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I, Both Buyer and Seller in Shelby Township, MI

Has anyone purchased a Lombardo home, or had them purchase yours for their It is Possible Program?

Asked by I, Shelby Township, MI Wed Jul 23, 2008

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The purchase of a new home (Crestwood) from Lombardo Homes in Ypsilanti (Tremont Park) has been one of the best things that Sharon and I (Ron) have ever done.
All aspects of sale, construction and living experiences (9 mos) have been great.
The quality of materials is obvious. Brands such as Lennox, Merillat, Delta, Rubbermaid, Whirlpool etc. make our home a better value.
The excellent workmanship is very noticeable. Plumbing, flooring, carpentry, drywall, painting, cement work etc. were all done with care and pride.
Included features such as loft, hardwood flooring, pedestal sink, hollywood lights, pantry light, plastic tubing for water, sump pump, radon / fresh air vents, escape basement window, engraved address, coach lights and trees make our home special.
Upgrades that were accepted: kitchen nook, fireplace, three dimensional roofing, decorative garage door windows, lawn sprinkler system and prime lot next to a nature trail make the house unique.
Each staff involved with sales, lending and building have been professional, knowledgeable and friendly.
Sales manager (Whitney McCowan) was particularly comforting during the somewhat stressful situation. She showed very good verbal / written communication skills. Patience was had during our decision making processes. She was excited and showed much interest while reporting progress of construction. Whitney displayed a pleasant and positive attitude; was enthusiastic and appeared to enjoy doing her job.
Construction supervisor (John Lamb) was very informative. We enjoyed being shown details of construction during a "pre drywall walk through". He spoke highly, concerning abilities, of his fellow workers. Mr. Lamb is glad to be employed by the Lombardo Homes Company. John was always available to answer questions and to provide proper project oversight. Observation at the home site had workers that remained busy and kept areas clean / safe. A trash bin had examples of little or no waste material. John made an improvement on some siding to correct a concern.
It is a good business practice to surround oneself with caring people that produce a great product. You have done very well at each.
Inspection by a separate party (ProHome) described results as "clean" (much attention shown to detail) and "tight" (nicely constructed / insulated).
The sale of our Manufactured Home with Trade-In Trade-Up was a smooth transaction. Adjusted amount of sale price, to our advantage for the Manufactured Home, was done without debate or hesitation. This program gave us the opportunity to own property rather than pay lot rent. Our new neighborhood is nicer, quieter and safer.
Your willingness to meet / greet the public at "Open Houses" is admirable.
Feel free to share these comments with others to show "Customer Satisfaction".
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Try not to plagerize right from the brochure Mr. Lombardo.
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I have to say, we purchased our first home from Lombardo Homes 3 years ago, and have been extremely happy with everything. The service and care they provide, to the communities they build, are all top notch. I actually got a good friend of mine and my sister in law to move to our neighborhood as well. I am a VERY satisfied customer!
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Wow, "Bob". You don't happen to work for Lombardo do you!!!! Try not to be so obvious by including the link!
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I recently worked with Lombardo's new lease program, they will no longer buy homes. I have to say the program was great. They offered me a guaranteed lease on my home for 3 years and I was able to move. I had my home on the market for over a year with not one offer. I am greatful to Lombardo for making my dream of moving come true!
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Dream come true? Really? Find something better to do Mr. Lombardo. Everyone knows you work for the company.
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My husband and I just Closed on our Lombardo home in Howell. We did the Lease Program through Market Place Homes where they will lease our condo out for 2 years and after that we can renew it if our condo does not sell. Although there were some bumps in the road, overall our experience was great. We were stuck in our 2 bedroom condo with 2 kids and our dog. We've been trying to sell our condo for over a year and a half. We spoke to Bernadette from Lombardo and sat down with Mike from Market Place Homes. Mike was able to tell us the rent we would get for our condo. We then spoke to our Accountant and learned about the tax benefits of rentals. At the end of the day it made sense for our family. I agree with the previous Buyer on getting everything in writing. It can get confusing because you deal with so many people like the lender, Market Place Homes, Lombardo. But what is great is that they give you all the information upfront so you can decide if it works for you. We finally have enough room for our family: 2 car garage, a basement and a backyard!! It did sound too good to be true at first, but it worked for us.
