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sally, Both Buyer and Seller in 60517

I'm a home buyer. Is it time for a new realtor?

Asked by sally, 60517 Fri Jun 1, 2012

I'm having second thoughts about my realtor and wanted honest opinions on if what I'm experiencing is the norm. I would like to think I'm the ideal candidate--not selling but buying a home. Pricing range is not the highest, but I think ok (250K). At a new construction site, my realtor started answering questions another couple had and gave them a business card and yet again start discussing particulars. All the while I'm standing there and most importantly on a time crunch to pick up my child. As time has past, he seems to always be in a hurry/bored at showing. I have had about 3 days/3 homes per day worth of showings. Most recently I asked about an HOA and the rule book as I wanted to know the rules in advance, I gave an example such as fence height. He returned with this HOA has no fence height restrictions. Due to some searching on my own I found the rules and in fact there IS a height restriction.

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Hi Tina, just a follow up to see how things worked out for you....hopefully well!
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I will generally automatically start doing a CMA (which doesn't have to be a formal report) as soon as a buyer expresses interest in making an offer.....in other words, I wouldn't let a buyer make an offer without first getting a good idea on "what it's worth" according to recent comparable sales. Depending on how much the buyer has looked at in the area already, and how much research was already done during the process, or how well I or the buyer knows the area, a good or great value may be obvious already even without doing the CMA. With the new information that you are that close already, I agree to proceed so that you don't loose what you want, but be cautious and listen to what your gut is telling you. It seems to me that someone that would go to great lengths to negotiate for your best interest would always have your best interest in mind throughout the entire process.
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I guess I'm torn on what to do. I have no signed any agreements with this realtor. I have narrowed it down to two homes, going to see the second showing for both tonight. The realtor I'm working with took great lengths to let me know of his great negotiations skills (good thing obviously). Since I'm so close to finishing I guess I will move forward. If the negotiations skills are not so great, I might be contacting some of you listed here!

Just a side note/more background to those who commented on the CMA, I expected this to be done after I narrowed it down to two homes and at that point I had to ask for it.
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Hi Tina, now that you have had a variety of comments and input (mine first ha ha), I am curious what your thoughts are? Are they helpful or are you more confused? I am always very curious what a prospective client (buyer or seller) thinks about all the "advice" that is given to them. I would love to hear your feedback either posted here or directly by contacting me (whichever you feel more comfortable with). You are right, good buyers are hard to come by these days and I, for one, would gladly add a good buyer to my list of current clients if it is a good fit for both of us.
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Having the right Realtor is like finding the right date. You have to express your wants up front, ask a lot of questions, ask them if they can meet those needs and work with you based on your needs. Every agent has their own style and although handing out a business card if somone asks is one thing but ignoring your current client to answer more questions is just rude and bad business.

Tell the agent your concerns and see if you can work it out. If they don't know what is bothering you they can't adjust - honesty is usually the best policy. If they get offended and can't adjust to your requirements ask to have your contract cancelled or interview other agents in the brokerage if they won't let you out of the buyer's representation contract. Personally, I let people out of their contracts whether on the selling or buyer's side because I consider it bad customer service to force people to stay when they don't want to. In the long run does more harm to your reputation than it's worth, but that is my personal business practice.

If you can't meet half way - thank them for their time and find someone that you are more comfortable with and is in sync with your style. Good Luck!
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You know you got a bunch of nice answers below, and I just want to add a little.
When you connect with a Realtor, and experienced area Realtor, once of the very BEST things to do is
go out to see some properties, one or two times, let the Realtor know what you expect, this will give
both sides the opportunity to adjust to each others needs, at that time the Realtor also can tell you
how he works with Buyers, and you can even ask if they like to work with buyers, some do and some don't.....

Many very professional Realtors will sit down with their brand new buyers, discuss all the essentials, from financing, their needs, neighborhoods near work or near transportation, style of home and soooo much more and it will include how they work for them, what information they provide and
what additional information they will get for them if and when seriously interested in a property....
And usually at that time, the Buyers Agent will ask the Buyers to sign an Exclusive Representation Agreement, this will solidify the relationship between the Realtor and the buyers, and that way
your Realtor is sure, that if and when you find the right property with him or her, that he will get
paid (usually from the sellers side) i.e. the buyers agent services will be free to you, but your
commitment to just working with this ONE Realtor is essential....

