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Has anyone worked with NACA in the Dallas area as a buyer or as a realtor?

Asked by LaVon, Dallas, TX Fri Jun 5, 2009

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when is the next workshop in the Dallas area
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It is a big hassle and not worth the effort.
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NACA will suck all the home buying joy from your soul. They send you through Unnecessary hoops (Dallas Office) just to get Qualified. My file has been back and forth to underwriting several times addressing the same issues. You would think the MC would be helpful ... but no they just pass the information to you and expect for you know and understand exactly what the underwriters want. This is only the first step... I can't imagine dealing with them when the house of your dreams is at stake.

Word of advice Deal with them only if you have too. If you have some money saved and decent credit, MOVE ON. It is not worth the stress and just to save a few extra bucks. Trust me... what you save, you will pay for it with your time and patiences and possible your DREAM HOME!!!
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Antonio Everette (Dallas NACA) needs to be fired from NACA, he is the most unprofessional, lying a-hole on the planet. He will start out working with you, having you jumping through all these hoops & sending in document after document. Finally, when your ready to go to the next step, he will disappear on you. He doesn't return calls or e-mails, but he will open them. If you happen to catch up with him, he will give tyou that "i will do it today or i am working on it BS. I tried reaching him for a month, finally i was told he moved to another postion. They should have fired his sorry ass. Don't work with anyone but Mickey Thompson at the NACA, Dallas office. She returns all e-mails, the same day. And that goes a long way in itself
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Check out NACA's website and click on the 'partner' link...... oooooh, look! B of A is their #1 partner in crime, along with Lender Processing Services. LPS is nothing more than B of A's B**CH, doing the dirty work so B of a can steal people's homes faster. . Bunch of criminals, all of 'em. NACA claims to go after predatory lenders, but NACA is a predator itself, herding sheeple into the foreclosure pipeline to feed B of A's voracious appetite.. LPS forges/fabricates docs so B of A can take the homes away without the hassle of all those pesky legalities. But that's just my opinion, based on years of research and digging for the truth.
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I was in the Naca program and will be contacting the office today to drop myself from the program. NACA Dallas has proven to be the worst form of business I have ever come in contact with. Initially Antonio Everett asked that I provide specific documentation along with my shock pay for 90 days and from there my docs would be submitted to an underwriter. After 90 days, nothing was completed. I tried contacting him and never received a respose No "Im working on it", "You're missing this doc", "Go to hell"...nothing. I complained to the manager and she asked that I come into the office to MAKE him do HIS job. Surely, she couldn't be serious. I told her that it is NOT my responsibility to make anyone do thier job. Her response was verbatim, "well if you want to get the process rolling again; you need to come in and force him to submit your paperwork". WTH !!!!
I was later assigned to another loan rep whose sole mission was to ONLY take me out on a date. He would call me late in the evening to discuss his attraction and later my loan process. I couldn't take it and would hang up the phone.
Moving 6 months forward, I contacted USDA Mortgage this morning to apply for a loan, I received my loan approval 2 hours later. Although the interest is a tad higher than NACA (5.3); the loan process was seamless not to mention completed in 1 day, I didn't have anyone attempting take me out a date, nor did my paperwork get lost in the shuffle and the loan officer was extremely responsive.
If only I could get the 6 months back that I lost with NACA. I will never recommend anyone in Dallas to use this program. It is a living nightmare.
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NACA has lots of issues with red tape BUT NACA Dallas has issues with its administration, starting from the very top, Donald Meadows, the head of the office, who lives in Atlanta GA, not in Dallas.

I finally closed on my house at the end of Sept 09, about a month beyond the original closing date of Aug 28, 09, with ~$2000+ poorer because the seller tagged a daily fine of $40 for everyday starting from the original closing date, till when the transaction was closed.

