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Good Morning All: I got preapproved 160,000 by Chase bank FHA loan. I am looking for an honest realtor who can help me.

Asked by Laura, Thu Oct 4, 2012

Looking to buy a small single home 2 bed and 1 bath is possible or it could be a condo but with no monthly fees. Area needs to near kendall...Who can help me? Thanks

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Angel J Ferrer’s answer
You cannot buy a condo without association monthly fees, they all have monthly fees. If you give me your email I can send you pictures of properties most closes to kendall area,.
Angel J Ferrer
License Real Estate Agent
Gavi Realty
305-221-2230 Offfice
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Hi Laura,

You came to the right place, as you can tell by the amount of answers you'll received. :)

As you read from one of those answers below, it'll be a bit more challenging to purchase a condo with an FHA loan. Good news is that there are other options available to you.

I'm a realtor with Keller Williams Premier Properties in Kendall, I've lived here in Kendall my whole life so I'm very familiar with the area and the properties in it.

So If you haven't decided on a realtor yet, I would love a chance to help you select your new home. Feel free to contact me anytime or anyway that is convenient to you.

Good Luck with your search,


Carlos M. Tamayo | Professional Real Estate Agent | Keller Williams Realty Premier Properties

11420 N. Kendall Drive Ste 207 Miami, FL, 33176

O: 305.595.2844| D: 305.213.3398|

W: http://www.carlostamayo.kwrealty.com

E: carlostamayo@kw.com
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If you have not found a Realtor yet and are still looking, agents with a Certified Residential Specialist designation(CRS) represent the top 4% of Realtors in the country. They not only have the designation behind their name they also have a high degree of experience and integrity to show for it. I know many qualified Realtors in Miami that I can refer you to. Email me by visiting my website or call me at 850-650-4563.
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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jose L Hernandez and I am a local Realtor with SunLife Realtors in Miami. I am responding to your request for assistance through the Trulia.com website. It would be my pleasure to help you; but I will need a little more information. Please feel free to call me at (786) 258-6804 and I will be happy to help you find a property. If you find it more convenient… Hablo Español
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Hello Laura,

Thank you for your question. It will be difficult to purchase a condo with an FHA loan. We will have to look for a townhouse or single family house. You can reach me at 786-554-0161. My office is in Kendall. Please call me so we can meet.

You can search for properties in your desire area by going to my websites:




Thank you and look forward to working with you

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Make sure you complete your due diligence and speak to a few agents/brokers before making your decision on who to hire.

Luis Iglesias
D & I International Realty
Principal Broker
(786) 395-0341
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Response from a retail Big Retail Bank Rep. after I asked her how many of the below programs they can offer...

She writes back...

Honestly Steve, after reviewing them, I don’t think we can do any of these. We are pretty vanilla, Straight FHA VA conventional. I will keep your flyer and if I run across anyone we can't help I will send them your way. thanks

100% LTV- USDA/12 mo. into Chapter 13 BK is OK!
100% LTV- VA/can pay off debts on purchases too!
99% LTV- FHA

97% LTV- No PMI/MI and No 1.75% FHA FEE
95% LTV- No PMI

90% LTV- No PMI-2nd Home
90% LTV- JUMBO w/cc
85% LTV- NO PMI to Super Jumbo
80% LTV- Invest. Prop.

STATED INCOME ALT loan programs: http://www.StatedIncomeAlt.com
80% LTV- FIX n’ FLIP Invest. Prop.
80% LTV- NEW- Stated Income Alt

75% LTV- NEW- Foreign Nationals- Stated Income Alt
75% CLTV-NEW- after Short Sale, BK or Foreclosure
70% LTV- Soft and Hard Money -Stated Income Alt

COMMERCIAL PROGRAMS (many programs available nationwide)

Steve McRory

Pro Option Mortgage/Florida



Ph: 888 662 4404

Prior Service U.S. Marine Corps
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As a Florida Mortgage Broker who has been in the business since the 90’s, through the highs and lows of this rollercoaster called the Florida Real Estate Market, who has extensive experience dealing with realtors all over Florida, I can't stress to you how important it is to shop realtors in advance. But as you’ll soon see, there are a lot of realtors in Florida who want your business, so shopping for that “Right One” can be overwhelming! There are literally thousands of realtors to choose from in FL, and most are good realtors who will do a decent job and get you a decent deal, but as a 2012 buyer you want an Extraordinarily Good Deal!

