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How can we report a negligent realtor?

Asked by McPat, Wynwood - Edgewater, Miami, FL Fri Mar 12, 2010

I live in Miami and have been experiencing horrible mismanagement by the realty office we've been working with. We are about to close (no thanks to them) and once we do I wish to file a complaint with the Department of Licensing. My brother who is a realtor in Washington State and urged me to do so, since the bad apples muck it up for the honest, responsible ones like himself. We have made our complaints amply clear to the office but they have been unresponsive, so this complaint isn't coming out of the blue. Where/how does one file such a complaint? We'll file a complaint on Angie's List but that only goes so far and we want other people to be warned.

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Ask your brother to look up the information for you.
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wow, i thought i was the only one having this problem. i live in west palm beach and for the last 10 days have spoken to a few agents for homes i saw listed. they are the most unprofessional lot i have ever seen. i did manage to get one to show me a house....it took 4 days for her to find 30 minutes for me. she never even offered me a business card. she didn't call back....but did email me 4 days later with some info, but didn't show up the next day for our appointment for me to put in an offer. she called an hour later with an excuse that she went to the wrong address....but couldn't come now, as she had another appointment. no other realtor will talk to me now, because i have worked with the first one. i have cash for a short sale. if someone else gets there before me.....i'm out of luck. welcome to life in florida!!!!
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the truth is a defense for slander, defamation, they should start a blog, tell the truth, post videos, documents and proof and send me a link..Real Estate Whistleblower
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I also had a nightmare with a brokerage realtors.. Awful. I thought board of realtors ethics complaint would help keep them accountable. No way.. Board of realtors is there to protect the realtor.. They will hire the best lawyer and NAR does not care about the consumer..I found this out after 3 years of trying..
first amendment rights on the web.. Tell realtorsucks.com Start a blog.. I am serious.. Realtors who tell you this is slander. Great let them try and sue you then have all your documents in order..It's a shame so many give a few such a bad name.
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After living in Miami for two years, I have come to expect perfidy, arrogance,unreliability and borderline criminal negligence with most of the businesses I deal with. However, I will -- as long as I am here and a member of the community -- refuse to ACCEPT it as normal and will criticize it loudly when I see it. I will also continue to heap praise, recognition and business on those businesses who do right by their customers -- there are some business who do so and they need to be singled out from the bad ones. Doing so might eventually make this a functioning city.

Even if doing so gives me an small ulcer in the process.
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Amen.. Because in small towns like where I live.. Board of realtors protects those agents.. that have committed crimes.. and senior abuse.. Chamber of commerce.. Couple bad realtors.. here made it clear.. there were many more here.. As a good real estate agent would have stepped up and said this is very wrong..Like Sandusky.. No one said anything. Like Water gate it is in the covering up of the crimes.. which will eventually with due diligence one of good person fighting to set things right.. Now Arroyo Grande in under investigation..Bought and sold here for 20 years.. Never had a problem until one was on drugs or booze because what happened no one would do in their right mind..
Flag Thu Jan 3, 2013
Mark, Mack and Bill gave you the right advice. Go to the state liscencing board and file a complaint. You may be able to get the state to discipline the agent and the broker.
Watch what you publish on the web people do go crazy over some of that stuff and if it can not be proven could be grounds for a libel suit.
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But if it can be proven.. Your best bet would be to expose them. Then you can get them to court with the proof.. As the state licensing board tends to protect their agents. I have never seen them actually do anything. Contact The Attorney General's Office of your state because that Office has the power to investigate, prosecute, and suspend the licenses of all real estate brokers involved.
Flag Fri Jan 4, 2013
So basically the advice from the realtors is to LAY OFF. If you do, the realtor and his/her office, the NAR will sue you for defamation and take your house and all the life savings away. They have lot of money to make a example of you.

Check if the realtor had a cousin or a partner, interested in buying the house and thus had a good reason to see you did not close. This is big money involved. People k. .i. .l . l for lot less on the street.

If you want to file a complaint on Angies list - good luck. They charge people to see that list!
1 vote Thank Flag Link Sat Mar 13, 2010
Good luck to you, Amy! I'm not in the area but, was reading this and just hate to read things like this--your brother is correct, their actions are an indirect reflection of REALTORS as a whole.

It looks like Mark gave you the weblink and I do hope that you follow through and let them know your concerns.

Best of luck!

Web Reference: http://www.SoldByDebe.com
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Has the broker misled or are they just not following up on messages or emails. Not returning phone calls or emails is not a reason to file a complaint. Sounds like sour grapes.....
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The realtor repeatedly failed to provide a legible copy of the contract and was constantly incomunicado, to the point that we actually lost the sale and he shrugged off our vocal concerns. A personal friend took it upon himself to contact the sellers agent personally and correct our realtors mistake and the sale was saved 16 hours later. . We didn't even tell the realtor about the closing because we didn't want him to come and somehow screw things up. In the end, we regarded the commission we paid him as "please just stay away" money.

