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Randi, Home Buyer in North Carolina

How does having a Pool affect re-sell value of a home?

Asked by Randi, North Carolina Sat Mar 19, 2011

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Hi Randi,

It depends on the buyer perception and the quality of the pool. Im from the north and moved south years back and i would have to say having a pool is a big plus on the lifestyle ! But often buyers its a 50/50 either safety concerns w/ the kids or the cost of servicing the pool can be a turn off. On the other end I have allot of buyers that just want a home w/ a pool because of the great carolina weather ! In terms of re sell value it would depend on many factors of the home and pool, the quality, size and landscaping etc but in my opinion you could find the right buyer to pay some more money for your pool/home if its in a good school / desirable area and all in good condition. Let me know if i can help , Ryan 704/608.4767 C/T or Ryanharlan1@gmail.com
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Value wise only a few thousand in value, but as far as what people are looking for, well very desirable for those wanting a pool!
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Pools really can have little or no effect on the overall value of a home. It's all in the eyes of the buyer, how they perceive the value is what really matters.
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Unless you are selling a million-dollar (or above $500,000) home, then I would say a pool is not a desired feature. Only high-end buyers want a pool. Those homes under $500,000 are generally families and have more safety and money concerns with a pool.
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Hi Randi,

It all depends on buyer. If you can find a buyer who really wants a pool, it will have a positive effect. Many people do not want pool, because of the liability and maintenance expenses. They will not buy the house with pool. Others who do not necessary want a pool but don't mind having one, do not want to pay additional money for pool.
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Lots of good answers already... but I will give another vote for a neutral to slightly negative affect. For most buyers they would rather not have a pool and they will consider it a liability to have to fill it in. But, a much smaller pool (no pun intended) of buyers will actually be looking for a pool, but they are much more rare.

Matthew Tringali
Owner of Group 15 Real Estate
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A pool can have either a good affect on a house or a negative affect on a house. A lot of it depends on where the home is located. if you are in a community that has a pool as part of there amenties then the pool would probably detract from the sale fo the house. Also, it depnds on the type of pool. is it above ground or in goround? how much of the yard does it take up? Has it been preofessionally landscaped around the area to make the pool flow with the backyard? All these questions make a pool either positive ro negative.

AS a general rule of thumb the cost of putting in a pool you will not recover the costs upon selling the house. Most buyers like the fact the home may have a pool; but do not want to deal with the maintenace or upkeep of the pool. You could limit your buyers pool of prospects with one. A lot will depnd on one key factor: LOCATION. Where is the home located?
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I would estimate that 75% of my buyer clients DO NOT want a pool in their Charlotte home. They don't want the upkeep costs or the liability involved. A beautiful pool surrounded by nice landscaping will generate excitement during the showing process, and buyers will ooh and ahh over it, but in they end, they usually choose a non-pool house to buy. I agree with the agents below: install a pool only for your own enjoyment, and recognize that when you go to re-sell, there's a large percentage of buyers who will by-pass your home because of it.
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Hi, this depends, if there are no cmmunity pools in the area then it can be a plus. I find that alot of buyers like the idea of a pool but when it comes to maintaining them they can't be bothered, it's a big job.
I would add it to the list of amenities when marketing the home but wouldn't make it a focal point.

Christopher Pagli
Licensed Associate Broker
Accredited Buyer Representative
GREEN Designated Agent
William Raveis Legends Realty Group
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I'd recommend you look at individual communities rather than in the aggregate in order to ask that question. In Charlotte-region communities that have a community pool AND are not in the "luxury" market, a pool typically adds no value and might even lose some buyers due to a combination of maintenance and liability concerns. It's more likely to add value if there is no community pool and can add value in the luxury market regardless of community pools. If you're a buyer that wants a pool and understands the responsibility iherent to having one, then the enjoyment you may receive may outweigh the variable anyway. Likewise, if you're a seller that in considering paying $40,000 to install one, you may get $40,000 in enjoyment so it becomes a moot point. Just understand your market by researching your particular community of interest. You can do this by having a local Realtor send to you both POOL and NO POOL comps and do the comparison yourself... let the data speak.

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In normal instances for FL, we add $25-$30k to the value of the pool home vs. a non pool home.
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1st and foremost a Pool is No investment!

I have lived on the West coast and now in TN. In my exp. with these 2 locations is; a Pool is slightly less then a wash on the resale. Comparing it to the Hs. next door that doesn't have a Pool. Sales price Vs. Days on the Market, the Pool house does not typically sell for anymore and it typically sits on the market a little longer.

Pool Companies are the worst at decieving Hm. owners that "Their" shiny new pool will increase the Hm's value $30k (or what ever the actual cost is) Typically this is about $30k off! (o.k., atleast $15-20k...)

Personally, I have seen several times (in both States) where someone filled their pool in and re-landscaped just so they could sell the house!

But, if this were in many parts of FL. for example, it is almost a given (and expected) that a pool exists in many of the homes in certain neighborhoods. What is the norm in your area specifically?

Most importantly, will you and your family get many, many hrs of enjoyment out a pool? If so, then it might make sense to consider a pool for your enjoyment and don't worry about the investment...

Best of Luck!
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I'm my experience ...it doesn't help resale value. It can actually hurt it. Most clients don't want the hassle and expense of keeping a pool up. Pool clients in NC are few and far between.

Thanks and have a great day!
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In NC pools don't really add a lot of value other than if they look great... making a home sell faster because of the visual appeal. Mostly it effects the market of who will buy your house. You will loose about 65% of the buyers that don't want a pool at all. But of the people that really really want a pool... you will get enthusiastic buyers - but only if it looks great. If it looks like a 1970 Highway Hotel pool... no one will want it.
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Hello Randi,

A house with a pool typically sells for a higher price out West. In North Carolina, I would think that a pool would be considered an asset if it is in good shape and should bring a higher price for the house. In my market a pool brings around 30% to 40% of the pool build cost when the home is sold.
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I've found pools to be relatively neutral with resale value. Some buyers want a pool, others definitely don't want one, and still others don't really care one way or the other. When people put a pool in, they should only put one in for their own enjoyment and not do it thinking that it is going to increase their property value.

If I can be of any additional assistance, I'd love to help you with your next purchase. Feel free to contact me at your convenience at 704-644-1467.


- Don
Owner / Broker
Don Anthony Realty
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