They say that approx. 68% of consumers end up working with the first or second buyer's agent they contact. Unfortunately, soon after many buyers feel they commitment to working with the wrong realtor, but feel obligated to work with that realtor throughout the buying process, all the while wishing they had shopped more realtors in advance to find that “RIGHT ONE.”

So here’s a quick 5 item test to help identify that “Right One.”

Find one who:
1. treats you as if you are buying a $5,000,000 property
2. is willing to disclose good credit and scores over 700 with no Foreclosures, BKs or Short Sales
3. has a smart phone so they can answer all your calls and emails quickly throughout
4. is a broker or buyer's agent who does not have to split the 3% commission points
5. is willing to offer Realtor Rebate to buyers willing to get Pre Approved in advance

Then, here’s a simple 2 step way to get your Best Overall Deal…

contact the realtors you think you like and listen to what they say they’ll do for you. Then ask them to refer you to their very best “Preferred” or “In-House” Lender. Listen to their best purchase strategy and ask for their best written quote on an estimated sales price, on a TBD (To Be Determined) property address.

contact me, I’ll present my best purchase strategy, show you what my realtor partners can do for you. Then compare to see which team offers the best purchase strategy and your best overall deal.

You’ll be shocked at the difference you’ll find with such little effort!



NOTE TO CONSUMERS: shop multiple Lenders and realtors for your Best Overall Deal!

Call me today, I actually answer and return phone calls.

Steve McRory
Pro Option Mortgage/ Florida
Ph: 888 662 4404

Prior Service U.S. Marine Corps
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Hello Laura,

I would like to apply for the job of finding your next home, please feel free to contact me through my website,

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Laura, My name is John B. Anderson and I have been a REALTOR for more than 22 years. There are a great deal of folks who may be licensed but are not choices for a variety of reasons, lack of honesty is just one. The best things you can do to assure that you find a great agent are these, ask about experience, be sure that they are familiar with the local market to your desired area, and ask them to show you proof of recent transactions and the corresponding HUD-1 closing statements.

Experience- over 3-5 years may be very sufficient as long as they closed many deals that correspond with the type of property you are buying. Condos, Townhomes, Single Family residences are NOT the same thing, and forget warehouses and/or rentals- They need to be knowledgeable regarding what you are choosing. Ask about certifications as well, or background. A mother of three who has been at home for the last 8 years and is returning to the workforce as a licensee to make part-time money, well... Look for professional designations/certifications such as GRI. Graduaute Realtors Institute, thats a big one and there are others. [beware some cert.s can be had in a four hour course]

Local knowledge- How long have they been active in the neighborhoods you are searching in? Ask to see sale info. of addresses corresponding in those areas where your prospective agent has made a sale, with details.

HUD-1 is the real deal! - Many offices are charging JUNK FEES to the buyer. A HUD-1 will show this. Also, what concessions were negotiated in the transaction that may be beneficial to you in yours? i.e. Seller contribution.

Lastly, avoid office with tons of agents, it just means they will hire anybody. Look for a strong office. This does not mean one of the big chains, by any means! Your agent should be very strong on finance, specifically mortgage financing, and some taxation subjects. If not, quack, quack, he/she is a duck.

In closing, you have done the right thing to find what you can spend. Next BE SURE you get an attorney on your side, in your corner, to review your contract [a must] and conduct your interests forward through closing. A good real estate attorney will review your GFE to be sure you are getting a good mortgage. And guess what, The cost to have a reputable real estate attornney handle all aspects in a normal transaction may not exceed, as little as $700.00. [minimum needs in a clean transaction, contract review and HUD-1 review, you don't need them to attend your closing if all is handled well ahead of time]

