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How confident are we about mold remediation?

Asked by jersey51358, Glendora, NJ Thu Dec 5, 2013

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Mold is often misdiagnosed and sellers/buyers are eager to hear it was mold even if it wasn't. So they will needlessly pay to have what they are told was mold removed when it could be mildew or something else. We had the same over concern with radon years ago before the new hot button - MOLD - came up. What's next? Radiation?
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Mold is something that people should be concerned about, but be losing their heads about it. Air quality is something that has a number of factors effecting it. It is important to think about that and how we could improve air quality.
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The buyer had a Mold Analysis done by an accredited Laboratory. The seller paid to have the remediation done. Buyer had to then pay to have a follow up test done. It tested okay. I was wondering if it would come back and how top protect the buyer in this case.
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Hi Jersey,

Mold, as you probably already know, is a major health concern for home buyers and home sellers alike. Many organizations claim to remove mold from our homes with complete satisfaction. That's all well and good but I need more "confidence" in their removal and remediation systems.

That said, I would hire mold removal/remediation companies that are certified. Some organizations that offer certifications include the IICRC (the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration); IAQA (the Indoor Air Quality Association); IMS Labs; and, the AIHA (the American Industrial Hygiene Association). Check with the service provider and see if they're certified with any or all of these organizations.

Perhaps then you can be more confident about your mold issues.

Good luck.

Michael A. Pallares
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
(617) 899-3162
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This is a good idea, thanks. Since mold is a health hazard, it's important to have it removed by a professional. There's no reason to settle for a non-certified company. There's nothing more important than your health. | http://www.restorationpa.com
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The Mold Analysis was done by Pro-Lab LLC which is an Accredited Laboratory.(at least that's what their stationary says!
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Mold remediation is something that I would make sure to have done if I suspected mold contamination in my own house. For the most part I am pretty confident with the procedure. If I had any doubts I would just make sure to get my home retested afterwords. http://www.sparkleanrestoration.ca/mould.html
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Mold remediation is something that I would make sure to have done if I suspected mold contamination in my own house. For the most part I am pretty confident with the procedure. If I had any doubts I would just make sure to get my home retested afterwords. http://www.sparkleanrestoration.ca/mould.html
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I think that you can trust mold remediation. It's a process that you should have done if you find any traces of harmful mold in your home. You should not risk your health, nor your family's health by not taking care of it.
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I think it's important to make sure that you're getting a service if you're paying for it, with that being said, you really don't want mold in your house. If you have it, it should definitely be a priority to get it removed. If you find a company that has good reviews and has proven themselves to be trustworthy, you should be able to have some confidence in paying for this service.
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I think that mold is something to be especially cautious about. It can become a health hazard to you and your family. I would recommend getting it taken care of by a reliable service as soon as possible. http://allied247restoration.net/about
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I think you can comfortably trust the mold remediation process. Mold can be dangerous, but that's why we have things like mold remediation. Professionals will know how to take care of and get rid of mold. So you shouldn't have to worry too much about it. http://hazmatsolutions.ca
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You never want to have mold in your house. If mold is a concern, it makes sense to do whatever is necessary to get rid of it. Numerous companies offer this type of service. I would suggest looking in to a few of the companies in your area. You definitely want to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible.
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I would feel pretty confident. I've used mold remediation at my house before and it worked well. I would go into the process with confidence. Just make sure you get a good service int to do the job! http://akpestcontrolva.com/mold-management/398272
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As a professional and certified mold inspector and remediation contractor I can say very confident with a few caveats. First and foremost, the conditions that resulted in mold proliferation need be addressed, completely. Some fixes are easy. Some are totally in the hands of the occupants. For example, we finished a remediation project for a landlord / tenant situation. The property had a high water table and the basement was waterproofed including active sump pump. However, the tenant, refused ( and told us so ) to pay for active dehumidification. She said that an added $50 to $100 a month in electric bills she did not want to pay for. Mold begins to grow at a relative humidity of just under 60%. Most of the basements we inspect ( that donot have active dehumidifiers running ) have readings of 70% or more. This means that most basements can use active dehumidification. Each project, upon successful completion receives a written list of specific recommendations. If they are not followed, the best mold remediation protocol in the world will eventually fail. So, in essence, the remediation is one thing and a certain amount of confidence can be placed in the work if done by a competent, certified, insured and licensed remediation firm. All projects go through a post-remediation check, with accompanying tests. However, whether the remediation is successful over time, with respect to the recommendations, the responsibility falls on the owner, tenant, occupant. Most mold remediation firms protect the interested parties with a transferrable written certificate of treatment good only for a specified time. Some offer a term guarantee. And still others have at their disposal, ability to arrange a real private bonefide insurance policy for a premium. If really concerned over lasting effects of mold remediation ask about the remediation firms ability to provide details regarding insurance where available.

