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Olga Montoya, Real Estate Pro in Long Beach, CA

I just got my profile up with Truila. I really I am enjoying the questions and answer portion. How has it helped your business?

Asked by Olga Montoya, Long Beach, CA Fri Nov 22, 2013

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The amount of information that goes around is helpful and informative. I enjoy sharing what I know and learning what I don't….It somehow makes me better at what I do and consequently helps my business

PS: There is however, and I have to warn you, an arrogant lender that think he knows it all with a very condescendant attitude toward other members…do not let it annoy you
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The questions and answers are a great way to give back to the community...
It has many other benefits as well... You actually will learn more about the business as you read over questions and answers from other agents.... The people who ask the questions may actually use your services, etc... Not t mention that as you do this, you are adding points to your portfolio...
So, welcome!
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Hello Olga,

Welcome to Truia

I actually enjoy the questions. I have gotten many leads, and have closed a hand full of deals form the leads.

Some where sales and some were leases.

Considering the biggest investment is my time, I feel the return on my investment has been well worth it.

I continue to answer questions, and am hopeful I will get more leads.

Make sure and check out the agent to agent questions and blogs. I get some useful info form them:)

Much success to you!!!

Kawain Payne, Realtor
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The Q&A portion of Trulia has been a great way to understand the concerns of buyers and sellers that we may not otherwise get to see or hear. The candid questions and comments are many times conversations that the consumer may not be comfortable discussing (unfortunately with their agent, if they have one. Reading these discussions makes us all better agents for it.
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Great question Olga. I've enjoyed my time on this site...and gotten a few good leads over the years. Is it a major source of lead generation for me? No.

Best of luck to you.
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Cindy, thank you for taking the time to answer my question! Have a great Holiday Season!
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Welcome aboard!
What Thierry shares is important, don't give others authority over your life! (don't let them bug you.)
Your presence on Trulia will be exactly what you make it.
My guidance is to challenge you to identify other benefits you can derive from your presence here.
Do you see secondary and tertiary influences your presence can create?
Can you 'see' your role in this environment of faulty informaton, systemic deception and predatory marketing? If you don't, you are already the victim.
Finally, this is the perfect arena to exercise your genius and let your curiosity run free. What you test and learn regarding perfecting your craft of understanding human perception will serve you well in your Long Beach real estate business.
My experience regarding Trulia is although many leads pile up in the box, they are all time holes. As a lead source expect typical internet leads. However, with just a minor investment in observation you will see how easy applying self selection techniques will seperate the gold from the iron pyrite.
Most of all, make if fun for yourself. Yes, some folks won't like it. That's when Thierry advise becomes more practical.

Best of Success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor FL
Move to the Front of the Line
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Always love Debra's words of wisdom. She does indeed practice what she preaches and would be a very good mentor for you to follow.

On another note don't be afraid to recognize associates answers by awarding them a THUMBS UP, which anyone including guest contributors or questioners and BEST ANSWER which only you as the questioner can award. There's nothing that will help you build your Trulia presence better than awarding others for their efforts

Thus, a big Thumbs Up to all those RE Professionals who have contributed positively on this thread!!
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Right back atcha Debbie. BTW, it was a Debbie that stole my heart as a JR in high school. My first true love. LOL! You have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous '14 and beyond. I've truly loved the relationships I've developed over the years on Trulia and look forward to many more.
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Thank you, John, for your kind words, and for the great advice you offer here on Trulia, as well! A thumb's up from me to you!
Also want to wish you a wonderful holiday season!
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forgot to answer YOUR question! haha

Trulia (the Q&A section) has generated business for me..buyers have seen me..,.followed me....and ultimately, reached out to me.....have made a number of sales as a result - some very high ones

here's a 3rd suggestion
3. try to refrain from using those oh so hackneyed, over-used expressions when answering questions............like...
"you get what you pay for".............."would you negotiate the price with your doctor?....."now is the time to buy/sell".......and the list goes on!
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Let me join in welcoming you to Trulia!
There is lots to learn........ and I am sure you have lots to share.

You have already gotten some wonderful, valuable advice here from the other agents, so I won't break one of my "cardinal rules" , which is.......... don't repeat what others have already said!!

On that note - I will only make 2 suggestions:

1. answer the questions - I mean, really answer them - don't preach or tell a consumer why their question is "wrong" (like when someone simply asks how to post their home as a fsbo on trulia .....(simple answer - they can't)

2. don't answer what you don't know....if someone is asking specifically about, for example, contract contingencies in Florida, and you're from CA -move along and let the FL agents respond!

I have more words of wisdom, but will save them for another time!

Best wishes............happy holiiday!
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I have gained a lot of knowledge from reading the answers of other agents. I've been in the business for many years, but I can always learn new things that will help me become a better agent.
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Olga, The Trulia Q/A platform has been Truly great for my overall SEO & website presence. It has helped me establish a Nationwide presence as the go to person in Factory Built Manufactured/Modular Housing. Our companies http://www.onthelevelcontractors.com and http://www.mh-processing.com have expanded Nationwide with the help of Trulia, Active Rain and our websites.

Being able to share your knowledge and experience with folks who are in need of sound advice from RE professionals who've been there and done that is about as good as it gets. You will gain a lot more credibility and following from folks on this platform than you could ever expect to realize by spending a lot of money for advertising.

In fact in during the past 5 years of sharing my knowledge and experience in my particular niche on the Q/A platform I've never done any advertising until the last half of this year when I finally acquiesced and bought into the Trulia PRO program.

Frankly, I'm not convinced thus far that it's furthered my gain with any measurable degree of success as I've yet to generate a lead from any of the money I've invested into it thus far. Most of our leads continue to come from the Q/A platform.

Additionally, as Kawain stated, following Agent to Agent questions and discussions is as valuable as answering questions from buyers and sellers. I've garnered a tremendous amount of knowledge and information as well as made a lot of online associates and even friends who've actually forwarded several leads to me over the years.

As you establish yourself and your credibility you will begin to attract other members and contributors who will help you build your online presence and your business. This is one of the best online networking platforms on the Internet.

I'm also long on Trulia. I bought their stock as soon as they acquired Market Leader/Active. I think they're on a roll and will be around for the long haul. But then I'm not a stock broker. I'm just a dumb ole contractor, manufactured home dealer and real estate broker so what to I know?

All the best to your future with Trulia.

Thierry, LOL! I think I know who that arrogant lender is. If not that must mean there's more than one of them. But then that wouldn't be hard to believed either would it?
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I think that this is a great resource that Trulia offers. However, it is not how I personally generate client leads.
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