In Good Faith,

REALTOR John B. Anderson

P.S. shop your loan, compare, try internet based resources like AIM, they are real, and good. It is hard to beat however, bricks and mortar office, locally, where you can meet an actual loan officer. Mortgage Brokers are only for challenging cases where you will expect to pay more and it is okay. they can be a lifesaver in tough cases.
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Hey, This morning deal: I have a 2/2 unit in kendall / 137 Av. 1st. floor. This one does have a $ 320 montly fees but the property it self is very cheep, seller needs the money. It includes a storage unit with electricity a few feet away. Some tenants use that for a laundry room and right there you are saving in energy bill which is going up this year. Has small modern energy saver water heater box, new a/c unit, washer and dryer included, stainless steal refrigerator and two really nice walking closets. Not only is in great shape, but is a corner unit, 15 ft or less from the small pool with men/woman separated bathrooms, also close to mail boxes and storage unit the size of a one car garage that is a few feet away. Some tenants use it as laundry room and storage because it has electricity and HOA pays that bill so right there you are saving on your FPl which is going up on 2013. Very close to restaurants and shopping. Of course gated community. Very cute unit. Let me know if you are interested if you are not let me know any ways. I'm a real estate investor and have other opportunities. Thank you, A.J. 305 439 4742. I
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You may want to kick Chase to the curb. The FHA, though I offer them too, are very costly loans with the monthly Mortgage Insurance payments and that 1.75% Financed FHA MIP fee that you pay interest on too all adds up!

Consider putting LESS down, only 3% vs 3.5% FHA and also avoid the extra monthy FHA MI payment too!

See the loan programs at: http://www.trulia.com/blog/steve_31/2012/07/2012_loan_progra…

Steve McRory
Pro Option Mortgage/ Florida
Ph: 888 662 4404

Prior Service U.S. Marine Corps
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Call me i have a brand new townhome never used 2/2 in the area of Kendall 152 Ave and 88 st at 160 0000 . The apliances and everything inside is new. Call realtor Jacqueline Alvarez 305 409 8183
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Good afternoon Laura,

From a Mortgage Banker in New York with 23 years in the business: double-check your Prequalification with a Local Mortgage Banker. You'll find a much higher quality of service, experience and knowledge than you would with any of the BIG BANKS.

Steve posts frequently here on Trulia.com and he provides insightful advice which demonstrates his experience and knowledge in the business. I highly recommend him. Here's his Trulia profile:

You want to be sure of your financing during these very difficult times when it's really, really, hard to get a mortgage loan. Get a second opinion from a professional who specializes in ONLY mortgage loans.

Good Luck!
Trevor Curran
NMLS #40140
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Hi Laura,
I am honest and would be happy to help you! Christine Knize, Broker, Palladio Realty, LLC
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As a Mortgage Broker, I would recomend; REALTOR BELOW

Nereida Figueroa, Agent, Miami, FL

Laura, Congratulations for your nice credit. About single family home, where you are looking for your new home? Thanks 305 519-3199

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Good Moring Laura

I will be more than happy to help. Please contact me.

Clemon G. Rogers
Century 21 Towne & Country
(305) 972-7924 (cell)
(305) 245-6262 (office
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Hi Laura,

Please call me I will be happy to help. 305-662-2572 X11.
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Hi Laura,
Fantastic ! There are some great single homes in a place called The Hammocks in the Kendall area. Great community..........its got everything, schools, mall, security. I can send you photos and information. We speak Spanish. Feel free to call me. Thanks and regards.

Cristina Ziegert
Licensed Real Estate Broker
mobile: 786-413-7170
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Call Maggie at 305-999-5335
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Laura, Congratulations for your nice credit. About single family home, where you are looking for your new home? Thanks 305 519-3199
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Hello Laura,

congratulation on your mortgage pre-approval!!!

Please feel free to contact

Angelo Lamas
Keyes Realty
Cell: 954.243.5439

Best of luck!

Beate Rodriguez
Lic. Loan Originator
NMLS# 299 244
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Hi Laura,

I am not just an honest Realtor, I'm a broker who preaches honesty to my Realtors. I would be more than happy to help you out. Call me and we can discuss!

Alex Cabrera, Broker - President/CEO (CDPE CSSA)
South Coast Realty Inc.
786-380-2383 (Cel)
786-497-3610 (Fax)
(Certified Distressed Property Expert)
(Certified Short Sale Agent)
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Most Realtors are honest. You would have to look hard to find one that is not and that has been in business for a long time, so find one with experience and you likely have found a good one.
Good luck.
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