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Antoinette D…,  in Trumbull, CT

Hi, I went to the Armando Montelongo "flip and grow rich seminar" and of course they tried to sell me a $1500 product that I didn't

Asked by Antoinette DeBarros, Trumbull, CT Wed Jun 23, 2010

buy into at that time. I,told the rep that I needed time to do some research. The rep offered me these grand promises that I have doubts about. For this reason, I was hoping there was some advice from people who actually tried this product or any of his products, it would be helpful if you would share your take on his products before I make a decisions on moving forward or not? what do you think? Your advice is greatly appreicated...

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Dan Chase’s answer
If flipping is so rewarding financially WHY are they trying to sell anything instead of flipping?

The problem with flipping is finding a buyer. You might do it. Then again you might not. If no buyers appear (how long is the average listing in the mls before it sells?) how will you handle the payments until they do?

Usually the person giving the seminar realizes they make more money talking about something than in doing it. Otherwise they would not do the seminar.
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Hello Sparky, Have you heard of the real estate market and this new fangled thing they call real estate agents. Perhaps you would be surprised to know that when you invest well you build the cost of a good agent into your model.
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Did you ask the rep who offered you "grand promises" why he/she was there trying to bamboozle you out of 1500 bucks when they could be out somewhere fixing and flipping and making millions?

Fixing and Flipping is NOT the typical get rich quick scheme that promises that little skill, effort, or time is required to make millions while you sit home in your pajamas. There's a science to it and many experts who utilize a specific formula are doing extremely well in this arena. But the newbies need to know upfront about their silent partner. He's the guy who doesn't cough up any money for down payment or repairs and he never swings a hammer, tiles a bathroom, changes a light bulb... yet he walks away with a nice chunk of change...his name is Uncle Sam.

Speak with an accountant. Structure your business wisely.
Look into tax implications...Do your homework.
How long you own the property determines your tax rate.
If you hold a property for less than 1 year - short -term capital gains can be as high as 35%.
If you hold the property for at least one year - long -term-capital gains:15%.

The IRS is closely scrutinizing whether Rehabbers are Investors or self-employed business people.
"If the IRS decides your investment is a business; that you're doing this to earn a living, the property changes from a capital asset to a means of producing income that's subject to ordinary tax rates, plus the additional burden of another 15.3 percent in self-employment taxes. " OUCH!

Is there money to be made? Yes!
Will most people lose money? Yes. They are the one's who did not do their homework before taking the test.

Hope this helps!
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If you have ever owned a business the tax's are the cost of doing business. Nay sayers get stuck where they are and never move on.
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Thank you for your tips on how to do the homework first before falling for these scam balls.
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Antoinette you would get a better education by working on a project or two with a local rehabber. You would learn the process and you would need to be hands on. You might offer to do this for free just for the education and to learn the contacts in the construction supply side of the bussiness.
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Don't buy the $1,500 product. Dad got a complete course from Armando for about $350. It will teach you everything you need to know about real estate. Dad and I are both in real estate today as a result of that course. Also it is not as easy to find funding as Armando makes it sound. It requires hard work and persistence. Line up your funding before you find the deal, not after.
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Where did your dad apply for this $350 course from Armando Montelongo?
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I went to his bus tour. He was there. All the other seminars (that I also attended) are hosted by his expert mentors. You may see them again on the bus tours.

I loved the bus tour! You must have an open mind to "networking" in order to make it big with his the info he equips you with. I am projected to make over $500,000 in the next 6 months. I come from losing two houses, my job and obviously my credit. Yet, I was only a "guest" to Armando's bus tour and I gained tons of hope! My friend, a real estate agent, paid the money for his program. I was his guest.

I HIGHLY recommend it! follow me under facebook. my profile name is legallylatin
I will posting my progress there.
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I'm curious to see how this person is doing, 4 years later.
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I'm curious to see the outcome of this, 4 years later.
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She has now moved on to weight loss MLMs.
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I did check her FB page, no word on any Real Estate dealings....but she has recently started a T-Shirt business, good for her.
Flag Wed Mar 13, 2013 progesss report on the money you are making yet? Your post was back in 2010....shocking? Not!
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The question I like to ask the "helpers" at those events is: "How many properties have YOU bought using this method?" The answer, usually, is, "Well, uhh, ummm..."

Most of those products aren't worth the price. And, despite what they all claim, market conditions in different parts of the country DO affect the success or failure of a program.

Hope that helps.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Burke, VA
For the money you guys and gals are spending on classes you could have purchased homes for that price that have a 15 to 20% cap rate....finding good contractors is all about asking for a local person (Real Estate agent etc..) on who they have referred in the past.The hard part is being one of the first to find off-road market properties that the banks are selling....getting a great deal can save you 25% more then the next Guy that comes along.Anyway I wish you all the best it's too bad you paid so much to learn something that is free if you agree to put in the hard work.Jeffrey Martino Young
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Angela - you sound like a paid any event - get back to this forum when you HAVE made money......once you "use that information" and "build your wealth".

You feel "like a money making machine"?
.........and you've made how much thus far?