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We purchased a home through Lombardo's "it is possible program". Sounded too good to be true at first, but it was all true and it was a wonderful experience. We are very pleased with our home and the community is so wonderful. Go to one of their meetings to see if it is for you. It very well may not be. Get everything in writing. The ones who talk bad about the program or the builder are the ones who didn't do their homework...guaranteed! My tip for you on the closing costs is make the builder cover that as well. They probably will. They NEED to sell their homes! They may kick in upgrades as well...just ask. Oh and the comment about being assured a certain sq. footage and then not receiving does that happen?? See what I mean about not doing your home work?
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I have nothing but good things to say about the It Is Possible Program and Lombardo Homes. They helped me get out of my old house (I owed 10,000 more than it was worth) and I now live in a better subdivision with a closer drive to work. I'm sorry that the other person isn't having a good experience, but we did our research before we got involved and everyone we talked to was happy. We even talked to buyers in a couple of different subs. Anyways, it worked great for us and I would recommend it!
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Yes, I DON'T recommend it. They promise the world and don't deliver jack *?*!. As I see it, Lombardo is just looking to build it as cheap as possible, if not cheaper than Pulte. I'm disgusted with the quality and craftsmanship. One of workers said they are told to cut corners if it's not noticeable and will pass inspection. BUYER BEWARE BUILD WITH A BUILDER THAT WILL CARE ABOUT THE COMMUNITY AND PRODUCTS BEING SOLD.
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This is right on. Absolute garbage homes. Look like ass. I can't believe people want these things. One of their models looks like a haunted house. No joke. Very disturbing.
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Almost 8 years ago, we bought our first house, built by your company. Phase 2 in Amherst. We were so happy with the quality and the service that we received on our first home - that when we went to build again- the only builder we'd consider was you. And, today, with all the competition and all the incentives out there - the fact that we'd only work with Lombardo - it really goes far to show how much we value your company. After searching around your communities, we fell in love with Lake Arrowhead. Great homes, great value, great location. This sub is the ideal spot in Macomb county. And, judging by the amount of homes you're building in it right now, I'm cleary not the only one that thinks that. You enter Lake Arrowhead, and look at all the development, and you forget for a moment that we're in a recession. Now, that said, great location and value only goes far. You need an equally great crew working the front lines to execute the every day for you. And let me say, I am so happy to have had both Bobbi and Andrew there for us. Anthony, from my family to yours - thank you again for building us another incredible home, and for making it such a great experience from the first sales center visit to the moment we put our keys in the front door and called it home.
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We purchased a home in Milton Meadows a few years back. My wife, 2 kids and I purchased a 4 bedroom, 2681 sq. foot home and we have loved it since day 1. The layout is very convenient for our lifestyle and the community is close to I-94, shopping centers and great restaurants. The great thing about Lombardo, more so than any other company, is that they encourage community interaction and build home communities that are in safe areas for families and kids.
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Lost Dreams is an idiot. Would you rather have your neighborhood sitting half built forever? I hate to break it to you, but your house is not worth what you paid for it. Open up your eyes. This is Southeast Michigan.
So typical Macomb County for someone to think that brick exteriors are the most important aspect of a home.
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No one thinks that brick is the most important aspect you white trash, but it is very important to non white trash who like nice homes. Yes, we would rather have it half built then full of s_h_i_t bomb project ghettos inhabited by budweiser drinking a_s_s clowns with monster trucks. Yes, my home is worth what I paid for it moron. I wasn't stupid enough like a Lombardo customer to overpay or take a bad loan. You got served. Step in to my office, cuz you're fired.
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This Company is the best. Period! they have great customer service, high qaulity materials, and the best staff possible!!!!!!
