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Chandu1512, Home Buyer in Frisco, TX

I am building a new home in frisco, should i get my home inspection done. If so when should i start the inspection.

Asked by Chandu1512, Frisco, TX Fri Feb 22, 2013

It's been 3 weeks since they started the construction. Should i get the inspection done at various stages of construction or towards the end.

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Always get an inspection. At minimum before you finish, but I also recommend phase inspections. If the slab is poured wrong for example nothing you can do to fix it after the house is built. Same with framing, and many other aspects.

What does your realtor recommend and suggest? Having a great realtor by your side during the process can also help save you a lot of time and headaches along the way and get you a much better house built. It doesn't cost you any more and it's great to have a nice set of experienced eyes on the process.
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Bruce Lynn, Real Estate Pro in Coppell, TX
My husband and I built a house here in Frisco in 2005. While, I do agree the city inspectors are competent, many items were missed along the way in building our home. Through out the entire home building process we luckily had access to family and friends in different professions to help us watch the building (a home inspector, master plumber and another home builder). When we did our final walk through, we had issues with the builder that would not have been caught had we not used an inspector, the home had received all city inspections by this point. For example, in the master bathroom one of the sinks was just about cut off to make it fit into the space, making the person using the sink run into the wall. Our builder argued it was correct, we were able to state the building code and thankfully a new sink was installed. This was just one of many issues we faced. Best of luck and congratulations on your home!
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Yes, it is critical. Texas home builders are not regulated. Municipal inspectors are overworked and underpaid. Read:http://www.texasinspector.com/category/texas-home-builders/
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Hi Chandu1512-

As REALTOR certified in new construction, I always have my buyers do an independent inspection of the new construction because it seems an inspector always finds something that was done incorrectly.

It could something simple as flashing on the roof not installed properly or something major as a vent casing missing off of the water heater.

I recommend you schedule the inspection 2-3 days before your first walk through with the builder where your mark things that need to be fixed. This way you can bring your report and have them fix any big items that need addressing.

If you had a real estate agent she or he would be able to go over the report with you and explain all the items that might appear. It can be overwhelming to read one with all of the state required verbiage an inspector has to include in their report.

Hope this helps!

Sherry Renfroe
Ebby Halliday Realtors
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Why don't you ask your professional Realtor (Agent)
Agent service is free for you so it is highly recommended to hire an agent , take advantage of their experience
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I would highly recommend getting a home inspection done. You have no idea if there are any problems that go undetected during the building process or if something is missing. Having a home inspection done could help with all of these and even end up saving you time and money. I would highly recommend having one done soon! http://www.boundbuilders.com.au
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Yes, call us...we have an inspector for you.
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You should do your inspection as soon as the home is complete. Some think they can bypass this step and not get a home-inspection since the home is "new" and doesn't have any "wear and tear". There are some great builders out there but remember...no one is perfect ;-) I've had a few inspections in which more items came back on a new home that needed repair than they did in a pre-existing home. It's all about doing your due-diligence now to prevent mishaps later! :)

Happy New Year!
-Amy S. Arey, Realtor
Halo Group Realty
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Always, always, always get a home-inspection. Many times, when assisting clients, we have found more items that need repairs on new builds more-so than pre-existing homes. (Afterall, the home has been vacant and there's been no one there to test if anything is working properly...or just make sure the "kinks have been worked out". I recommend waiting until the home is completely finished so that an inspector can go in and evaluate the final product. I have a wonderful inspector whom I stole from the other side of the transaction a few years back who killed us with the most detailed inspection I have ever laid my eyes on (and have been using him with my own clients ever since!).

-Amy S. Arey, Realtor
Halo Group Realty, LLC
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Yes, always hire a third party inspector to look at the home before you close, EVEN ON A NEW BUILD. They will look at all of the systems with unbiased eyes and point out things that the builder may have missed.