Oh right...........that would be NOTHING!

okey dokey...........

ps just realized this question was asked wayyyy back in 2010 - wonder if he is still in business
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Anyone who wants to have clarity about these real estate gurus should research Tom Vu and Dave Del Dotto. I like the response by Debbie.
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yes,he is I just went to the seminar in akron, ohio wednesday
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Send me the $1500 and I will give you back exactly $700 a year from now. Mine is a better deal.
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Just finished the 3 day course and YES you will learn a few things that you never knew before. However, the bottom line is this "if think after these 3 days" your going to be able to hit the streets from any knowledge to make a dollar DO NOT GO, as you will not have a clue, nor the information. This $1500 seminar is nothing more than a fishing pool to find the whale who is willing to spend $40,000 on a 3 day bus tour in Southern California, with a mentor for 2 years and a few more perks. You will take 50 pages of notes that you will more than likely never use or read again, unless you take the next step and write that $40,000 check you will have no need to take notes.
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This is a rip off, they prey on people that are not able to do it on their own and tell them that the bus tour will solve their problems for life and their kids life.

Not everyone is cut out for Real Estate investing and Flipping.... Just like not everyone is cut out for playing football or driving a race car.

They want to make you think that you can do Real Estate on a professional investing level and take all your money to teach you how it can be done and when the classroom days are over you will be back to the beginning and Im sure they will try to sell you more products to fix everything. Everyone in this world has a skill that they can do better with or out perform others with. Tiger Woods its golf and Donald Trump is Real Estate.

They brain wash these people in the class thinking its so easy and everyone can do it and make 100's of thousands of dollars if not millions....

I have to say that I was so sick watching them hard sell people into a program for over 30 grand that will never make them a RE Invester. Its like giving you a bat and telling you that if you give me 30 grand I will send you to the batting cages and in a week you should be ready for major league baseball. Oh and by the way if you cant do it just call me on the phone and Ill mentor you how to swing the bat. ITS A JOKE.

Not everyone can do this business.. Armando Montelongo Seminars needs to stop hard selling people that have no reason being in the business... They are smart enough to know which people that is..... The 3 day seminar was a joke. All it was is a Vocabulary Lesson and a Story telling session for the speakers....

Stay away for this!!!!
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I went to a seminar for armondo but what pissed me off was that he said he would be their and wasnt. the infomercial also said we would get free armondo dvd;s and an mp3 player and never recieved one. it is definitly worth the course because they pay you your money back for it and you will make good money depending on your area. I peersonallly live in michigan in flint and thier is nobody buying or selling anything. not even realtors. best homes to buy are huds.
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Interesting web site suggested by Lindsey.

Honestly, I haven't tried his products, though I've tried a number by various different real estate gurus. And I've seen pitches by many more.

My biggest frustration with many of these is that the promised "mentoring" never occurs. You get a seminar, some CDs, access to a web site, and so on. But often you're also promised 1-on-1 "mentoring." Or you're promised that you can call with any questions on a possible transaction. And that's really where the rubber meets the road. You can read all you want about flipping, but when you're under pressure to determine if something's a good deal, or whether a hard money lender will lend, or whether the "partnering" offer from the guru is good, you need answers quickly. Even with some quite legitimate gurus, a lot of times it seems you're left to twist slowly in the wind.

Most of the gurus mean well, and most (from the few times I've done it) seem to stand behind their "money back guarantee." However, in this case, I do urge that you check out the web site recommended by Lindsey.

A few other comments: All the gurus show these checks from their students who've supposedly followed their instructions and done well. And the checks (as far as I know) are real. In fact, I know some investors whose checks are displayed in such programs, and they're legit. However, look at the check's date. If it's from a deal 3 or 4 years ago, be very careful. Doesn't the guru have anything more current? Maybe the guru was using a strategy that worked great 4 years ago but doesn't work nearly as well today. (Buying preconstruction, for instance.)

And while the gurus claim that their techniques will work anywhere, that's only partially true. Most techniques generally will work in most places. But there are local differences, customs, and expectations. True story: For a while, I was being coached by someone out in the Midwest. Where I live, an average "bread and butter" house sells for about $400,000. Her instructions to me were to call ads in papers, focusing on medium-priced homes. So that's what I did. When we talked about the details of my calls, she severely criticized me for calling all those upscale ($400,000) properties. Well, where she was, $200,000 was "bread and butter" and $400,000 would buy a mansion.

Another example (same "coach"): She had a specific script for me to read. One question, after asking the basics, was "What is the financing on the house?" Well, that question may have made sense where she was, but I invariably got one of two answers when I asked it: "I don't know" or "The loan is not assumable." And despite asking the question again, I couldn't get any farther.

So, try to find someone familiar with your area and your customs.