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Lombardo is the best home builder in Michigan! from the builders all the way to the architects they give you the best service and quality that you deserve!
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I worked for a commercial builder for 6 years and also a home builder for 5 years. The materials that they use are pretty much standard materials that any builder would use. For those people saying that Lombardo uses cheap materials, I'd definitely say they have the same materials in their house they just paid a lot more for them. Lombardo is building cheaper priced homes but more expensive doesn't always mean better. The homeowners in these communities are upset and I can understand why because the homes are much cheaper to buy then the ones they had built when the realestate market was booming. My house lost about 40-50% of it's value and I know I won't get that back but I'm not complaining that the other houses in my neighborhood are getting bought for so much cheaper it is just a fact. They give you builder grade items and you can upgrade if you want. But to say that the houses are really cheaply made and ugly is just mean and wrong. These are peoples homes and if some of us who paid more are mad that's fine but to put down a builder because of this is wrong. Lombardo makes quality homes. Also for those things about the carpet and flooring etc. These are all upgrades that should be made. Flooring and cabinets are important to upgrade other things maybe not so much. Even in commercial building we upgrade or downgrade materials to fit the budget for the customer.
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Justin you are a moronic troublemaker. Don't u have anything better to do? Get off your high horse before you get bucked.
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Wrong. You don't know what you speak of.
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That's what u and your neighbors get for blowing 300k 600k in Idaho what were u guys thinking? If u were going to spend money like that u should of went to grosse pointe, Rochester, Bloomfield, Birmingham. Well established areas not the boonies. I'm sorry your house is not worth what u guys paid no matter what.but u can thank your developer for that one why do u think he sold the rest of the land off too Lombardo? Because no one else wants to waste money out there . People who build with Lombardo are smart because their property value dont crash like yours did overnight . So who's trash now
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Lombardo is like a dirt cheap closer in the minor leagues. They target unfinished neighborhoods that have great homes - $300k - $600k where the original builder is looking to get out due to the market. They buy the existing lots for pennies on the dollar and proceed to build horribly looking cheap as crap garbage. The wood, shingles, cement, nails, windows, etc. is all bargain product that gets put in the discount rack for having various defects and flaws. They have taken over our once beautiful sub and the houses are being built in 1 week…no joke. The wood is rotted in places, warped and has knots everywhere. Many of the joints are off, the wood wobbles like a twizzler if you hit it. I’ve never seen such crappy craftsmanship. Many of the workers don’t speak a lick of English and I’m sure could care less how the homes get built. It’s all a scam. They target people that come from bad areas like Redford, Livonia, Taylor, Westland, Canton, Warren, Roseville, etc. and give this “it is possible” program to unsuspecting suckers who otherwise couldn’t afford a home. They are creating their own “bubble” by offering 0% down + leasing out your current place. To many people, this sounds like a great deal because they get a big home, they just don’t realize that the homes are complete junk and way overpriced. They are selling homes in here for $250k that you couldn’t get $175 for from someone who could afford a home. They pretend like they are helping people out by letting them get a home, but they are just bending them over. In the meantime, the quality of the neighborhood goes to crap. Our place was full of great classy people and is now being stocked with white trash from Westland. I can’t even believe people are this stupid after watching millions of people foreclosing from buying a house they couldn’t afford. t’s truly sad and now I’m stuck here unless I want to take a hit to sell. These homes are absolutely hideous. They are building homes that look like the homes I grew up with from 1970. There is no doubt that these homes will fall apart. They were just built and I can see the siding warping all over. The brick looks like those bricks you play with in kindergarten. Even the cement looks cheap. It’s night and day from the homes that were in here. We didn’t have siding. We all had wood plank, brick chimneys, 75% brick on the homes, huge front overhangs made from brick. Now, they put up black crooked polls. No joke….crooked… and then encase them in this white plastic material made to look like wood. These homes even have farking shutters – seriously people, shutters. Some of the shutters are these purple/pink color and they all look like cheap plastic. Please be aware that if you are going to buy a home in a neighborhood and you see or hear Lombardo….run as fast as you can. If you are in an existing neighborhood and find out Lombardo is taking over….get out as quick as you can because once they build one home, your value will drop immediately and selling your place will become very difficult. I truly hate this company and the people that buy their homes, knowing they have ruined it for all the people that were already here. Building crap from the start is one thing, but ruining a perfectly good places is just the lowest of the low…and I don’t want to hear about the fact that homes wouldn’t get built otherwise. I would much rather have empty lots with higher dues and wait it out. Obama will be out soon and once that happens, dumps like Lombardo and their hoards of trailer trash will go with him.
