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How long does it takes to schedule a showing on a property?

Asked by Star_manny, San Diego, CA Thu May 12, 2011

My agent keeps ingoring request on properties I request and gives information only on properties that does not match any of my criteria. It has been almost a week and there is still no word on a schedule date. I will definetely change my sales agent if i do not receive the information I have been requesting, but I wanted to know if I am just going overboard. I am in the military and my schedule is really tight so my request just to get a date to plan ahead.

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How long does it take? 6-48 hours, generally. If it takes any longer, the agent should explain why.

But, as you've noted, you've got other problems.

"My agent keeps ignoring requests on properties I request." That's unacceptable. The agent at a minimum should give you feedback: "That house is already under contract" or "That house is a foreclosure and they're asking for all cash. You wouldn't qualify because you're going VA."

"My agent . . . gives information only on properties that do not match any of my criteria." Again, unacceptable. Though there is some duty on your part to respond to the agent: "These properties do not match my criteria because . . . " But you should only have to do that once.

Hope that helps.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Burke, VA
Dear Star,
I often get requests for showings in my office because I am in a very nice resort type development in Playa Vista.
Unless the potential client has actually met with me and committed to working with me as their Buyer Agent, I do not go to showings with them. I think you will find that most Agents work this way.
This would involve Pre-Qualificatin and Buyer Broker agreements, plus a meeting to discuss the client's needs. It's impossible to do a good job for a cllient, outside of these parameters.
If you have done these things, and you are getting such a response..I would look for a new Buyer Agent.
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Most agents are good and responsive, but (like most businesses) once in a while you end up with a bad apple. Hope it works out for you.
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Scheduling appointments should be very quick and easy. Scheduled appointment is only needed when a tenant is involved. If the home is vacant it usually can be viewed at any time.
Web Reference: http://www.darensmith.com/
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Wow!, Time to get a new agent! Sounds like you have someone who does not fully listen to your needs and is not responsive enough. 24 hours is plenty of time for a response. In today's world of e-mail and texting, most agents can successfully respond within a few hours.
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Each one if occupied can vary. However, after reading your statement it is time for you to get a new agent, period. They are taking far too long.

Best of luck.
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How long should it take to schedule a showing? When working with competent, diligent agents, it should take 24 hours or less. If it is an income property, it should always be 24-48 hours due to tenant notification. When I am dealing with a client, I always answer my calls and if I missed one because I was on another call or in a meeting, the call is always answered that same day. This allows for constant and effective communication between myself, my client and any other agent that may be a party to the showing or transaction. Unfortunately, not everyone operates at the same level or in the same manner.
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It depends on the particular home. If there are tenants in the home it is harder to set appointments, the tenants may not want to move and they can set hours or conditions for showing the home that are difficult. Sometimes there are pets that need to be secured and the occupants either need to be there or make other arrangements. However most of the time a days notice should be sufficient to set an appointment. Obviously if the home is vacant it can be seen right away. In rare cases some homes can only be seen after an offer has been accepted.
Sad as it may seem some agents only want to show homes that earn them higher commissions. Therefore they may push homes that have a bonus or higher percent commission. If your agent is not doing what you need it may be time to interview some others who would be more committed to finding a home that meets your needs.

Jerry Heard- Broker
CA Dre #00648687
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To schedule a showing of any property go to most any Realtor's website, locate the property, and click "Schedule a showing". Or merely call the office phone. The way technology works now your website request will text our cell phones and we will call you immediately to show you the property. Communication and responsiveness is the key to any successful transaction, Since your home buying mission with your current agent is starting out poorly way there is no reason to expect it will change, unless you do.

Our website is below for your reference.

Delighted to be of service.

Steve Innis, Broker-Owner
Clairemont Realty
1020 Prospect Street, Suite 250
La Jolla, Ca 92037
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The other agents have good points but there are a few bad apples even in the real estate business. If your agent can't explain why he/she is pushing properties that do not meet your criteria two possibilities come to mind. There is poor communication between you and your agent or (I hate to says this) your agent is pushing properties with a higher commission percentage.

Ben Altman
Century 21
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If the agent is ignoring your requests then it is time for an agent that is responsive. Military is tough and if you are using VA for financing some agents will not really give you the time you need since there are many properties that will not take VA.....hope it works out for you. Feel free to contact me if you need assistance and do not find another agent. You will get plenty of offers on here.
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Well, the agent should at least be telling you why you can't see a property. I just had to tell a client that the place they wanted to see has tenants that are being moved out, and there are no showings till they move out. Other properties take 28-48 hour notices, and some are just about impossible to get into, but you should be in the loop about why you can't see a place. Also what you can see. Some listings are easy to show and as I indicated...others impossible. You should work with your agent by telling them what date works for you, see if it works for them, then they should try to get everything set up.

Communication is the key.

Let me know if I can help you in any way!