Also, you identify yourself as an agent. Recognize that most of these programs are written for non-agents. And there are some things that some of these programs--admittedly, I don't know about the ones you're asking about--that are legal for non-agents to do, but not for agents. For example, there are effective investor techniques that resemble net listings. Another example: some of these programs rely heavily on the investor making the point that: "I'm not an agent, so if you sell to me you avoid the commission." That's equally applicable if you're an agent buy investing on your own behalf. But then it gets confusing when you disclose: "I'm a Realtor licensed in Connecticut. However, as an investor, if you sell to me you don't have to pay a commission." It actually helps, sometimes, to explain that you're an agent--it adds some credibility to your pitch. But my point here is that some programs are constructed on the premise that the investor isn't an agent. And some "gurus" (one of my friends, in fact) are really openly hostile to Realtors.

So, after all that, I haven't answered your basic question. But I hope that helps.
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Thank you so much for your insight. Although I decided not to buy that product awhile back. I have run into the same pitch since by other "Gurus" Being very mindful of how my dollar is spent. I always check into the bate before I bite.

Thanks again
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Burke, VA
Flipping homes is not "EASY" and no book or paid for program can really teach you how to do it. You need experience and qualified professional or just good ol fashioned work ethic to effectively do it.

Correct market valuation as well as type and quality of improvements and cost of improvements are all obviously crucial for success.

Erin Groover
REALTOR- Keller Williams Greater Athens
Web Reference:
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Antoinette, Thanks for the reply. I just noticed my typos in previous answer from 2010, oops :) I need to slow down when I type. I am no longer with Keller Williams as I felt it wasn't the right fit for me. Currently my license is held with a locally owned brokerage specializing in listing HUD properties and I do quite a bit of property management as well as buyer representation for many types of properties. I would suggest interviewing with several brokerages and trying to find a focus on what your best fit in Real Estate would be. There are lots of options out there for people who are ready and willing to work. Assisting an already established agent or team is a great way to get your foot in the door. Let me know how else I can help and all the best to you!!!
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I do apologize for the late response. However, I wanted to thank you.
Also, I see you are a Keller Williams agent. I have interest in moving to this company. However, Trying to be careful in not wasting my time with a company that gives I lot of promises of training, advancement, guidance only to feel left hanging onto "nothingness". What are your thoughts? Thank you.
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You know, I am admittedly not an expert on flipping ( most of my knowledge comes from watching all the flipping shows on tv) but call me naive: I just assume certain market conditions need to be in place for flipping to be successful. For example, rising house values and available qualified buyers.
There may be some markets where those conditions exist, but I am pretty sure those markets are the exception, not the rule.
I think a seminar, books and a $1500 "product" will not be enough to change market conditions.
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Thank you for the feed back:)
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Sounds more like the "flip and grow Armando rich seminar"...
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I am a house flipper, but I still attend these seminars from time to time for a laugh. They make it sound so easy.....they have to. Their real motivation is to sell you material. Is the material (websites, books, dvds, etc) worth it? Maybe. But youd be better off searching for this kind of mentoring on-line for free.

I flip in Grand Rapids. I do 2-3 flips a year. I make $10k-20K per flip. Not exactly a millionaire yet.
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Do you have to have any money outright to start flipping? I see ads that say no out of pocket
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I'm an Investor that lives near ocala in citrus county if your interested in learning how to flip email me at I have 5 flips in rehab right now
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It's refreshing to hear from people like you that are average Americans such as myself, telling the truth about this whole house flipping business. I have wanted to get into the business for quite some time, have seen countless infomercials from various TV personalities offering DVD's, Books, seminars, ect. They all make it seem so easy but I just couldn't buy into it. I'm still very interested in learning how to flip. I think it would be great way to help others acquire home ownership and earn additional income. I currently live in Ocala, FL and I believe there is great potential here for house flipping but where does one find a ligitament knowledgeable contact that's willing to mentor?
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I'm a realtor and house flipper in San Antonio. Our group does 2-3 flips a year also. Profit is about $20k to $30k per flip. We do all of the work. As a realtor, I run from real estate investors who have just taken a seminar like this one. The house and profit that these get rich seminar investors want does not exist. I know not to waste my time on finding it for them.
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I took all 3 seminars. I am in Armando's private network. I can say that it is not a scam. I personally know many highly successfful students of Armando, and they are flipping and making millions. They are flipping 3 to 10+ houses at a time and making $30,000 or more on each flip. That's at leastt $30,000 a month x 12 = $360,000 annually, or a lot more! I know a student that jut picked up another 10 houses last week. He is setting up teams all over. This stuff works!! If you do it.

You need discipline and a burning desire, and determination, and NEVER GIVE UP!! Then you can succceed, but if you don't get out there and do it, then nothing will happen.