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WOW. This is so discriminatory! Lombardo does NOT target people from certain areas & "doesn't speak a lick of English"???? What the hell? Stop discriminating! You complain that Lombardo buys lots for pennies but you'd also complain about/to nobody if the lots were vacant because that would also make your 'sub' less desirable.

I just wish people could focus more on the positive rather than the negative; if you knew Lombardo homes and their ethics you would see that their true concern IS satisfaction.
Let's practice optimism. :)
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P.S. You could not afford to live in Northern VA in a home with shutters like this:
Typical Michigan to complain about shutters lol . . . you need to travel my friend.
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I got news for you. You are WT. I bet you bought your "brick" house for less than the alleged WT are paying for their Lombardo Houses. Your IQ is no doubt extremely low . . . who buys a house in a partially completed neighborhood where the builder has not paid a bond to complete it and goes bankrupt? Oops. You. LOL hopefully you don't have children to contribute to the dumbing down of society.
Only in Michigan does someone complain about shutters and lack of brick yee haw you probably are in need of dental work. In Northern Virginia where the economy is not made up of tattooed smoking union members who can afford your neighborhood, houses with siding and brick go for over a million dollars in newer neighborhoods.
Nough said lol.
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Really? You hate the people that buy their homes? " hoards of trailer trash"? You may have a nice home, but you sound like an absolute miserable, hateful, idiot. Actually, you sound like someone of lower/little, class. What does Obama have to do with any of this anyway? Seriously, you need to go have a few cocktails.
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All of you talking about how bad Lombardo Homes are idiots. How do you expect the school's to get their money and taxes to be paid? He's a little tip to you guys, there are no home buyers out there because we can't sell our homes...

I bought my house right before the crash expect it to be a starter home and after 6 years sell it (no kids at the time) so we could make a tiny bit of profit and move out to a great family community. Great schools, great neighborhood, this was all in our hopes and dreams....BOMB!!! the bottom shot out and now we are stuck.

Here's also a little time, my family has NEVER missed a payment of any kind. We pay our bills before they are due any we sit here looking at the piece of crap people across from us walk out of their home and they can go pick up a new one anywhere. Government is giving credit for people buying a new home while we sit here now with a 3 year old and a 9 month old wondering why are we being good people. We could walk out right now and who very good friend neighbor definitely would because it drops his/her house down in value.

All I'm saying is, you have to realize that people are moving in tough times. Yes I would have definitely like to have moved out there with my $400K approved loan I was offered but my wife and I weren't STUPID to do this when we couldn't afford it. (Hint: that's why the market is the way it is now).

Should my family be punished now that we can afford to Lease our house out the Market Place and purchase the so call "Cookie Cutter" home from Lombardo so we can get our Sons it a great school district. I could care less what what you think of my family, all I want to do is make sure my sons have the best quality education they can get.

Just stop for a second and understand that not everyone was going after the $400K houses when you did. We were going to in the future but not at that time. I think you should be glad that it didn't happen that way or everyone would be worse off.

Just so you know where I'm coming from I bought a house in 2005 for $180,000 for a starter home, was approved for $380,000. Lived here and now have a 3 year old and 9 month old. I want to make sure my 3 year old is in a great school before me move and we're looking at a Lombardo home on a pond for $290,000 tomorrow so don't come to me talking like I'm a piece of trash. If it isn't like people like me your taxes will be sky rocketing and you'll be arguing about that.