"Sour grapes" is both an uninformed judgment and inaccurate way to describe the situation. I'm glad your name is attached to your comment -- I'll know to never use your services.
Flag Thu Dec 19, 2013
Mr. McPat: .There good and bud in everything . You should have check the background of the one you picked.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu May 5, 2011
No bad background was posted. Part of the problem was his poor English skills (my Spanish only goes so far when discussing legal documents). Judging by your posting, your own English skills aren't too good either. It's good you posted -- I'll be sure to avoid your services as well.
Flag Thu Dec 19, 2013
I had an experience.. Board protected the realtor. Nothing was done. Lives were ruined.. so you cannot see by checking her background..It is better to be honest.. and expose.. If one is protected by a county or friends co workers. Then I see this as the same as Sandusky.People need to be held accountable because they repeat thier crimes.. Senior abuse is on the rise.
Flag Fri Jan 4, 2013
Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation would be the entity with which your complaint should be registered if you wish to make it formal.
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This is Miami. What do you expect from realtors. Otherday, I had one of them telling me that even if I overpaid for the house by $200K (Seller was asking for the price he paid back in 2006 and is underwater now), I would still come ahead in the long run.

In his opinion, I was being very cruel and trying to profit from other person's misery. Best of all - he was trying to represent me in the deal! (he pretended that he was the listing broker but actually, he was just another hustler).

Good luck. Get peace of your mind or it will haunt you everyday in that house.
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I'm glad to read that, McPat.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Sun Mar 14, 2010
Mack, I made that "why bother" comment facetiously, mostly in response to the writers telling me that I could get in deep trouble for reporting a realtor. That statement in no way jibes with my true feelings. I myself was born and raised in Seattle (where my brother is a realtor), where personal responsibility to the other people in your community is the cultural norm and professionals are expected to be answerable for the quality of their work.

I agree that I should file a (precise and accurate and non-personal) complaint after I close, both to protect future clients but to encourage those realtors who are indeed responsible and reliable -- we need you guys.
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- I mean, why go to the trouble of alerting other people to professional negligence when we personally have nothing to gain by doing so?

Really? Well, McPat, I think we should just close down Trulia, then, because every single person who contributes here does so with truly nothing to gain, and much to lose.

I know, I know, it seems as if this is good marketing, good advertising for us professionals, but, it's not. Everytime we disagree with someone, everytime we post something, in fact, we stand a chance of making a new enemy, rather than a new friend.

And for the people who aren't professionals, who have nothing to lose but time, but take that time to help people like yourself find the right answer . . .

McPat, you're stuck. You gotta make the complaint, and you gotta follow it through.
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Thank you for your answers. I had intended to file any complaint long after our closing, both to ensure the safety of our transaction and also to give the realtor some time to try to rectify/explain/repair their actions. I do not believe the actions were malicious or with intent to foul the deal -- only inaccurate and shockingly negligent in the face of our constant and increasingly frantic request for help and answers as a crucial deadline loomed.

Every step of what I'm talking about is verifiable by email and phone records as well as by our real estte attorney -- it was his investigative efforts that finally revealed what our realtor was doing. The realtor himself was telling us another story.

I am not proposing a web-based personal smear campaign (which certainly could be considered slander) -- I am considering accurately reporting the services rendered (or not) by a professional advertising widely in the community, reporting the circumstances and actions that I can verify to a board responsible for monitoring such professionals. Angie's List is a reputable subscription-based web service where people post their experiences good and bad with local service professionals -- I looked there to see if this agent had been listed by a cient yet but had not.

Honestly, this has been such a ulcer-inducing nightmare that we just want to just close and forget we ever had to deal with these people -- we certainly never will in the future. I mean, why go to the trouble of alerting other people to professional negligence when we personally have nothing to gain by doing so?
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You need to be careful off your statement "make other people warned" if not read in media posting negative issues on the web is consider slander of a person.

Best have an attorney handle this type of exposure, than making comments World Wide.

Contact their broker, local real estate board, and State .

Sorry you have had problems

Lynn911 Dallas Realtor
Web Reference: http://www.lynn911.com
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I am sorry to hear that you are having a bad experience with your realtor. Like any other profession...a few bad apples can ruin the repuation of an industry. You definitely have a couple of options. A few will without a doubt make you feel better because you had the opportunity to vent.

My recommendation would be to document the entire transaction from start to finish. Dates, times, and as much detail as possible. Get it off your chest. Write how you are going to make a video regarding the transaction and then post it on Youtube with the agents name and contact information. Put the letter in an envelope, address it, place a stamp on it...and stuff it in your drawer. . Then....let the property close...wait for five days and them make a decision on whether or not you should send the letter.
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Bill -- I am not talking about bashing or name-calling -- I am talking about accurately reporting behavior on my realtor's part that not only caused weeks of needless frantic stress on our part, but if it hadn't been uncovered in time, was threatening to cost us our financing. The behavior was perpetrated by the agent and apparently ignored by the manager of the office when it was pointed out to her. I don't have any reason to believe it was malicious or intentional -- only blatantly and repeatedly negligent.

I only wish that I could've known about this behavior before I worked with this person. Filing a complaint does not fix or help my situation but it may help others considering using this realtor, which is my intent.
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Take care that your frustration doesn't turn into anger that blinds your judgement. Being responsible for bashing could find you in a position you are not really seeking.

Select your position and method carefully being certain that your information is accurate.

Better safe than sorry......

0 votes Thank Flag Link Sat Mar 13, 2010
You mean to say - NAR or NAL can not help?
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Mar 12, 2010
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