With his course, you get mentoring, and you get in his network. This is very valuable, so. you can stay in contact with other. highly successful students. This will help you to success.
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I have flipped one house and it put me in the hospital. Cost me far more than I made.
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Sounds like one of Armando's staff attempting to balance the criticism...
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And what kind of money have YOU made yourself....oh yeah, as usual answer is NOTHING!
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Hello, My name is Angela and I attended the seminar and December 2012 bus tour. It is worth every dime they are asking and the knowledge you will gain is priceless. I am so excited and happy that I attended all seminars and can't wait to use the information I received to build my wealth. Infact my I started working on that goal today so go for it just don't think about it. I feel like a money making machine because that is absolutely what I am. I have been awaken and filled with fuel the fuel of making lots of money. Good luck to you and please don't thinkk about it any longer just do it go to the seminars.
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Motherlove, what is one valuable piece of info that you gained from the seminar?
Flag Mon Jul 14, 2014
One of the success stories was a woman that had no money and bad credit. How on earth could she have given Armondo $30,000 after the class to go on a bus tour and then be able to make a deal?
Flag Mon Apr 15, 2013
How are you doing with the Armondo selling? I am scheduled to go for the 3 day class this week. What should I expect?
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I attended the 3-day, and had I known about the Bus Tour, I would have made $$ arrangements for it beforehand. I was there, I know these people, it's not a scam, and am in touch with a few people who will be going that are from my area. I wish them the best, and am very envious that I wasn't able to go. However, the education I got was priceless and I can still see the speakers and hear what they taught. Can't wait to get that first deal.
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My recommendation at this point in the market is to buy, renovate, and create an income instrument to profit from, in order to flip you need to be in a market that does not have available new housing, such as NY or LA, high density territories where you have to buy a pre-owned home in order to have a home, this gives you buyers but if you don’t live in a high density city don’t do it, buy, fix, and rent, create cash flow. The market is done for flipping, there is always the right time and the wrong time to get into any business venture, remember when the sharks are in the pool it’s too late to go swimming, the sharks are the TV personalities. With the thousands of short sales and foreclosures available to the public in every city your competition is too great to flip, yes you may be lucky enough to buy into a property in a desirable neighborhood, and flip it, but this is not the norm. I have experience in the industry specifically in supplying product to high rise developers, I know how to buy and I know how much to pay for labor, I have my own formula for purchasing real estate and it’s not flipping my investment, that’s done, its creating cash flow, should I run into an opportunity to purchase a great piece of property at FAR below market value, I will consider rehab and selling but my general rule is stay away from pricy property, you will get hurt in the end.
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The Real estate business is never easy, and never without problems, I started buying homes in 2010 and renting them out, but whatever you do, please dont spend 10,20,30k to these kinds of people, theres a saying that goes like this theres always 3 ways to bake a cake, to me. I would not go to seminars unless they are free first, what background does the speaker have, is he upfront in helping people or is he already asking for credit card info before you even begin, above all get educated, go to real estate school, know the business first hand, then you will lears as you go along, there are no easy cuts thru this business, there are honest people here in this edustry but there are also people willing to take advantage of others who are not educated, talk to other landlords, banks, the process of loans, bankruptcies, liens, credit, programs like section 8, vouchers, hud housing, and so much more but i think you will feel better about yourself if you learn step by step and create a nice profitable real estate business and not wanting to become a millionaire overnight. cause that just does not happens.
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:) Thank you I will heed!
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If you don't have ACCESS TO THE BANKS, it doesn't matter if you have NO MONEY or even A LOT OF MONEY--YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GET THE KIND OF DEALS THAT KEEP YOU IN BUSINESS!!! Visit us TODAY at wwwdotDare2Dreamdotbiz or call 310.356.7027...
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Thanks I will look into this!
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That's a legit concern. I checked out the testimonies for my own guy, and that convinced me that the guys are way more legitimate! They even buy you LUNCH to check out their ticket speech...LJM
Web Reference:
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Run from the scam.
Google his name and the word "scam" or ripoff or lawsuits. Below is a top rated website for ALL scams (from internet, door to door, consumer products, etc).
You will see how Armando is making money since its obviously not by flipping houses as he claims. If you want to Google his flipping that too. You'll see he's not what he boasts to be.
Buyer beware: You'll see this guy is a vulture and uninformed people are his prey.
Best wishes.
Web Reference:
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I guess the HUMMER is a good prop...
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:) I realize that to be true. Thank you
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Mistakes you should not make:
#1 They begin their investment adventure without a plan. They buy a piece of property, convinced that its a great deal and then go about figuring out what to do next. Thats working backward, and that only results in trouble .

Begin by creating investment strategies, based on your individual goals. That might be building long term wealth, or it may be realizing some quick profits in return for some sweat equity, flipping houses.

#2 They tend to be emotional. Investing in real estate is very different than buying a home as a personal residence.Very important as an investor to be detached, and stick with the formula that produces the return on investment objective that you have set. If you find yourself in a bidding war, you should be able to walk away when the price exceeds the established parameters in your formula.( Having an experienced Realtor working for you will give you the edge you need to compete in your negotiations.)

#3 They fly solo. Novice investors try to pinch pennies by wearing all the hats in a transaction. Successful investors work in teams, where they have surrounded themselves with a circle of professionals who are all working together to deliver a common goal.

At a minimum, You will need an experienced investment REALTOR, an accountant, an attorney, a lender, and access to a network of professionals , including a home inspector and a handyman.

#4 They pay too much. Again, stick to your formula. A carefully prepared analysis can tell you exactly what your return will be, based on certain criteria.ROI Return on Investment. You must be willing to walk away if the seller is unrealistic or unwilling to work within your parameters.