We have purchased one owner homes and had the inspector find powered attic vents that were never connected to the electricity. There are several trades that overlap in the building process and builders sometimes miss things. I also have a inspector that will do your new build inspection and then come back in 11 months for FREE to do the inspection again so that you can turn in any 12 month warranty items before the warranty expires.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at any of the links below,

Scott Johnson
FireBoss Realty

http://www.NortheastDFWHomes.com - Property Search Site
http://www.FireBossRealtyAroundTown.com - Blog
http://www.northeastdfwhomes.com/cp/mobile-app/ - FREE Mobile App
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Whether you're buying or selling a home, it's crucial to include a thorough home inspection as part of the process. It's something consumers often overlook because, as we all know, buying or selling a home can get expensive and expenses add up quickly. While it might be tempting to ignore this piece of the puzzle, it's one of those investments that are a real payoff in the end.
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Yes, always hire and independent licensed inspector that works for YOU. He can do an inspection at several different intervals like before the slab is poured, prior to sheet rock to inspect electrical and plumbing then a final to test all systems.
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It is best to get a "phase inspection" done during construction!
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Building inspections should begin before the foundation. is poured. An inspector that does this process will have an inclusive package for a set fee to inspect your new construction at different inter volts of the process. You will be doing yourself a favor by spending this money.
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You should get an independant inspection on new construction. He/she may find something the builder failed to find. You can usually give the results to the builder and they will address the items found by the inspector. You will probably have less issues when you got to sell the house later!
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Yes, it is always recommended to get a home inspection....always!
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Unless you are an investor looking to cash purcahse on a foreclosure you should always get an inspection done. Just because the house is newly built doesn't mean the builders did everything right. Never opt out of getting and inspection Preowned or New!!
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Whether you're buying or selling a home, it's crucial to include a thorough home inspection as part of the process. It's something consumers often overlook because, as we all know, buying or selling a home can get expensive and expenses add up quickly. While it might be tempting to ignore this piece of the puzzle, it's one of those investments that are a real payoff in the end.
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Always, always, always get a home inspection! You can get an inspection through each phase, right after closing or before your one-year contract expires. Take the advice from me and my colleagues, please get a home inspection.
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I would suggest getting an inspection at the end of the build. I have buyers that are having a wonderful home built, by a great builder, and we are still getting it inspected. If you have a friend or family member that is in the construction or remodeling field, I might ask them to walk the house with me in the different phases of building. This will give you an outside opinion, and a little peace while the house is getting built.
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I agree that visits to the site as the home is being built is great when you want to learn what is going on in the inner workings of your new home. This will keep you in the know. As for the inspection, waiting until the 10th month after you have moved into your new home for an inspection works because you are still under the warranty and the builder is inclined to repair or make right any inconsistencies. Even when buyers are buying new, it is Best to have representation in a new as well as a preowned home.

If you want to know more as to what you miss when you are not being represented, give me a call. It a great way to save money.

Kathy HInes / Broker
Keller Williams Dallas Preston

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No matter if your buying a resale or a new construction home you should always get an inspection. As a realtor and a former director for a luxury home builder I would always advise my client's to purchase a 3rd party home inspection. While it is true that a builder does a home insoection of there own and a punch list of items that need repair, the person doing this inspection work for the builder. Although most builders doing a good job it is best to have an objective third party inspector look at the property.
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You can and should visit yourself to see the construction in various stages of completion. The construction people usually are happy to the future owner and will help you understand what they're doing.

Building inspection department comes out to green-tag progress and Frisco is quite competent in the construction phases at doing their job. You should be there prior to city inspection to assure that features and amenities you want and expect are there. That is the most common problem - missing items you ordered like wiring for surround sound and extras that are above and beyond the usual.

The builder almost always offers a full year's no-quibble warranty on your newly built home. This means if the GFCI keeps tripping, they'll fix it. If it's hot in the upstairs, they'll fix it. And so on.

