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How will removal of pine trees affect value of condominium?

Asked by alanalennie, San Diego, CA Tue Jan 29, 2013

It is being proposed that 5 large pine trees in front of my condo (located on a busy street) be removed. How will this affect the curb appeal and the value of my unit?

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Kari Shea’s answer
Hi Alan,

There are a variety of reasons for this type of action and none of us can accurately describe the effect on your curb appeal.

Trees are removed for any of the following reasons (and more):

1. The roots are loose in the soil, could fall and cause damage
2. The roots of the tree are invasive and are/could damage the property, water lines, etc.
3. The trees are diseased and pose a risk to other trees or vegetation
4. The trees have grown too large for the area
5. The trees have grown into a public right of way
6. The area has been reviewed by the City who have posed the trees make cause damage to public property

And the list goes on. Call the HOA and ask why the trees are being removed. In most cases there is little you (or other homeowners) can do as their reasoning for these actions are usually outlined in your HOA docs you received when you purchased the property. In other words, they act within their legal rights to do so.

Best of luck,

Mark & Kari Shea
Shea Real Estate
National Association of Realtors
CA DRE License 01713506
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Removing those trees could have a wide range of effects on your curb appeal. On one hand, it might take away from the uniform and aesthetic value the trees give if they are well manicured. On the other hand, it might give your house a better view and increase the value. If the trees are large like you say, I think it might actually help things to remove them. http://www.cleancuttrees.com.au
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Are the trees in contact with the condos at all? It might be necessary for the building, structurally, to have the trees removed. I don't think the value of your condo will change with the removal of the trees. It might change the curb appeal, but that's not tied to the value of your condo. http://smittystreeservice.net/
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It actually might open up the scene of the condo, which might majorly help the curb appeal and the value of the unit! If it doesn't increase the value of the unit, it will most definitely increase the visibility of the place for the market. Especially being on a busy street that you mentioned! Trees are great, however sometimes certain locations could benefit more without a tree obstructing the view and openness of the place. Alanalennie, I'd be most optimistic since it will open the view of the condo up to all the cars that go by.
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I'm not sure if it will or not. If I were you, I would call someone who can give you an estimate about your property. They should be able to help tell you if it will add or subtract to the value of your condominium. Calling them should help you with everything you need! http://greatlandtree.com/services
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It could do a lot of good for the curb appeal, and it could be negative for curb appeal. There are a lot of factors that will go into that. I'm interested in the reasons for the tree removal. If they're damaged or endangering the property at all, it's a good idea to move forward with the removal regardless of curb appeal. You should look into those things a bit more.
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I think you should leave the pine trees in if they aren't doing any damage or getting in the way of residents or passing cars. It's a good blocker to have the trees between you and the busy street. I'm sure it helps reduce the noise from the street and helps keep the condo buildings cool in the summer. If you need to remove them I don't think the curb appeal would be altered too much. http://www.carlostreeservice.net/about
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I think it all depends. I am sure that they pine tress look really beautiful there. As long as they replace the trees with something else that can ornament the property a little bit, and remove the stomps properly, it could give the place a nice, new look.
Mark Leach | http://www.scottlanestreesrv.com
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I agree with Mark that as long as they replace the trees with something that looks nice, then it shouldn't decrease the value of the home. We used to have a pine tree in my back yard that gave us a lot of privacy. After we removed it, there was a big empty space. We found a really nice statue to put in place of it in our garden, and it covered up the empty space. http://www.treeland.ca/tree_moving.html
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I'm not sure how it will affect it. I would call a real estate agent and see what they think. They should be able to give you average prices and how the value of your condominium will change. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you! http://www.allseasontreeservicealberta.ca/tree_removal.html
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Without seeing the property, it's hard to say. It could decrease the value of your property or it could make it a safer structure. Like some people have said in the thread, there are a lot of structural problems that can occur from roots of large trees. Since the trees are blocking the view from a busy street, they could increase the curb appeal. In that case, it could decrease the property value if you remove the trees. If the trees are going to ruin the foundation, then it's a really smart idea to get them removed. http://franciscostrees.com/tree-services.html