#5 They avoid doing homework. You wouldn't think that your qualified to perform brain surgery without years of education and specific training. So, why is that so for any would-be investors to rush right into major financial purchases without investing any time at all in research and knowledge? Check out local market trends , and be a student of the market.

There are many great books available on the subject, many on our bookshelf. There are also hundreds of case studies and articles on Real-estate investing available to you.

#6 They skip due diligence. No matter how sweet the deal appears, you should always perform due diligence before getting so far into the transaction that you are committed. At a minimum, that means getting a qualified home inspector to do a thorough review of the property, to alert you to any condition issues that might be ll n need of repair.

#7 They underestimate tax consequences. There are many different ways to build wealth through real estate investing. Understanding the ways that you can capitalize on tax benefits is an income stream in and of itself. You should thoroughly understand the ramifications of capital gains, as well as the opportunities presented by ,1031 tax exchanges .

#8 They ignore timing. Although the buzzwords in real estate have long been location, location, and Location, savvy real estate investors know that the real key to building wealth is timing. All real estate is cyclical, and understanding the dips and peaks can mean the difference of thousands in your pocket.

Be a student of the market.

Understand inventory levels, absorption rates, days on market, and appreciation percentages for the areas that you will be focused on.

#9 They fail do their financing homework. Having the right lender on your investment team is an ace in the hole. By understanding your long term investment objectives up front, an investment lender can make sure that you are qualified for the right loan programs to meet your objectives, as well as making sure that you have funds available when you need them. Sometimes an investor is better served by a banking relationship, and sometimes a mortgage loan officer is a better fit depending on the scope of the investment plan.

#10 They Don't have a Guide. Creating your team, resources for knowledge and case study review, help to determine investment goals, and a plan to get there, access to a network of experienced professionals.All of these things add up to successful investing. And, all of those things are delivered by a seasoned investment counselor;

A Licensed Realtor someone who is experienced ,knowledgeable and connected

Windermere Prestige Properties

Helene M Moore
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Hi Antoinette,

All the the responses below are accurate. I would suggest in addition to what many have wrote . Read my blogs on Realestate investments.
I would encourage you to speak to a well qualified agent who works with investors. Get feedback from the investors the agents have assisted in many of their transactions.
All of the agents who have responded would be a great place to start interviewing for prospective Fully Licensed Realtors with experience.

Best Regards,

Helene M Moore
Windermere Prestige Properties
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Hi, I attended the seminar which is basically an up-sell for the major bus tours held in CA. If you have no intention of attending these tours or shelling out big money then don't attend. I found that you can get the same info from plenty of books out there or your local REIC.
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I just attended this 3 day seminar over the weekend (June 28-30). My friend paid the $1500 and was allowed to bring a guest for free. That struck me as odd, but maybe it doubles their chances of getting folks to sign up for the $30K + offerings they throw at you during the course. I have seen many things in the world so I felt a certain amount of wisdom to apply here. The 3 day course is the gateway to get you to sign up for the other "VIP" offerings. They spend more time talking about their success' and promoting these "VIP" items and playing this "happy dance" song to get you jumping around into a euphoric state, than they actually spend covering course matter, tactics, & simply getting down to brass tacks, nuts & bolts. If they can't prep you with a 3 day seminar to go out and hit the ground running, how much faith can you have in their VIP offerings??? Maybe after you spend $30K + you'll start making over $100K per year. But if they can't deliver on a 3 day program, what does that tell you?? Do yourself a favor, get some info feedback from those who actually went on the VIP tours, both good and bad and then make your mind up. All I can say is this, I'm really glad that $30K is still in my pocket!
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I don't understand how the TV ad states that you can be poor, but able to get the "extra cash" by attending the seminar. How does a person just come up with $1500 for a seminar? OR, how does the average person come up with $30k for a bus tour? Thats insane. It may or may not be a scam, but I just don't get how someone can get started on that when so much money is due upfront.
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I don't know specifically about the Armando Montelongo program.

Surely you knew they were going to try an sell you something.

Well, I always think why is this guy trying to sell me a book, a course, a whatever that promises to make me so very much money instead of using it himself? but that's just me.

do a google search.

also see if you can find the book, the course or whatever it is they give you on ebay at a greatly reduced price.