If they are like us certified by the prestigious MICRO organization,they have the insurance options at their use.

By the way, having received formal education in biology, bio laboratory technology, mold testing, mold remediation and a host of other formal trainings ... successful remediation calls for both education and experience. For example, our "mentor" the guy who originally trained us, boasts of over 1200 major mold remediation contracts and not one failure.

Hope this helps better understand the complexities and responsibilities.

John Griffin Mold Remedy LLC CMI CMRC NAERMC Mold testing and remediation in New Jersey ( Mold-Remedy.Com ) (973) 255-7922
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This is helpful, thanks. From your description, it sounds like my basement has always been too humid. I thought I was having mold problems because of a recent flood, but it could have been building up long before that. Looks like I'll be investing in a dehumidifier. http://www.airqualityanalysts.com
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Mold Remediation at least in NJ, is by and large, unregulated. This translates to "buyer beware". You'll want a "certified" company to handle mold issues correctly. This means education plus experience as each issue has it's own complexities. You could imagine, being in the mold biz I can relate horror stories of peple being taken advantage of. There are "industry" standards that mold treatment firms should abide by most significantly are the IICRC S520 guidleilnes. Check references and get competitive bids. Our firm has never lost a bid due to price. There is also private insurance that is reasonable that covers post-remediation issues. Most of the time, mold issues can be treated successfully. That said, the underlying issues must be properly handled. There are perhaps 7 or 8 issues that always creep up. Handle the moistrure, water, humidity problems. Our site explains a lot mold-remedy.com
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I have lived in homes infested with mold before, and there is a definite difference in what it feels like to breathe. In the moldiest home where I lived, even my bedsheets felt damp. My clothing in the closet started to grow mold. Mold is like a silent killer, in my opinion. It is worth it to get rid of any mold in your home.

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I know exactly what you mean Vilma, it is so horrible to breath in mold. Make sure that you get it taken care of asap. Most professionals can tell the difference between mold and some other substance. It's best to just get a home inspection annually. http://www.freeflowusa.com/mold/
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If you are having a mold problem, it is pretty important to get it removed. Having mold can lead to health problems and allergies, especially with black mold. I haven't ever had this problem in my own home, but I have heard that getting mold remediation is really helpful and takes care of the problem. I would check to make sure that you find a reliable service before getting this done to ensure that the mold is taken care of! http://www.moldstoppersremediation.com/index.php?option=com_…
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I was selling a house a few years ago and I had an inspection done. During the inspection they found that mold was in the house. I had to get rid of the mold before I could sell the house. It was a good thing though because a buyer came and bought my house after seeing the house passed inspection. http://www.aeconllc.com
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Mold can be really hard to remove, but it is possible. There are so many professionals out there that are able to properly remove mold. It is so important that you get help with your mold as soon as you can. By doing this you can really prevent a lot of damage.

Mary Jane | http://www.griffincr.com/services/mold/
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I think I have mold inside of my walls. Is that possible to be cleaned/removed? Would the entire wall need to be removed? It seems like it is going to be really expensive.

Mark Leach | http://www.servprorockford.com/mold-removal-remediation
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I just heard of mold remediation in East Dundee Illinois. Apparently it's becoming a big thing out here.
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Hire a reputable company to look into the issue and treat if necessary. Tend to agree with Kevin on this one.
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Its often uses as a scare tactic and most often easily treated.

Kevin Slattery
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I think this is the best response. Even in cases when the mold damage is severe, it can still be treated. I wouldn't walk away from an ideal home simply because it's gone through mold remediation in the past. Have an inspection done by someone you trust, and then go with their results. http://www.sparkleanrestoration.ca
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I recommend you contact Andrew Provitola of Environmental Resources 781-294-7071. He will answer your questions, he only test and can coordinate the remediation.
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