Joan Wilson (Realtor, SRES, Ecobroker, Certified REO and Short Sale/HAFA Specialist)

California Cool 4 Sale
Prudential California Realty
Direct Phone: 760-757-3468
Fax: 760-946-7894
License # 01341483

It is my Goal to Increase the Success and Profitability of Those I Serve
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It really depends. Sometimes, if the property is occupied it can take a day or two. In some cases there is no lock box on the home so it's a matter of coordinating schedules. In any case, it should be no more than 2-3 days. Good luck. I hope you get to see the house you are interested in.
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Clearly communicate your goals - if your agent is not listening, find one that is.

Good luck to you...
...and thank you for your service!

Jeanne Feenick
Unwavering Commitment to Service
Web Reference: http://www.feenick.com
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You need to speak with your agent and specify what you expect from him/her. If the agent is non-responsive you need to find an agent who will be there for you. This is a service business and you deserve quick responses and answers to your queries.

Best of luck,

Rachel LaMar, J.D.
LaMar Real Estate, Inc.
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If your agent is ingnoring your requests you need a new agent. This is a customer service industry and you have every right to expect requests to be met within a 24 hour period. Your agent should listen and respond you your requests.
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I agree you need a new agent who listens and understand your personal request and responds
via a phone call , email or text! ..
Good luck
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It depends on the listing agent, seller and if there are renters in the property and how well they cooperate with showings. Every listing is different. Your agent should keep you well informed and get back with you promptly. It's just good business especially since they are working for you.
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Your agent should respond to your request within a few hours. If she cannot have access to the home then that information should be relayed to you in a timely manner. Otherwise get a different Broker.
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Ity take no longer than 24 hr
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It sounds like your agent is not giving you the service you deserve. If my clients gives me the criteria they require . within 24 hours I send them everything that meets that criteria for them to review and select what they would like to see first. I never show more than five homes at a time , because at the end of the day they all become a blurr. then I move on to the next five . If the home is vacant I can show it the same day or if the family is still living there usually they require 24 to view the home.
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Yeah it doesnt take long at all. I think you deserve a better agent. Good luck.
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Usually in just a few minutes. The best thing to do is call me.
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I think it's best in this situation to tell your agent of the type of service you desire. Ask them if they don't have time to help you could they recommend an agent that does. This way they will get paid a small referral fee and you get the service you desire. Everybody wins!
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You are not going over board at all. If your agent is not providing you with the service you deserve, you should consider finding one who will. Successful agents are busy, but it shouldn't take a week to have time to show you a home. Communication is key. If they don't communicate with you now can you imagine what it would be like to find a home and be under contract.

Best of luck to you.

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It does not take very long to be able to go see a property. Please contact me so I can help you out,

Faye Hines
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Think you may have already answered your own question!
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In a military area like San Diego, sellers should be used to short notice showings and a week is definitely not the norm. I can see most properties, if not all, with 24 hr notice and sometimes with little notice. Certainly strange things happen in real estate like keys get lost or a listing agent may not return a call for several hours but your agent should be able to get to the bottom of it with persistance. Experienced agents know that military buyers usually have 10 days of house hunting leave or similiar windows and if you have made that clear, which I have no doubt in my mind that you have, the agent should either clear their schedule as much as possible to accommodate you. I would insist to see exactly what blocks of time they have available that match your schedule and if they are too busy for your business, then they can refer you to an agent who can accomodate you. The agent is the one who needs to plan ahead. Full speed ahead!
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You are not being unreasonalbe at all. It sounds like your agent has more clients on his/her plate then they can handle. I would recommend setting appointments with the listing agents on the homes you want to see and start working with the one that is most helpful and that you get along with best. There are too many agents out there that would love your business. Many homes can be shown within an hours notice to the seller but sometimes they require 1 or 2 days notice. It just depends on the seller of the property. In most cases, the seller wants to get their home sold and is happy to make arrangements for you to see the home on short notice.
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One of the most important qualities of a REALTOR is their LISTENING SKILLS. If you feel like your current agent is not listening, then that is probably a sign of things to come. A REALTOR should never take you to see properties they want you to see. It is our responsibility and duty to educate the consumer and client so that they will make the best choice but at the end of the day...IT IS THEIR CHOICE.
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Set up your own appointments with the listing agent of the properties you want to see. This will give you a chance to interview a few other agents. Have all of your ducks in a row before requesting a showing. Have a copy of your pre-approval letter ready and ask the loan officer not to put a dollar amount in the letter – that part can state “per application.” If you have not applied for financing yet, do that first, no one in their right mind will take you seriously unless you are paying cash or are already approved for financing. If you are using a VA loan you will need your COE, the one that says Member 4 down in the right hand bottom of the page.
Web Reference: http://jamessimms.com/
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A good buyer's agent will schedule appointments according to the buyer's time table. Many occupied homes require somewhere between a 3 and 24 hour notice, but not a week. A vacant home can be shown any time, of course. If your agent is not responding to your needs, fire him or her and find one who will!
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The vast majority of properties can be scheduled for a showing the same day. Most within 4 hours or less.

