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Don, Home Buyer in Fort Worth, TX

How do negotiate the price down on a new home purchase when I do not have a real estate agent representing me?

Asked by Don, Fort Worth, TX Sun Sep 30, 2012

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Don, the builders aren't inclined to lower the price, but they are more inclined to give add-ons. Maybe the place to start is in one of their more basic homes, and ask for the additional features that are important to you. If you are considering a spec home that is already on the ground, you'll get the best deal.

A Realtor really can help you evaluate all this, and at no cost to you. You won't be sorry if you have one on your side! Remember, this isn't a transaction you do very often. The builders and Realtors deal in this environment every day.
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To "negotiate" means that you'll give up something in order to gain something. If you want to know how to bargain, let me suggest that you "ask."
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What did you end up negotiating the home down to? Did you end up using an agent?
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Simply ask, but perhaps compare builders and sold data; it is best to have a REALTOR represent you, because the builder will not represent you!
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Don getting the price down with the Builder may not always be possible, but getting a few incentives may work in your favor.

I agree with the post from the other Realtors. Seek out a Realtor to assist you!

We do this everyday and our services are no cost to you.
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Hi Don,
Some builders will come off the price for you and I would always suggest asking for whatever incentives they may be offering to the buyers, However I would have to agree with my colleagues on this post, it is always best to have someone looking out for you in the transaction. The buider is looking out for their best interest and you should also have someone on your side..

Hope this helps : )

Terri Orsburn/Tina Hearne Realtors
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Why would you not use an agent... It's literally a free service for a buyer!
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Hi Don although you are buying a new home you NEED to enlist the help of a licensed agent. The agent will be your advocate and protect and guide you through the transaction. As far as paying the agent goes this is always already factored into the sell of the home and paid by the seller ( in this case builder). DONT think that you will get a better deal by not working with an agent (that is not true) infact you will get the best deal by having an agent. Basically you need representation because the builder/seller represents their own best intrest and not yours. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
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How have you been lately? Remember that I am offering you a $500 REBATE, not a discount. This is money that I am giving you directly off my proceeds which are paid by the seller. This is FREE money to you without costs or obligations!

Call me A.S.A.P. so that we can get you in a new home!
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When you get serious hire a Realtor to help you.

Jim Simms
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I am still here ready to work with you. I will give you $500 of my commission if you use me as your agent. I don't have designations, I have multiple degrees and am able to represent your interests better than those in this field who only have a high school education. Call me at 817-729-6630.
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Hi Don:

It really is impossible to answer this question without knowing exactly what you are buying and what the builder is telling you. As a general rule, builders are very good negotiators and an non-experience negotiator (which I assume you are because you are asking this question) will have a hard time just staying afloat, let alone coming out ahead. But, I will tell you one "secret." The word "no" is the most powerful word in negotiating. If you feel the builder is taking advantage of you or if for any other reason you think there is a problem with the best offer you are getting, then say "NO!" and walk away. You may not get the house. But, at a later date, you won't be sorry you did not get it.

Kind regards,
Ron Rovtar
Prudential Real Estate of the Rockies
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Never ever buy a new home without a real estate agent.
Follow this link to see why.


I think most agents will save you time, probably money somewhere along the line, and probably some headaches. No reason to go at it alone.

Search for new homes here:
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Bruce Lynn, Real Estate Pro in Coppell, TX
If you are referring to a new home purchase as builder owned then lowering the price by much is unlikely. Builders are more apt to give what we refer to as ad-ons and pay pay some additional closing costs on your behalf. Builders want to keep the comparable as high as the market can bear so as not to diminish the value of the other homes s(he) is building. Builders have a stake in the overall market. If they are building then that's a good thing. When they stop building you can be sure that the overall market is also hurting. Do your homework!
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You should have an understanding of who you are negotiating with first. Then an understanding of the home values in the area. Once you have this info you can strengthen your negotiating position.

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I respect what you have to say and to each his own. I must reaffirm that I do have much to offer above and beyond the rebate. I currently have $945,000 in active listings and am presently engaged with buyer on a $410,000 deal because of my $1,000 rebate. Money is money and value is value. Why wouldn't someone want to save money or get a rebate back for the exact same services?

Good luck with your business and may the best man win!

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Please see my post of April 12, 2011.