good luck
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Find a local REI group in your area.
Mine for instance is
Find mentors to work with within your local group, and of course network with the members. These are the people that are doing it everyday whether it be flipping, buy and hold, lease options, subject toos, warehousing, etc, etc. Within these groups you can find private money, hard money lenders, people who loan money via their IRA's, etc.
Some mentors will partner with you on deals, or will charge a fee to mentor you and still partner with you on a deal, etc. Yes there are national speakers that attend these group meetings and offer to sell from time to time a $600 course in something. Personally I have found it never hurts to further your education.
Speaking from experience, the HARDEST-PART is finding the deal!!
I am a former FULL-TIME Realtor, turned investor. Then got out completely for a few years due to the market crash, and just NOW starting to "ease" back in to it.
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It seems like he's the "Rob Allen " of the new millenium, trying to sell money making methods and then if you have no "big" cash to drop ,,you can buy a gumball machine to leave @ a dentist's office,lol.
And Carleton sheets was selling tapes in the 90's.,,,doing the same thing.
I'm glad I saw your post on yahoo search.....I was thinking of going to Arm.'s seminar ,,,,I already had something to do in town but won't waste the gallon of gas to go,,,4/10/2013,,,,,,I guess Armando does the US tour of house flipping seminars,,,,,hmmm,,,he should open up for Van Halen,,,,
1 vote Thank Flag Link Thu Apr 4, 2013
Buy this guys books and study from home instead:
1 vote Thank Flag Link Thu Mar 28, 2013
I m real estate investor in south Florida, miami, everything gurus said about flipping houses in less a month is scam...they wanna stolen you money...... Be investor is simple need cash cheaper and sell it in price market you work is how to found cheaper price ? And how to found you cash for invest .....write back. ...if you interesting Espanol tambien. Manuel
1 vote Thank Flag Link Thu Mar 28, 2013
I've never known any flipper who actually purchased a 'how to be a great flipper' product.

You need market knowledge to help make sound decisions. Partner with a local expert Realtor, one that knows the areas you are looking in, that can show you what the average sales price is as well as how long it takes, in general, to sell a home in that area. If they are willing to take you around to look at prospects then better and better. They may also put you in touch with a great contractor that you can gain knowledge from.

Hope that helps

1 vote Thank Flag Link Sat Mar 23, 2013
I went to the Armando seminar in Fort Lauderdale 2nd week in March 2013. I signed up for the 3 day 1497 course and now I'm in Miami. I don't know what to say. I'm not unhappy spending the 1500 but not thrilled with the seminar either. It's mostly about the history of the speakers and if you join for the tour for $40,000 for Orlando and Cali or $30,000 Cali you will learn everything to become rich over time. I just cancled a course from Renatus where it was 2000 for essitinal course but 15,000 for the full course. Included in borth corses at top rates is your mentering. In amondo they provide the hard money lenders the brokers and the attornes. They also talk about asset protection which is something I can use.

My over all opinion- I am an A+ and Network + If i wanted to I could of read all the books on my own and passed the course. I believe the same rules apply. Just this morning I picked up one of my flipping books and it talked about flipping suing your directive ira, the same thing i learned in with this. But what Amando or his speakers preach is the "AMONDO WAY"

Both schools worked in a similar fashion., so this is an indurstry wide protocal. The weight loss industury works the same way. You pay $20,000 for inpaitiant program or 5000 for an out patiant program when in reality all you need to do is follow a diet.

I don't like any program that get's you into a lecture and then says if you want to do it right then you have to pay for another one. I don't like the carrot in front of the wolf say of doing things. Rendus did not hide the $15,000 they said it on the first meeting so it was better.

I think I'd like to reaserach out other ways in learning this. without spending so much money. I don't get something though I'd say 80% of the class signed up for this I don't understand how this crowd can afford this. in anycase I know I can but I'm not going to follow the crowd. Amondo will always be there if I so choose to give him $50,000 later on I will but for now I'm on my own
1 vote Thank Flag Link Sat Mar 23, 2013
I signed up for his program in 2009. The one class that was available is not the 1st class so I was confused. I paid 11,000. and received nothing in return. I have tried to contact them on several occasions with not much response. I am still paying this off with nothing to show for it.. In my option it is a scam ... It is unfortunate that Armando has a need to scam ..
1 vote Thank Flag Link Mon Mar 18, 2013
Armando Montelongo real estate seminars are a ripoff. The only thing they will fip is you wallet or credit card. Please do not waste your money or time, instend go to,
and learn how to spot or detect a BS artist.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Mon Feb 11, 2013
go to your public librMAKES MORE MONEY ON CLASSESS THAN REAL ESTATEbary it is free! HE
1 vote Thank Flag Link Wed Jan 30, 2013
hi mr . Levenson is an expert in real estate and lives in orlando Florida and if you would like to ask him a question of how to do this with 25 yrs experience in evalating re and workin in the banking industry

Please send an email to

We are going to one of tthese seminars in a week

Send him an email after december 15th to find out his evaluation on this program.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Sun Dec 2, 2012
he is an exprienced real estate appraiser in both NY and Florida
any questions wont cost you anything, nothing send an email
Flag Sun Dec 2, 2012
Scam . It's even a old scam. If it really makes so much money he would've set up a corporation doing it every state , And his methods would be a closely guarded secret.

If you even have to think about Armando's courses, you probably don't have The brain power figuring to go through with any of it.

If you are reading this !!!!! my recommendation would be to spend $300 and take one Business course at your local community college.

