I live and work in Burleson and will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the home you are looking for. I look forward to hearing from you.
Web Reference: http://DaveBuske.com
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How about Mansfield......how about Keller?

Welcome to Texas.
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Bruce Lynn, Real Estate Pro in Coppell, TX
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