Welcome you neighbors don't judge them on the builder.
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Shutup you traler trash. If you are dumb enough to pay 290K for a Lombardo home, you deserve it. What an idiot.
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Lost Dreams is correct! Lombardo just took over our subdivision and changed our bylaws to suit their quick sell approach. They'll let us vote but told us in the end they'll do what suits them best (so what's the point of voting?). Our sub had 300,000k-700,000k homes in it. Then Lombardo came barging in like the mafia bought up all the extra lots, charged all of us a ridiculous association fee (that we'd never paid before). Here come the cheap cookie cutter homes w/cheap siding and white privacy fences (another terrible change they made to our original bylaws). Lombardo is dominating Macomb County and ruining property values for all. Once they fill up all the vacant land with their cheap homes the majority of Macomb County is going to be cheap quick turn homes and guess what that'll affect everyones housing value. Get Lombardo out of Macomb County. If Lombardo built a better quality home I would have no problem with them building in our subdivision. They do not care about the people or community they are strictly about a fast profit.
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They did the same thing to us in South Lyon. It's their MO. Makes me sick. We ought to file a class action suite and make them pay for ruining our values
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I would stay away from Lombardo. I have been in my home for 6 years and as my first new construction home, I saw issues from day one. Nice home nice layout but am having many issues with the home; cracked tiles, roof shingles blown off, very cold home and I paid extra for that energy star upgrade; squeeky floors, nail pops everywhere - and even a Lombardo worker told me something was wrong; the padding on my carpet (non-upgraded) was 2/16th of an inch!?! - no lie. I even saw mexicans working in the home and there was a young boy working (spackling) in the master bathroom! Illegals? Underage workers!?! Beware my friend. Question is should I do something - maybe get a lawyer myself and possibly seek a lawsuit? I am sure there are others out there with issues like mine. So again beware. I also feel cheated because I know somethings where not done right. Not sure how inspections passed. Anyone else have problems like mine?
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Class action lawsuit..Decora, Decora North will join you..go to Neighboorhood of Decora Park and you can get info..
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Lombardo is an awful man! He killed our dreams so that he could make money! He purchased lots in my neighborhood then changed the bylaws without even talking to the existing homeowners. He plans to build his signature hideous cheap looking doll houses with NO BRICK in our sub. Most of the residents in here paid well over 300k for their homes. His cookie cutters will start at 196k! All he cares about is a quick buck. Our residents will lose 100k each if not more e .Most of the folks in here are military members from Selfridge. One is a war hero. This Air Force pilot thought he purchased his dream home. Now he will be looking out his windows at cheap ugly houses instead of the beautiful neighborhood we were told we would have.
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shoot me an email if you want a class action. I'm all for that.
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He did the same thing to us in South Lyon. You're not kidding. These homes are just plain ugly and can you believe what they are charging for these things. These poor suckers are getting ripped off so bad I almost feel bad for them.
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I live in that neighborhood. "the lost dreams idiot is not an idiot" Lombardo screwed our town and left us with many poorly built we are looking at class action--don't worry what comes around goes around..Lombardo will get his.
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My wife and I are about to move into our new Lombardo built home in Lake Arrowhead. We selected the Forest layout with the American Traditional elevation. We have been absolutely floored by how great the experience has been. After hearing some horror stories from people who built homes with other builders, we were sort of skeptical. However, this process has been about as stress free as it can possibly get. No major issues, no demands from the builder or contractor, nothing to upset us. They kept their timeline on the build, did quality work, and paid great attention to detail. We would HIGHLY recommend Lombardo to anyone wishing to build. Our neighbors that we've met have been very nice, and they've relayed the same feelings toward Lombardo. I know not every build can go as planned, and that some people will end up being dissatisfied. But we couldn't be happier.
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Hi, there. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of ASSOCIATION? They don't do they job and charge us more and more everyday.
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Right. We are paying $91 each month for dues and they do nothing except making many bylaw amendments.