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I'm not sure if it will or not. I would call a restate agent and see what the value of your home will do and how this will affect it. This will probably be able to help you with everything you need. Good luck and I hope everything works out. http://brownstormservice.net/
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Root heaving cause foundation and drainage issues. I had to cut down 2 80+ foot Canary Island Pines because of thes very issues. Broke my heart but it was either that or severe structural and water damage to my home.
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In my opinion, trees add value to property. However, sometimes trees block windows and cause bumps in the sidewalk and driveway. If your trees offer shade and valuable greenery to your property, then I would reconsider removing them. However, if they are causing issues with the property, it would not hurt to hire professionals to have them removed.
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Could be a positive, could be a negative, depends on the buyer when this condo is placed on the market.
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I think that it will give you less appeal because those trees probable block a lot of noise as well as it is big and a wall almost. I would rather have those pines there because they block noise and I am sure the look better than the busy street. http://www.charlestonstumpstompers.com/services/
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I agree with John, those trees will probably block a lot of noise and give you a lot of privacy. It also depends on if the trees are getting too old or too tall. If they are causing damage to other parts of the property then it would increase the value by cutting them down. http://www.affordabletreecareslc.com/services.html
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I think that it all depends on the buyers tastes. If they do want the trees removed make sure that they are properly removed. Trying to do this correctly on your own requires a lot of heavy machinery. I think it's safer to hire somebody to take care of the removal for you. http://www.treecuttime.com/Tree_Service_Tips_Lakeland_FL.html
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It really does just depend on what the buyer is looking for. If they want to feel more secluded then they might like the trees, but others might see them as being in the way. Pine trees also make it so that grass will not grow under them which many people might not like. I think it would be a good idea to have them removed and many plant some bushes. Best of luck! http://kctreecaresiteks.com/Services/
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I think it all depends on the certain case and things that affect it. In some cases it positively affects the appeal and value. My brother recently had a dead tree in his front yard removed and It has made his yard look so much better. http://www.yarnelltreeohio.com/services
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It really depends on what the trees and the condo look like. I have seen properties with a lot trees or bushes that block the view of the house but look really good. Those would add to the view of the property. If the trees don't look good or are damaged, or if you want to show off the building a bit more, then removing the trees wouldn't be such a bad idea. You should have some people come check it all out and tell you what they suggest you do.
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I agree with Jackson, we'll need to see a picture of the condo in order to give a straight answer. If the pine trees are damaging power lines or other pieces of the property, then it will definitely increase the value to cut them down. They might be adding to the privacy in the yard though. There are a lot of things that you have to consider in answering this question. http://www.woodpeckertreeservices.com.au/services
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In my opinion, buyers are looking for curb appeal and shrubs. If I was to look for a condo, I would want one with trees to block the busy street. But then again, everyone's preference is different. http://www.charlestonstumpstompers.com/services/
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I don't think there will be much of an effect. That being said, you should consult with a real estate agent. A lot of people like large trees because they add an air of antiquity. I personally don't care either way.
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This is a great question. Last year my brother removed two of his trees because the roots were too big that they were killing the grass. Because of the tree removal he was able to sell the home fast. http://www.charlestonstumpstompers.com/services/
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Like Annette said, it depends on the location. Why are you wanting them removed? If they are being removed for the right reason, it could actually bump your home's value! Make sure you use a professional service to save yourself from any potential liability!
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According to the Audubon Society of FL, a pine has tangible value of $36.
A mature Florida Oak, $176.
A Bismark Palm, $49.