I just hate seeing Armando's fat scaming overweight ugly ass on TV. Even in the show it's quite apparent that he doesn't know what he's doing construction Wise. Just telling people to cheeply slap stuff back together. If you're ever buying a house do your research and make sure it wasn't fixing flipped by Armando. anything looks good with a fresh coat of paint.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Sun Nov 4, 2012
Hello I went to the three day seminar and it is just another scam for you to buy into a even larger scam. All the people in these three day seminars are paid speakers who sole job is to get your money from you. I was too late and they took me for 1500.00 please dont do the same. The funny thing is that he seems to be holding a three day seminar here in the Phoenix area once every month. I just saw another one of his informertials on the tube. Don't be fuooled. All the properties that he shows the unwitting people that go on his buss tour are owned by him. He buys these houses at rediculously low prices and sells them to suckers for high prices. Then you have to put more money into them and hope like hell that they sell. I have hooked up with Thesuccessnetwork. And they are great. I am learning a lot and have made two deals already. They also dont charge you 42,000.00 for your training. Please pass the word along to all you know that Armando Motalongo Seminars are a big scam to get your money.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Wed May 16, 2012
please let me know how to join your successnetwork group. my email is
Flag Mon Apr 1, 2013
i went to the armando seminar back in august in naples florida, 2011 and gave them 1500.00 for the kit and 5oo.oo for the 3-day training, but as of today, i have not took the 3-day training yet...why, at the time when i took the seminar in naples, and schedule the 3-day training, i had a family emergency and could not attend.and notified the company on this situation, and said that there would be not problem in re-scheduling the 3-day training. i called every month since last year trying to get reschedule for the classes, but now they tell me, that they have not classes in my area, and the closet would be tampa or miami, florida, which is 3 hours from me.
i am a single parent and do not make alot of money and can not afford the gas and expenses for this.
i have been trying to get this solved, but just keep getting the run around.
if i would of known about the way the seminars and training area were, i would of not be interested in this company, there word is not true...
my contract is up in august and i have been calling, and calling, and get no response, so the next step will be better business burel or small claims court.
this is not good armando took me!!
1 vote Thank Flag Link Tue May 15, 2012
bravo for not buying into the hype or paying even 1 penny for this get rich scheme..............the only person who MAY grow rich is............ Armando

follow all the good advice already offered for the hills..................or take that 1500 and go on a nice vacation.....
1 vote Thank Flag Link Sun Mar 18, 2012
:) laughing out loud! Thank you.
Flag Wed Apr 25, 2012
Waste of money, DONT GO. They give you limited information. The only good thing was that they gave you lunch, MP3 player, and validated parking. All they talk about is personal life experience that is probably BS. In my opinion, they hire people to sit in the audience to incite other people to buy the Bus Tour at 31k. Its pretty funny that they answer questions from the same people but dont answer from others.I was very disapointed and hoping to get more info. but never got it. You need to spend 31k to get any more info from them. Does it ever end. The sad part is they take advantage of people that want to make money. They claim it will change your life, probably in debt. ( I F they have lots of money, then what are they doing travelling around giving seminars) Be smart and dont be a sucker. Wouldnt they want to be with their families or traveling the world?
1 vote Thank Flag Link Sun Mar 18, 2012
Good point! Thanks.
Flag Wed Apr 25, 2012
Believe me, there is no product. It's just a succession of sales scams to empty your checking account and max out your credit cards to your detriment and his benefit.

If the flipping game is so lucrative, why has he ceased his flipping opperation in Texas and now diversified into this? It's not because he want's to create thousands of competitors copying him, it's because the flipping business is sinking fast and he wants to protect his income.

My experience (to my detriment) is that it's just one seminar after another, with so called millionaires telling you nothing about flipping, but setting you up for the next sell for just another $1497...$10,000 and $24,000 if you're really gullible. Why are they there donig it? because it's far more financially rewarding and less risky than flipping homes in a depressed market. Best of all, you never even get to see the man himself! It's just a succession of illiterate, uneducated, bully-boy flunkies telling well rehearst stories!

I just wish I could upload some of the forms they want you to complete with your most intimate personal financial detail, including how many credit cards you have and what is your spending limit on each. Yes, you've guessed it; you're then encouraged to max out ALL your credit cards (which includes paying their seminar fee's), and they deem you a weak, negative person if you don't!

These seminars are for easily led dumbo's who have more money than sense, and/or people who believe there is a magic way to create wealth without actually working. Armando Montelongo's seminars come close to doing both these things for him personally, more and more mugs keep lining his pockets with their hard earned cash or credit, but be assured, the seminars won't teach you anything about flipping houses, that's for sure!
1 vote Thank Flag Link Fri Mar 2, 2012
Yes, Learning that along the way! Thanks
Flag Wed Apr 25, 2012
Simply put: Very Disappointing!! For the record, I'd pay $100,000 for a mentor-ship if I trusted them to actually do what they say! However, several, SEVERAL things Adam Sachs (who claims to have mentored Armando years ago) says, contradicts the text of Armando's Master Course.

From something as simple as the way you word your offers to the banks on a cash offer. Adam Sachs clearly states that you put in "subject to inspection" However, on page 46 of Volume Two under escape clauses Armando says "subject to partners approval...then two paragraphs further down..."One thing the bank DOES NOT want to see is a clause reading subject to inspection..." So here is a CLEAR example where the speakers at the $1500 seminar are not plugged into Armando's material.

On day 1 I ate lunch with Tiffany Barnes, and a person at my table asked her about the 65rule. (Again the free "teaser" seminar claimed we would learn the 65rule in FULL DETAIL at the 3-day seminar) SHE HAD NO IDEA WHAT THE 65-RULE WAS!!!!