Ann Arbor, MI
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Cranbrook is the best custom home builder in Michigan! from the builders all the way to the architects they give you the best service and quality that you deserve!
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My wife and I recently purchased a Lombardo "home" in South Lyon in Saddle Creek. We were stuck in Westland with a smaller home which was under water and we were "recruited" by a lender who approached us with an "it is possible" plan from Lombardo. Everything sounded great and in addition, Lombardo is renting out our home in Westland. Plus, we got to build in a sub with really nice homes from another builder who abaonded the site, which would greatly increase our homes value.....or so we thought. We've been in the new home for about one year and have had nothing but problems. I was so naive and wish I would have done more research or talked to someone with experience. Our roof is already falling apart, our siding looks warped, we have drafts in our windows, and I've realized that although our house appraises really high, it's not really worth it's appraisal as no one will purchase it. Our real estate agent is telling us that much nicer homes are being sold at the same price. We are kicking ourselves in the head for taking this deal and now we are stuck in this awful home. The house looks horrible also. It looked much nicer in the brochure. We've complained the whole time and they have done nothing to accomadate us. Meanwhile, they continue to throw these homes up one after the next while we sit here to rot. Shame on you Lombardo. DO NOT PURCHASE A HOME HERE. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!! You are ruining the lives of all these people and you don't care.
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I had absolutely terrible experience with Lombardo Homes. It was so bad that I started a blog about it:
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Lombardo is CRAP! Liers! Our town, NH, Decora park Lombardo/American Heartland Homes put up plank siding and claimed in was James Hardie, got the pamplets for maintenance..come to find out when the owner had to replace the siding (it came off-improperly installed) it is an inferior product from consumers lumber and we can't find the siding to match it...FALSE ADVERTISING and FRAUD! They won't fix issues with homes, plumbing, leaky windows.becaue Merlini left to go to NC. Now we want results and he claims that it has been 6 yrs since the house was built--too late. We have been trying to get in touch with him for 4 yrs, no response. Finally he is responding and doesn't want to fix our issues..fighting with him and filing as class action. It has been a nightmare for our community of New Haven. Lombardo and AH in bed together 1 company (until 2009) made a lot of mistakes, but it sounds as it Lombardo will get his :)
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How can ppl look down their nose at someone for the fact that they purchased a home from Lombardo and the fact that their home has siding on it? Really ppl? Is the world this full of hate?? I read this thread and I was shocked at how stuck up some of you all are. Not everyone wants a completely brick home. Not everyone can afford 300k plus homes. If Lombardo is able to offer people homes that THEY think are nice and THEY can afford, then good for them and shame on you for being against it. Seriously.
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Really?? You need to get over yourself. Idot? Really. First of all I have a Masters degree from U of D. I am not looking down on anyone. Someone like me? Really? You have no clue of who I am or what I do. Clearly you did not read what I said. If you are not living in the home and can not afford to buy the lots that are being purchased by Lombardo then SHUT UP!
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Get a clue idiot. It's because they are building their homes in neighborhoods with existing homes, thus ruining people's home values. How can someone like you look down on someone because they've done well in life and don't feel like some other jerk ruining what they've worked hard do get. How would you like it if someone came into your sub and built a bunch of mobile homes? Get it now!
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Jst purchased a Lombardo Home at Autumn Creek. Overall great experience. Would build with Lombardo again. Joe Nikola worked very hard to meet our needs. Thanks Joe and Darla!
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Obviously Joe's friend. Nice job Mr. subtle.
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You r way wrong miller. This area is very nice. It is surrounded by very wealthy communities like northville, brighton and novi. Lombardo builds everywhere. It's ruins communities all over.
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Yes,we did.Everything was great but towards the end we felt that we were cheated.While signing the sales agent told us that they are not offering sod and sprinkler.But people who signed after us say just one week after they all got their sod and sprinkler before closing.We were cheated.We have taken a corner plot and there was rain during our closing so they didn't even the ground well too.It's just few days since we moved and me and my husband are so disappointed by this attitude of Lombardo.I learnt one lesson in life that always go for the best builders in town.Do lot of homework before buying specially if ur first time home buyer.I advice people think twice before u buy because it is a asset.Goodluck to all.
