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Huntington Beach NY & Centerport NY area. How is this area doing in todays market ?

Asked by kmanbythec, 11566 Tue Sep 9, 2008

I have been looking in an area that borders Huntington Beach NY and Centerport NY. Just wondering if anyone has knowledge of this area. With all the hills, snow removal would be a concern. Is this area a good place to purchase a home? Is this an area that home appreciation is expected?

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Huntington Beach and Centerport are fantastic areas to live. We have some of the best beaches and schools on Long Island.

I disagree with other posts on this thread because homes in Centerport and Huntington Beach are not appreciating. They have fallen 20% of the high of 2005 and are not expected to recover anytime soon. If you would like recent articles, I would be glad to send them directly to you.

Nevertheless, it is the best time to buy a house. Interest rates are extremely low. My customer got a 5.75% yesterday for a 30 year fixed.
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Huntington Beach and Centerport are in Harborfields School District. School district, proximity to the water as well as two vibrant villages (Northport and Huntington) make this area's staying power steady...very. Sales have been consistent in this area, and like all areas, if the price is right in its reflection of a property's condition and location, then the property will sell. Centerport and Huntington Beach is a lifestyle; it is a hidden gem and offers homes in all price points. Re Snow removal...bottom line the kids need to get to school and taxpayers to work, so the respective transportation authorities that run the schools are out very early, on the roads, on days of storms to assess the roads' viability and safety. The buses run more days than not. Homes in this area should appreciate for those reasons I stated earlier; that is as long as we don't repeat the debacle of 6 years ago. I'd gladly help you in your search as I have a firm grasp on this area. Risa
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kmanbythec, this is a really great area! I agree with everybody! I, myself moved up here less than a year ago, and really love it!!!!
I moved in last winter and I can tell you that the town is very prompt to clean the roads from the snow. I do not have a 4x4 and it has never been a problem!
I have been hunting for a house for a while before settling here and have never stopped looking at the market here since. If you really are looking for somebody to help you find a house in this area, give me a call, I just went where you are heading....
Regards. Christophe
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Cori's right on.

Any agent who's saying or implying that the area - or any area has not taken a hit - a good hit - isn't providing accurate information. No offense to anyone else on this post.

Home values - across the board - throughout Long Island have taken a hit. But that's why is such a good time to buy. And these areas you asked about are fantastic areas. No question about that.
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Huntington & Centerport Long Island are great areas to live in. Salesremains steady, and the beauty of the area are the hills and closeness to the water. Contact us at our email for further inforamation: longislandrealtors@gmail.com
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Please contact me at 516-287-5008. I am a licensed real estate consultant and agent and have great knowledge of the Western Suffolk County area, particularly Huntington and the nearby areas. This is a lovely area, and worth the hills and dales it contains. I live here as well and have 1 acre property. I would happy to answer your questions and help you in any way. I use a snow blower, and there are many outside sources to provide any landscaping needs if that's not your cup of tea. Hope to hear from you, and the best of luck.
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In general realty prices have remained reasonably stable in the Huntington/Centerport area when compared to some of the eratic swings found in certain areas (of California, for instance). The real estate business is not generally as brisk as it was a year or so ago especially with a more uncertain outlook and stringent financial controls in place. I have no regrets about this area in any way shape or form and I can only say its the best from every standpoint business-wise and other-wise including what few hills we have and our mild seasonality factors .
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Hello kmanbythec

Yes, this is a great area in terms of appreciation and quality of life. If you seek woodsy natural beauty, access to the water and a friendly community, this area can't be beat.

Your concerns about hilly terrain and snowy weather is valid. The snow removal in this area is usually very prompt. There are several less hilly routes in and out of this area, but having a 4 wheel drive vehicle will give you an edge on the bad days, truth be told it's usually only a handful of days each winter where heavy snow is an issue.

If you'd like more info on the area, value and appreciation history, please feel free to email or call me directly.

Good Luck

Paul D
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These areas will hold their value better than others - yes. Is appreciation expected? Real estate is NOT the stock market. It doesn't just "bounce back" on "good information" on a given day. It's long term. While appreciation is not in the foreseeable future - a purchase today, will most likely yield, over time - a good 5 to 6 percent increase in overall appreciation. This of course doesn't include factors like, the initial investment you put down, etc.

Purchase a home for 1,000,000 and put 200,000 down - and sell for 2,000,000 ten years from now will yield approximately (and total basic assumption) of 400% (again just general) - however, same purchase price and put only 50,000 down would yield 1600%! This doesn't account for tax write offs, and a host of other benefits of owning real estate but my point is that there are several factors that impact whether something is a good buy or not. Financing the purchase is a key part.

Buying now - at say a 6.5% nonconforming rate - as opposed to 8% a year from now would mean - alot more interest write off - yes - but also a lot more out of pocket expense throughout the year and over the course of the entire loan. Say you sell it 10 years from date of purchase - the interest paid would be an astronomical difference.

But I alway say - keep it simple! :)

If you like it and you're going to live in it - then buy it and don't worry...be happy!
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This is a fabulous area and is doing great in today's market!
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