She went on about the 72 rule, which is about how long it takes to double your money... This was not an impressive 3-day workshop. As with all seminars there are surely some nuggets to learn here. Absolutely!! However you have to sift through many many embellished stories and flat out contradictory information from The Master Course to the Seminar presentation that its hard to know what to believe and what not to.

When we asked Tiffany at lunch that the 65-rule is what Armando claims works so well in order to succeed. She went on about that the mentors can not teach the literature and information in the books, because so many people who come to the 3-day workshop do not read the material before hand and they would be lost.

Chis Sanders was a complete joke! MAX OUT YOUR CCARDS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! RUN YOUR LIMITS TO THE MAX. DON'T WORRY WE JUST DON'T HAVE TO PAY. Credit score means nothing!

It was very poor indeed! He did teach a way to purchase property on EBAY! EBAY PEOPLE!!!!! I sign up to learn the Armando system, and he is teaching us how to buy and sell on eBay! Complete garbage.

Remember, I didn't come on here to be pessimistic. I truly didn't. This isn't poor me, or how I got swindled. As, I honestly feel that if they would have just been brutally honest with me.. For example. I have a method that will make you filthy rich, and you have to pay to learn my skills. SIMPLE! Sold!!! I don't want to hear 20 complied hrs of B.S. stories and lies about how to sell, ccards, sandwich options, eBay deals, PayPal tricks... If you don't know how to sell or speak, then take another seminar! I was here to learn the Armando System to Flipping! Period! It was extremely unprofessional!!

Simply put; people think about this! PLEASE if for nothing else, lets wrap our LEMMING brains around this. That PayPal trick he teaches to save you 3% convenience fee charges on cash advances...WHY DO I CARE ABOUT 3%??? WHEN IN THE ARMANDO FLIPPING MACHINE you make a return of 20%??????? BUT...we waste 2hrs of a day on saving us 3%... I wont say scam...but they CLEARLY DO NOT teach you anything about Armando's Flipping System, nor do they care to take time to teach you both sides of the deals. They show you one side at a time ONLY. They will never give you the whole picture until, AND ONLY until you purchase the mentor-ship.

My dilemma is however, that lets say you purchase the bus tour and diamond packages....when you get to the bus tour do they sell you a $100,000 something else??? When does it end? When do you ACTUALLY learn the Armando system??? I assume that answer is NEVER.

Take my review if you want or not, I could care less. But, the fact remains this seminar is a joke, and does not deliver on the promises made in the initial seminar. Just teach the system and I will be more than happy to pay for advanced training. I guess I wasn't a Lemming enough for them....I just couldn't get my mind in the right mindset to get completely ripped off. How unfortunate!
1 vote Thank Flag Link Sat Dec 10, 2011
I found what you said completely interesting. I thought surely if I had spent the $1500 I'd get everything I could possibly want or needed. When they said the prices of the Bus Tours, I almost fell out of my seat. The lady next to me paid $51,000!! or she said she did. IDK, but I do now know why he is PRETTY RICH... omg. I didnt even make that all year!!
Flag Mon Mar 31, 2014
Flag Wed Apr 25, 2012
My review, WASTE OF MONEY. Not much info. received at seminar. Only good that came out of it was lunch and MP3 player. Alot of money for 2 lunches and player. All they talk about is the speakers life experiences BS. Very disappointing, I discoursge others from wasting their money. In my opinion, they plant actors in the audience to incite other people to buy their BS bus tour at 30k. Buyer beware, impossible to get refund. Alot of money to see a bunch of comedians, boring you with their stories.I went to LA seminar. They dont answer questions, only from the people that are planted in the audience.
Flag Sun Mar 18, 2012
Don't do it!!! They don't keep their promises and you don't get a refund. Call me at home at 937-835-5309 for more details. Cloris
1 vote Thank Flag Link Mon Nov 7, 2011
Flag Wed Apr 25, 2012
DON'T DO IT!!!! Call me at 937-835-5309 (home) or at work at 937-268-6511 (x2513). ITS A RIP OFF!!!! I'll explain the issues I've had with them.

1 vote Thank Flag Link Fri Oct 28, 2011
Boy, Oliver, for someone so happy you sure are a negative person. Sorry.

Those of us who try to educate others in real estate and try to give out truthful answers are not, in your words, "pessimistic, unhappy with your jobs, and make crap up like "flipping houses screw people over."
1 vote Thank Flag Link Mon Jul 19, 2010
Flag Wed Apr 25, 2012
Amen to that Erin!

There are so many variables to flipping.

Las Vegas Flippers are in the market here now and some appear to be doing well and others are not.
Lots of risk with potentially lots of reward too.
Web Reference:
1 vote Thank Flag Link Fri Jul 16, 2010
Thats not the point. The point is that peolple are paying their money to learn to start flipping immediately because they need money, but instead they end up paying more and more money (that they really dont have to spend) ONLY TO DO NOTHING.
Flag Sat Nov 21, 2015
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