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That's what you get for buying a pile of crap. Should of taken one of the nice homes in the neighborhood not built by Lombardo.
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I am not happy with Lombardo. I purchased a home in Macomb twp a few years ago (that was not a Lombardo built home). It was my wife and I's first home. We spent a lot of our hard earned money on building this new home. We looked all over Macomb & Oakland county, finally deciding to build in this location, we were so happy because of the other homes around looked nice and the location was just perfect for us. This happy dream didn't last long, less then one year after, Lombardo came in and purchased the rest of the lots in the sub and built homes that only had brick in the front on 98% of the homes, exposing the sides and back with just siding. Making the homes look very very cheap and hideous looking.(a pulte home looks better then these!) They look like manufactured homes... Lombardo came in there and changed the bylaws of the sub, because he was not allowed to build homes like that in this sub. It stated in the bylaws that all homes must be all brick on the first level. I think it was very wrong what he did. For people to say that he did nothing wrong or why does a all brick home even matter... They have no idea about home design, cost and really not much knowledge about building. Many people spend a lot of money for things like this because they like it and for what he did was just flat out wrong. He could have built these types of homes in another location, maybe in a sub that were all these types of homes. I will never ever recommend a home from his company. How would the owners/workers of Lombardo homes like it, if I built a trailer park around there home? probably wouldn't like it, would he? Many when I pull into the sub or just drive by it, it makes me sick to my stomach because how bad some of these house look.
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Wow, I thought I wrote this. Same thing happened to us in South Lyon. Spend hard earned money for your family only to have these jerk off building his hideous weird boxes to rip naive people off.
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Lombardo promised us that we would have the greatest experience building our new home. After we signed a contract with them, they decided to do squat!!! They took a lot of money and delivered nothing. Beware of using Lombardo.
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Lombardo homes are junk. So many problems with my home and neighborhood. Energy star homes my ass, heating and cooling bills are twice as much as my last house (around the same sq. feet). House is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Those who are happy with theirs have no clue about quality. Would never recommend Lombardo to my worst enemy.
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Yes, I was glad to be able to sell my mobile home. I did however find Lombardo do be dishonest regarding the home we were offered. We were assured a certain model and sq. footage. but looks like we got the downsized version.
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Thank you for answer K. Johnson. How exactly did you get out of your house when you owed 10,000 more than it was worth? We owe around the same as what our home is guaranteed at...and we were still going to half to cough up about $9,000 at closing unless the mortgage company let us go into a short sale and lowered what we owed. We've done a ton of research and I don't see any way around this....which leave us with not being able to put any money down on the new house. Any tips?
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They didn't get out of it. Lombardo just leases it out for a period of time depending on whatever their rip off "it is possible" plan is offering at the time. He'll be stuck with it again once that is over and Lombardo will be gone with all of his money. Tip..... don't do it.
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Thank you for the response -- that's good to know!
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Yes, I am renting a condo to own with Lombardo homes. I am cancelling my contract and telling them where to go. Extreme problems from the day I moved in. Too numerous to list. After several calls to the community office, NOTHING is being done. Just keep getting the run around. Fed lies and given unfulfilled promises. NEVER would I, nor any of my neighbors, recommend purchasing or renting a home in a Lombardo community. My neighbors and I are actually considering a Class Action Lawsuit for fraud!!!
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I would be happy to join a class action lawsuit against Lombardo. Thankfully, our home was built by another builder before Lombardo grabbed up the vacant lots; disregarded the sub by-laws; devalued the beautiful homes that were previously built here. I hear and read so many complaints about his company, I wonder if there aren't already lawsuits we could join?? With as much wealth as he has amassed at the expense and heartache of homeowners, it would be only fair that he should be made to compensate in some way.
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