When it comes to all kinds of details on a property, especially when you are still just thinking about it, requires a lot of extra work and sometimes expenses for the Realtor to get for you, so make sure
that when you request additional detailed information, that you are actually SERIOUS about the property once you sit down with your Realtor to discuss what to offer, when to close, then the
Realtor will gladly get you additional information, just think about it will be a lot of add. work if
you need details for each and every property, so concentrate with your Relator on the ones you
are ready to make an offer, and you are pre-approved for.....

And I agree if bumping into another potentially interested client, you do not want your Realtor to lose out on business, being polite and giving others his or her biz card is fine, so that they can
contact him or her later on ---- answering detailed question and ignoring you on the other hand
is probably bad "customer service" but then you should have good enough of a relationship with
YOUR Realtor to get his attention and telling him that you are in a hurry to finish the showing......

Hope this helps a little to think about either sitting down with your current agent to solidify the relationship and to agree on services rendered etc. or to decide to work with another agent,
unless you signed a buyer representation agreement with the first, you could then ask the
Managing broker of that office to assign you another Buyers Agent if you feel strongly about it.

Good Luck to you, if you need a recommendation for a local Realtor, get back to us here and we
gladly make some good recommendations.

YourRealtor4Life! Your Chicago, Northern Illinois, N and NW subs and the fine homes of the
Northshore Expert with @Properties Northshore, 30 Green Bay Road, Winnetka, Il. 60093
Edith always works in the very BEST interest of her clients, buyers, sellers and investors alike
and she truly goes the X-tra Mile with a SMILE for all her clients

Have a wonderful Day and all the BEST....
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Its a vicious cycle. Look at it from the agent's perspective: Some agents feel so much pressure to build business, make a sale and a decent living (remember, most agents only "eat what they kill"), that they forget that it's the quality of their service that determines how much business they will have. An agent who makes a client feel they have his/her attention and they're working for the client's best interest will have a client for life. On the other hand, treat them like they're just a number or a commission, and you can forget about seeing them for repeat business, and might not even make it to the closing table with them. It's all about balance and service. If your agent isn't providing you the best of those, it may be in your best interest to seek one who will. Best of luck in your purchase...
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I believe every client should be treated like they are your only client. Time on showings is their time and always devote all time to them. I don't think the busness card is a big deal but should not take away your time. Your realtor owes you time information and trust. That is service. And if they give you good service, you owe them your loyalty. But if you are not comfortable or believe you are getting good service, make a change. If you have an agreement, talk to his broker to change the agent it the agreement.
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I don't so a CMA until I'm asked. Why spend the time on it if the buyer isn't interested? Nothing wrong with handing out a card to other prospective clients, although he shouldn't spend a lot if time on them. As far as feeling hurried, sometimes we hurry our clients along to make our showing appointments. You don't have to do a full inspection the first time you see the property. If you like it, you can see it again and check more out.
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Well, I think expecting you to communicate what you want is reasonable... so if you ask your agent to do a CMA, that is normal. My clients ask me, too. I do not do one until I know they are interested in the home, because otherwise I would just be wasting my time. If you don't like the house, it's not relevant if it is a good deal or not, right?

However, I do think you have to be in sync with your agent. If you are not comfortable, then tell him or her.
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Hi Tinaj78,

Home buying and the relationship with your Realtor is like any relationship in life. It's a two way street and both parties have to be comfortable with this partnership. As long as you have not signed an exclusive agreement with an agent and their brokerage you always have options.

If you do wind up interviewing agents I would be happy to tell you how I work with buyers and pass along the information of my last few clients.....a few of them in Woodridge.

Customer service is #1 difference between a decent agent and a great agent. When working with a great agent you should feel like you are their only client even though you know they have others. Questions should be answered and not guessed at. Facts should be provided and taken seriously. What is important to you and your future is unique to you so all questions, large and small, should be taken seriously.

If you get to a point where you are reaching out to agents to see if you can get a better feel I would invite you to set aside 5 minutes to talk with me. If you don't feel good about our conversation after 5 minutes then at least you'll walk away with a few home buying tips.

Call anytime: 630-446-0289
Web Reference: http://www.LiveInDuPage.com
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the fact that YOU are not comfortable with this is what matters here....that alone warrants a new Realtor. This behavior and lack of service is not good, do you feel like you deserve better?
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To sum up, I feel like I'm always asking him to do things (like a CMA). Is it time for a new realtor or are these experiences common?
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