Please scroll down to the "ADDING MY OWN COMMENTS" AREA.

Realtor's in general work with many Builders. I use my home buyer's "deal breakers" to their advantage in speaking with the Builder's Sales Representative. Writing an initial offer, including the items you desire in the home, along with the price you are willing to pay is an expertise learned by seasond Realtors.

My best advice to you, is to ask for everything, tell them your bottom line, present a Lender Pre-Approval for ONLY the amount you want to spend. If you show an approval lette4r with a higher amount, that tells the Sales Rep there is more money "out there" but it may not be what you want to spend, Also - I hope you have a Lender that will keep your financial information confidential.

Let me know if I can provide you with any other pointers. I hope you get the home that you desire!

Best wishes,

Lucy A. Puniwai
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Please excuse my typo's - holding a puppy while responding...lol
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Nothing private about it. My broker advertises it with full disclosure for all to see. Now why is it that you insists on going back and forth with me? Voice your beliefs because that is your right. Just don't get personal with me. You have your business plan and I have mine. Oh, and by the way, the restrictions are that it not be an REO, foreclosure, or HUD home and that I get the full 3% commission from the seller. Like our leverage? Join us. I pay $25/month fee to my broker and keep 90% of my commission! I have done extremely well in this business. If this is a so called "bad" economy, I can't wait till it gets better!!!!
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It is best to have a realtor represent tou.The salesperson works for the builder.I was working for builders before I got my license. I will nwgotiate price, incentives help you pick out upgrades and items.Not to go overboard and be there thru the closing and after.Call me 817-528-7706 PENNY
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You really do need represenation. You also need to make sure your lender will allow you to get money back from your Realtor should you choose one for that reason. These are very touchy things these days and sometimes can be misconstrued as fraud on your part or the part of someone else in the transaction. On many loans there is a certification stating that there are no outside agreements with the builder, Realtor and anyone else involved n the transaction. Be careful and consult an attorney before accepting any of these kickbacks
On another note, very often the builder wants to keep his comps up for the sale of homes in a new neighborhood, therefore he may not negotiate for fear of bringing the price of the next home he builds in the area. So usually the price is the same with or without representation. Often there are great deals on homes in close out neighborhoods and you can get the same house for considerably less agent or no agent. Ask about those.

If you want to ask me anything or clarify please feel free to call me.
Debbie Scrimshire
Keller Williams Realty
817 .980.1047
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I'm sorry to offend Joe, but that's my broker's policy. That's our leverage for our buyer's. By the way, our leverage for sellers is that I list for 4.5%. That's why I currently have $945,000 is active listings that you can check for yourself. It's all about listings, leads and leverage.

I respectfully suggest you do business your way and allow me to do business my way.
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Call me and if you use me to represent you as a buyer's agent, I will PAY YOU $500 OUT OF MY COMMISSIONS! I am a twice degreed professional who is contract savvy and has the history to prove it! Again, I will pay you $500 on a $100,000 purchase or $1,000 on a $300,000 purchase (restrictions apply). Call me right now for I have cleared all lines and am eagerly awaiting your call.

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I have represented many homebuyers purchasing new homes in the Fort Worth area. You need a Realtor on your side working and negotiating on your behalf. The sales reps at the home builders office work for the builder, not for you. Your best bet is to call a Realtor and have your own representation. I would be happy to represent you! Call me with any questions.
Shelly Sierra, REALTOR®
RE/MAX Masters

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Email: shelly@sierradfwrealestate.com
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Call a Realtor. You do not pay anything out of pocket. The Seller will share the commission with the Buyers Agent who brings them the ready, able, and willing Buyer. A Realtor can help you plan a negotiation strategy and execute it on paper on your behalf. It's the best 3% you never spent! Regards

Orlando Fernandez
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You don't save money by not using a realtor.

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Hire a Realtor to represent you. It will save you money. The sales people are not Realtors they work for the home builder so you do not have any representation when dealing with them.

Give us a call we'll be happy to represent you.
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That is a developed skilled by successful Realtors . If you felt you can handle a real estate transaction without a professional recommend for you to proceed.

FYI - we have legal issues without a formal representation agreement not much anyone can assist you with.

Many factors come into play how to obtain the best deal for all parties involved. Allow me to launch 100 top questions plus probably another 200 questions for a follow up from answers 1st 100 .

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