Fire your agent today and go find someone else. Look for an experienced agent (at least 5 years full-time in the business) Question them on how may closed transaction they've had last year (at least 12 or move on) and how they handle "dual agency" They have a listing that you're interested in buying. (Ideally they should step aside and have their office designate an agent who knows nothing about you to the Seller and nothing about the Seller to you)

The agent you have is acting in a completely unprofessional manner and doesn't deserve your business or to be in the business.
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If an agent can't keep up with his client in a situation like this, it is definitely time to find a new one. Turn-around time on scheduling a showing should not be longer than a few days depending on the sellers position. He should always follow up with you in the first place the same day you request info or the day after to update you on the status and let you know what's going on.
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Hello Star manny, first let me say that a week is way to long to wait for a response. With that said it depends on the type of loan your using my guess is that your going to be using a VA loan, if this is the case then it may be that some of the homes you requested to see do not meet the VA requiements, however you agent should relay this information to you. If you need help feel free to contact me as a Veteran myself I always enjoy working with Veterans. For my contact information please go to http://WWW.callDanielnow.com
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Most showings are completed the same day as requested in teh spring and summer, most of the other half are done the very next day. Listing agents usually resopond to buyer agents requests for showings immediately. Most listing agents use an online scheduling program that can set up showings for them, soemthing seems wrong, you need to confront you agents, tell them you concerns, if they do not change, then time for you to write them for a release of your contract and interview and hire a new agent who will attend to your needs.
Web Reference: http://www.ScottSellsNH.com
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Please change agents! I am NOT in your market area and therefore have no stake in your options, but it sounds to me like you have a really bad Realtor. As a rule, all calls and emails should be returned within a day and your viewing requests should be honored with at least a 12-24 hour notice (I work with my buyers to understand that 24 hours is nice for the seller and required by our RE laws if the property is rented). If you need more help, feel free to call or email. I can set you up with a different Realtor in your area.
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No your not going overboard, your agent should be attentive & responsive to your requests and needs and try his/her best to accomodate your schedule and at the least communicate with you as to the status of the properties that you are requesting information on.

If a home is currently occupied, it may be 24-48 hours notice to show, if vacant can be show pretty much at any reasonable time.
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Well after reading all of these posts, it seems you do need a new agent who will work for you not against you.

Jerry Heard - Broker
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Scheduling appointments, especially in advance to fit into your tight schedule should be easy - there is no excuse for the delays in responding to your requests.
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If a home is not vacant, an hour is sufficient time in advance to request a showing from the listing agt or showing service.
The agent should set the expectation of when you will be able to view the home factoring in that agent's workload. No response from the agent or a week going by is not acceptable.

If you have signed a buyer's rep with this person, remember to terminate it before signing another one with another agent.
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What agent? You don't have an agent. You have a name of someone who claims to be an agent but has another job or income. I have never heard of such a thing as you describe. Is this a joke?
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The bottom line is if you are not satisified with the service your agent is (or isn't) providing you, and you have had this discussion with him/her then you can always have a discussion with the Broker/Owner of the agency. If that doesn't work and you are still unsatisified, then I would recommend you find someone you can work together with.

Good luck to you in finding the right agent and property!!!
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I am assuming that your agent is representing you as a Buyer's Agent. As a Buyer's Agent, your agent is working in your best interest. Your agent should be responding within 24 hours to your request to schedule a showing on a property. They represent you and your needs which could include viewing a property quickly in the event there are other interested parties who may make an offer before you.
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You should be getting better service than that, 24 hours at the max and you should get information on any property you inquire about.
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If your agent is full time, she or he should be able to contact the listing agent and set up an appointment in 24-48 hours. If your agent is part time, it is a different story.
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Dear Star_Manny,

Unfortunately your agent is not serving you as well as you are serving your country and quite frankly I find that unforgivable. You should hear back within 24 hours -- and if they are having a problem scheduling a showing then the agent you at least call you within 24 hours and let you know that is the case.
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There are some factors to take into consideration such as if the property is occupied or vacant. Regardless, it should take nowhere close to a week! I would say 48 hours at the most, and even that may be a bit too much time. As far as sending you properties that don't meet your criteria, I would recommend being up front with the agent and let them know your irritation. To me it sounds like there are some communication issues and that need to be addressed or you should move onto someone that appreciates you as a client.

Ryan Garza
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Within 24 Hours or next buisness day.
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The agent is your employee, if they are not providing you with what you need, fire them. It boils down to a relationship. If you and the agent are not on the same page the rest of the transaction will more than likely go the same. I would give them a chance to make it right, and if they fail to get it done then move on. There are too many good agents out there that want the business.
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