A home inspector simply won't know what extras or amenities you contracted for, unless you tell him. So, while what he sees may be correctly executed, it may be what you expect. I hope that makes sense to you.

So, when do you inspect? Eleven months after closing. When your builder's no-quibble warranty is about to end, get a licensed home inspector out to check everything. Before that the builder will be fixing any issues that come up free of charge. So, you want to be absolutely certain before the builder's warranty expires that there is nothing else wrong that wasn't already fixed in the last 11 months.

Some builders actually offer to do that "finalest" inspection as part of their customer satisfaction efforts. My personal opinion is don't waste your time and money hiring someone else, unless you just want 'to wear a belt and suspenders'. But don't forget to come out regularly to see for yourself.
Web Reference: http://www.SumnerRealty.com
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Thanks for your response.
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Yes, I would get an inspection.

Susie Kay, Realtor®
United Real Estate
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Servicing your real estate need is my priority!
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Congrats! Its usually a good idea to have a Realtor help you out through the process and ensure everything is moving along correctly. If you don't have a Realtor, contact Burgess Inspections and they should be able to help you out.

Burgess Inspection Group, Inc.
1255 West 15th Street, Suite 1000
Plano, TX 75075
Phone: 972.690.3838
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I suggest phase inspections....typically 3 points during the project.

Your realtor should be able to recommend an inspector who does phase inspections and also should be visiting the property with you several times during the building process.

There's all kinds of issues that happen during the building process and you want them involved every step of the way.
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Bruce Lynn, Real Estate Pro in Coppell, TX
Yes, you should at least get the home inspected prior to closing. Since the slab has already been poured, you can get an inspection prior to drywall installation, after drywall installation, or both.

The quality of new construction right now ranges from excellent to extremely poor. It depends on the price point, builder, and subcontractors doing the work. Although some builders may use a '3rd party inspector' many of these 'inspectors' are employed by the builder and not licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission to do a complete home inspection. Hiring your own Inspector ensures that you will be made aware of any issues - big or small prior to closing. We have no financial interest in the real estate transaction and will give you the information you need to feel confident in your home purchase.

John Safstrom
Systematic Home Inspections
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No professional can render an opinion for fact we don't represent you. Each inspection is an expense of approx. $400 . Recommend hire a Realtor as a consultant for each phase of the constructions process.

Lynn911 Dallas Realtor & Consultant
Multimillion Dollar Sales Producer

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From ground up is good. There are items in framing, plumbing and electrical that an inspector will find and let you know about. It is worth the extra money. Is this a custom built home?
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Hi Chandu-

I normally guide my clients to have an inspection done after it is completed and the day before you walk the home with the builder. Most builders will do a punch list walk through a week before you close, some even wait 3 days before you close.

The inspection is the same as if you were buying a preowned home. Make sure you hire someone with new construction inspection experience.

Best regards,

Sherry Renfroe
Ebby Halliday Realtors
Mobile Site: m.sherryrenfroe.com
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Definitely makes sense. Inspectors will almost always catch things that may or may not have been spotted. It's always a good idea not to skimp and spend the money as it can save you headache and money down the road.

Best of luck to you.

Don Groff
REALTOR® | Mortgage Broker
Austin Real Estate Pros | 360 Lending Group
o 512.669.5599 m 512.633.4157
listings@dongroff.com | http://www.AustinListed.com
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Chandu, I see that you may not have had REALTOR representation when you bought a new construction home, perhaps the builder can guide you.
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Definitely get a home inspection with new construction. The home inspector will come out several times at various stages of construction. I would recommend calling them today to get started.

If you would like a recommendation for a home inspector, please give me a call/text/email.


Melissa Hailey - North Texas Top Team, Realtors
Coldwell Banker Jane Henry Realtors

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I always tell my clients to hire an inspector when building a new home.
Inspections are done in 3 distinctive phases of the construction.
Any inspector can orient you on this.
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