However, the purpose of landscaping is about aesthetic and emotional value. For many, these attributes are priceless.
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Another thing to consider is the age of the trees. An older tree will have much more value than a younger tree. That being said, an older tree will be much more expensive to remove as well.
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It will really depend if they are blocking any sort of view, or if it will greatly effect privacy. People love privacy and good views. If you can combine the two, you will be golden. http://www.jandjtreecare.com/services/tree-removal/
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It probably will not affect the value much. Value is more based on comparable sales.
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It depends on the condition of the trees as to how it will affect the value of your unit. Some trees may look healthy on the outside but are dying on the inside. This can create problems if it were to fall over and damage your unit. You might have had to invest in cutting down the tree later, anyways.
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Why are the pine trees being removed from the property? Are they compromising the foundation, or are they in the way of the street. I think if you could trim them properly you could keep them. I would look at your tree service options before you decide to completely get rid of all the trees. http://www.hitreetrimming.com
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It depends on what the buyer is looking for. If you're being asked to, I'd go ahead and do it. There are very few people who would want it any other way. Maybe if you just try a tree trimming though, that could appease the other people in the neighborhood. http://www.dariotreetrimming.com/Stump_Grinding_Yard_Cleanup…
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My parents removed a few trees from their yard when they were trying to sell their house. It helped them to sell quicker, I think. They used a tree removal company in their area. It's worth the cost if it means your house is on the market for less time.
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Are the trees blocking any views, or obstructing any telephone pole wires? I personally love the look of trees. They give off a homey feel, but if they are hindering things, then they are worth removing.

Amelia Gillian | http://www.vabeachtreeservice.com/Tree-Trimming-Virginia-Bea…
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Dear Alan,
It's hard to say what the removal of these trees will do to your property values. Trees on a busy street can add some privacy and shade. If they trees are well cared for they are an asset, however, if they are not, or if they are causing damage to sidewalks it's better to removed them and replace them with more suitable plants. It's surprising how much damage some root systems can cause to homes.
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Hello Alanalennie,

It is virtually impossible for anyone on here to know exactly what would happen to the value of your unit in the event the 5 large pine trees are removed. I would like to think there is a valid reason why they are removing the trees, but you should certainly ask. I've had clients remove trees that blocked a large part of natural light from coming into unit, so to me, that was a good thing to make their places lighter and brighter.

You mentioned it is a busy street, so perhaps the trees are beneficial as far as blocking out some of the road noise, or at least blocking out having to see all the cars pass by.

Unfortunately, without knowing all the details, it is hard to know what would happen to the value, but my thoughts are that it should not have too much of an effect one way or the other.


Chad Basinger, REALTOR, CPA, CFP
Web Reference: http://www.chadbasinger.com
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Hi Alanalennie,

Generally your home owner's association is making decisions about common property to enhance or protect the value of the property. You should go to the monthly meeting or ask to see the minutes from the meeting where the issue of the trees has been discussed. As an owner you have rights which are outlined in your home owner's association bylaws. I suggest you read the bylaws provide in your condo docs and exercise your rights as outlined. The association should have a duty to inform you of their decisions and the reasons for those decisions. They usually send notices to all owners about anything that affects the property.
The trees could be causing problems with the foundation, siding, roof, or pose a hazard to the property, owners, or public in some way. You need to determine what the issue is before deciding if there is a negative impact to your property value.
Is there a plan in place to replace the trees with other landscaping to minimize any loss of curb appeal their removal might cause? You also need to know if there will be any special assessments associated with their removal. If their removal seems to be without cause you should have rights as an owner to appeal the decision. Again, your specific rights will be outlined in the condominium documents and getting additional information from your association are you first course of action.
I hope this helps. If I can be of any further assistance, please give me a call or email.

Best Regards,

Maureen Hanley
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If the pines are causing damage to any of the structures, value will be lost if it's allowed to continue. Even if they're gone, I doubt it will make much difference, unless the pines were a prominent feature of the complex and owners bought their units because of them.

Why not contact your HOA and ask why they're being removed, and if any other landscaping is being proposed?
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I honestly don't think it's going to make or break your value. People buy homes on busy streets. Any answer would be purely conjecture on my part. Since you can't control it, don't worry about it. Focus on the desirable parts of your unit.

Take cae.
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That depends on many factors. Age of the community. Architectural style of the complex. Proposed landscaping once the trees are out. Whether the trees or their roots are damaging anything in the complex. You may want to contact the HOA and understand why they are removing the trees.

David Crowell
RE/MAX Solutions
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Hi Alana,
Hmmm, this is a hard one. While the pine trees might be nice to look at and provide a buffer from the street noise and view, pine trees roots are notoriously troublesome. We had one bust up our septic system in the early 90s. The HOA reacted and removed all the pine trees and Shadow Pines (the name of our subdivision) has no pines anymore!

Sinead McAllister
McAllister Homes Real Estate
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