I do agree it is a very frustrating and absolutely trying process but I have to admit that I went through it with my eyes opened (somewhat).
I had purchased a home through this program before back in 2003 in Houston, that process was ~5 months in total, so I had pretty much expected the same in Dallas. But I was wrong. The first red flag was when I had to attend the workshop (again), both the counselors there were new hires. I didn't think much about it as my counsellor, Ms Charlotte Blocker, she was quite proficient albeit very busy. I also appreciated that she corresponded with me well and helped my case along. As I couldn't find a house within the NACA budget where I lived, the first approval lapsed after 3 months. The 2nd approval ran into issues but trouble started when Charlotte left NACA near Christmas time of 2008, she didn't prepare me for it as I was on vacation at that time. That was the 2nd red flag.

My case was tossed around for a while until it was assigned to Paula Nolan and that was hell for 6 months. She was absolutely clueless and I have nothing good to say except censor censor censor censor. And she hid her shortcomings by being rude and condensending in every way. She was let go in May 09 and Salvador took over my case after that. He too was very new and pretty clueless but he did his very best to work the system for me. That was when I met Don Meadows, the head of the office. They straightened my issues and soon after I got approved again and this time found my house. The closing process went well initially until in August 09 when Sal ran into issues with NACA. He didn't update me regularly enough until it was too late, - 5 days before the closing, I found out that all the lenders' papers were not prepared, the appraisal not done, bank application not submitted, etc, etc. It was a perfect storm as NACA had an IT issues right at the same time when the banks started to slow down their application process and the NACA leaders were going on a Nationwide "Save the Dream" tour, taking valuable resources along with them.
It was a terrible time as I ended up having to vacate my apartment, and had to moved into motel 6, not knowing if I was ever going to close on the house. It was hardest on the baby as it was hard to prepare warm food for him as we couldn't cook and cost was the biggest worry.

By the grace of God, the seller didn't abandon the process as my real estate agent Pam Reed worked so hard to keep the sellers in the loop, and the deal going, her humbleness won the day over in the end. We're happy with the house, I closed with 4.75%. I wrote a letter to complain about the incompetance of Don Meadows as the head of the Dallas office in not training his staff properly and living out of state... but no avail.

I must say that although I still believe in the principle of what NACA strives to achieve, the process leaves a lot of stress on the counsellors and their families, not to mention its members as well.
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I am currently going through the process and it has been an ongoing wait for a closing date. While it does seem like an awesome program it is hard to be patience being a first time home buyer. They do not keep you updated on where you are in the process. We were expected to close mid October and it is now mid November.

Realtorrobin how long did the process take after you client had the house?
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I have personally closed a buyer through NACA's program. She was given a 30 yr. fixed rate, 4.1% interest. We used the closing cost that we asked the seller for to buy down her interest rate because NACA has no down payment or closing cost. My buyer is a school teacher and it took a special amount of patience to deal with them. They don't return calls, emails, faxes, you name it, they won't answer it. They are non-profit and short staffed. There is no loan origination, your buyer just needs to be prepared to pay pre-paids. Awesome program, just takes a patient client.
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I signed up, called them and emailed them with zero response, if that tells you how un responsive they are. The website does not offer information as to the requirements of any geographical restrictions, which is what I really wanted to know. As of right now, I'd say that if you do get involved with them, prepare for a loooong wiat.
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As a Realtor I signed up for the NACA program. There were some people who raved about the program, but I don't know anyone personally who completed a purchase.
I discussed the program with the office personnel and it seemed acceptable, because in addition to providing funding for a loan, the organization also stepped in to help the clients budget and actually put aside money.
Web Reference: http://www.SumnerRealty.com
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One of my clients went to a few of their presentations. We looked through all the information together. They have a really good pitch, but we could never get any information from anyone or find anyone who had actually completed the program and was able to buy a house. It was more of the I know somone, who knows someone, who met someone, who bought a house. Seems very blue sky to me.
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Bruce Lynn, Real Estate Pro in Coppell, TX
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